Ó A Tale of Forbidden Love... (Part II)

Written by Meredith


"Her perfectly golden body, those abundant, Motherly breasts... that lustrous

abdomen that begged for the right touch. Any man would die for just one

touch of her, even if it was her very own son."


Author's Note:

This story is purely fiction. In no way does this author support or

condone incest or the theme. It was written with the intent of providing

deeply felt fantasies to be shared with adults. If you are easily offended

by these topics, then I suggest you leave now.

This story celebrates the passion and love between

two (ADULT) human beings.

Any reader wishing to leave feedback is more than welcome, as long as it is

positive and healthy. My e-mail is mejau71@yahoo.com


The night evolved as it should have... Sandra's eagerness proved it's merit by immersing me in her domain-- keeping me safely submerged for what felt like hours. All thoughts of time and the outside world vanished in the wake of Sandra's merciless tongue. There was no curve untouched, no crevice left cared for. Gentle cries flourished into gasping screams as daylight soon slithered through the windows, and I had still yet to return any gestures of my sweetening love for Sandra. It was then I realized that her son was (or should have been) somewhere close by. We both didn't hear a peep the entire time we made love. It was an exceptionally carnal notion to think of... Sandra's son, so close... yet so far away.

Sandra's wish was granted the very next afternoon. She awoke to find herself sealed in my arms-- her head safely nestled against my left breast. Our hair was jumbled from hour upon hour of swaying and thrusting. Our make-up had vanished, hers due mostly to the tongue bath I bestowed upon her entire face hours before. I caught my breath, amazed by how beautiful she looked even without the makeup... but then I knew, as all women do about each other. My right hand reached upward, slowly so that my movements wouldn't interrupt her peaceful slumber. Her rounded chin, forged deep into the fleshy mass of my breast... my nipple just barely an inch away from a rapid sip. My gaze journeyed beyond her neck, down her curvaceous spine. There my eyes came to rest upon the voluptuous, heightened knolls of Sandra's delicious ass. And those incredible hips... I let a slight moan escape my lungs as my

mind recalled what those hips were doing to me just hours ago. I made it a point to lather her entire backside with my tongue... each leg was completely vanquished, both plump thighs gently fondled as saliva glazed across her golden skin... all before my lips and tongue found themselves burrowed between the cleavage of Sandra's resplendent backside. Feeling the weighty flesh pressed against the sides of my face, my hunger manifested itself as Sandra's savory cleft soon fell victim to my prying tongue. Sandra's entire body reacted to my tongue slipping passed her anal ring by inhaling as much air as she could... Her hands clinched my pillows-- eyes sealed shut-- mouth wide open in complete awe... I could tell this was the first time any person had bestowed her this enchanting assault on her ass. My hands came to rest

upon each supple orb of her smooth, beige tinged ass. My tongue engulfed as my fingernails dug deeper into her ass flesh... soon, my entire tongue was having tender intercourse with Sandra's asshole. Again, I was inside Sandra... Yet this time, our fruitful deed of intercourse echoed a resounding truth in our minds. Every gasp Sandra summoned, every ripple of pleasure that washed across that bronzed ass... I knew.

Sandra proclaimed between her breathless heaves; "You're inside me."

My only reply was a deeper lunge into that scrumptious ass. I knew then that Sandra and I would be together for a VERY long time indeed.


Sandra later woke to find her lips being tasted by mine. I loved doing that, especially to someone I am falling for. Telling smiles were shared as our first kiss of the day proved to be the first of many. It was Saturday, and we both had the next two days to do whatever we pleased.

"Can I use your little girls room?" she asked.

"Only if you promise to let me watch." I replied with a coy grin. "It's right over here."

I pointed to my large private bath adjoined to my room. With a quick kiss of assurance, Sandra crawled out of bed. I watched her, admiring her womanly outline... that wide, shapely ass. The way her back plunged in her spine to curve out those two spherical cheeks. After closing the door, I remembered David...

"Sweetie," I said, whispering loudly. "are you still there?" I asked. "Hit something once for yes."

A dull knock was heard from the closet nearby.

"Have you seen everything?" I asked.

A dull knock came again.

A smile quickly ensued. I couldn't believe that I had actually done this. To allow a son to watch his Mother make love. I wondered what must have been going through that young man's mind as he witnessed our primal acts of love making. I then imagined the two of them making love for the first time. Seeing his hard cock gently ease into Sandra's warm, inviting womb. I then realized that these two would do far more than merely have sex together... they were going to spend the rest of their lives together... as one. As husband and wife.

Sandra came back into the room-- easing under the sheets with me. A warm smile graced her face as she could tell I was hiding something. Her grin melted my token resistance.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Nothing." I replied, kissing her lower lip.

Sandra wasn't about to give up, and I could tell. I caved. My heart was racing... I was about to cross the point that would forever seal David and Sandra's fate. What would happen? Would Sandra reject her son's impassioned feelings for her, or would she accept them and allow a forbidden love to flourish? The concept arrested my senses as Sandra leaned closer for another kiss. My lips savored her heartfelt efforts, yet knowing full well that the next set of lips she would be kissing would be that of her very own son's.

"I have someone I'd like for you to meet." I whispered as our lips tenderly broke their seal.

Sandra paused, unsure of my news. For all she knew, I was to be her newly found love... her girlfriend, her lover.

"What do you mean?" she asked, leaning back slightly. I could tell see the apprehension in her face.

"I mean that there is someone I'd like for you to get to know. I've got a feeling that he's going to be the perfect man for you." I said.

"A man?" she said, not wanting any part of it. I saw that this would be a hard sale.

"Not like any other man you've ever known, Sandy." I cooed in my most alluring, seductive tone.

"This young man is perfect for you. He was made for you. Trust me on this."

"I haven't had much luck with men, darling. Why do you think I'm here with you?" Sandra replied.

My left hand tucked her saffron locks behind her ear softly; "But I can't give you another child like you wanted. This young man wants children-- I know he does."

Sandra realized I was right. She sighed deeply, and grasped my hand with hers.

"Well, what's he like?" she asked.

I cracked an evil grin, knowing full well I was about to describe her son to her. "Why don't you let me introduce you two, and find out for yourself?"

"When?" she asked.

"How about right now?" I said, leaning back to get up.

The look on her face was bewilderment, but rather eager. I could see that she wanted to get dressed to make her more seem more acceptable to a stranger. All she could do was pull the bed sheet around her chest somewhat cautiously. It was now or never.

"First thing's first." I said, reaching under my bed to bring out my velcro restraints.

"I want to make sure you don't get away." I said, giving her another one of my erotically charged looks as I secured her wrists and ankles to the bed posts.

The look on her face was utter fright, yet zealous anticipation. If she only knew...

"It's okay, sweetheart. It'll all make sense soon. Trust me." I said as I laid her back on the bed as I tightened the last restraint to her wrist.

"He's going to make you so happy, Sandy. I just know he will."

With that, I climbed off my bed and approached my closet door.

"David?" I said. "Why don't you come out and meet your soul mate?"

After what seemed like an eternity, the closet door began to creak open tediously. I caught a glimpse of Sandra, who was now heaving in breathless curiosity. It was then that her eyes filled themselves with the semblance of her handsome, vigorous young son. He had shed his shirt, obviously from sitting inside the closet all night long. I could tell he too was beleaguered with fright, as well as guilt from seeing his disrobed Mother positioned directly in front of him. I strolled over to David, spreading my fingertips over his broad, handsome shoulders... caressing him like a prize I had just won.

"David, this is Sandra. Sandra this is David. I know you two are going to just make the perfect couple."

Sandra jolted in disgust, testing the strength of her restraints. Trying to sit up, she began to panic.

"Shannon! Are you crazy? Oh my God!!" she exclaimed in offense, profoundly repulsed by the idea.

"He's my son for God's sake!! Have you lost your fucking mind?"

"Mother-- please!!" David tried to say.

"David, what has she done to you?" she asked, still trying to free herself.

"Nothing, I...." David said in shame as he tried his best not to look at his attractive,

sumptuous Mother laying there without a shred of clothing on.

Her perfectly golden body, those abundant, Motherly breasts... that lustrous abdomen that begged for the right touch. Any man would die for just one touch of her, even if it was her very own son.

I had to step in. "I gave him the chance to express his true self. To give in to his most forbidden wants. What's so wrong with a boy loving his Mother like that?" I said, raising my voice to prove my point.

"You have no clue how much this boy loves you, Sandra. Maybe if you would have been around him more, you would have noticed that."

Ouch. I hit a sore spot in her. Once again, I had proved my point. She withdrew slightly, only to catch David gazing at her marvelous body. She felt so ashamed like this. Nude, tied up, and no where to go.

"If you only knew how much he loves you. How he practically cries every time he speaks of you..." I said, going over to her.

Sandra snarled at me, virtually lunging at me with the utmost hatred and wrath a person could muster.

"You're a sick, demented bitch!" she barked, trying to get free. "You could go to jail for what you're doing!" she said.

"I would gladly go to jail so this boy can express his love for you." I said, stroking her bare leg.

"Sandy, please... I know this is tough, but I truly feel that you know deep in your heart that this is right." I said as my voice lowered. "You're not a fighter, or someone who hates... you're a lover. I see that in your eyes. And that's why I've fallen in love with you."

Sandra halted her tirade, slowly glancing over at me. David stood motionless; still enraptured by the sight of his heavenly Mother. I placed my hand upon her face to prove my point... an affirmation... a pledge to her...

"I do, Sandy. I do love you. Just as much as I love your son. I love you both. That's why I know you two were meant for each other."

Sandra began to sob heavily. I could tell she was fighting this with all of her will power. I then nestled closer to her...

"Who else would always love you unconditionally, without any fears or doubts... without any guilt. Just pure love?" I begged.

"This is so... wrong. I can't." she said, sparring with the thoughts that were racing inside her head. "He's my son, Shannon. I can't do that to him."

Murmuring into her ear, I said; "No other man will ever love you the way that David will. No one else will ever stand by you like him. You know that as well as I do..." I retorted.

It was then that my plan began to take shape.

I stood from where Sandra was at, sauntering over to her son nearby. Bare chested, I took him by the hands to steer him to the bed. I could hear Sandra's breathing swell as we got closer, not knowing what was in store for her.

"Come here, David." I said, sensing his uneasy demeanor. "Let's show your Mother what we mean."

As the words fell out of my mouth, I ascended upon the bed next to Sandra with David hand in hand, inching along beside me. I motioned David onto his back, gradually placing him beside Sandra, who by now had turned her face away from us both in disgust. David eased back carefully, looking at his Mother for any sign of her approval, but none came. As he found a cozy spot on the bed, my hands began to undo his pants.

"I want you to watch what I'm about to do." I said, unzipping her son's pants.

His already erect cock had made it's presence known to all. My hands slipped the confining material beyond his knees so I could free his aching cock. He was now completely nude in front of his own Mother. Sandra still kept her sights away from us, but that was okay. I knew it wouldn't be long before she would come around.

As my fingertips gently blanketed around his extended cock, I sighed in relief.

"Oh Sandy, look at this... Look at your boy's cock in my hand. This is so beautiful." I said as David unexpectedly shuddered in breathless hope and wonderment.

It was so thick... so pure. My full breasts heaved as I took a breath, lowering their weighty mass above his penis. Releasing my mild grip, I straddled him as my breasts swayed up and down across his cock. David was so ready... so eager. My hair fell over my face as I felt myself being swept away in the moment... I moaned slightly as David's hands touched my shoulders gently, as if to motion me. I loved his touch...

"Oh Sandy. You made the perfect lover. Oohh... Did you know how good he was going to be when you carried him in your belly?" I said as David gasped aloud. I then entangled a moan with a low chuckle...

"Ooooh, David likes that thought, doesn't he?" I whispered.

"Yes." He violently shivered in reply.

"David wants to be back inside his dear sweet Mother, doesn't he?" I whispered again, this time aiming my comments at Sandra. "To be where he belongs."

"Yea..." David said in a higher pitch, obviously stricken with overwhelming hope and heartfelt aspiration.

My breasts maintained their slow, gentle caressing of his manhood. I could tell the mood was now turning in my favor. The initial shock was over, and now the tone gradually set itself into motion. I could sense that Sandra was letting her wrath go, but she was far from yielding.

"I'm going to taste David's cock now, Sandy. And he's going to imagine it's you doing this to him, not me." I whispered as my lips separated, allowing his thickness to ease into my impatient, famished mouth.

My scalding breath fell over his cock, sending shudders throughout his young body. David cried out as my tongue glazed across it's rigid texture, enveloping his massive reproductive organ. It felt so good to have David back inside my mouth, but it would be even better with it lodged down the throat of his Mother. With my hands at his sides, I began guiding my lips up and down his length, allowing ample saliva to lubricate my feast.

I was lost in my own world by this point, and when I tasted David's pre-cumm, I knew I was close. It was then I finally glanced upward to see David's head swimming in the moment. His eyes clinched shut, summoning all of his will power to not yet cumm. I then noticed something that caught me completely off guard... Sandra was staring directly at him. I was completely stunned. It was as if she had a thousand yard stare, unaware of her surroundings, yet painstakingly focused on her boy who was getting a very wet and thorough blow job. I couldn't smile, but knew my plan was beginning to take root. His gasps commanded both Sandra and I's attention. How could they not? Quivers matured into convulsions, gasps were now shouts of pure adoration. I had to act...

I quickly crawled up, much to David and Sandra's surprise, and grabbed his left hand. Undoing Sandra's right wrist, I clasped both of their hands together as I re-tied their hands in the restraint.

"I'll convince you yet that you two belong together." I said as I swiftly tied it back, yet this time, Mother and son were hand in hand.

Sandra looked off a second time, ashamed of herself. With my lips back on David's cock, I watched with gleeful delight as Sandra's gaze soon came to my own. More convulsions soon followed as David clutched his Mother's hand... Sandra had balled her hand so that he couldn't hold it, but soon her palm openly accepted her son's touch as the beginnings of an orgasm soon made itself known. Sandra watched my actions with wonderment as I slurped away on her son's penis. I could see the dilemma in her eyes... the fear and anxiety that was ripping her heart to shreds. Her son's growing cries of expectation captured Sandra's attention. And as I tasted the first flood of David's warm, life giving bouillon, Sandra now held his hand with the same urgency that he did. David bucked beneath me as his semen overflowed into my mouth. It was then I heard him cry out for his long lost love...

"Mother... Oh Mother!!" He cried out in ferocious rhapsody.

Eyes still clamped shut, David's head was now resting upon Sandra's shoulder.

"Oh Baby." Sandra replied with a most loving and compassionate tone.

I could almost sense by her tone that she was somewhat envious of my task, but I didn't want to assume that just yet. All Sandra could do was watch her son thrust uncontrollably, and most violently. By all means, Sandra had probably never seen a male experience such a powerful orgasm before in all her life. Her expressions were that of pure amazement... she watched his every move, every breath with unwavering attention. Sandra glanced back at me briefly, as if to make sure I was savoring every drop of her precious son's sperm... she had nothing to worry about. I was.

I then decided to give Sandra a personal show. Something to make her think... Another flood ofDavid's sperm gushed forth, and my swallowing came to a halt. Sandra witnessed her son's seed trickle down his entire length. With my eyes on hers, I opened my mouth as wide as it could possibly go. Engulfing his cock in one fluid stroke, I then ingested his sperm as our eyes locked together in the most thoughtful expression two women could share. I could tell by the look on her face that it would only be a matter of time before she too would be feasting upon her son's cock.

After the last few spurts of David's sperm seeped out, I then lifted my head to gaze directly at Sandra. I looked at her, as if to say; "See what you could have had?" My cumm soaked lips and tongue held her attention as I mounted her slowly, leaning my face down to hers. The inner conflict was evident as Sandra knew I wanted to kiss her... Turning her head away, I swiftly clutched her jaw with my hand to bring her lips to mine. Still catching his breath, David watched with impatience as I kissed his Mother. Sandra resisted at first, eventually abandoning her opposition with a deep soul kiss. I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth, hoping to savor any leftover drops of her son's semen. We must have kissed for an hour, immersing one another in our passion for each other. David watched from barely two inches away as Sandra and I writhed our bodies together... I was so in love with her... and the fact that I allowed myself to admit it was a feat that I myself never would have imagined. These

two people meant the world to me, and I wanted the both of them with me for a long, long time.

Sensing her hunger, I intentionally backed away from Sandra. I knew she didn't want to let me go, but now was the time she needed to focus on developing her relationship with her devoted son. I leaned back, stepping off the bed to see that David and Sandra's hands were still bound together. They both weren't going anywhere unless I decided to let them go. No. They were staying right where they were.

"I'm going to leave you two alone now. I think you both have a lot to talk about." I said slipping on my white satin robe, walking out of the bedroom.

Both of their faces clearly begged me not ot leave, but I knew my time there had ceased. I glanced back at the both of them as I quietly closed the bedroom door behind me. I knew that David could set his Mother free with enough convincing, but something told me they both were going to stay. Their relationship would never be the same if they left now, and they knew it.


To Be Continued...