Ó A Tale of Forbidden Love... (Part IV)

Written by Meredith


" I looked like a animal from the wild; plucked away from it's habitat

to mate with Sandra. David clutched two freshly peeled oranges in

both hands, applying steady pressure to each as trickles of sweet

nectar poured over my brown skin.."


Author's Note:

This story is purely fiction. In no way does this author support or

condone incest or the theme. It was written with the intent of providing

deeply felt fantasies to be shared with adults. If you are easily offended

by these topics, then I suggest you leave now.

This story celebrates the passion and love between two

(ADULT) human beings.

Any reader wishing to leave feedback is more than welcome, as long as it is

positive and healthy. My e-mail is mejau71@yahoo.com



From that day on, David and Sandra's relationship would never be the same. Both Sandra and I called in sick for the next two weeks as David took off from school. We stayed at my house, not leaving once for that two week period. David showered his Mother with magnificent gifts and made us scrumptious dinners practically every night. He was the most courteous gentleman a woman could ever hope for... He would leave Sandra intimate love notes scattered throughout the house for her to see-- a reminder of his undying love for her. It was something to see... passion seemed to flow in their every move together. Their love making seemed to strengthen their bond time after time-- orgasm after mind boggling orgasm. I vividly recall one evening in particular...

David had just finished making plans for a catered formal dinner for the two of them, which I gladly paid for myself. They were dressed in their finest attire with David in a sharp tuxedo, and Sandra dressed in a strapless, black ankle-length cocktail dress. She had spent the entire day preparing for their special dinner, getting a manicure and having her nails done. The caterers arrived that evening along with two servants-- following David's instructions to the exact detail. Candles lit the entire dining room-- red long stemmed roses garnished the table, and soft jazz music played throughout the house. It was the most romantic atmosphere I had ever seen anyone create for their beloved. Sandra came down from her room around 7pm. At the bottom of the staircase stood her son; so handsome and fair. Taking her elegant hand in his, he softly kissed the back of her hand as she was lead arm in arm into the main dining

area. There the two sat down to enjoy each other's company for the rest of the evening, relishing each other's company over wine and a scrumptious seafood feast. The dinner staff had no clue they were working that evening for a Mother and Son... for all they knew, David and Sandra were a normal couple celebrating their love. In many ways they were, but if they only knew... After the main course ended, both Mother and Son shared a long, slow dance together in the parlor adjoining the dining room. Like the dining room, several candles lit the room to create the perfect ambiance. The two lovers lost themselves in the moment-- Sandra drifted away in her lover' s arms. She had finally found the perfect man.

With dinner finished, David informed the staff that their services were no longer required, yet held Sandra at the table, telling her that dessert was still on order. Becoming a bit daring, David blindfolded his Mother and asked her to stay seated as he went to fetch her dessert plate... With darkness rampant, all she could hear were the sound of wheels coming closer. Soon, a fresh, delightful aroma filled her senses... oranges, bananas, tangerines, all of the wonderful healthy foods she loved to indulge herself in. Hearing the grinding wheels come up beside her, she glowed with a telling smile as she felt her son's hands gracefully caress her soft, bare shoulders. His warm breath fell upon her neck for a kiss as he sighed in rapture.

"Are you ready for dessert, Mother?" He asked timidly.

"Uhmm. I am, sweetheart." Replied his lover in contentment; turning her head to kiss him affectionately.

With that, the blindfold fell from her eyes to see me laying nude on a cart, resting atop a bed of healthy and exotic fruits. My entire backside was garnished with the same... I was on my stomach, propped up on my elbows with my knees bent upward. I had just shaved my legs, so my skin was soft and smooth to the touch. David had thought up the concept days earlier, and I was all for it. With a grape dangling from my mouth, I coyishly raised my fingers to the grape as I clamped my teeth around it-- all the while staring at Sandra with the finest seductive expression I could offer. My mouth filled with grape juice, I ran my tongue along my lips-- as if to douse Sandra's body with it. The look on my face said "Fuck me" all over it, and I knew she

would gracefully comply. Sandra's look in her eyes was of pure hunger. Blushing after I mouthed the words "I want you", all she could do was lean closer to me. She longingly gazed across my backside, draped in several types of mouth watering fruits. My lower back was gingerly decorated with pineapple slices... from there, she noticed my bronzed ass glistening with orange slices and bananas.

"I thought you'd like this, Mother." Said David as he wheeled me closer to her.

"Oh, David. You'll never know." She said, taking notice of my soaked mane of hair.

I looked like a animal from the wild; plucked away from it's habitat to mate with Sandra. David clutched two freshly peeled oranges in both hands, applying steady pressure to each as trickles of sweet nectar poured over my brown skin. I flinched, puckering my lips as the juice ran over my back, and across my full ass. Sandra gasped as she watched the juice trickle down the full contours of my shapely beige ass. A pool of the juice collected in the lower dip of my back, right where my spine curves inward to round out the top portion of my buttocks. But before Sandra could begin her feast, David reached into his coat pocket and knelt beside her. In his hand, he presented Sandra with a tiny jewelry box. She immediately knew what it was.

"Will you marry me, Mother? Will you give my life this one precious gift?" Asked David in his most serious tone.

He looked into his Mother's sapphire eyes with the utmost conviction and

determination. Wow... I couldn't believe what he had just done. Tears swelled in Sandra's eyes as she caught her breath in complete shock. Not only had she made love to her own son, but now he was asking for her hand in marriage. It was a lot to think about.

"I promise that my heart will be yours for all time. I'll be there when you need me... You'll be loved and adored for the rest of your life, Mother. That I can promise you... You're the love of my life." He said as he opened the box, revealing an exquisite 28 caret diamond ring.

Sandra openly wept as he took the ring, and placed it on her ring finger. Her hands trembled as he did. Mine would be too if I were in her shoes at that moment.

"Oh, David." Sandra replied. "Baby, this is just... How can you afford this?"

"I used up my college savings for this... for you... us." He replied.

"What?" He said, leaning in closer to her.

They both gazed at her gorgeous ring as tears dripped from her lovely face. I smiled lovingly at the two... they were so in love.

"Will you, Mother?" He asked yet again, kissing her tear soaked face with finesse.

Sandra quickly looked up, gathering her heart's affirmation. She had to go with the deeply felt instincts now laced throughout her heart. It couldn't be denied or hidden. It was her ultimate destiny.

"Yes." she said, choking back the flood of tears.

Her reply was music to my ears.

A tear seized David as he embraced his Mother, sealing their fate for all time. They vigorously embraced one another as Sandra cried in her lover's arms. Muddled in the sounds of their cries, all they could say was "I love you... I love you."

"I guess this ended up being an engagement party?" I remarked.

Sandra eased back from the hug as she excitedly nodded yes, showing me the ring. I took her hand to see for myself. It was beautiful. And I could hardly imagine how much David had spent on his lovely Mother-- now Bride to be.

"I think this calls for a celebration. May I kiss the bride?" I asked as Sandra happily complied.

I could taste the tears of joy on her pouty lips. She was so happy.

"Thank you." she whispered to me. "Thank you for finding my son for me."

"You mean your fiancee?" I asked with a telling smile on my face.

She happily nodded yes as we kissed once more. I cradled her head in my hand; deciding to initiate their vows right here and now. We typically would go to my bedroom for such festivities, yet I knew we couldn't wait for that. Sandra's eagerness in showing me her gratitude certainly proved true as every slice of fruit was consumed, and/or slithered across my tawny flesh. Still on my elbows, I put my best effort forward to remain on that cart as both David and Sandra savored each globe of my glistening derriere. I glanced back over my shoulder to see both heads fluttering atop my cheeks. Sandra's mouth was parted as wide as it could go; lips pressed against my flesh in an attempt to inhale as much of my ass flesh as possible into her raving mouth. It was all I could do to keep my composure; what was left of it


David sensed his Mother's growing hunger with each lap of her tongue, and stepped back to watch. Delicate whimpers of delight escaped my lips as Sandra now had my backside all to herself. He was used to seeing that appetite bestowed upon himself, but now it was all on me.

"She loves you so much, Shannon." David whispered, catching me off guard.

This was usually my tactic; verbalizing the moment at hand. My face splintered in ecstasy and joy as a slight smile emerged.

"Your ass is so beautiful. God, look at her just devouring it. Those plump cheeks..." He said, sitting down in front of me as I felt Sandra's hot breath soothed the moist cleavage of my backside.

I looked back once more to see Sandra directly behind me; each hand resting upon each malleable orb. Her fingers were spread wide, trying to clutch as much of my flesh as possible as her face descended between my heightened cleavage.

"God Shannon-- look at your cheeks against Mother's face. Do you know how beautiful this is? Can't you see how much she loves this?" Asked David in his gratifying low tone.

His Mother moaned in muffled agreement as her face was smothered deep in ass. Her son's words inspired her, and obviously so as I felt her tongue flatten itself against my anal cove. I shuddered aloud; clinching my fists in vehemence... It had been way too long since Sandra and I last made love, and this was by far a welcome salutation.

"Her face looks so good in your ass." Replied David as his Mother's tongue circled my

forbidden realm.

"Yeeeesssss." I whimpered in exultation. "Talk about my ass, David."

He leaned in, cheek to cheek as his breath warmed my ear.

"You really love this, don't you Shannon? You like having a beautiful woman like my Mother tasting your ass?" He said softly.

"Uh-huh." I retorted in my oppressed trance.

His view of his Mother over my shoulder gave David enough to certainly talk about.

"Her fingers pressed into your cheeks... look at those fingernails just digging into that tan skin."

I cried out as I felt Sandra's tongue slip into my relaxed orifice. I opened to her, feeling the scalding warmth of her tongue swab my asshole.

"She's inside you now, isn't she?" asked David.

"Uh-huh." I breathlessly replied.

"Feel it, Shannon." He said with encouragement.

"Feel her devotion and love for you... give that gorgeous ass to her." David said as he saw Sandra's palms part my moistened spheres for a deeper thrust of her tongue.

"God look at that," he added. "Look at her hands cup your cheeks. God that is so hot."

If he only knew how good this felt. My tonguing of his backside earlier was pale in comparison; completely different between females. I felt her hands lightly pat my (now) trembling cheeks as David took hold of another peeled orange. Again, his grip burst forth more juice upon my ass as well as Sandra's face. The sensation of cold liquid marinating my globes, mixed with her spicy hot tongue wedged deep in my ass was simply too much. My backside rippled with wave after wave of joyance. I'm sure Sandra and David loved watching my glossy, full ass quake in pleasure; at least so they admitted later.

"Oh God my ass... my ass. So deep." I shouted in open mouthed ecstasy. "She's so fucking deep."

My muscles clinched her tongue; an involuntary action to hold her inside me perhaps?

Absolutely. Even my body wanted all she could give. I wanted to absorb all of her at that moment. Of course, if it would have been possible, I would gladly have let her fill me with her entire body; our union was that strong.

Her tongue quickly fell out from me as I opened my eyes. I didn't want it to end. Looking back, I saw Sandra slip out of her dress in that seductive way that I had grown to love. That coal black bra and thong made her buxom flesh so enticing, and when she crawled on the cart with me, I had to bite my lower lip watching her shed those remaining garments.

David had to lock the wheels down on the cart so his Mother and I wouldn't roll around the dining room during our impassioned tryst. Her large breasts skimmed over my ass ever so lightly. I could hear her coo with each gentle sway. Breast against ass... Oh my. She then eased her chest downward, watching her breasts squash my skin... each of our plentiful knolls flared out.

"Oh look at that, Shannon. Look at those breasts on your ass." Remarked David as Sandra lifted her misty eyed face to look at me gazing directly at her.

Her mouth hung open as that untamed look of lust captivated my senses. With that, Sandra ascended up my frame, drawing her Motherly breasts along my lower back. She reached my neck, clamping her mouth upon my neck as she mounted my ass. I could hear her unintelligible moans of lust.

"Oh Sandra." I gently uttered, feeling her pubic hairs tickle my ass. Her hips began to grind against me as I reached around to hold her head against me.

"You're so fucking hot." I said in a more authoritative tone. "You wanna fuck me, don't you baby? Huh?"

"Uh-hum." Sandra moaned, intoxicated by the possibility.

"You wanna fuck me like an animal, don't you?"

Saliva drooled out on my neck as her teeth sank into my neck. I squealed as her hips thrust themselves into my ass. Her slippery breasts smothered my back as her hands ran up and down my sides. I was her hostage now... she could do anything she wanted with me.

Her mouth plundered my neck, chewing my flesh hungrily as she instinctively humped against me. I could tell she liked this, as well as bringing herself closer to orgasm with every thrust.

"You like humping my ass, don't you?" I appealed.

Her mouth broke off to exhale in short-winded agreement.

"You loved stabbing my ass with your tongue, didn't you?" I said as her thrusts grew

rampantly. "Like you were mating with me."

Sandra wailed in bliss and disbelief. She loved the way I transposed the typical male-female acts of copulation into our entanglements. It was an effective theme that we shared from time to time, although generally we preferred softer expressions of love making. But now we were beasts wanting to mate.

I shoved her off me as I quickly came around to forcefully kiss her. The intensity between us sentDavid into silence. All he could do was watch in bewilderment as his Mother became this unruly,wild savage. (It was to be a theme I would explore later.) Our arms vigorously held each other; mouth to mouth-- bosom to breast. Our bodies were now slick with the pulpy mass of fruit as several chunks fell to the floor

around us. Sandra's tongue pierced my mouth as I swallowed it whole. Our heads twisted hastily in an attempt for a deeper kiss.

"Fuck me, you hot ass bitch." I gasped.

Sandra's only reply was her fingers clutching my hair, throwing my head back so she could consume my neck. Her legs shifted so our pussies came in contact with each other. We sat straddling each other, feeling the heat of our wombs surge in affirmation. This woman's starvation simply amazed me... All I could do was encourage her with my filthy tongue.

"You give me that you fucking animal. Make me your woman-- hump me like a man you fucking beast." And did she. Oh God, did she.

My hands went to her sides, grasping her plump hips just like David did. I don't see how we kept on that cart because our bodies were pushing and pulling together in commanding strength. My arms pulled her in as she dug her pussy into mine... I could tell her clit was swollen as I felt it several times against me.


The three of us ended up in the bedroom that night, and exhausted ourselves for the next two days making love in every position conceivable. Sandra and I would pair off, David and his Mother would, or David and I... Sandra didn't show any resentfulness whatsoever when she watched David and I have sex. In fact, she would encourage us along as she masturbated every time. It didn't matter... we all three loved each other equally, yet I knew that my love for them would never compare to the bond that David and Sandra had. They simply felt a much more profound affinity for one another. Their love making would often bring out the finest in both of them. You could just tell it held a powerful meaning by the way they looked at each other, the way they kissed, the way they made love.

On one enchanted evening, while David and his Mother were beginning another love making parley, he took hold of his Mother's tender face... The look in his eyes clearly sought some type of endorsement.

"Mother... Can I make love to your ass?" He asked so lovingly.

I sat up, wanting to hear how she would respond.

Her face melted in primal aspiration as she stroked her son's smooth jaw. She nodded yes in that alluring seductive manner I so adored. David's eyes opened wide, realizing that yet another radiant fantasy was about to be attained. They fondly savored each other's lips with eyes open; staring in pure, silent wonder. Sandra brought her arm down his chest, touching his stout cock with her delicate fingertips. She broke the kiss so she could gaze at her son's sexual organ... I noticed her fall into that familiar silent trance she had grown accustomed to... she was about to have her ass ravaged by her son.

She crawled about in her enticing style David so loved... Arching her back gently so he could see her bountiful, shapely ass that seemed to cry out his name. Inching down on her stomach, she lifted her backside as her son slithered up... It was then I decided to act... I bolted toward him as I engulfed his entire length into my mouth. Sandra would need all the lubricant she needed to consume her son's massive length.

Yet I wanted it to be as natural as it could be, and my saliva seemed perfect for the occasion. Sandra looked over her shoulder to see me coating her child's penis with my boiling saliva. David's head flung back as he moaned in approval. His cock popped out of my mouth as I then focused my efforts on Sandra's willing ass... Burying my face between her abundant cheeks, my tongue coated her asshole with generous amounts of my saliva... She groaned in dire hope... she was now ready to lose her anal virginity to her very own son.

David leaned forward, bringing his left arm beside his Mother's head. Mounting her back, his other hand seized his aching cock to guide it between her moistened globes. His mouth found her ear as he panted into it...

"Oh Mother" He whispered.

Sandra held her son's face with her hand as she felt his bulky girth snuggle between her scrumptious mounds. She cracked a thin smile as the tip gently began to press against her sphincter. Her mouth agape, she held her breath as David slowly eased forward. He knew that it would take great finesse and care if they were to experience this glorious act of impassioned intercourse. I sat completely still, watching in sweeping awe.

The wide nub eased forward, tucking itself further into her sacred shrine. Her entire body locked up as she felt it, trying to relax her muscles so he could feel the girdling warmth accept his wholesome penis. Soon, he had the first inch tucked away in her rectum... Sandra whimpered as she made a fist... Suddenly, David felt her ass open as he sank a few more inches in, bursting the taboo rim of his Mother's ass. He was so slow... so loving. Her face buried itself in her pillow, moaning loudly into the stifling fabric as the sharp bursts of pain rocked her flesh... David's breath fell short, motioning his groin onward as she received more and more of his loving thickness. She lifted her head for a breath as David's tongue lapped at her jaw... She knew her son was enjoying this so... his gasps proved it.

She turned to meet his mouth with hers. This prompted David to stab her more with his protruding manhood. I glanced over to see more than half his length wedged up inside his Mother's bowels...

This was so amazing to see...

"Oh my son" Sandra cried out in bliss.

"You're in my ass." She replied.

"Yes, Mother.... Oh God yes." He said as he could feel her sphincter fully relax.

With a tender, slow thrust; David slid the rest of his incredible lengthiness inside Sandra's plundered bowels. He was met with a low, guttural moan of sheer ecstasy from his Mother. The fibers of her anal muscles struggled to adjust to this newly felt sensation. Never before had she allowed any man to fuck her ass... But this was different. This was her prized son... the love of her life. And that thought alone made her his willing vassal to whatever he wanted to do. She not only surrendered her ass to her lover, but she now wanted it-- craved it... begged for it.

"So tender." Whimpered Sandra as he felt the glorious warmth of her ass.

David plunged deeper before revoking his length... his tip now glided back to her opening before gently gliding back inside her bowels. Sandra took in a long, low moan as the texture of his cock swarmed through her ass. She couldn't believe this... never in her wildest dreams did Sandra ever think about making love to her son, let alone experiencing anal intercourse with him. She felt so full... like he was probing her intestines... her stomach...

"How deep was he? Would this make him cumm? If so, would he pull out, or plant his warm seed deep in my ass?" thought Sandra as she felt herself open up more and more.

The sharp biting pain of his initial thrusts vanished... Now Sandra could feel the entire act in all it's glory. It felt odd, yet familiar as David gently picked up the pace... He heard her groan in a lower, more charming tone as he knew she was now comfortable with this. He brought his arm beneath his Mother's neck, cradling it between the fold of his arm-- locking her in for the duration of the fuck.

"I'm in your ass." He panted.

"Yes... oh God yes..." She helplessly replied.

"So soothing... natural." She added.

This drove David wild with gusto... he could only reply by picking up his rhythm. She was so tight... so incredibly firm. Just the thought of him mating with her ass sent shivers across his flesh... Sandra was now getting into it with all of her will. She threw David off her back as she felt his cock fall out...

Crawling on her knees, she looked back at her astonished son.

"Fuck me doggy style." She said in short-winded wonder.

David complied, quickly immersing his cock back inside the stimulating confines of his Mother's warm ass. His hands clutched her wide hips as their tempo soon came back into play. He could now look down upon his lover in all her full grandeur... Each stab of his cock was met with the awe inspiring spectacle of his Mother's arched back, and full ass lunging back at him. David gulped, feeling his seed begin to simmer in his testicles... "No." he thought to himself. He wanted this to last as long as it could possible go. He slowed his pace as he again admired the glowing beauty of his Mother's back. He collapsed onto her, still keeping his grip on her hips...

"You like that ass, don't you son?" She asked, now swaying her hips side to side.

He could only groan in agreement as his saliva drooled out across her tawny shoulder. Her son felt so powerful from behind... His manly grasp holding her tight, glowing in the knowledge that her large, wide ass could render him so helpless... so feeble. David began lapping at her shoulder, trying to summon more of his inner will to hold back his orgasm. Sandra begged for more, and the conflict drove David mad with ecstasy.

"You like my wide hips, don't you?" She begged as she caught her breath.

"So beautiful." He answered as he sat back up, now ready for his cock to go as deep as it could possibly go.

"I love your ass, Mother..." He panted as she felt his groin colliding against her supple ass.

He sounded so helpless... so weak from his undertaking. Sandra was amazed. Could her son be so enamored by her ass? What was it that drove him wild like this? Was it how tan it was? Was it the width and curves that kept him spellbound?

"I have ass... I... have ass." David cried out in a high pitched wail.

Sandra looked over her shoulder to see her son gazing at her backside in crippling delight. He looked like he was going to cry-- it felt that good. Ripples of flesh washed across Sandra's cheeks with each craving thrust. She was beginning to really enjoy this now... wanting more and more of her boy's cock. Loud plops and gurgles could be heard echoing throughout the bedroom as his cock plunged further and further...

Sandra stopped their copulation suddenly by laying on her back... It was as if she had let out the savage animal within... her unruly, primitive nature took hold as she clutched her legs, bringing them up to her waist...

"Fuck my ass like this." She huffed as David hurriedly complied.

Her legs came to rest on his brawny shoulders as his ten inch cock soon vanished in her gaping, dripping asshole... I couldn't believe David had his cock buried all the way in that magnificent ass. His hands roamed the length of her smooth legs again and again until they came to rest on the back of her thighs. Sweat dribbled from his brow, onto Sandra's fluttering stomach as he hurled his cock repeatedly inside. The perspiration from his groin now made a lovely smacking sound as their bodies slapped together time and again. They had truly found their natural rhythm inside this necessary act of fornication.

"I have ass... so beautiful." David exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

Sandra clutched his neck with both hands, bringing him down to look into her eyes. Her face too was soaked in perspiration as the slaps of their bodies stimulated their loving efforts. David ferociously bucked against his Mother like a savage now... she couldn't believe how powerful his body was...

Did she really do this to him?

"Look at me, David." Commanded Sandra.

Their misty eyes met as Sandra noticed his indisposed expression. His face was flushed, covered in thick dripping sweat. He too saw the blank, trance like state she had on her face... The feeling of her wet, soft ass on his cock was too much to bear... Sandra replied by clinching her sphincter around his shaft... He cried out, weakening in the marvelous sensations of ass meshed against cock.

"You'll have this ass for the rest of your life-- you know that?" She panted between thrusts.

"So much ass." David inarticulately replied.

"Yes... yes, David." Chanted Sandra as she felt the veins in his cock throb with crucial necessity.

She glowed in the knowledge that she was going to make her son cumm again... that her ass was going to receive the thick warm reward of their loving endeavor.

"You better cumm inside my ass, David... do you hear me?" She urged, trying to control her breath.

Another high pitched squeal came from her son... he was so into this. His face fell to her thick damp leg as his teeth sank into the beige flesh. I simply couldn't believe how powerful this act of love making was. How strong his relentless thrusts were... how she willingly accepted his courageous efforts.

"I love you, Mother!" David cried out in that precious, child-like voice he had.

"Oh my baby... I love you too. Mother loves you so much." She replied, wiping the sweat from her future husband's brow.

He suckled on her leg with zest, summoning all of his might to control the unstoppable orgasm that was slithering up through his sturdy thighs. It couldn't be controlled... there was no chance his seed would remain inside him... It had to be released.... and it was going to be forged as deep in his Mother's ass as humanly possible. This was by far the most extraordinary feat of love I had ever seen two people share.

David's thrusting grew erratic. His body violently shook as he repetitively stabbed her delicious ass. It was coming... His life seed began it's pilgrimage once more. Sandra indulged herself in the sensation, appreciating that it was her who was going to receive this seething hot sperm... Her eyes bulged out, mouth open as she saw her son crippled in elation... she could feel his imminent orgasm, and did everything in her power to ensure it's fruition.

"You have ass... so much ass." She cried out as the veins in David's neck swelled.


All at once, his upper body lifted in a smooth motion. Then, it began... An unrestrained deluge of sperm filled Sandra's healthy bowels... Both of them cried out in unison as gratification secured their inner resolution. David continued his bucking against his Mother's plump ass flesh as the warm bouillon swam all through her ass. Sandra's eyes fluttered in joy, never before feeling a man's essence completely fill her ass. David's eyes filled with stinging tears of rhapsody as he plunged his cock further... He locked up, she kissed him...

"Oh baby, my ass... my ass. I can feel your cumm." Sandra cried out as several rich volleys of semen continued it's discharge.

She 'milked' his cock once more, trying to get more and more of his life giving broth inside... His body went limp as did hers, yet his cock remained lodged safely within his Mother's ass. Her legs wrapped around his wet torso, making sure he wouldn't leave. He wasn't about to...

They lay nestled in each other's arms as the last aftershocks of orgasm vanished. All that was left was their love for one another. They silently gazed into their eyes, spending the next few hours in the remarkable afterglow of pure love. Not once did his soft cock leave his Bride to be's saturated, sperm filled ass... Not once.


The days evolved into weeks, and each day was spent in the beautiful throes of love. David and Sandra's romance was growing stronger and stronger by the day... It was amazing to see these two dote on one another every morning they awoke, or before they went to sleep at night.

I could tell that something was happening between the two lovers... Their attitudes were changing; becomming more vocal about their eternal love for one another. This was quite apparent one evening when I walked in on the two in my bed. They were of course having sex, yet I heard both of their impassioned cries of enchantment once I walked through the front door.

Once I entered the bedroom, I saw both Mother and Son in the standard missionary position. Naturally, I came to rest beside them as I concentrated on watching them. Both of their bodies were glazed in sweat as David held his Mother's wide child-bearing hips in his courageous palms. Sandra held her son's head between her neck and shoulder; welcoming his solid, agile foray into her.

"Oh my son... give me a child. A child... make your Mother pregnant." She whispered into his ear.

"Make... me... pregnant." she chanted impassionately between his unrelenting plunges.

He sank into her with such subtlety and skill; he had become a flawless lover. Every time she begged her son for this prize, he bucked and rammed into his Mother even harder. My hunch was indeed true... David wasn't afraid of making a woman pregnant. In fact, he desired it as well. That plus the fact that he was going to make his own Mother pregnant made the act even more compelling. The very womb he was created in was about to be lusciously inseminated.

"You're gonna be a Father, David... You like that, don't you?" Sandra said, knowing she hit a nerve deep within her child.

"Oh Mother..." he gasped, gripping those saffron hips in assurance.

He leaned back to look into her loving, sapphire eyes. His fingers entrenched themselves deep into her fleshy thighs once more.

"I want... you. Be the Mother of my child." He said, trying to submerge his rock solid cock as deep as possible.

"Our child... OUR child, love." she retorted, catching her breath.

David shuddered in surreal prospect as his Mother placed her feet flat on the bed, forcing her son to the deepest point inside her fertile womb. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, much less seeing. My eyes bulged out, sitting in complete shock. I knew they didn't practice any birth control, and often wondered what would happen if Sandra became did in fact become pregnant. (She never once mentioned to David that he couldn't cumm inside her.) Now it was clear that she desperately craved a child with her lover-- her fiancee-- her own son. All that mattered at this moment was the resplendent conception of a child; a living symbol of their undying love for one another.

Every muscle in David's body tensed up. His face contorted in various shocking expressions as his life giving seed began it's irrevocable surge. Sandra grasped her son's head so they could stare at one another at the exact moment of climax.

"Give us a child, David... give us a child, please." She huffed as her son affectionately pounded her.

"Oh Mother I will... I will." He said, crying out with a vicious shudder.

Then it happened. David's body surrendered to orgasm induced by his Mother's warm, loving pussy. Sandra quietly squealed to herself, feeling her son's first stream of semen teem throughout her beloved womb. Each climax moved his body to it's core... every thrust he could muster dipped his manhood deeper and deeper. Sandra locked up, strenuously kissing David as the orgasm carried through. Her legs held the sweaty frame of her lover tight, making sure every burst of her son's precious, penetrating sperm stayed inside her.

She was going to be the Mother of his child.

Later that evening, the two pledged to me that they wouldn't leave my bedroom until Sandra's womb was carrying she and David's first child. And that was fine with me. I went out to the local drug store to stock up on EPT's for the occasion. Arriving back home, I found the two engaged once more in breathless, meaningful sex. (They were like Honeymooners since they became lovers.) This time, Sandra was on all fours as David pounded her in a uninhibited doggy style position. Sandra heard me come in, and extended her hand out to me.

"Hold me, love... Hold me." She pleaded with sincerity.

I lovingly complied as I laid in front of her. Her arms motioned for an embrace as I held her up for support. It was amazing holding a woman like this as her entire body absorbed every thrust from her gorgeous son.

"Tell me I'm going to be a mother, Shannon," begged Sandra. "Tell me he's going to make me pregnant... please."

I held my breath in awe, gazing up to see David's robust body hurl itself into his Mother. We locked eyes as I then found the will to give Sandra what she wanted.

"He IS going to make you a Mother, Sandra," I said, kissing her unrestrained hair softly. She whined in delight hearing me assert this deeply felt hope.

David's hands rested on his Mother's ass, squeezing their shapely form as his intent became clear. He glanced down quickly to see her moist flesh receive his stabbing cock again and again. Every pulsating inch of that young man's cock sank all the way into his Mother's vulva. I knew he loved doggy style, but not this much. That boy was hell bent on making this girl pregnant; his face said it all.

"Oh Sandy-- he's going to make such a good Father." I said.

Again, Sandra whimpered, this time much louder. "Husband and wife... your son coming back to plant the seed of life... back where he belongs."

Sandra screamed into my shoulder, causing David to recoil with another first wave of his boiling, yet welcome seed.

"Oh my GAWD-- he's coming!" Screamed Sandra. "He's so deep."

"Oh darling-- you're going to be a Mommy soon. Yes, love... a Mommy." I exclaimed as I watched David's eyes roll back into his head.

His body swayed in euphoria, still clutching that gorgeous, plump ass that seemed to suckle the very life force from his flesh

"A baby..." plead David as he plunged again and again into his loving Mother.

Sandra cried out in exaltation, surrendering to the relentless amount of sperm that filled her pussy once more. Her teeth clamped my blouse, grunting like a primitive cave woman. My arms strengthened their hold... I knew this was it. This was the orgasm that was going to create life... a baby. I just knew it.

Two days passed, and every morning, I helped Sandra with the pregnancy test. On Friday, Sandra saw the results she wanted.

She was finally, at long last... pregnant.

Thrilled, she embraced me with a kiss as she raced out to the bed where David was still asleep. Waking him with a kiss, her excitement eased as she quietly (but lovingly) broke the news.

"David? David, honey... I'm pregnant. I'm going to have our baby, sweetheart." She whispered tenderly.

Tears stung Sandra's eyes as she openly wept. David happily basked in the news, tenderly embracing the Mother of his child as the two realized that their lives would forever be entwined.

"I love you, Mother. God I love you so much." he said.

The tears crippled her reaction. "I... love you too, baby. I just... I'm just so happy."

"We'll always be together now. Man and wife... a family." She said, lovingly cradling him in her arms.

It was the perfect moment that crystallized their newly found love. They no longer looked upon each other as Mother and Son... they both were lovers who, without shame or guilt, embraced their inner yearning for unconditional, and endless love. Any other couple would have been envious of the depth and significance of this impassioned coupling. I couldn't have been happier than at this moment... and such a powerful moment too; when two people realize that, as a result of their love, a child would be given to them. Conceived out of love and eagerness... I held each of them as happiness enveloped all three of us.


David Harsin married Sandra Williams on a beautiful spring day the following May. Two months prior, Sandra had given birth to their first child, a healthy baby girl they named Elizabeth Danielle Harsin. The extravagant ceremony was held on my back lawn as dozens of David and Sandra's friends attended. Since no one knew about their prior relationship, everyone thought that David and Sandra were simply a couple; which by this time they indeed were. I was asked to give Sandra away, which I graciously carried out with pleasure. Sandra looked so beautiful as the blushing bride. A true vision of beauty and refinement. David's college friends thought he was insane for getting married so young, but once they saw the sizzling hot lady he was marrying, they were all incredibly envious. I had to bite my lip several times throughout the emotional ceremony. If the guests in attendance only knew how far the bride and groom had come to reach this momentous day. (The mere concept still takes my breath away as I write this.) Tears were shed, smiles were given, and rings exchanged as Sandra lovingly pronounced the vows to her son;

"I do."

Sandra joyfully took her husband's name as they were pronounced man and wife; Mr and Mrs David Harsin.

Agreeing to watch the baby for them, David and Sandra went on a two month long honeymoon on St. Kitts Island. My parents owned a secluded beach side residence they only used two weeks out of the year, so I sent the newlyweds on their way. David had decided to sit out of college for a year to focus on his marriage, and Sandra quit her job at the real estate agency. That was fine with me since they

both moved in with me a month after they realized their love. That, plus Sandra wanted to focus on being the best Mother she could possibly be. (She was such a tender and loving Mother.) They had no expenses, no worries, nothing... and that was the way I wanted it for them. I didn't want anything to come between them; I loved them that much. I had decided to stay in Chicago since this was their time, and not mine.

We kept in touch every few days during their honeymoon. Sandra would call me, gloating in fulfillment about what David and she had done that day. Sandra had grown to love sucking her husband's cock immensely. She loved watching him tremble as she lovingly induced orgasm after orgasm, engulfing his precious seed into her awaiting stomach. Their sex became more assertive, exploring each other's every desire with unbridled fervor. David continued their explorations of anal intercourse. Sandra found that she enjoyed this passionate act of intercourse profoundly. (It didn't surprise me since David adored both of our bountiful backsides. It was to become a fetish we would spend many nights delving into.) It was as if she had been awoken to her true sexual instinct in his arms. Nothing was taboo, no act was deemed wrong or shameful...

Upon their return, I was greeted by a very tan and toned couple. Sandra's hair had turned back to it's original lustrous blonde as her skin glowed with a deep brown hue. David too seemed to be more handsome than ever with his buff body and tan skin. Even after two months, their romance had not died off the least bit. After a meaningful welcome home hug, Sandra took my hand; placing it on her stomach. With a telling smile, I felt a slight bulge in her abdomen.

"Again?" I asked with a coy smile.

Sandra nodded happily. "It's hard not to when you make love all day and night,


We laughed together, holding each other as we celebrated the welcomed news.



Sandra and David recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, and now have four beautiful healthy children together. David became the doting Father Sandra and I faithfully expected. On their first anniversary, they proposed to me on our vacation to Maui, welcoming me into their marriage as their wife. We arranged for a native tribal minister to marry the three of us in a private beach side ceremony there in Hawaii. The ritual concluded as the three of us were submerged naked into the warm waters of the Pacific.

It was the most amazing moment in my entire life.

The three of us raise the children as our own, and enjoy the comfortable lifestyle of a leisure, relaxed pace at our home. At forty, I now have a beautiful husband and wife I can call my own, and four sweet children that I adore tremendously. David went on to become a successful lawyer, and Sandra and I began our own consulting firm, working together as woman and wife. It amazes to me this day, even as I write this to you. All of my doubts about commitment and devotion shattered when David and Sandra walked into my life. Through revealing a forbidden sexual taboo, my life prospered in all areas. It took the devotion of a Mother and her son to show me the genuine meaning of love. It changed me greatly... even to the point of having my tubes surgically re-tied last year so I could conceive a child with our loving husband.

I am due with David, Sandra, and I's first child next August.


The End