Thai'd Downer 10

Randy was excited. He had a new conquest to make and the boy was very pretty, much more so than Ronnie, who was just a plain pommie boy. He wondered if the new boy was cut or not, but from his vast experience in looking at boys, which started when he was eleven, he suspected that this cock would also be still left with that ugly foreskin, that almost always was smelly. He thought foreskin was ugly and he didn't have much time for young Ronnie because he still had all that skin covering the head of his little growing cock. He did like Ronnie because he had a nice arse and he was able to fuck him and feel really good. He also knew that his father had fucked the boy as well and liked pumping his man cum into the little hairless boy pussy.

Guy was very happy to be taken so quickly into the school circle and was eager to please his new friends. Harvey had told Guy's driver to go home without him as he would be going home with him. Harvey knew most of the Thai drivers, and they all knew about 'all the goings on' in the foreign community.

Guy was thrilled when they arrived at Harvey' parents huge palatial home. His family had only arrived three days previously and he had been extremely unhappy about coming out to live in this smelly foreign country. They were still staying at the Hilton Hotel until the company his father was working for had organised their new house. Harvey and Mervyn suggested that they go for a swim, but Guy didn't have any swimmers. He was a little embarrassed when Mervyn said they never wore swimmers here, always swam nude. Guy had never swum nude before, but was fearful of how his cock would behave when he was naked in front of these two nice boys. They might think he was queer or something as he had real trouble now that his cock was growing and he was getting stiffys all the time. He was proud that he had some pubic hair, but was agonisingly unsure of what would happen in the next few moments.

Mervyn stripped off first and showed his hairless cut cock sticking out half hard. Harvey followed and much to Guy's relief his cock was fully stiff and pointing straight up his hairless tummy. Guy stripped off and stood for them both to view his stiff cock all 5" of it rising straight up from his low hanging hairless balls. They both gasped.

"Wow" was all Harvey could say.

"Man" added Mervyn. "Wait till Randy gets here."

They swam around for a few minutes and both his new-found friends grabbed his arse and cock a few times and Mervyn actually started to jerk him under the water. Then he felt something different and he realised that Harvey was sucking his cock under water. Guy was thrilled because he had only felt a mouth on his cock just the week before he left his last school. The boy, at his previous school in England, who had commenced his sexual liberation was seventeen and a senior at the school. He was a very handsome boy and well respected among his peers and teachers. Guy had let him suck him on several occasions and finally only three days before he had to come to Thailand he had produced his first flow of clear tingling cum. Straight into his new friends mouth. It was an awesome feeling and he had been sucked off on five more occasions, filling the older boys mouth with copious shots before their tearful farewell. The boy had wanted to put his nice sized cock up into Guy's virgin arse but time had beaten them to this adventure. Guy had thought long and hard about having a cock in his arse and had been pushing all manner of things into his little rear hole for the past few months, even before he knew you could take a cock in there.

His thoughts were soon broken by the appearance of Randy. There he was standing naked on the pool edge his big cock sticking straight out from his hairless groin. Hairless, Guy didn't understand. Randy was at least fifteen so he should have some pubes.

Then Randy jumped in and swam over towards Guy. His hand immediately found Guys hard cock. Randy ducked under the water and soon his mouth was devouring the stiff tube. Randy emerged with a smile on his face.

"Welcome pretty one. Glad your parents had the sense to cut your skin off. I hate foreskin on cocks. There's only two cocks in our team that have skin, so welcome to our group Guy."

With that he ducked under again and soon Guy could feel his cock again being sucked but this time a finger had found his arse and was rubbing up and down his crack. This was too good to be true. These boys were all sex fiends. Yippee. Guy was into a situation he had only dreamt about, always with his hand on his stiff growing cock.

Soon they were all out of the pool and drying off with nice towels. He looked at Randy's lovely stiff cock and felt that it would be the one to take his cherry. He had hoped that his school chum would be the one, but now he was thrilled to think that this beautiful American boy with his big 7" cut cock, could be the one.

They all went into what Harvey called 'The Playroom'. It had a big square bed, covered over in a huge white sheet, in one corner and video and TV and a small pool table. Randy went and sat on the bed and beckoned Guy to sit beside him. The others followed and sat on the bed too. Randy leaned over and now sucked this beautiful thirteen-year old cock, squiring his tongue around the hard knob and making Guy feel very good. Within a minute Guy could feel he was going to cum, but this was so good he didn't say a word, just let it build up and then with a jolt he squirted five shots into Randy's wet mouth.

"Jesus Christ. You can cum too. Shit you have the biggest thirteen-year old cock I have ever seen, and you cum as good as me. Shit, and you taste great too."

Guy was thrilled.

He lay back on the bed letting everyone present see his big hanging balls. Then he raised his legs up so they could see his tiny pink hairless boy cunt. He knew instinctively that he was about to be fucked. He smelt it in the air.

Randy leaned in over his tiny body and started to finger his hole. Then Harvey pushed his lube-covered finger into the tight pink rosebud and soon had a finger tip inside the opening. Then Mervyn applied his lubed finger and he too pushed inside the virgin hole. Harvey then grabbed a handful of lube and rubbed it over Randy's very stiff and pre-cum leaking cock.

Guy lifted his legs up onto his chest.

"Jesus. You know what I want to do to you, don't you. I'm going to fuck you. You been fucked before?"

"No, but I have dreamt about being fucked. At school I had a chum who wanted to fuck me but we didn't have time."

"Well you will remember this moment because I just love fucking virgin boys," and with that the head of Randy's cock replaced the four fingers that had been massaging his boy cunt and in a simple move the head popped in. It hurt a bit but then as he pulled back and thrust forward again the big cock slipped more easily and with little resistance into the waiting tunnel.

Guy just sighed and then moaned a little as Randy drew back his cock and pushed forward again. Now Guy felt that the entire 7" of cock was inside his arse. He felt full and then this wonderful feeling came over his entire body and his stiff fat cock erupted with shot after shot of cum. It covered his tiny chest and tummy and Mervyn quickly pushed his head in to lick it all off. Randy stopped his fucking motions to let the fourteen year old get his fill, then as he finished he started again fucking this new boy.

Again after a few minutes Guy found himself going over the top and again he pumped out a smaller flow of seed. But this time Randy was into it and he kept on pumping his cock into the boy and then with a mighty shove his cock went right up into the English lad and Guy could feel the cock head expand and the shots of cum firing into his channel. Randy kept his cock in him as he fell over to one side and cuddled the new conquest. Then he kissed the boy, his tongue pushing into and opening his throat. The kiss was the most passionate Guy had ever experienced.

Randy knew he had a new boy lover. He also knew that his father's cock would be inside the new boy within a few days. He knew his dad loved to fuck young boys, and Randy had been an early recipient of that big cock, and cum flood.

Ronnie almost couldn't walk after Doctor Maxwell's fucking. The Doctor drove him to his place. Ronnie didn't even have to tell him were he lived. The funny thing was he knew. The new larger butt plug was in his bag now as his arse was very sore, but the cream was easing the sharp pain he felt down there.

"Have good bath and let the water soak into your arse, little one. Then put the cream inside as much as possible. You should be right to put the plug in tomorrow before you go to school."

He crept quietly into the house as he knew questions would be asked if his parents saw him walking in this funny way. He silently climbed the stairs, but then stopped as he heard muffled noises coming from his mothers' bedroom. He crept quietly closer and the door was still open. He looked in and all he could see was a naked hairy man's arse bouncing up and down on top of his mother. He could see her legs wrapped around the man who was fucking her. Then he watched as his mother bucked and let out a funny scream, continuing to buck her body as the man rammed his cock into her orgasming cunt. Then the man reared up and Ronnie saw it was Mervyn's father. Fucking his mother and then cumming into her cunt. Ronnie almost had his first orgasm himself as he witnessed this fabulous happening. Wow! he thought. Mum's really getting fucked. He quietly slunk away and into his room. Thoughts of the pain in his own arse now far from his mind as he dropped his school shorts and rubbed his very stiff little cock. The foreskin slid easily over the knob and he felt a fluid leaking from his piss slit. He couldn't believe it. He thought he had cum.

He lay on his bed, and easily fell asleep, his hand still clutching his damp cock.

The bed moved and he woke. There facing him was Mervyn's dad, naked with his cock all slippery, sticking straight up from his hairy crotch. He bent down and pushed away Ronnie's hand and soon his little cock was feeling all warm inside the man's mouth. Ronnie felt really good and then the fingers found his sore arse. "Well, boy. Seems you've been having some fun with someone. Who was it just fucked you boy?'

Before he could adjust his thinking he blurted out, "Doctor Maxwell".

"Well, if you can take his big cock you are going to enjoy mine aren't you." and with that the man lifted his legs up and placed the head of his cum coated cock against Ronnie's cream coated arse. The cock slipped in easily and soon Ronnie was in heaven as another big man cock pushed the walls of his arse open with each thrust.

"Must say your mother likes my cock and so do you. Only got your father and sister to fuck and I have a complete family as members of my cock's CV." A few more pushes and suddenly the man reared up, just as he had when fucking his mother, and pumped a volley of cum into the boy.

Ronnie looked up to see his mother, naked and finger fucking her sloppy cunt, standing beside the bed watching her son get fucked by the man who only half an hour previously had opened her cunt and filled it with big cock and his cum.

She leaned over and kissed Ronnie on the lips.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did a few minutes ago. I think you did. You are a wonderful boy and I love you so much. I know your father will be pleased. He might be home any minute now. Do you know where he has been? I'll let him tell you".

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