Thai'd Downer 2

I sat there, my left hand still wrapped around Harvey's nice stiff cock. My other hand had been finger fucking his very wet boy cunt, but now I moved it to my own very stiff cock. I rubbed the foreskin back and forth over my knob and the feeling was intense.

Making it better was watching, not more than four feet away, Randy's glorious big thick cock sliding easily into my sister's very wet cunt. Her body was bucking and thrusting up to meet his every plunge and soon her head was rocking from side to side and her mouth was trying to utter words but all that came out was a jumble of sounds. Suddenly she bucked violently and a shriek came from her mumbling lips. She bucked and bucked and Randy drove into her harder and faster.

" Fuck your tight Dawn. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hey you chicks. How do you like that for a first orgasm? Man that is the best. Better than either of you two cunts gave me, and she's only 13. Wow".

"Want me to save my cum for you lot, eh. Well stiff shit cunts. You can get it from this nice fucked cunt later, eh".

With that he thrust hard into my sister's now very sloppy cunt. His entire body shuddered and bucked as he lay on her. He stayed there for a few minutes, then slowly pulled his softening slimy cock from my sis.

"Who wants to suck cunt, and who wants cock".

The two girls were on him instantly, one sucking his cock down her throat as the other lapped into my sister's dripping cunt.

"You two cunts will have to wait for me, or would you be satisfied with Mervyn or Harvey this morning. Nice little cocks for you. Perhaps you might like then in your sweet little arses?"

"See if you can get Mervyn over here", he whispered to me.

Mervyn understood and slowly lifted himself from the mattress and, with his 5" of boy cock sticking almost vertically up his hairless tummy, ambled over to the bed.

"Take your pick Mervyn. Either sloppy stretched cunt or a nice tight chick arse".

Mervyn, almost in a trance, lubed his fingers and rubbed them into one girl's arse. He got up behind her and rubbed his lubed cock along her arse crack. Then finding the prize he pushed in. A little grunt came from the chick, and then the cock disappeared. She didn't let her lips leave my sisters still dripping cunt as Mervyn fucked away at her arse.

"Don't you cum in her. I don't want you to waste the small amount you make, boy".

Harvey was now standing beside me, my hand still clamped around his very stiff 4" rod.

He dragged me over with him as he moved to the side of the bed.

"Why not be the first for our new friend, eh". Then turning to me, "Would you like Harvey to take your cherry?"

"Yes, yes, yes." I stammeringly replied.

"Ok, now lube him up good and let me watch".

I lay on the bed next to my sleeping sis and let Harvey apply the cool slippery lubricant to my un-breached arse. I was excited, having seen how easily and what I thought painlessly the two boys had accepted Randy's far bigger cock earlier.

I soon felt Harvey rubbing his cock head along my crack, and then he found my hole. I raised up my legs to offer easier access.

"He's a natural. Knows what to do without being told. Gonna be a great fuck for me in a day or so".

Harvey pushed but my ring resisted.

"Relax," he whispered in my ear, and I did and then suddenly a searing pain ripped through my body.

"Shit, take it out. Hell, it's hurting, Fuck, take it out". But Harvey just left his little cock there, and then pulled back a little and thrust again. A lightening stab of pain pounded through my body.

"No. Please stop." But again he kept going, and then it felt better. He pulled back a little and thrust again, and this time I felt him go into me further. Again a pull back and a heavier thrust. Soon I could feel his pelvic bone against my arse. He was fully in me and I felt ok. Still I felt some pain. My brain reeled. I had a nice 4" boy cock rammed into my arse.

Then he started to fuck me, and each thrust felt better. His thrusts became faster, faster and he was riding me just like I had seen Randy ride my sis.

" Fill him up. He needs to feel the cum shoot into him on his first fuck".

Harvey's pace increased and then he gave an almighty thrust and stopped. His body shook, and I could feel his cock expand inside me and then pulse. I knew he was filling me up with his cum. Well a few small shots of it was all he was then capable of.

Randy came over and kissed me, his tongue pushing into my mouth.

"Well, little one. How did that feel? Enjoy Harvey taking your boy cherry. And just so you will always remember it, we got it all on video for you. Like me to send a copy to your mum? We videoed your sister begging to be given her first fuck too. Nice momento for you and a security blanket for me, too."

Randy started to finger fuck the other girl who was still lapping away at my sleeping sister's now drier cunt.

"Ok. How would you like a nice quick fuck, Gail? Think your sloppy cunt would like to feel and pleasure my big boy cock. Not as good as a big man's though is it, but it's the only one ready for you now, so lets do you doggy style."

Gail eased her body up so her arse was in the air and Randy mounted up behind her and almost in a flash he was riding away, pounding the bed and rocking Gail back and forth, making the bed bounce.

"Think I'll save my cum for our new boy, so you will miss out today kid. But then your daddy might like to fill you later tonight, eh."

After thrusting hard into the sloppy wet cunt, Randy pulled out and thrust his cock into my face.

"All yours sweetness. Suck me and make me cum."

My mouth opened and soon my lips were savouring the taste of cunt and cock. I moved my tongue around over the head, which was all I could take at that time. I was really loving this despite Randy trying to stuff that big cock further into my mouth.

"I think you have been educated in cock sucking, boy. And I thought mine would be your first".

"Oh, it is", I mumbled as I took my lips momentarily from that beautiful organ.

"Well taste me good now boy", and with that he clutched my head and I felt the cock head increase in size and the spurts started. They came so quickly, I gagged but I didn't miss a drop, quickly learning to swallow and also savour the taste. From that moment I was hooked on cock and cum.

"Good boy. Far better than any other the other initiates I've had here. You will soon open that little arse of yours for me. In fact I think next Saturday should be your "Arse Opening by Randy Day".

I was scared, but also excited. Then Mervyn moved to me, lifted my legs and started to rim my arse, searching for some of Randy's cum. And he found it. Boy what a feeling. Then Harvey pushed him away and engulfed my cock in his warm little lips. My body convulsed with a new feeling sensation, and I had my first dry orgasm.

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