Thai'd Downer 11

Guy was over the moon. He had at last been fucked and he had enjoyed every thrust into his virgin boy cunt from Randy's beautiful big American cock. And on top of that he had met two great chums in Harvey and Mervyn. He had witnessed Mervyn getting roughly fucked by Randy, and then the boy had left, saying he was going home.

What puzzled Guy was that as he was leaving himself, about an hour later, he had seen Mervyn quickly duck into another room in the house.

Perhaps he lived in that house too.

Dawn's cunt and arse were both sore. That big dildo in her cunt had opened her up and had given her a new thrill and Jimmy's Thai cock in her arse had been awesome as he had triggered off her best orgasm yet. Now she was on her way home with Dr Elsa Rockman, who still had a couple of fingers moving around inside her wet cunt.

"Feel like a man fuck, darling," Elsa asked.

"Oh, Elsa. I just feel like being fucked all the time," Dawn replied, with full feeling for what she had said.

"Well, I know a man with a really juicy big cock who would love to fill your sweet young cunt. And on top of that he will fill you to the hilt with loads of cum."

The mere thought of a big man cock in her sent the juices flowing in her cunt and Elsa could feel them.

"Won't be long darling. I will be thrilled to watch you get well fucked."

Soon they drove into another large house compound. A young boy about seven or eight ran naked to the door of the car. Elsa played with his little cut cock as he opened the door for her.

"Is your daddy home, Bevan."

"Not yet, but he phoned mum and said he wouldn't be too long," the young boy answered.

"Well, maybe we will leaving it for another time," in saying so she looked across at Dawn and wriggled her fingers in her now dripping cunt.

"Is that the new girl from England," enquired Bevan. "She wants my dad to fuck her does she. I want to watch that. Has she got a tight cunt."

Dawn couldn't believe the comments coming from this innocent little boy.

Just as Elsa was intending to start her Chrysler, a big BMW drove into the compound. Bevan ran wildly over to the car, his little cock bouncing in front of him.

"Hi dad. That Dawn chick is here and she's waiting to see your cock and get fucked. She's really hot and leaking heaps. Wow, dad. I see your ready for her."

With that the car door opened and Bevan's dad Trevor stood beside the car his massive cock out of his trousers and poking up in the air. A long string of pre-cum trailed from the tip. Bevan ran his hand over the monster cock and spread the slippery clear fluid over the now shining head.

"Well now, let me have a look at this lovely young pussy," and he walked over to Elsa's car.

Dawn's school skirt was now off and her lovely hairless cunt in total view. It was delivering so much juice that there was a huge pool on the seat. Her legs were spread wide, and Elsa removed her juice-covered fingers.

Trevor bent down and put his fingers in the waiting cunt, as Bevan looked in the car window.

"Nice cunt eh dad."

Elsa removed Dawn's blouse to reveal her just forming tits.

"Tiny tits, eh dad. Good suck though, eh." The boy was loving this scene and even for his age his little cock was rock hard, despite being only 2" long.

The four left the compound and entered the house, Bevan leading the way. Soon they entered a very cool room with a large bed in one corner and other furniture that Dawn couldn't place, at that moment. Trevor stripped immediately showing his hairy arse and chest, and now his monster cock and low hanging large balls. Elsa went over to him and ran her right hand up and down the big cock. Bevan also handled the cock and then raced over to Dawn sitting down on the bed, waiting to feel that monster in her cunt. Bevan now finger fucked Dawn's cunt making her feel hot and excited. She had never had such a young hand on her cunt and it felt terrific.

Soon Trevor came over, now completely naked. He rubbed his cock head against the young girl's very wet pussy, and then in a gentle and obviously practised movement pushed the big knob into the opening cunt lips. Soon he let his body fall onto Dawn and as he did so his cock entered further and further into her channel. She felt full but still more cock went into her. She tried to look down but still more pushed in, and then she felt the pubic hairs tickle her outer cunt lips. The rocking motion commenced and she couldn't believe the feeling flowing through her body. She moaned and gave little screams as nerve after nerve was touched by Trevor's monster.

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck me. Yes, fuck me harder. Oh!" Dawn cried out.

Bevan was at bed level watching intently as the cock that had produced the semen to make him was sliding so gracefully into this young chick's hairless cunt.

Elsa was finger fucking her own dripping cunt as she watched the action. She enjoyed breaking young girls into sexual action, and watching a big man cock filling up a tiny just ready cunt was her passionate dream.

She hadn't seen many in Thailand as most of the foreign families here had many more boys than girls, and she wasn't really turned on by boys. Oh, she liked to look at their developing cocks, but cunt was her first choice.

Here she was, with Dawn only being in the community for just over two weeks, enjoying the feeling in her cunt as the thirteen year-old girl was being given a good fucking by what was then the biggest cock in the group.

The speed of the fuck now increased and then with a huge lunge, Trevor pushed right into Dawn, and fired off shot after shot of powerful cum. For Dawn it had been one long orgasm and she had been bucking under the hairy man, and he hadn't noticed, so pre-occupied was he with filling her pussy with his cum.

Trevor left his slightly deflating cock in the full young cunt. He felt really good. This had been a wonderful fuck and to have his eight-year-old son witness him fucking a young cunt made him very happy. He looked across at Elsa and smiled as he saw she too had orgasmed, with a strong flow of juice running down her bare legs.

Bevan went over to Elsa and put his tiny face into her dripping cunt and tongued her into almost another orgasm. Then, with his face all covered in woman juice he joined his father and Dawn on the bed. Dawn had felt that she had passed out after the third, or was it the fourth climax. Then she felt the young boy's tiny hand joining his father's big cock in her wet cunt. The boy withdrew his hand and stuck the cum and orgasm juice fingers into his mouth.

"Wow, dad. Tastes good."

With that the father turned around and took the little boy cock into his mouth. Then he moved his lips to the boy's arse and soon his tongue was driving into the little unfucked hole. The boy started having a dry orgasm. The father stopped and with his cock now back to full erection he slowly commenced fucking Dawn again. He rolled over onto her slight body and was soon sucking her tiny tits and then her lips and neck and ears and soon she was again begging him to fuck her hard.

Elsa cried out, another pussy orgasm throwing her into ecstasy. Young Bevan was also now running his little hand along his father's cock as it pushed back and forth into the sloppy girl cunt. Soon the rhythm increased and with more screams and bucking Dawn went into another frenzy of orgasms as the big cock bolted its semen into her fresh cunt.

This time Trevor pulled out after only a few minutes of coming down from his high. The juice and cum that flowed from Dawn's open pussy was quickly lapped up by little Bevan, who was having a sexual feast.

"Eat it all up lad. It's very good for young boys to have so much protein and good juicy cum and semen. It'll make you a big sexy boy very soon."

Bevan almost sucked Dawn dry.

Randy was in love. He couldn't remember a previous occasion when he had taken a boy cunt's virginity that had affected him so much. Guy was not only beautiful, but also his arse felt good as Randy's 7" of cut American cock pushed into him. It had been a fuck made in heaven.

His father coming in broke his reverie in the shower. The shower screen door was soon opened and his father joined him in the warm water flow.

"Hear you broke another in today. How was it my boy? Did he enjoy it as much as you did?"

"Oh, yes dad. It was almost as if he had been fucked many times before. He knew what to do and eagerly wanted me to fuck him. I think he is gay and knows it", Randy answered.

"And what's more I think I have fallen in love with him," he added.

"Well, that will be a change. I always knew you would go for cock rather than cunt, boy. Take after your dad, eh. Tell me more about this young English boy, Guy."

So Randy, with his father soaping up his back and arse and cock, told his loving father all about Guy.

"When can I have a go at this beautiful boy friend of yours?"

"As soon as you like Dad. I think he could take you right now. But I better take him over to Dr. Maxwell tomorrow and get him opened with a butt plug."

"Alright son, but don't let Maxwell fuck him. I demand to be the first mature male cock into his sweet boy cunt."

With the planning completed Randy bent over and soon his father's magnificent cock was pushing easily into his well-fucked arse. Soon he felt his father expand and then the wonderful feeling of being filled with cum.

Dr Elsa dropped Dawn off at her house. Poor Dawn was having difficulty walking, her pussy lips swollen with so much fucking. The house seemed silent as she made her way up to her bedroom on the first floor. Then she heard the muffled sounds coming from Ronnie's bedroom.

"He's jerking off again," she thought and was just about to burst into her brother's room when she stopped.

There was her mother, naked sucking on Ronnie's little cock. Dawn could see her mothers nice tight arse cheeks and under-neath she noted the hairs around her very wet cunt.

Silently she turned away and headed for her own room. She didn't think she could cope with any more sex just now. But she would soon be having some fun with her mother. Her brain suddenly gasped. When would she be able to have her father's big cock inside her cunt? Soon, she hoped, but then she also hoped that she might be able to have some fun with her mother as well. She was getting confused with her sexual direction. She loved Dr Elsa and the way she fingered her cunt. She loved the feeling of big mature cock in her cunt. Which did she love the most?

When will her father fuck her? What will Guy feel about Randy's father fucking him?

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