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Randy wasn't too excited about having the job of changing the sexual attitude of this religious little shit. He looked at the meek little turd and thought this will be a complete waste of time and effort. He thought that he would rather be with young Guy than the little arse Emron. He knew the religious baby faced fourteen- year old wouldn't have a big cock. He would however, have some time later to fuck Guy, who was with the other group, and his cock started to get stiff just thinking of the boy he now knew he loved above all others here in this group.

Troy and Joel were chatting away with Emron about school and his religious life. Harvey and Mervyn were listening, but he noticed that Harvey had his right hand down the back of Mervyn's speedos and was rubbing his finger along his arse crack. Randy thought about asking Mervyn to come with him to another room and to have a good fuck of the little sissy boy. But, he had told his loving father, whom he had first fucked only four afternoons previously for the first time, that he would assist in making this young boy drop his heavy religious guard.

Then he noticed Joel had got his cock stiff and it was poking out his light blue Lycra speedos, the knob being particularly prominent. He was sitting directly opposite Emron, so the new boy had to see the stiff cock. Then he noticed that Mervyn's cock was also hard and the head was poking out above the string line of his swimmers, and he was leaking a few drops of pre-cum.

This was taking too long. Perhaps he should slip the little shit one of those great white pills and then they could all just strip him and fuck him and get it all over.

Randy then looked at Emron and noticed that his face was blushing red, as he had caught sight of the two stiff young cocks in his view.

Harvey, who was perhaps the most intelligent of the group, that is after Randy, had also noted the blushing boy, and shifted his body around so his now hardening cock was about to poke its head out from the leg of his tiny swimmers. Troy stood up now and his cock also was hard and made a very obvious shape bending across his swimmers. He strolled over to Emron and suggested that why didn't he get comfortable and change into a pair of shorts like them. Emron became very flustered at this suggestion, but Troy persisted. Joel then stood up also and with Troy he started to unbutton the dark woollen jacket from the new boy. Emron didn't resist, but it was interesting for Randy to note that Joel now had his very stiff pointing cock only inches from Emron's lips and he also noted just briefly that the boy had licked his lips in a very sensuous fashion.

The black jacket was soon off and underneath was a clean white old-fashioned cotton undershirt. Harvey now assisted in getting this off the boy. They all stopped and stared as they viewed the developed chest of this absolutely white body. His nipples were large and dark and the teats where very prominent and looked to Randy to be hard.

The boy's assisted Emron to his feet as Mervyn unclasped his trouser belt buckle.

The black trousers had difficulty in sliding down as something was holding them. Mervyn tugged harder and soon they fell heavily to the boy's ankles.

They all stopped and stared their mouth's stuck open.

Randy took a deep breath. Mervyn was the first to say anything.

"Holy shit," he cried out. "What a huge cock."

Emron just stood there, his head down in shame.

Sticking out from a small blonde patch of perhaps 50 pubic hairs was this monster cock. It was hard and bending upwards, but because of its length it fell forward rather than up against his stomach as Randy's did. The cock had to be at least 9 or almost 10 inches long. It was thick with heavy veins along the sides. The knob was the biggest any of them had ever seen. Much bigger even than Dr Maxwell. This cock was a wonder. Surprisingly it had been circumcised and the knob was much larger than the shaft with a nice long piss slit. Mervyn couldn't contain himself and reached out and grabbed this huge cock and as he did it pulsed and started shooting rapid fire spurts of boy cum, over everything within a six foot distance. It must have shot at least 10 times, and poor Emron collapsed in tears on the bed. He was devastated.

"The Lord has punished me. My life has come from me and is now wasted. I will die within the hour." He sobbed and sobbed.

Harvey sat down beside him as Mervyn quickly licked up as much of the semen as he could. Joel joined him and even Troy gathered his lot. Harvey put his arms around Emron and drew him to his side, as the huge cock fell slightly but still half hard across his pure white thigh, still leaking semen.

"There is nothing wrong Emron. You just had an orgasm, a climax. Haven't you had one before".

"No. My father told me that it was against the Lord's thoughts to have my tube expand, and I was never to touch it. If I did it would spurt out all my life and I would be dead in half an hour. So now I am dying,' the crying boy confessed.

"What a load of horseshit," called out Mervyn. "That was just cum that spurted out of your cock."

"Please leave me. Do not tell my father. Let me get dressed and take me home so I can die, as the Lord wishes. I am sinful and deserve to die a horrible death."

Finally Randy felt he had to say something.

"Listen to me Emron. You have got the biggest cock I have ever seen, and all you did was shoot cum. Haven't you ever shot cum before?" he asked.

"Please help me to get dressed."

"No," shouted Harvey as he bent down and took the pulsing big cock into his mouth, swilling his tongue around the head. It responded instantly and again it pulsed with great movement as the intelligent 14-year old suck around just the head, as this was all he could swallow.

Emron calmed down a little as the feelings from his cock transferred to the rest of his body. He didn't fight Harvey. Then Mervyn started to suck on his hard right nipple, as Joel sucked the left. Troy placed his lips over the boys and tongue his way past into his sweet mouth. The former religious nutter folded into his sexual initiates and within a few minutes started shooting his second load of cum. Harvey couldn't swallow fast enough so lifted his mouth off allowing cum hungry Mervyn to get his fill, followed by Joel.

Randy knew he was going to be the first to fuck this big cocked teen, and it could even be this evening. His thoughts for Guy faded from his sex crazed mind. Emron was terrific.

Emron's mother couldn't get enough of Dawn's cunt juices. As she bent forward to lick more she felt a number of hands caressing her nice rounded bum globes. They kissed and rubbed and the fingers soon found her rear hole. She felt the slippery lube being rubbed and then a slight jab as a finger entered her. As this was happening another bunch of fingers were opening her now very wet cunt and was making her feel so warm inside as the little clit was being massaged. She remembered when she was 13 and the man at the church had done similar things to her young body, and how he had invaded her virgin cunt with his big uncut cock. When he had filled her with his man milk, he had turned her over, just as she was now and had invaded her rear passage, injected still more of his milk into her. He had told her that the Lord had spoken to him during morning service and had told him that the first young girl to move when the pastor announced blessing was the one he had to fill. Moira had been first so she accepted the word of the Lord, and allowed the man to fill her every Sunday afternoon in the church. She knew nothing of sex and had remained innocent until this minute.

Both her boys had been produced in her by the Lord. He had instructed Kendall to deliver the babies into her during the night. She had not noticed when Kendall had done that as she had taken a mixture the sect pastor had provided for her.

All she remembered was that each morning her slit down below had been sore.

Now she was being relieved of any guilt as she enjoyed the game with these passionate women. Elsa had told her that the Lord in Thailand had differing values to those he preached in America and that she should enjoy all the company of her new friends and to forget about her mission in Thailand. Moira was enjoying this new game and the Lord's message had faded from her mind.

Now she felt something running up and down her arse crack and soon it started bumping at her rear hole. She pushed back at it and then with a little plop she felt it enter. Then with Elsa pushing and pulling the black plastic tube in and out of her arse, she discovered a new sensation. The feeling in her body was electric, and this new invasion was sending her into another arena of passionate feeling.


As Kendall's black woollen trousers fell to the floor, everyone stood stunned.

Flopping out from a small patch of dark pubic hair was this monster cock. None of the men present had even seen a cock so big. The huge head was at least 4" across. And the hanging tube had to be in excess of 12". Hanging below was a scrotum sack with two large goose egg sized balls, their sack almost hairless. This man was an absolute sexual miracle.

Travis knelt in front and licked the huge head as it started to ooze clear pre-cum. Burton slipped down also and lapped his tongue on those super balls. Peter had already claimed the arse and was pushing aside the nice tight globes to tongue wash the almost hairless hole.

Kendall stood there bracing himself on the men around him.

The six men now were as naked as their quarry, all sporting dripping hard cocks.

Kendall now moved over to lay on the large bed, as his cock continued to be sucked and rubbed by Travis. In a quick draw it was decided that Brian should be the first to fuck the compliant religious man, so with help from the others his cock was lubed and Burton and Peter lubricated the hole for invasion.

Brian was thrilled to be able to fuck this man, and softly positioned himself over the prone body. He leaned forward and his lips met with the pastor and then his cock was directed to the slippery hole. He pushed with a small degree of force, as he had when he first fucked his 12-year old son Ronnie. This time the resistance wasn't there as Brian's nice cock slide easily into the hot tunnel. He then started fucking and within two minutes he knew he could hold out no longer and with a mighty thrust he punched his cock hard into the man and off-loaded spurts after spurt of man juice.

As he gently slipped out Burton inserted his cock, with similar results.

Peter was last to enter and the tunnel was so stretched that he was fearful of loosing the feeling he craved from this fuck. The flow of juices from the arse was so great he pulled out and moved up so that his cock lined up with the pastor's willing mouth. He sucked wildly for over five minutes before blasting his pent up supply of cum into the open mouth of the missionary.


Randy was eager to fuck the boy. As he lay there almost exhausted after delivering four loads of cum, the others had also found the efforts with the boy too much and Mervyn was cuddled up with Harvey's cock in his boycunt on the small mattress in the corner. Joel also was accommodating Troy's cock in his arse, as Randy joined the big cocked boy on the bed.

He knew he could possibly fuck him now with out any resistance, but he preferred to fuck this boy for his first time before an audience.

He lay there stroking his nice 6" cock, using the pre-cum to make it feel good. He then transferred his attention to the huge boy cock beside him. He leaned over and started to lick the cock as it rapidly sprang into life.

Just as he was trying to open his mouth to swallow the big head, his father walked into the room, his nice cock swinging away in front of him.

His father stopped in his tracks as he saw the monster cock. His own cock immediately sprang to attention. This boy was gorgeous and he instantly wanted to fuck the boy.

"Have you fucked him yet," he asked his son.

"Not yet dad. He's ready but I need an audience for this."

"I've got an audience for you," the father replied and with that he bent forward and picked the sleeping boy up in his arms and carried him out of the room to the poolside.

Randy followed his cock now pointing straight out in front of him.

When he arrived in the room he saw the pastor lying naked on the middle of the bed. His big cock pointing towards his tits.

"Fuckin hell. Is that his cock. Fuck. Man no wonder his son has a donkey cock." and Randy sat on the bed and caressed the huge cock.

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