Thai'd Downer 14

Ronnie wasn't happy. His school chums were rejecting him. He didn't understand why. Finally, he decided to ask Harvey, whom he thought he could confide in. Harvey was a bit cagey about saying anything, so he then asked sweet girlie Mervyn, who was an easier target.

Mervyn giggled as he started to answer Ronnie's question.

"It's your cock, sweetie," his high pitched girlie voice announced.

"Randy doesn't like cock's with foreskin, so that's why you are out. It's your skin dear," and with that he unzipped his school shorts and pulled out his long thin neatly cut half-hard boy cock.

"This is what he likes best about cocks."

Ronnie was devastated. He couldn't do anything about his foreskin. He thought Randy had enjoyed fucking his arse for the breaking of his cherry just four weeks ago, but then he remembered that the 15 year-old American boy had not been near him for ages. He had enjoyed letting the American boy's father fuck him and he knew that his arse now craved for big man cock in it. However, best of all he had really gone to heaven when his father had fucked him just three days ago. In his mind he felt that perhaps he was better off just to allow his father to fuck him whenever he wanted to fill his arse with that beautiful milky cum, but he also craved the support of his peers. Tears were starting to well up in his eyes, but he thought that he would talk to Dr. Maxwell about his foreskin.

As Mervyn sashayed away like a chick, Ronnie was determined that he would never become so outrageous as Mervyn. Then he thought about when he had fucked his mum. How he wished that his cock was so much bigger.

Elton had been planning. He was attempting to manipulate the lovely Guy to his home, without all the others, so he could allow the English boy's nice 5" cut cock to fuck him for the first time. Many plans had been formulated and discarded, but then he thought 'fuck, all have to do is ask him straight out.'

During lunch break Elton cornered Guy as he was coming out of the toilets.

"Would you come home with me this afternoon." He asked the beautiful well-liked 13 year-old boy.

"Why, yes. That would be nice. Do we go with your driver?"

Elton couldn't speak. It had been so easy.

"Yes," he stammered, "tell your driver to go without you and that you are coming home with me."

Guy rushed to the school gate and gave instructions to his family's company driver. The driver was pleased. He had the afternoon free now and he knew he could have some fun with his own children.

As the car drew into Elton's driveway, Gail was out the door like a flash. She had to change and then go off with her mother and big cocked father, for some fun with a new family who had just arrived. They were Christian missionaries, here to spread "The Word of The Lord" for their highly moral church teachings. The wife had expressed with outright horror to Gail's mum, Clare, that they had been informed about the loose morals of the local Thai people and how they had engaged in unbelievable practices with their own children. It was their "God Given Duty" to change this situation, and they would enlist the help of the local foreign community to assist in achieving this.

Clare had laughed openly with husband Trenton, and with Clare, and had even told Elton about this new family coming into the community. Trenton was determined to be the first cock into the bitch's moral binding cunt, whilst Clare and Gail wanted to lick her to orgasm and then engage the husband in fucking. Gail's cunt even now was wet with the excitement of the game.

As his family all piled into the big Buick, Elton in his upstairs bedroom, was already naked and kissing Guy.

He told Guy that he wanted him to be the first to fuck him and Guy was rapidly going into spasms of delight, as he had been thinking along the same lines. His 5" cut cock was now expanding even more at the thought of his first boy cunt conquest and at only just 13. He even felt some pre-cum start to flow out his piss slit. His thoughts had been gathering towards the lovely sweet Elton ever since he had shown him his cock in the gym rooms a week ago. Now he was about to have his dreams put into reality.

Elton undid Guy's school shirt and slowly and carefully removed it. His little hands ran softly over his unformed nipples and down to his trouser belt. Soon this was open and his grey regulation uniform school trousers were around his ankles. Guy still wore small underpants, as his cock was so sensitive. He was always getting stiff and he was leaking lots of slippery pre-cum and he didn't really want it to show up on his trousers, as his mother had, for some reason, not been included in the local foreign set. In fact Guy did not realise that his arse was about to become open property to all the men in the small select group, and that all the families of his new found school friends, engaged in cross household sex.

Elton put his hands on the stiff cloth covered cock and rubbed up and down.

Then he slowly opened the front of the cotton briefs and slid them over the very stiff and beautiful English cock. Elton was mesmerised by this cock, as it stood so stiff along that smooth boy tummy. He was excited to see a few pubic hairs still there as well and unwittingly counted them.

Bending forward his little wet lips opened to gently and slightly engulf the slippery covered head. Guy moaned. Elton opened his mouth and engulfed more of the well-cut cock.

Together they rolled naked onto Elton's big double bed. He had been given this as his mother and father regularly slept with him and played with him or allowed him to suck their genitals. He often drank his daddy's milk or licked out the combination of cunt juice and semen when someone had fucked his loving mother.

Elton kissed Guy passionately and was excited to feel the response with Guy's flicking tongue pushing far into his mouth. The movement of Guy over him was the same as he often felt from his father when he was pretending to fuck him, but this time the cock rubbing across his tummy and leaving a long trail of slippery clear was going to change his life.

He had greased his arse before going to school and had inserted the butt plug that Dr Maxwell had issued him. It had been the third increase in size and he knew that his tiny arse was ready for Guy's cock. Only last week he had had to fight Dr Maxwell away from him at his last visit as the handsome Doctor had felt that he was ready and he wanted his well-known huge man cock to take this little ten year-old cherry. Guy reached over instinctively to the dish of lube beside the bed. His fingers smeared a glob onto and then into Elton's little rosebud. Then a second glob was rubbed over his now extremely sensitive hard cock.

Guy bent forward and kissed the sweet boy under him, Then his right hand guided his cock to the waiting slippery hole. A gentle push and with a degree of surprise he realised that his large head had easily opened the spincter muscles and was now warm inside the boy's tunnel. Elton was over the moon. His mind raced back to the night when their previous seventeen year-old Thai houseboy had tried to fuck him. He wondered briefly what had happened to the boy, as he had never seen him since that incident some weeks ago. But quickly his mind came back to the present as he felt Guy's cock slide further into his tiny tunnel. There was no pain, just intense feeling. Soon he realised that the entire 5" of boy cock was in him. He could feel it pulsing inside his rear tube. It felt wonderful.

Guy then drew slightly back and started the rhythm of fucking. He suddenly realised that this was a momentous occasion for him also. It was his first fuck of a boy. The feelings in his body accelerated as his cock drew the sensations from his boy partner. This was better than jerking off. Far better, in fact. Even better than being sucked off. This was the ultimate body sensation. The more he moved his cock around inside Elton, the more the feelings intensified. He could feel them building up, and up and up.

Then he was forced by the intensity to increase his pace and then with a final mind-shattering lunge his cock exploded into his new boyfriend. It was a massive throb after throb, after throb. He could feel the cum race up through his cock and explode into Elton. Then his brain stopped. He momentarily passed out, and fell softly onto the beautiful boy underneath him.

Elton had felt the cock inside him. He felt it rubbing and the nerve endings along his arse tunnel were on fire. Not a hurting fire, but a glowing of sensation. His cock was dancing also and then as the speed of the cock inside him increased he felt his own body go off into a moment of glow. He bucked and went rigid as his body tensed into a massive dry orgasm.

They lay coupled together. A ten year-old boy filled for the first time. His thirteen year-old fucker still lodged inside his body. The cock still pulsing. Still alive with pleasure and feeling. Guy looked down and kissed the divine face beneath him. Tears welled up in his eyes and dropped softly onto the boy he had just de-flowered. He kissed him again, and again. Then the flood of tears flowed and he started to convulse and cry with joy at what he had just achieved. Elton too had felt a similar response to what they had just done. The tears had sent him off as well and he too grabbed and hugged the boy who had opened him. And his cock was still hard inside him.

The feelings just wouldn't go away. Guy slowly started to move his cock inside Elton's arse. The tingling feeling travelled through his body as he re-commenced the rhythm of fucking the small boy. It was a second run of the act of a few minutes ago and it was, if possible, even more intense and soon his cock was again firing volley after volley of sweet thirteen year-old boy cum into his delightful young friend.

This moment would remain with both boys for the rest of their lives, and would be repeated many thousands of times over and with the same feelings and passion. They had become in that moment, life partners.


Clare looked at the straight-laced severe woman, whose name was Moira. Her cunt twitched. This would be a massive and most rewarding challenge. She would reduce this bitch to a cunt-licking slut, clamouring to have her cunt licked out and her arse invaded by a huge plastic dildo. She smiled inwardly, looking across at Gail, whom she knew would have similar thoughts.

Trenton was outside with the husband and their two boys. Emron was an immature thirteen year-old. The slightly built blonde haired boy had absolutely no experience or knowledge of sex. Eight year-old Linas was still very much a chubby boy baby and it would be interesting to see this littleone naked and see if his cock was there or not. Trenton felt that both lads would have absolutely no sexual development.

Kendall was a man about his own age, probably about 35. His speech and manners were typical of the Amish, but they were not from that religious group. They were all from another sect, at that stage unknown to Trenton. His cock twitched as he mentally undressed Kendall. Yes, he would have an almost hairless body and a tiny little uncut cock and small hairy balls. He felt he would have a hair trail up from a large pubic bush and a mass of hair in his arse crack and under his balls. He even imagined his armpits being a mass of bushy sweat smelling hair.

The conversation was all one-way. Kendall was the leader and he was going to save thousands of morally corrupt Thai's. He finally stopped for breath from his tirade of god-fearing rhetoric. He drew his two boys to his side and they snuggled up to his black dress cloak, with their own black eighteenth century style frock coat and britches, blending them to the older man. Trenton was about to say something but was too slow. The missionary burst forth again into a rage of god language, his voice rising to a fever pitch. Trenton inwardly laughed. He felt for a small moment sorry for this fool.

Over a meagre repast of flat biscuits and water, it was suggested that the two boys should attend the International School. Questions were raised about the moral quality of the school and Gail was able to say with great personal experience, that the moral code of the school was the highest available. The code was, that was true, but no one ever bothered to read it let alone live by it. She had often gained high marks by providing her school master's cock a warm embedding in her willing cunt or arse. She then thought of Randy who was a school champion, and his cock and arse were testament to his skills and ability.

Clare did however suggest that the lads be allowed to wear the school uniform of white short sleeved shirt, school tie and short grey cotton trousers, with socks below the knees and shiny black shoes. This brought some puzzled looks from the missionary parents.

"Would that be absolutely necessary? Our boys have never worn anything other than our sect's specified clothing," questioned Kendall.

Trenton suggested that it would be better for the boys as they would fit into the school without being taunted about their 'different' clothing. Trenton looked again at the two boys, sitting like little puppets on small stools. He even wondered if they or their father wore underwear. He didn't know what under garments men wore in that long past period of history. It made his cock twitch and leak another large glob of pre-cum.

Kendall and his wife Moira would think about this suggestion. It was a massive decision for them.

On the drive home the chat was all about how soon this family would dissolve from its religious hamstrung existence into the openly sexual enthusiasm of the current foreign community. Clare suggested that it should be broken very quickly, before the vocal tirade upset the local community. The Thai driver nodded knowingly. He had fucked his ten year-old son this morning, and planned on fucking his new baby daughter in the next ten days. It was part of their own religious behaviour, and no funnily dressed religious American dick was going to change that. His entire family had been practising this pattern of sexual behaviour for centuries.

More to cum. Does anyone have any dislike about the introduction of the religious element?

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