Thai'd Downer 12

The beauty of this new English boy stunned Dr Maxwell. His face was so angelic. His voice was crystal like with a wonderful clear accent, not slow and drawling like the host of American boys he worked and played and fucked with. And above all, this little gem had accepted Randy's big cock without a murmur. But surprisingly for an English lad his big growing cock was cut. And cut well. He was surprised at the size of the glans and the piss slit was long as well. It was so pleasing to see a few pubic hairs as well, as most were removed until they reached 18. He loved the shaved cocks, and even he had shaved his own when he was 14, but it was pleasing to see a 12-year-old sprouting. Better still, Randy had told him that the boy already delivered juice, and now he was going to taste some himself, straight from the source.

Guy lay naked on the examination table. His legs were raised high as the doctor fingered his boy cunt. The fingers felt good too and made his cock twitch and buck as he explored more deeply. He looked down and saw that the doctor's cock was sticking straight out of his un-zippered fly and it was huge. Much bigger than Randy's big cock.

"I wonder if he is going to fuck me this afternoon," thought Guy. "Don't think I could take one that big just yet."

Then the doctor lowered his legs and soon his mouth was engulfing Guy's raging hot cock. Only a few tongue swipes over his knob and he was delivering a nice flow of sweet pre-teen cum into the doctors willing mouth.

"Very good boy," announced the doctor, as another finger felt for his lubed arsehole.

"Now I supposed you want me to fuck you, eh?" was the question.

"Oh, yes but not today," answered Guy. "I think you are too big for me yet. Give me a few weeks to get used to Randy's cock first and then you can fuck me."

"Jesus Christ, you are a little willing lad aren't you. You do like being fucked don't you?"

"Yes, and I will let you fuck me as soon as I think I can take you without it hurting me."

Randy smiled as he looked and listened. His own cock was stiff and a long fine string of pre-cum was hanging all the way to the floor.

The doctor kissed Guy and slapped his beautiful bubble butt arse and told him to get off the table. He then called Randy over, and the handsome American knowingly climbed onto the table and opened his legs exposing his boy cunt.

The doctor lubed his fingers and rubbed then into the opening hole. He then lubed his cock as he shucked his trousers. Instantly his cock was embedded into the open hole and Guy watched with increasing fascination as the doctor fucked the well muscled and all over tanned American youth. Randy cried out and bucked as his cock delivered a series of volatile jets of cum. Some landed on his body but a few spurted as far as the table edge and Guy quickly and instinctively rushed over to lick up the cream. Just then the doctor started to fuck harder and soon he reared up and pushed very hard into Randy, filling his well-fucked tunnel with a massive blast of mature cum.

The butt plug felt good in his arse as he and Randy were driven home by Randy's parent's driver.

Ronnie was in heaven. Here was his mother with her warm moist lips sucking on his cock. She sucked and sucked, and as she was giving him such great pleasure he noticed Dawn looking in through the open door. Then she was gone, just as his mother slid her naked body up his little boy body and started to kiss him all over his face and neck and ears. He felt her hand on his cock and then he felt it enter that warm cunt tunnel from which he had burst into this life less than 13 years ago. It felt good and then his mother's body started a slow movement up and down as she got into the fucking rhythm. He felt good but every now and then his cock slipped out and she was forced to use her hand to replace it in her slippery big cunt.

His mother rolled over and so he mounted her, and now his cock remained inside that pussy opening. He started the fucking and soon his mother was crying and then with a massive buck she orgasmed. He was thrown from her and fell off the bed, but as he did his cock gave him tremendous feeling. The sudden fall to the floor took away all the pleasure.

He lay there stunned. His mother then sat up, and soon swung her juice-covered legs over the side of the bed and with an almost drunken stance, stood up and swayed her way out the door. Not a word was said.

Ronnie crept out and to his sister's room but she was passed out on her bed, her fingers jammed into her sloppy well-fucked cunt. He went over and rubbed his own fingers into the mess and soon had then into his mouth savouring the taste of semen and orgasm juice. His cock was till stiff as he climbed into the shower. He fell straight into bed when he was finished. He didn't feel hungry. He was living on the fruits of sex.

Gail's father was feeling horny again. During the afternoon he had fucked one of the foreign camp sluts. She was the wife of the Italian ambassador, and she had a nice cunt, and loved his big cock. Then Gail had introduced him to one of her classmates who was craving for a mature cock, after having a quick boy fuck between classes that morning. So he had delivered into her tight young hairless cunt and long slow, come close to orgasm, then back off, then up again, tantalising fuck. When he finally delivered his volley of cum shots into her, she had bucked for at least five orgasms, and was completely 'fucked'.

But he was still horny. When he walked into the spacious house, he knew his wife was having a session with one of Gail's other school friends. One who loved cunt licking better than cock gathering? He didn't mind he had smashed into her cunt and arse many times since they first met, and he accepted her feeling for lesbian action.

Then he noticed young Elton, lying naked on his bed. His little cock was growing and now it was stiff. His balls were developing well and he knew that a daily meal of boy cum and cunt juice was assisting his sexual development accelerate. He bent over the soundly sleeping boy, and ever so gently opened his mouth as he sucked onto the 3 1/2" cut boy cock. The knob was larger than the shaft and he was pleased about that, as it indicated that he would develop a large cock. His little balls were very darkly coloured now and Dr Maxwell had felt that they were almost ready to start producing that delightful juice that would benefit his well being for the rest of his life. His finger travelled down to his virgin little arse, and Trenton leant over and dipped his finger into the small bowl of lube that was always ready beside every bed in the house. His finger found the little rosebud and was soon rubbing around it. Then with a sigh Elton opened up and his father's finger slipped effortlessly into the tunnel that would one-day feel his father's big cock.

Elton stirred.

"Oh daddy. Please, put it in more. Twist your finger round. Please. Please."

Trenton felt really good, as the young boy was not awake. He was not faking sleep, he was really dreaming of his father fucking him. Trenton twisted his finger more and watched as the stiff developing cock twitched and flicked around as the tiny prostate gland was being activated. Then he noticed a fine stream of clear fluid dripping from the long piss slip. He put his tongue down on the tip and licked up the juice.
"Yes," he said to himself. "This is his first pre-cum. Wonderful and he has only just had his tenth birthday."

He licked a little more getting it on his lips, as he tasted the sweet clear liquid. His own cock was aching with hardness so he un-zipped his fly and then his belt so his trousers fell to his ankles. He rubbed his cock along his son's beautiful smooth hairless boy body, leaving a trail of slippery pre-cum. The he directed it to the little lips and instinctively they opened and the part of the knob went inside. The tiny tongue licked away and within a few minutes Trenton knew he was about to deliver the cream his son enthused so much about. He pulled back leaving the little mouth still open as he jetted his shots over the boy. Some travelled straight into the open lips that closed and swallowed. Then the second spurt landed on the lips and they automatically opened to again enjoy the offering. He left the lad coated in man juice, and silently picked up his trousers and crept to his own bedroom, happy his family was turning out the way he had planned when he was a horny 14 year old enjoying every form of sex, just 20 years ago.

Mervyn loved it when his father came home horny. He knew he had been sliding his nice cock into cunt or arse, but he knew also that his own arse would soon be filled with the flesh tube he loved most. His father called him and he went to him.

"Sleep in my bed tonight, Mervyn. I need a little company, boy."

Mervyn knew he was going to be fucked so he quickly showered after giving his arse a cleaning with an enema wash. His father enjoyed it more when he was clean. He sprayed his mother's perfume over his body, lubed his 14-year-old arse and joined his father in bed.

He could hear his mother being fucked by someone in the room next door. She was into continuous multiple orgasms. But his father wasn't listening. His cock was hard and leaking a great quantity of pre-cum. Mervyn lay on the bed. He had smoked a joint earlier with Harvey, and had boosted his feeling with one of the small white pills that Randy always gave him.

He spread his legs, then raised them over towards his head. His father mounted him and he felt so wonderful as the cock that made him slid easily into his boy pussy. The gym master had fucked him after school, and then a senior boy who he had not had previously added his cock and cum into him. He had passed out for a few moments as the boy filled him, so he had called Randy to help him get home. Randy had also filled his arse with cock and cum. Now his dad was adding his measure, and he felt so kool about it. What more could a 14 year old boy want.

Gail was at a loose end. Her father was busy fucking her school classmates, and some other woman. She would have liked to feel his cock this afternoon, but he had rejected her. She had gone over to see Melanie, but the only one home at her place was the Alsatian dog the family loved. The dog welcomed her, not with fierce barking but by slobbering up to her and then pushing its head under her uniform. Gail never wore panties, except when she was having her periods. The dog's cold nose felt good on her damp cunt. She sat on the garden seat and lifted her tunic higher. The dog seemed to know the ritual, as his tongue was now avidly licking her hairless slit. She opened her legs wider, and the tongue began to make her juices flow and soon she was under all out attack from the rough tongue of the big dog. She looked down and there protruding from the airy sheath under the animal was its bright red pointed cock.

"Wow," thought Gail. "I wonder what dog cock feels like in my cunt?"

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