Ó A Tale of Forbidden Love... (Part III)

Written by Meredith


"Their bodies looked so perfectly matched together... my eyes

traveled the entire length of their frames. His muscular build

matched against her succulent, Motherly body."


Author's Note:

This story is purely fiction. In no way does this author support or

condone incest or the theme. It was written with the intent of providing

deeply felt fantasies to be shared with adults. If you are easily offended

by these topics, then I suggest you leave now.

This story celebrates the passion and love between two

(ADULT) human beings.

Any reader wishing to leave feedback is more than welcome, as long as it is

positive and healthy. My e-mail is mejau71@yahoo.com


It was about mid afternoon when I came back in from a relaxing swim in my heated pool. I felt so good as the warm water enveloped my unsheathed frame. Yet all during my swim, I imagined what could possibly be going on upstairs in my bedroom. Curiosity getting the best of me, I decided to quietly go back upstairs to take a peek inside. As I approached the top of the stairs, I heard their voices booming from within. They both were arguing over Sandra's abandonment of David years prior. Sandra tearfully explained her reasons why she left as her heartbroken son listened... I knew then to back away, and go downstairs. This was their time.

Tending to some business later in the day, I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening downstairs in my study. I will admit it was quite frustrating as I continually wanted to check on their progress-- if any, throughout the rest of the day. I decided that I would make them both dinner since it had been a very long day for all of us. I made them a zesty Italian pasta dish, and thought that serving them in bed might be a welcome idea. I began to fancy the notion of tending to these two. It seemed that all three of us were venturing into unchartered waters in the last day or so. Sandra and David as lovers, and myself dealing with these fond emotions for them. I went back upstairs to check on their progress (if any) a few hours later. I knew that this would be a most difficult transition for Sandra. I was asking for her to not only have sex with her own son, but to give her heart and soul to him as his lover. This would not be easy.

I walked back in to see the two sitting on opposite ends of the bed. Both of them had my bed sheets covering their naked bodies in shame. Still dressed in my white silk robe, I made my way to where Sandra sat, and knelt in front of her as I took her hands in mine. I could see the guilt on her face as she looked away from me.

"Please look at me, Sandra." I said as quietly as possible, clutching her hands cautiously.

The agony besieged her thoughts-- fighting to make eye contact with me. Her eyes were swollen from innumerable tearful episodes. I pacified her in sympathy as I fondled her cheek benevolently.

"I can't do this." She replied, still quite emotional. "It's wrong."

"It's okay, sweetheart... It's okay." I retorted in my most understanding tone. "But I'm only doing this for the both of you. I know you want to be loved and to have a relationship that's unconditional."

"With my own son?" she quickly answered.

"Your son? Sandra... You haven't had a relationship with him in any way for how many years now?"

Her head dropped in remorse. She knew I was right.

"All he had was a distant memory of you, and an occassional picture to stare at. Sweetie, all I'm asking is for you to think about it. Think about the joy you two could have. He loves you so much, darling. He really does. You should have seen how excited he was when we role played with me as his Mother... I've never seen anyone so thrilled." I said with complete conviction.

The deliberation in her mind was clearly noticeable. I glanced back at David for just a moment to see him watching Sandra like a sad puppy dog. He looked so helpless.

"Look at him, Sandra. Look at how he looks at you. Can't you see the love in that boy's heart for you?" I asked.

Sandra hesitated to look, but did so as she and David made eye contact briefly before she looked off. I tightened my hands around hers.

"Sandy-- answer this for me, okay?" I said, changing my tone. "When I was sucking David's cock earlier, I saw you looking at him. You were looking at him, weren't you? Weren't you?"

She wouldn't answer. Without warning, I jolted her hands for an answer. "Sandy!!"

"Yes." she responded under her breath in shame.

"And when I made him cumm, you were holding his hand for dear life, weren't you?" I said, persevering with my convincing tone.

"Damnit Sandy-- I know you loved what you were looking at. I saw you looking at him with that longing in your eyes. Just like you did with me. And you loved it when he came, didn't you?"

"Yes." She whispered in awed silence.

"Do you realize that when he came, he came for you? He was thinking about you the whole time I was sucking his cock. That was for you." I said.

Sandra sighed, distraught from the impasse at hand He was so attractive, and very much what she wanted in a mate. But to make her son her lover was against everything she held dear to her heart. If she were to cross that line, her life would never be the same. How would she answer to this? How would she explain this to her friends and family? I had to react before she went any further...

"Look, you two obviously had no relationship before today. If you all can at least try, and then it flops, then you all can go back to being distant like before. You have nothing to lose. It's a win-win situation... you can be loved and adored like you've always wanted. To have a committed, lasting romance with a man who worships the ground you walk on."

Sandra realized I had a point. No one knew of her son at work, or in her personal life. She could easily pass this off as her younger lover-- an older woman seeking the joy and stamina of a younger man. I saw the flickering gleam of possibility in her eyes... I knew then that there was a chance. Fate was dealing with her heart, and Sandra knew this to be true.

"David, why don't you come over here and help me convince your Mother that you're the perfect man for her?" I ordered, motioning for him to come closer. He reluctantly did so, still draped in the sheet.

"Without that sheet." I said in a more pressing voice.

He hesitated, but agreed as the cloth fell to the floor. Sandra glanced off, but not for long as I ordered her to look at her fully nude son.

"No-- look at him Sandra." I snaped.

David sheepishly approached us as I could tell he was already beginning to get aroused. His incredible length soon sprout to life as I positioned him directly in front of his Mother. The tension between them was apparent, but I was resolved to break down those walls. This was becomming more and more of a personal quest for me... Could I really get these two in bed together? More than that, would they end up spending the rest of their lives together? I had to know... I just had to.

David stood not barely two feet from his Mother, sporting a semi-erect penis. His was so nervous, yet so was Sandra. She kept trying to look away, but something held her there. She could have made a mad dash for the door, but she stayed. This was all the convincing I needed to certify that this love affair was well worth pursuing. Now was the moment I could utilize my prose with words...

"I want you to look at your son's penis, Sandy. Look at his beautiful body with admiration." I said as my left hand began to carefully fondle David's left thigh.

My right hand still grasped Sandra's as I felt her hold tense up. Her eyes went from his feet-- progressing to his well-built legs and groin.

"Did you ever think your child would become so handsome? This perfect?" I said as my fingertips reached the base of his cock.

By now, his erection came to it's full potential. David's breathing decreased as my fingers cloaked his bulky, solid shaft--lazily stroking it with deference.

"You see this, sweetheart?" I inquired as I looked to see that same look on Sandra's face as before... that uninhabited expression of wonderment.

"I want you to think of him as your lover, not your son. Look at him as if he is your man." I said.

I could tell my words were swaying Sandra as she sat motionless, watching my hand

continued with it's long, slow caresses. David's lungs heaved with expectancy as his cock protruded to it's full ten inch length. She blinked, sitting back as the last of her doubts sprang forth.

"I can't." She huffed as I ended her self imposed torment with a full kiss on her mouth.

My tongue vigorously glided passed her own as her son almost fell over due to my hand job. His entire frame was being riveted by early signals of orgasm. He quickly stood before we both caught him. I smiled seeing Sandra immediately assume her Motherly role as protector and safe keeper of her son... Her hands went from mine to David's sides, buoyantly touching his skin.

"Are you okay, baby?" she asked in a loving, concerned tone.

Her hands gingerly felt her son's quivering stomach as he looked down at her. He nodded yes as she felt the sculpted texture of David's lower body-- his brawny physique fascinated her immensely. She loved a lean and fit looking man, and the movements in her hands said it all. She hesitated as she sighed again, but this time the sigh was one of surrender. David balanced himself, relishing his Mother's inquisitive caresses with gusto. His cock now stood straight out, barely an inch from his Mother's lips... Sandra's blank gaze went from her son's chest to his susceptible cock. I could see Sandra's yearning, but hesitation soon demanded her

attention. Her fondling ceased as David held his breath...

"Kiss it, Sandy. Kiss his cock." I whispered as she stammered.

The thickness of her boy's penis enthralled her so... What would it feel like inside her? Could she take all of his length in her womb? What would she do if she became pregnant? The thoughts of incest and morality trickeled into her mind as she turned away from her son. David's hands then reached outward to hold her face tenderly as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"It's okay, Mother... No matter what-- I love you." said David in a most serious, and mature tone.

I was taken by his words. It was as if he was speaking to her as her lover, and not as her youthful son.

"Tell me what you're feeling." He asked in an assuring voice. Wow... even this was erotic to watch.

"David..." gasped Sandra as she took his hands in hers. "I don't want to hurt you." she said as tears began to swell in her eyes.

Her son graciously soothed her concerns by kneeling in front of her, keeping his eyes on hers. If this was his way of charming her, it was working because I was certainly falling under his spell too. He quietly "sshed" her as his forefinger began to stroke her jaw line lightly. His eyes fell from hers to admire the beauty of his Mother. With the back of his finger, David repeated his careful strokes as Sandra basked in the affectionate display of his love. All Sandra could do was look upon her son with awe...

"Sssh... I just want to love you... Just want to love you." He faintly whispered.

With that, his fingertip outlined her lower lip. His movements were painstakingly slow, yet just what we women crave.

"So much beauty, Mother. You just... are so delicate-- gorgeous." He said, verbally seducing her with every word. "You'll never know how long I've been in love with you."

This was just what needed to be said to squelch Sandra's doubts and fears forever. Her son's magical expressions filled Sandra's heart, giving her stomach the butterflies so many of us know and love. She hadn't felt this cherished by a man since her teenage years... If all men could only express themselves this way, then Sandra wouldn't have to resort to having her son as her lover... But then again, having David articulate his feelings made it even more of an emotional encountering for her.

"Do you know how long I've loved you?" He asked, nearing his lips to hers. "How I used to stare at the pictures you sent us at Christmas?"

Sandra's trembling breath fell upon her son's face... Her lower lip quivered as David soothed her anxieties with thoughtful dexterity.

"David..." She uttered helplessly as their lips scarcely brushed against each other's. Their eyes still open, David softly pledged his heart once more...

"Let me love you... just love you." Said her devoted son.

Sandra's eye lids fell as surrender encompassed her intellect.

"Just love you..." David whispered against her lips once more as she held her breath.

What would happen? Who would make the first move? His fingers combed her tresses, holding her head as he swayed his lips around his Mother's flushed face. His lips placed a soothing kiss on her cheek, then to her forehead... Sandra melted at his affection, keeping her eyes sealed from the light.

"All those men who could never give you what you craved..." Said David as another pacifying kiss accompanied his high regard.

"I hated to see you suffer like that, Mother." Sandra winced, letting a low gasp flee from her lungs.

He was exactly right... She did have to suffer through several failed romances with uncaring and repulsive men. Perhaps this would be the one-- her own son. There would be only one way to find out, and that was to try...

Her face warily drifted in the direction of his lips, drawing in a long breath as she did. Their faces basked in the warmth of each other's proximity, grazing cheek to cheek. David cradled her head in the palm of his left hand, feeling his Mother's warm breath cascade across his face. Their expressions were drenched in absolution... Sitting in crushing silence, I watched David and Sandra teeter in this breathless moment of expectation. A melody of truth echoed in their minds... Their first kiss lingered about, engulfing their awareness in certain truth. David's lips cautiously opened, bringing all of his aspirations and fantasies upon his Mother. Their lips slowly brushed together, seperating briefly before coming together once more. Sandra was still, mouth agape in awe as she felt her son's lips graze over hers. Helpless, yet crippled with ecstasy, Sandra whimpered as if it was her very first kiss. In several ways it truly was... and

as her son's lips eased closer, she accepted his devoted efforts with all of her heart.

It began with the finesse and grace of the most perfect coupling. David cupped her jaw, holding her as their kiss ripened with ease. David held back, taking time to pamper her silky, glorious lips with his. God, they were so incredibly soft. For Sandra, his lips held the strength and love that every man should have. The petting lasted for several minutes as it was obvious David didn't want to rush this. He was clearly in charge, yet sensed his Mother's uncertainty with every gesture of his gentle lips. And when Sandra lifted her hand to rest upon David's neck, he about collapsed in reverence. Her jaw slipped as she inched forth, bringing their lips simultaneously in a full mouth to mouth kiss. A muffled moan came from her mouth as she fell into her son's folds of flesh. She felt her son's saliva blend with hers as David brought his arms around her lower back. Their flesh barely skimmed together as Sandra's breasts patted David's chest. With fervor, Sandra brought her arms around David's neck to embrace their emotional union. When she felt his brawny chest press into hers, Sandra lost all sense of her surroundings. Her mouth opened full as she accepted her son's heated tongue with zeal. Her hands raked his head, feeling his soft hair slide between her fingers... This was too good to be true. How could this feel so good? So right? Whatever the answer was, Sandra didn't care... All that mattered was this man's unconditional love for her.


Her lips sealed themselves around David's dripping tongue, drawing it deep within her mouth. David froze, overcome by his Mother's libidinous beckoning. Her hands slid down his back in order to pull him closer. He complied by letting his palms come to rest upon her wide, golden hips. Their ample mass felt so good in his grip... he pressed his fingers into her skin-- as if to claim her as his own. He groaned in euphoria, invoking his sheer will power to make this woman his for all time. Her arms surrounded him whole, motioning him back upon the bed... Their relationship crossed into another realm of absolution.

Her right hand began to fondle her son's cheek. I was captivated by watching their love affair unfold... It was amazing. Two of the most beautiful people I've ever known, laying in each other's arms... about to cross the point of no return. Sandra warmly soothed her son's face with subtle finesse as they stared into each other's yearning eyes. All those years alone, cold... without one another, and now their moment was upon them. Sandra commenced their moment by lifting her head toward her son. David's gaze fell to his Mother's lips as he closed the gap between them... Their movements were unhurried, and attentive. I gasped as my heart jumped out of my chest... the merciless pounding in my chest along with my shallow

breaths... I watched as their lips gently savored the touch and taste of the other... Long, sweet kisses were heard as their slurps echoed throughout my ears. Mother and son, man and woman... two hearts so in love.

David now had the girl of his dreams... his very own Mother. Recalling his admission to me made me glow with appreciation as David's arms curled around his Mother's neck. Their bodies looked so perfectly matched together... my eyes traveled the entire length of their frames. His muscular build matched against her succulent, Motherly body. His hands now resting on each side of her face, David was hovering barely an inch above Sandra's trembling body. Their kiss unbroken, I could see David's visable erection beneath him. He had his back arched slightly so that his penis wasn't touching his Mother's smooth naked flesh... He was careful and quite diligent in his actions, yet so was his Mother. Her hands began to explore her

son's impressive build, feeling his back and strong arms. Moans echoed from her lungs as her mouth was still sealed against her son's, yet I could tell this gentle foreplay would only last so long. I sat completely still, watching these two become wanton lovers. I couldn't speak, much less act on any impules I had... There was simply too much beauty to appreciate.

Sandra's voracious palms fell to her son's round ass, feeling their robust form as David

cringed. Sandra took this as his endorsement, bringing him down upon her flesh. David could feel his Mother's buxom chest against his now, skin against skin... they both shuddered in elation as David twisted his mouth around Sandra's for a deeper kiss. Her hands went from his ass, to his fingers as she held them with powerful urgency. David took a deep breath from his nostrils as did Sandra. That sound was so intoxicating to hear... Sandra then extended her arms outward with her son's as his cock now pressed against his Mother's thigh. Her mouth opened in delight, feeling his stiff manhood against her. David's hands now roamed the length of his Mother's arms to her shoudlers, bringing her in for an earnest kiss. His frame then shifted

to where he was barely above her... I knew what was in store next.

Their kiss broken off, David took his right hand and seized his thick ten inch cock. He glanced down to see his lover's full breasts as a quick kiss followed. Sandra held her son's face against her breast as David positioned his cock at the entrance to his Mother's womb... Sandra buckled, feeling the tip of his young penis graze her pussy. They both instantly looked at each other to make sure they knew what they were about to do... as if to reassure themselves that their act of love was a sure thing... and it was. Sandra relaxed her glossy legs so that her son could have more room... It was a moment both would never forget.

"I love you so much, Mother." David uttered in breathless assurance.

"I love you too, baby." She said as she stared into her son's eyes.

She knew that from this moment on, their lives would never be the same. If she allowed her son to have sex with her, it would forever change their relationship. Yet she felt indebted to him for all the years she had neglected him. She wasn't allowing this to happen because of guilt, but because of her unquenchable wish for happiness. And if it was her very own son who would fill that empty void, so be it. It felt so right.

Holding his breath, David tediously motioned his hips forward so that the tip of his penis penetrated his Mother's dripping vagina. Their gaze didn't falter as she too held her breath from the intial rendezvous. Sandra finally exhaled in elation as David eased his cock further inside... her eyes rolled in the back of her head, inhaling a deep breath as David's cock sank all the way into her expecting womb. She couldn't believe how far he was going into her and he couldn't believe how incredible she felt. Every nerve ending in David's cock was submersed in his Mother's boiling juices. Hard, stiff cock blending with soft, warm pussy. All ten inches of David was now safely lodged within his Mother as his body tried to find a natural rhythm. But

as any lovers, it would be a while before both would find that. Their uncoordinated

movements were obvious, yet their love for one another smoothed their flaws. All they could do was revel in this remarkable act of intercourse. His hands wanted to feel so much of her, as did hers. David quickly smiled as he gulped down his anxiety.

Sandra observed her son's eagerness, and quickly encouraged him with an "I love you" as he plunged deep inside her. She let out a long, low groan this time as she felt him go deeper than before. I had never heard Sandra like this... like an untamed beast mating. Her head thrusting back, she clenched every muscle in her upper body in absolute reverence. The veins in her neck bulged out as she cried out in complete bliss. Her arms jolted, coming to rest around David's neck as he began to find his tempo. He couldn't believe he was making love to his dear sweet Mother... He had to keep glancing at her to make sure this was indeed true. All he could see was her long, beautiful neck as he began thrusting into his Mother. She finally looked

back at her son with a face of untamed, wild lust. She lifted her ass to meet his push for thrust as she let go of all her fears and inhibitions. She was eagerly and willingly fucking her son now, and the look on her face said it all so clearly. Every breath she took bellowed throughout my bedroom as her legs wrapped themselves around her son's waist, bringing him closer than before. It was all David could do to keep his composure. After all, his Mother was fucking him like a salacious whore. His strokes grew rapidly as his cock stabbed her again and again. His hands reached beneath her to clutch her wide hips as perspiration covered both of their faces. Her ass felt so good in his hands... those broad, enticing hips that begged for his seed... He shut his eyes, letting his mind relish the moment of nirvana. He was making love to his true love... his soulmate. His dreams finally coming true, and the concept of it all summoned his

sperm from the deepest regions of his testicles.

David bucked ferociously as Sandra felt her son's throbbing penis ram inside her. She knew her boy was close, and brought his face to her breasts to flood his senses entirely. His hands still clamped around her shapely ass, David cried out from between his Mother's breasts. She heard his muffled wails as she lifted her head to kiss his face... it was then she felt the first surge of her son's semen inundate her pussy.

David shouted out in pure heightened bliss; "Oh Mother..."

Sandra heard this, and along with her son's life giving seed coursing throughout her

womb, she too succumbed to a commanding, self-evident orgasm.

"Oh my baby...." She cried out, tightening her legs around her son's brawny, sweaty torso.

Each and every pulse of sperm that filled her pussy induced gasps of absolute rhapsody. Her son was overflowing her womb with his semen, and the feeling was one of the most remarkable Sandra had ever felt before. His entire body snapped as Sandra watched her son lift his chest-- looking skyward-- as if to rally every drop of his essence he could possibly give his beautiful Mother. And he did. She felt her son's swelling neck and chest as he shot rope after rope of his young seed deep within his Mother. Sandra crumbled as another orgasm took hold of her. I was now watching both Mother and son share a resplendent, simultaneous orgasm together. It was the most beautiful act of intercourse I had ever witnessed first-hand.

Wow... I couldn't believe what I had just seen. No words could express what had just taken place. David collapsed atop his Mother in exhaustion. His entire body was glazed over in perspiration, his hair drenched from the powerful act of intercourse. Sandra kept her legs around David to make sure he didn't withdrawal his still hard cock... As his head came to rest on her shoulder, Sandra held him close, softly chanting to him with words of support and love.

"Oh sweetie. Oh my baby." She smoothly whispered as her hands stroked her child's tasseled hair.

David suddenly quivered in a series of aftershocks from orgasm. His mouth began kissing her shoulder as they began reveling in the afterglow of making love. Lifting his head, David gazed down at his Mother in disbelief. Their exhilarated state intensified as David and Sandra's eye contact captured their growing love. Her son's seed was now flowing throughout her inner most regions, and the emotions carried the two lovers away.

"You're so handsome." She murmured as David caught his breath.

He loved hearing her low, enticing voice.

"You're so beautiful." Said David, running his fingertip along her disheveled hair. "I love

everything about you... your eyes... your face..."

Sandra sighed deeply, hearing his words of guiltless affinity. She too was lost in the moment. I then decided to step in, and make use of this verbal exchange. I leaned forward from the side of the bed as they both looked at me.

"Don't let me interrupt." I said, motioning for them to look back at one another.

"Seriously. This is your moment, not mine. Focus on each other."

Sandra smiled at me, then went back to her son. I was now on the bed next to them about a foot away as I just sat in amazement staring at the two still nestled in each other's arms.

"I don't want you to acknowledge me, just listen." I said, knowing now that it was time for words and language to be put to use.

"The first time is always so special, isn't it?" I said as the both of them glowed in the moment of beauty and elegance.

David glanced at me as Sandra motioned him back.

"There you go." I said.

"Just look into each other's eyes as I talk." I said as Sandra took a deep breath, still feeling her son's cock wedged up inside her.

"God you two make such a beautiful couple. Just look at you... you should have seen what I saw back there..." I said as my right hand eased out.

I was resting on my left side as my hand touched Sandra's thigh lightly. "You two were so lost in each other, like animals in the wild. Two savage beasts... amazing."

Sandra leaned up from her pillow to kiss David full on the lips.

"Yes." I hissed. "Kiss your man, Sandy. He's your man, isn't he?" I whispered as she moaned in lavish approval.

David fell into this kiss with all of his weight, bringing his arms around her neck.

"Who would have ever thought you both would end up like this... as lovers." I said as the words sent shivers through the couple, only to heighten their fervor.

"Oh yes... you two were meant for each other. The perfect couple."

No sooner did those words come out that Sandra opened her mouth to gasp... a confirmation of what I was saying. I was intent on using my words to make them fuck once more...

"Oh Sandy... you made this man for yourself all those years ago." I said, leaning to her ear as I whispered into it.

All she could do was channel her anxiety to her son, inhaling his tongue down her throat.

"I bet you knew he would come back eighteen years later and be the love of your life, didn't you Sandy?"

Her body now swayed in eagerness as she thrust up, motioning her son on his back... I liked what I saw. Her wide hips straddled her son's groin, still holding his cock deep inside her... David didn't know how to take his Mother's aggression, but offered no resistance. His hands naturally found their way to Sandra's illustrious, wide ass. I could tell he liked the feel of each cheek in his palms... I did too. She sat straight up, lifting her arms up to run her hands through her long flowing hair, giving her son one hell of a show... I think she knew what she was doing... Her large breasts in full view, the contours of her hour glass figure...

"Oh David, look." I gasped in fond affection.

"See what she's doing? That's for you, sweetheart." I said, enjoying the show as well.

With that, Sandra began to rock her body back and forth-- feeling David's stiff cock growing inside her once more. (Young men have that unique ability to go again and again, and Sandra knew it.) Sandra looked like a complete slut with her hair a mess-- locks of her blonde hair dangling around her face... She brought down her hands around her face, lazily dragging her fingers across her lips as she and David shared another gaze.

"Look at her, David." I said in a hushed tone.

"She wants you again... and you're going to give her what she wants, aren't you?" Without thinking, he nodded yes as he tightened his grasp on her full ass.

"Explore her body, David. Feel her in your hands... feel your woman." I said as his palms camearound to feel each beloved thigh.

Her bronze hued flesh seemed to glimmer as he squeezed it's warm fleshy texture. His actions were slow and gentle, just as they should be... He was learning every inch of her flesh by heart... His strong hands began to feel her stomach and sides scrupulously,wondering what it must have been like to be in her womb. Sandra now cupped each of her breastsin her hands as her head thrust back, flinging her mane of hair rearward as the strands softly thrashed her backside.

"She's so beautiful, isn't she?" I pronounced, now laying beside David with my head against his so I too could share the sight.

"Feel your Mother's breasts, David." I said, kissing his cheek softly.

His fingertips entwined between his Mother's as both of them felt the goodness of her full bosomed bust. Still swaying back and forth, Sandra again leaned her neck all the way back as she relished her son's manly touch. David couldn't believe this... Not only had he made love to her, but now he was adoring her in a manner that took his breath away.

"Oh, Mother..." He gasped as he lightly pressed each full orb. Her hands fell from their grip to grasp her son's arms.

"Tell her how you feel, David. Tell her everything." I commanded.

"Her breasts. They're so... big." He said, somewhat unsure of his delivery.

"What else?" I said. "Make love to her in words, David."

David swallowed rather nervously, and I understood his predicament. A lot of people find it tough to describe their emotions.

"I just... I... can't believe we're together finally. It's just like I thought it would be." He added.

"I want to taste her... taste every inch of her body." He said, sending his Mother further into complete delight.

"Tell her you'll never leave her, David. Promise her you'll be with her forever." I said, touching Sandra's bare thigh once more.

"You know I'll never leave you." He said with a gasp.

"How could I ever do that to you?" He said, feeling the goodness of each supple breast once more.

"I'm not like all the other men in your life that used you, Mother... I'm your son." He said, beckoning his hard manhood.

Sandra was panting heavily by now, swimming in the verbal love making she was hearing. She could feel her son's enlarging cock shift deep inside her Motherly hips. David went on...

"We'll always have that special bond. That's why I love you so much... God, how could I NOT love you, Mother?"

Sandra cried out in exhilaration; "Oh my God."

She shoved her body forward, falling atop her son for a scalding kiss. She had to reassure herself of this... David met her kiss with equal fortitude, embracing her as his arms enshrouded Sandra.

"Oh, look at this." I said.

"Look at this kiss. The passion... the hunger deep inside you both." I said in a dazed stupor.

Sandra loved hearing me talk like this... I knew she did. She knew I spoke her every thought and wish... Her breasts crushed against David's chest as I saw her hips begin to dig themselves into her son.

"Look at you, Sandra. Your gorgeous ass rising and falling atop your son's cock. Your

fertile hips..." I said, moving down the bed so I could see their copulation up close.

I watched as David's hands instinctively reached back to her ass, gripping her cheeks in solid hope. Both were moaning and gasping as Sandra gave her young man the working over of his life... His glistening penis, dipping in and out of his Mother's moistened vulva. It was so incredibly hard... Mother and son mating once more like famished beasts. I watched as her son pounded her mercilessly. Each push and thrust sent ripples of gratification across Sandra's magnificent ass. His fingernails dug into her flesh, making sure she wouldn't let go... The wet sounds of pussy and cock thrusting together made me shudder as their bodies loudly smacked against each other. They both found a instinctive cadence to their emotional sacrament as I just sat and watched... I began to murmur to myself quietly.

"Look at this beauty. This ass... his cock so hard. She did this to him. She made her son this way." I said as my hand reached up to stroke Sandra's backside.

"He's really doing it... He's mating with his Mother..."

David began bucking uncontrollably underneath his Mother as he thrust up at her with

vehemence... Sandra knew her boy was close to spilling his seed in her once more, and that notion made her even that more determined to make him cumm. I quickly sat up so I could see their faces as they came... I had to see for myself the sheer strength of their union. David's eyes were clamped shut as sweat rolled from his brow. Sandra had her forehead against his, occasionally kissing him as strands of her hair were completely drenched from their intense love making.

"Your Mother's going to make you cumm, David. Think about it, David." I said as I positioned myself right beside the loving couple.

"Think about all the times you wanted her... all the times you masturbated to her..."

I said, chanting in his ear.

My words of encouragement only fueled his desire even more. Looking up at her, David readjusted his hands so he could go deeper inside his Mother. Sandra saw the hope in her son's eyes... the aspirations he had. Their misty eyes said it all... Sandra cried out as he clearly took charge of their copulation, and she didn't mind one bit. It felt good to be controlled by her own son.

"You like that, don't you Sandy?" I asked.

Between her short huffs, she retorted; "Yes."

Orgasm soon took control of her flesh as she lost all control. David felt his Mother convulse as he took hold of her... Her eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a long, low guttural moan. David took this as a message of hope, so he did all he could to bury his cock all the way inside his Mother... He wanted to make sure his seed took root inside the very womb he was created in. His fingers pressed into her as every muscle in his body contracted all at once...

"Your son's cumming, Sandy. You made him do this... You did this." I voiced as thick streams of David's sperm saturated his Mother's womb.

I jumped to my knees, grasping Sandra in my arms. David's loud cries filled the room as she wasdisoriented from her powerful, mind blowing orgasm. His hands squeezed her ass forcefully, bringingher down around his cock. I held Sandra as her son filled her with his life giving semen... I could tellthat with every discharge of his seed sent waves of incredible delight throughout her Motherly hips.

"Your son's cumming inside you, Sandy. It's so beautiful, isn't it?" I whispered as her head lay on my shoulder.

Her low moans continued as David's relentless thrusting continued.

"You made your son cumm. Who would've ever thought your son would do this to you? To feel his own sperm fill you? You love this, don't you?"

All she could do was sluggishly nod yes as her son continued shooting thick ropes of his cumm inside her.

"I love you, Mother." Exclaimed David as the last of his seed trickled out.

Their second orgasm shook each of them to their very core. Sandra couldn't believe that her child's semen was now coursing throughout her veins. The seed that she helped create in the very womb he was now in. Judging from my own experience with David, I could almost bet he doused her with at least a half a gallon of his precious broth. With Sandra still in my arms, I held her as she caught her breath as I caressed her drenched mane of hair. She had probably experienced the most rigorous sex of her entire life in the last two days, and she was clearly exhausted. I knew David could more than likely go again, but this was enough for one day. I didn't want them to have too much of a good thing, so I eased Sandra down on the bed as we all fell asleep together in each other's arms. It was the end of their first day of

many as lovers. There was no turning back now.



The next day, I awoke to find my bed empty. Much to my surprise, Sandra and David got up earlier for a swim in my pool. As I got out of bed, I heard the two laughing and cavorting outside my window. I was somewhat jealous, but was pleased when I saw the two lovers swimming in the nude together. I could tell that their joy was something they both craved, and found in each other. Sandra was as giddy as a teenager with her first love... her smiles glowed with genuine candor as she and David frolicked about, splashing each other with the water as silliness and joy was the prominate mood. I grinned, thinking how perfectly matched they were indeed. Their games abruptly ended when Sandra quickly kissed her lover,

embracing him as they spun around in one anothers arms. The humor evaporated briefly they exchanged hushed "I love you's" between a series of deep soul kisses. I was simply amazed by the sight...

Later in the day, I decided to go out and check on the progress of the two newly christened lovers. Sliding my fleece robe over my shoulders, I sauntered outside to the pool to see a vision that took mybreath away. There, sitting on one of the steps going into the pool was David-- clutching the head of his Mother as she was staring at his solid, bulging penis right in front of her. A warm smile came over me as I slithered out of my robe and eased into the cherished warm waters of the pool. David glanced at me with a gaze of fearful hope. He knew how I understood his inner will to be with

Sandra... and to actually have his Mother's mouth sheath his refined sexual organ was yet another vast leap for the two fragile lovers. His head slowly leaned back as he braced his weight on his elbows, allowing the bright sun to illuminate his muscular flesh. I quietly swam behind Sandra as my arms wrapped themselves around her luscious, submerged waist. Her body was immersed in the water except for her shoulders and neck, which glistened magnificently in the encouraging sunlight.

Hundreds of tiny droplets of water cascaded over her beige shoulders; the blonde tresses soaked and tousled as they descended into the lapping waters.

"Beautiful Mother..." Whispered David as he savored the hot breath falling upon the tip of his aching cock.

I glanced over her shoulder to see her lips barely hovering over her son's fortune. Her delicate fingerstips nudging the thin flesh of the cock. It was as if she were lost in another dimension of existence... my embrace was ignored, so I knew her senses were far, far away. Her eyes stared at her son's cock, focusing on it's massive bulb now skimming across her grateful lips. Her head tediously swayed side to side, running the wide bulb over her moist lips. All that we could hear was the erotic resonance of the rippling waters.

I quietly moved to Sandra's side to observe this calm, laborious seduction. Transfixed on the cock's tawny crown, I noticed her jaw gradually open as her tongue slid over her lower lip. Her eye lids fluttered as the head gently disappeared between the humid folds of her mouth. A delirious thrust from her son welcomed Sandra's endeavor as her cheeks swelled with his massive girth. Her hands inched far away from his groin, fanning out her fingers in mid air so she could solely rely on the

movements of her neck and mouth. This gave her ample leeway to commence her meticulous and cherished blow job. I could tell that the mere thought of her son's penis inside her mouth made her delirious with forbidden ecstasy. And just by watching his cock fade away in her mouth verified (to me) that these two were meant for one another.

David's eyes ballooned as his mouth made an "O" shape in a breathless daze. He held his breath for a moment as his Mother's mouth received more and more of his lengthy organ. The sight of her mouth filled with her own child's cock roused me to no end. Her lips parted as wide as they could possibly go each time she tried to inhale more of her son's length. She tried to reach a rhythm in her lustful actions, all the while keeping her tongue at the bottom of his shaft... Now his cock was

simmering in Sandra's raging saliva. The tonality of uninterrupted cocksucking was heard as slurps and moans grew with each passing second. Finally, Sandra opened her eyes to see her son's stare directly upon her own. The incredible sight of Sandra inhaling cock robbed David of all thought and insight. All that mattered now was the irrefutable orgasm that both Mother and son knew lie ahead.

No words were uttered between the two... how could they have been? All the young man could focus on was that picturesque mane of hair that affectionately jerked between his legs. I quickly glanced down to see Sandra's mouth fully ingested with David's penis. The look on her face was of complete bliss. All that she could focus on was making her boy cumm... she looked down his brawny chest to watch his tone abdomen quiver in rapture. Thoughts raced throughout her mind as David's penis lodged down her throat. The most alluring one was that she was doing this to her own son... she was going to make him cumm, and soon. And, like her shoulders and back, his cock now glistened, yet with another elixir... a liquid far more inviting and erotic... his Mother's salivation. David huffed in awe, feeling his penis graze the back of his Mother's throat. Never in all his life did he imagine this would happen... that the love of his life would so lovingly consume him like this. And

when Sandra sipped David's first trickle of pre-cumm, she moaned her delight aloud for all to hear.

David's face was flushed as he tried to bring his hand down on his Mother's head. His fingertips clawed at her drenched mane of hair as his breath grew shorter and deeper... Sandra knew he was about to cumm. With an eager tongue, she lapped at the base of his shaft sideways, sending him through the final portal that would lead to an astonishing climax.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" Gasped David. "Just like that."

Sandra glowed with affection, knowing she did good by the tongue thrashing she gave her boy. Her eyes closed once more, and for the last time before she felt her son's first volley of semen fill her mouth. I glanced downward to see her head stop moving... without a doubt, I knew she was relishing her son's seed for the very first time. David cried out with all of his might and strength, nowclutching Sandra's head with both hands. His muscular torso now ripped apart in a splintering orgasm. His legs thrashed about, fingers splayed over Sandra's head... Now she motioned

downward again to fully ensure her son's orgasm. With a mouthful of hot delicious sperm, Sandra consumed all of his length again as David's body jerked again and again. With so much love and devotion for her son, Sandra summoned her throat muscles, and swallowed his sperm deep into her hopeful stomach.

He cried out for his Mother...

She swallowed more...

Another flood of sperm streamed across her tongue... and like a good Mother, she accepted it without question.

"Mother!" Cried David.

Sandra grasped his muscular abdomen in assurance...

He kept cumming, and she kept swallowing... again, and again.


To Be Continued...