Thai'd Downer 13

Elton knew his father had jerk off over him and he felt great. He loved his father and loved sucking his big cock and tasting his wonderful cum. He loved licking out cunt as well, particularly when it had just received a load of cum and the cunt owner had orgasmed pouring a large amount of juice into the slit.

His little arse was being prepared for its first fuck. He visited Dr Maxwell twice a week and he would rub his boy cunt with cream and use a thin vibrating plastic make believe dildo cock into him. He felt so good when the buzzing plastic entered him and his little growing cock was starting now to leak clear sweet sticky pre-cum and he was only just 10.

He remembered easily the first time he had seen his father's big cock. It was stiff and hard. He was just 5 and he had gone into his parent's bedroom when he heard a lot of noise. There was his father naked ploughing into his mother. She was bucking around on the bed, her legs wrapped tightly around his father's bum. The heels of his mother's legs pounded into his bum and he watched fascinated as his father reared up and rammed hard into his mother. He stood there transfixed.

Slowly his father rolled off his mother who was breathing heavily but slowly he noted falling into a deep sleep. His father sat up and seeing Elton standing there, he got up off the bed and went over and picked up the boy. He slid the lad down his body till his stiffening slicked cock rubbed gently against his tiny arse. Then his father lifted him away from his body and brought his now stiff cock in between their bodies and again rubbed little Elton along the slippery member. As he did so he removed the boy's pyjamas, letting them fall on the floor.

They then moved over to the bed and his father pushed Elton's face into his mother's sloppy cunt, filled with her orgasm and his father's cum juices. His tongue flicked out and he enjoyed the interesting different taste. He lapped it up as his father's warm slippery tongue rubbed up and down his tiny arse crack. Then his warm lips found his little stiff cock and a new sensation travelled through his naked body.

From that night he regularly enjoyed sleeping with his parents as they fucked. Every so often his father would come and sleep in his bed and he soon learned to suck his daddy's big cock and to accept the volley of sweet man cum that jetted from it.

He was torn between whom he wanted to be the first to fuck his arse. He thought it should be his loving father, but he was getting instructions from Dr Maxwell that he wanted to be the first. Then he knew that Randy was generally the one who fucked anyone, boy or girl first. He knew that Randy had a wonderful 7" of well shaped cut American cock, and that no one had said anything awful about their first fuck from the handsome boy.

Somehow thou Elton now wanted someone else to take his boy cherry. He had only earlier that day heard about the new English boy Guy. Randy had fucked him but Harvey and sweet girlie Mervyn had glowing reports about the size of his cut English cock. He dreamt about that cock that night and by morning had made his mind up that he wanted Guy to fuck him within the next few weeks.

Ronnie was having another nice sexy dream, when he felt his arse being fingered. At first he thought it was his own fingers, but then he opened his eyes and saw in the dim light that his father was standing over him. Next he noted that his father was naked and his lovely big cock was sticking straight out from his hairy groin. He noted the slippery pre-cum dribbling from the piss slit.

Ronnie sat up.

"Hi dad." And then his hand went out and grabbed his father's lovely cock.

Ronnie rolled over to the far side of his bed so that his father could join him. His father's cock now pushed against his tummy and Ronnie was excited. He knew that his father was there to fuck him and he wanted to open his arse for him. He was excited but he couldn't spread his legs or bring them over his head, so that his arse would be open for his dad's cock.

His father lifted up from him and Ronnie spread and lifted his legs and his father reached down onto the floor and drew up a tube of lube. His fingers guided the lube into Ronnie's opening hole and then onto the big uncut cock, that was flexing with anticipation of its next assignment. Ronnie lay beck and then he felt the head of the big cock push against his tiny hole. Remembering what Dr Maxwell had taught him he pushed down and soon the bloated head was spreading his arse lips. Another push and the knob was in. His father stopped and drew slightly back, then pushed gently forward as more of the big cock slip easily into his son.

With a few more moves Ronnie felt his arse brushed with pubic hairs and he knew his father, at last was inside his little 12 year old boy rear tunnel. Ronnie was over the moon.

Then the movement started and his body tingled with excitement as each thrust engaged different nerves and his body went into a series of spasms as his father's big cock made contact with the lad's developing prostate gland. Ronnie was in heaven and kissed his father with great delight, clasping his arms around his father's lovely neck. Then the movement increased and his father's grunts became louder and more aggressive and then with a mighty push his cock expanded and jetted out huge volleys of sweet man cum high up into his own son.

Ronnie's little body tingled in a manner he had never before felt. Then he felt this massive feeling running through his body. He bucked and a huge gurgle came forth from his throat, and his little cock burst forth with its first ejaculation of clear boy juice. He was on fire with feelings he had never ever felt before.

Slowly his father's big cock slipped from his boy tunnel bringing with it a mixture of cum and body fluids. The pair lay together hugging and tears fell from his father's eyes. Then he felt another hand on his just fucked arse. He looked up and there was his mother, naked with her hand fingering her very wet cunt.

She bent down and kissed the boy, and drew his right hand to her cunt.

Ronnie had never felt happier.


Elton had a plan. The next morning at school he sort out Guy and took him around to the gym rooms. He wanted to see Guy's big boy cock for himself before he asked him to be the first to fuck his 10 year old arse.

Guy was extremely obliging and quickly undid his shorts and let young Elton see his nice cut English cock. He wasn't fully hard yet but as soon as Elton's tiny fingers grabbed it, the blood flowed and the full 5" stood up. Elton was in love with that cock. He bent forward and sucked it into his mouth, slurping his tongue around the beautiful knob. Within minutes Guy was forcing his hard 12 year old cock down Elton's practised throat and then with a sigh he burst his load of cum into the eager boy. Elton swallowed but savoured the taste and knew than that this same source of cum was to be the first in his arse and it would be soon.

Guy was also thrilled to have been sucked off by such a beautiful young boy. He wondered if he had ever been fucked, and he thought about how his cock would feel inside the boy. He hadn't fucked another boy yet and felt that he would love to fuck young Elton as his first.


Austin was a senior in the International School. He was totally pre-occupied with studies and hated sport of any kind. He enjoyed searching the internet and finding sites that glorified young boys. He had been e-mailing an older guy for some years, but didn't have any sexual contact with any of the other boys at the school. His family had only moved there 9 months ago and his parents had not been included into the foreign "set". He was embarrassed about his sexual feelings, but had recently obtained some soul feelings when, following an ear ache, he had made contact with Dr Maxwell. He had instantly found a friend in the doctor, and had allowed the doctor to jerk him off on the examination table on just the second visit. Then on the third he had enjoyed the doctor's mouth sucking his 6" cut cock to a wonderful orgasm. He was thrilled to note that the doctor had swallowed his cum, and then bent down and kissed him on the lips. His cock had been stiff virtually ever since.

Two visits later and the nice doctor had raised Austin's hairless legs and run his slippery finger over his un-breached arse hole. Then he had penetrated with a gel covered finger and the movement inside him had caused him great delight. Within a few minutes the doctor had his large cock out and was rubbing the head against the tight unfucked arse. He tried to enter but the pain and resistance was too great. The doctor then popped a small white pill in under Austin's tongue and soon he was flying and then he felt the big cock push easily up inside him. The doctor fucked him for a long time and then he started a faster penetration rhythm and soon Austin was going over the top and his cock jetted out a long stream of 17 year old boy cum. The doctor slowed and lowered his lips to lick up all the delightful juice. Austin was floating and then the fucking motion re-commenced and soon he again felt the tremendous feeling through his body and again his cock fired a smaller series of cum streams over his hairless tummy. Then the motion commenced in earnest and soon the doctor was pushing into him with great effort and then with a muffled scream he fired off and started to fill the nerdy boy with his medical cum.


The card game gathering was starting to break up. Dr Elsa asked Jean if she could cadge a ride with her driver as her car was in for service. Jean was pleased to have the opportunity to be with Elsa as she knew she had been having some sessions with her daughter Dawn. As they drove towards Elsa's small apartment her hand went in under Jean's loose skirt and soon her fingers were rubbing inside the dry cunt. Jean pushed her hand into Elsa's cunt and found it very wet and slippery and soon her fingers were exploring a long way up inside the hairless slit. Jean then felt her cunt twitch as she started to feel her juices flow.

When they arrived at the apartment it was natural that the driver should wait while they had "some tea". He knew better. His own cock was stiff knowing that these two very attractive women would be licking each other's cunts for the next hour or so. The driver drew out the sex magazine as well as his long uncut Thai cock, and lazily drew the long foreskin over his small head and started to bask in the enjoyment of playing with his own cock.

Jean was going crazy as the big black plastic buzzing fake cock was being gently rubbed up and down inside her cunt. Her juices were flowing so much that her legs and the bed under her was sopping with fluid. Elsa then bent down and started licking the flow from her cunt and Jean went into an intense orgasm.

They chatted about the scene and Elsa commended Jean on having such a wonderful daughter as 13 year old Dawn. She told the mother about how Dawn enjoyed being fucked by big mature cock, enjoyed the fake cock, had been fucked many times in her arse, and how she enjoyed sucking juice from cunt. She suggested that Jean should engage in some action with her daughter that very evening.


Dawn could hardly walk. Gail's dad had not only fucked her in her enjoying cunt but had also had Troy's father Trevor fuck her in the arse at the same time. Gail had watched and then allowed the men to commit the same action with her. Dawn was almost passing out with the stretching of her cunt and arse tube, but the little white pill had made it all so much easier. Trevor had taken her home but on the way they had stopped off at Mervyn's house and there he had fucked the young girl's smooth hairless slit as Mervyn's dad had driven his nice cut cock into her arse.

All she wanted to do once she got home was to shower and sleep. However, her randy mother had other ideas.

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