Thai'd Downer 15

Guy was so happy. He was very much in love with ten-year old Elton. He had been the first to fuck the boy and he had been able to fill him with his meagre shots of cum on two deliveries without removing his nice 5" cut cock from the warm arse tunnel of the beautiful boy.

Randy had spoken to him at school earlier in the day, and asked him to come back to his home after school. The handsome 15 year-old American had been the first to fuck him, just two weeks ago. He had craved to be fucked since he had developed an overwhelming interest in male genitalia only six months previously at his former boarding school in England. Randy had taken him to see Dr. Maxwell soon after his first fuck and he had been pressured by the Doctor to let him fuck him. When Guy saw the monster medical cock he had his first ever sexual fear spasm, as it was so big he felt sure it would tear his spincter muscles. However, the handsome doctor had provided him with an interestingly shaped plastic butt plug and some cream and Guy had been wearing the plug almost all the time. He had found out that young Elton had also been provided with a similar butt plug by the doctor, and Elton had told him that the doctor was renowned in the community for fucking every boy, and also some of the older men. Thinking things over he knew that he would eventually have the doctor's huge cock inside him and filling him with cum, but he certainly wanted to have his little arse opened first by smaller mature cocks. He had been able to accept Randy's nice 6", and now he was going to feel it again. However, he didn't realise that he was also going to receive a wonderful surprise as well.

Clare and Gail had called up all the other women in the active sexual foreign community and now they assembled at their large home to plan the sexual invasion of the religious family.

Gail's father Trenton had also gathered most of the male members, plus some of the younger boys, to discuss their plans to change the sexual attitude of the three male members of the religious sect.

The overall plan was to bring the new family to their large rambling home and then separate them to selected groups. Moira the wife would go off with the women and daughters Gail and Dawn. The men would engage husband Kendall in discussion at a poolside gathering near the well-known "playroom". As alcohol was frowned upon by Kendall they would only drink the local fruit juice, which as most knew was far more potent that vodka. Emron the thirteen-year old teen was to go off with Randy, Mervyn, Harvey, Joel and Troy to an upstairs bedroom, while the youngest eight-year old, Linas would be entertained by Elton, Guy, Ronnie and Harvey's young brother Bevan who was also eight.

Guy lay back on Randy's nice soft bed. His arse was open and leaking out some of Randy's large delivery of sweet cum. The fifteen-year old had gone to get some drinks for them. Guy closed his eyes as he heard someone enter the room. He thought it was Randy back. As the bed subsided when the person sat on it Guy realised that it was not Randy and opened his eyes. There, with his large mature cock sticking out of his trimmed pubic bush was Randy's nice father. Guy was both pleased and frightened as he looked at the big cock. It was cut but the head was far bigger than Randy's and the shaft was much longer. The copious amount of pre-cum flowing from the piss-slit was indicative, even to the youngster, that this cock was excited. And Guy knew what was going to happen.

Burton lent forward and kissed Guy on the lips, the big tongue pushing past his little puckered lips. Guy greeted it with his own tongue and the pair danced with unbridled passion. Guy automatically lifted his legs to wrap them around the man's sun-tanned naked body. He now felt the large cock rubbing along his tummy as the man moved in a fucking action over him. Then Burton filled his fingers from the lube dish on the table beside the bed and rubbed them along Guy's open arse and the potentially invading cock.

"Randy has opened you up well, hasn't he," the man said with a nice soft tone.

Guy started to answer but his lips were again smothered. He felt the large knob rub up and down his hairless crack and then stop as it found the willing opening. As Burton's tongue rotated inside his mouth the cock pushed into him, and with little resistance entered. The movement stopped and then a small push further. Then a drawback followed by a further push. After a few more similar movements Guy felt so full, and he knew that the big 7" of mature American cock was all inside his tiny thirteen-year old arse.

"That was so easy, wasn't it, lovely boy. You were born for my cock boy. It feels so good inside you, doesn't it?"

"Oh yes," replied Guy. "Fuck me, please."

"You are a little sex kitten aren't you, and I know that my cock is going to gain many pleasures from you boy," and Burton started the slow series of push and withdrawal as he commenced fucking this beautiful English boy.

Randy stood at the door watching, his cock rigid against his hairless stomach. He placed the three glasses of cool drinks down on a side table. He loved his father and had enjoyed having his cock in his arse from the time he was just ten. But now as he watched his father's beautiful cut cock piston into his schoolmate he had a desire to push his nice cock into his father's flexing arse.

As he watched Guy enjoying the cock that had assisted in creating him, he grabbed a handful of lube and smeared it over his rigid dripping cock, then transferred the remainder into his father's arse crack. His fingers soon found the puckered opening and when he pressed there was no resistance, just a gentle sigh from his father's lips.

Randy mounted the bed and timing his push he aimed his slippery cock at his father's hole and after a couple of misses found ground zero and entered. There was again no resistance and soon, as his father stopped his fucking of Guy, Randy found his 6" fully encased in his father's arse. Then the fucking re-commenced and soon Randy felt he was going to blast. Then his father's arse muscled clamped hard around his cock and he knew that his father's cock was delivering great shots of wild cum into the English boy. These muscular contractions sent Randy into a frenzy and soon he was delivering his first ever load of boy cum deep inside his own father.

They collapsed sideways so as to not crush little Guy. Three happy smiling faces found each other and a union of sweat and cum and kisses closed their sexual frenzy.

Austin was feeling sexy. He had called to see Dr Maxwell, but his surgery was closed. Austin needed relief. His cock was very hard and pulsing with sexual desire. His boxer undershorts were starting to become soaked with the copious flow of pre-cum spewing from his beloved cock. He didn't want to go home and just jerk off. He had done that early this morning in bed as he woke. His parents would never understand his sexual needs. They were so puritanical and old fashioned in living style. Austin at 16 knew he liked looking at naked men and boys. He had found Dr Maxwell when he was just 16 and after letting the Doctor initially suck him to climax, he had given up his arse to the big cocked Australian doctor. He craved both being sucked and fucked, but the doctor was the only one he had opened up to about his sexual needs. He has fantasised about some of the boys at school, particularly Randy whom he imagined had a big cock and balls, Troy, who was in the class below him, and Joel. He often wondered if the later pair did anything sexual together. They were always in each other's company. He also had visions about Mervyn, who acted like a girl. His best friend was Harvey and he wondered if Harvey, although only 13, had a big cock and was fucking Mervyn. These thoughts now only increased the flow of pre-cum from his rapidly pulsing cock. He knew that none of them would talk to him. He knew he was considered a nerd and not the sort of boy to be part of their groups. He felt he was outside the sexual thoughts of these boys. He turned away from Dr. Maxwell's surgery and started to walk home. His family didn't have the trappings of the others in the foreign community.

Then a car stopped beside him. He looked across and recognised Mervyn's father, Travis.

"Hi. You are Austin aren't you," questioned Travis. "You go to the International School with my son, don't you?"

"Yes," stammered a stunned Austin.

"Can I drive you home?"

"Oh, yes I suppose so. Yes, that would be very nice. Thank you," answered a still stammering boy.

"Have you been to see Dr. Maxwell," asked Travis.

"Yes, but he wasn't there", again the words came out in staccarto fashion.

Travis looked down at the obvious erection bulge in the boys school shorts.

"It seems like you have a problem that you wanted the doctor to ease for you," and his hand moved over and came to rest on the boy's thigh.

Austin jumped, then relaxed. The hand now moved and grasped his raging horny cock. A huge glob of pre-cum pumped out. He wasn't sure what to think.

"It's ok Austin. Your problem is safe with me. I was a boy your age once, so if I can help you out now, it would be of assistance to us both."

Austin looked across and there was the man's cock pushing his business trousers high, and he thought he even saw a blotch of dampness on the fabric.

"Would you like to come back to my place," and the man squeezed the pulsing boy cock.

Austin couldn't speak. He just nodded agreement.

Clare had all the women gather at her house. Dr Elsa had worked out a format that would see them have the oververtly religious American women stripped of her clothing and licking their cunts.

It was all set for next Friday evening so if necessary their activities could continue for the Saturday and hopefully Sunday.

Gail's father Trenton was giving her a gentle fuck as he worked out his plans to get Kendall naked, horny and shooting cum. Gail was excited about the planning and orgasmed just thinking about a new male cock to open her cunt. Her father pulled out as she orgasmed and started to lick all the juice flowing from her pulsing cunt lips. Gail, thinking it could be the religious guy sucking her, spasmed again, driving more fluid to her father's sucking lips.

She lifted her body up and soon her arse was receiving that gorgeous cock and making her feel so good. She was soon able to feel the cock pulse in her and squirt lovely white cum high into her rear.

Austin was worried as they drove through the self-opening gates into the big house. He didn't want Mervyn to see him with his father, and anyone on the first floor balcony could easily see that Travis was squeezing his cock. But the house was silent. Secretly he hoped Mervyn would be over with Harvey, doing whatever these two boys did in there spare time.

Travis led Austin into the kitchen and offered him a cool drink. The man continued to rub the bulge in the school shorts. When the drink was finished Travis grabbed Austin and brought his lips to the boys. He had never had a man kiss him so passionately before. Dr Maxwell sometimes put his lips on his but there was never any feeling. It was the same when he fucked him. It was just push in, fuck and leave.

Travis' right hand now rubbed his raging cock. Then he felt the zipper being pulled down and the hand entered and was soon releasing his cock from his wet boxers. Travis slid down the boy and immediately engulfed the boy cock. Austin just about fell over with delight as the warm lips and searching tongue brought him to an immediate climax. He pumped volumes of sweet boy cum into the mouth that had only just engulfed his cock.

Travis stood up and placed his cum covered lips over Austin's. He pushed some of the boy's cum into his mouth. It was the first time Austin had tasted cum. Let alone his own.

With a few minutes to recover they made their way to a room just near the sparkling swimming pool. Travis stripped the schoolboy and marvelled at the slim underdeveloped body, lack of definition to the chest and stomach, and thin arms and legs. But the cock was gorgeous. It was at least 7 and a half inches long, quite thick and with a nice rounded glans. The piss slit was long too, which allowed cum to flow easily. His balls were disproportionably large for a boy of 16 and obviously produced a continuous flow of delicious boy juice. The amount of pubic hair was small, but he had a good bush under his armpits.

Austin didn't say a word, but he felt good with this man. His fears of being seen by his schoolmates had removed itself from his sexually driven mind.

Travis looked at the boy lying sublimely on the bed. He was an older version of his own son Mervyn, but this boy was more boy than Mervyn. No, he wasn't disappointed in Mervyn for his effeminate ways. He knew he was overtly gay and he knew his son enjoyed having Randy's big cock inside his arse.

Travis has sucked his son many times during the nights. He wasn't sure if Mervyn knew his dad was drinking his boy juice, but he had never said anything, and he had been doing it for two years now. He had taken the opportunity when his wife had gone back to the USA for treatment. But she had never returned as the treatment failed and she had died before they could get back to her side. He had returned to Thailand as here he had a nice group of friends, and the sexual activities between them were very satisfying. There were several cunts to fuck as well as four young teenage schoolgirls that have luscious wet cunts, just eager for a man cock.

One drunken evening he had joined Randy's father Burton in a fun session with young Randy. The lad had let them both fuck his hairless bubble butt twice during the evening, and in return he had agreed that Randy could have his way with his young son Mervyn. He knew that his boy loved cock in his tiny arse, and that not only Randy but also some of his schoolmates had also deposited their young cum far up inside his tunnel. Travis didn't care as he had also been butt fucked when he was 14 back in his hometown in eastern USA. The man who took his cherry was an old guy who lived down the street. Travis had been helping him with his house chores for almost a year before the man fucked him. He felt very much towards the man, and was devastated when he died on the day prior to Travis' wedding.

Now Travis had this lovely slim boy awaiting his cock. He knew that if he had been visiting Dr Maxwell then he had to have experienced the Australian doctor's massive cock in his arse, so he knew the lad wouldn't buck at his nice 7" cut thin cock.

It was so long since he had had time to savour a boy that he started by running his hands all over the light body, touching sensitive places and making the boy coo with delight. Then he used his tongue to lather the light pink skin with his mouth juice, taking time to suck on the just developing nipples. Then he moved slowly down to the raging cock head and licked up the flow of boy pre-cum. Then he started along the insides of his hairless thighs and then up to his lightly haired large balls. He lifted the balls and gave his tongue access to the skin and hairless little twisted skin around the boys beautiful arse. His tongue flicked out and soon was pointing its tip into the pulsating opening. Austin just writhed around with pleasure and was mumbling gurgling unintelligible sounds of consent.

The boys legs lifted high to offer greater access and then as Travis sucked onto his bloated balls the boy's entire body convulsed, going rigid as his cock spurted a healthy series of cum volleys over the young chest and tummy.

Travis couldn't believe this performance. His own cock was pulsing and dribbling continuously, but he felt sure he needed more lube for the boy. He reached up and kissed the boy after licking up the splotches of sweet cum.

"Stay just as you are. I need some lube for you."

Travis hurried upstairs to his own bedroom, his rigid cock slapping wildly against his stomach. He grabbed the jar of lube and was on his way back down to his new conquest when the front door opened and in walked his 14-year-old son. Travis froze.

"Hi dad", came a slow response. Then Mervyn actually noticed his father's naked and sexually aroused state.

"Wow. Dad. Where's the fuck?

His eyes travelled quickly to the room downstairs, and his body followed his eyes into the room.

"Wow. Shit. That's Austin, the nerd. Man this is fantastic. You goin' ta fuck him. Boy, can I watch."

Travis was stunned. His son wasn't judgemental at all. In fact he approved of his father fucking one of his school friends.

As he hurried into the room, there was Mervyn shedding his few clothes, and his cock already very stiff. He bent his naked body over the spread Austin and sucked his cock into his boy mouth. Then he transferred his lips to the boy's mouth and kissed with feminine passion.

Travis ran his now lubed fingers down his son's arse crack. He found his hole easily as it was already lubed, and his finger slipped in without an ounce of resistance. He wriggled his finger around and the boy's body juggled under him.

His own son pushing his tiny hairless 14 year old arse to accept and be played with by his father's finger. His cock almost exploded with the intense sexual feeling that was accelerating through his body.

Austin raised his legs up and Travis pushed his son to one side as his cock found the 16-year-old hole. He pushed in with a fervour he didn't think he possessed.

The boy opened quickly and he was soon rammed right up into the pliant youth. He started fucking and fucking, as he knew he would explode at any instant. And he did in one of the most shattering orgasms he had ever experienced. He rammed hard into Austin and felt his cock expand and literally burst its juice into the boy. His body strength exhausted he fell heavily on the boy and then in a re-active notion rolled to one side, his cock bursting from the open arse, spraying cum across all three bodies.

Mervyn threw himself onto his father, and passionately kissed the man, as his own boy cock burst forth its load of pleasure juice. Austin opened his mouth instinctively to accept the bullets of boy cum, and was soon filled with the fluid he craved.

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