Thai'd Downer 3

Saturday evening was a great night. Our parents where again absent on a social merry-go-round. This was the scene for all foreign nationals in the city. My sister Dawn and I had not really had time to speak to either parent at all during the past week. I had noticed that our mother was much breezier in her attitude than previously, but it didn't really take much of my attention.

I had been excited by the knowledge that my elder sis was being fucked each afternoon after school by this extremely beautiful American boy Randy. She had described to me all the most minute details of his cock, and how he fucked. I became aware that my cock loved all this information and was almost continuously stiff and transmitting terrific feelings through my body.

Then on the Saturday morning following my sister's opening fuck, I was to be personally introduced to all this sexual action. I had watched two of my school friends get fucked by Randy, and they had accepted his huge cut cock without a whimper. I had then watched my beloved sister beg to be fucked by that wonderfully thick, circumcised implement, and heard her mouth words that I had never heard her speak before.

Then it was my turn to feel cock. My virgin arse was opened for the first time in my twelve years by one of my same aged classmates, Harvey. His 4" cut cock had taken my cherry and innocence.

All this action had lasted for some five hours on that memorable Saturday, and I was eager for more.

A luncheon was spread out before us and served by two small Thai boys. Both appeared to be about my age, but they were certainly much slimmer that I was, and their cocks were in a lesser period of sexual growth. They remained in the background as Randy, whose parents owned the vast mansion we were in, directed proceedings. His beautiful swinging cock held my attention throughout, as he had informed me that in one week's time he was going to pump its thick tissue into my only just breached boy cunt. I was frightened and excited. I had seen how Mervyn who was 13 and my class mate Harvey, 12, had easily accepted that big pole without a sound. I felt that perhaps it wouldn't hurt, but then when Harvey's mimiscle 4" took my cherry, it had hurt like buggery, and I could still feel the pain from that first penetration.

My sister was pleased to see me and was happy that I had witnessed her being fucked by Randy. She was on a high I had never noticed previously. Two other girls also were in attendance. There was Gail, who was 15 and had a huge set of tits and a shaved cunt, and then there was Glenda. Glenda was in fact the elder present having just had her 16th birthday. Her cunt was shaved also but then I noticed for the first time that she had two silver rings through the side cunt flaps. That seemed so cool. We all ate feverishly as we all seemed to have an insatiable hunger. Then when he felt we had all finished and we had washed the food down with some sweet tasting Asian wine, Randy produced some cigarettes. Only these ciggies were not simply Marlboros. They were special Thai shit, which would simply blow your head off. I had never thought about smoking previously but I now realised that most of the kids attending the International School were high on these things each day. I had noted during my first week at school there was this special room that guys and chicks frequented. When they came out they were always in a great mood. I had even seen a couple of my teachers go in there also.

The first draw stung my throat and I coughed and the others laughed. My sis said I would soon get used to it, and I did. I don't remember much that followed except I distinctly remember through the fog that the young Thai boys had come over and licked out my arse and sucked my cock. They had also accepted my piss when I needed to let it flow. Their mouths were the available toilets.

When I finally awoke I wanted to go home quickly, as I was worried about the questions our parents would ask me and I knew I wasn't a very good liar. But Randy assured both my sis and I that my parents wouldn't care about us, as they would be enjoying themselves, in company with his parents and several of the other students' folks. He called me over to his side and pushed my head down onto his cock and I quickly got the message to suck him and his hairless big balls. I also noticed that the three girls had left and when I enquired about them Randy advised that they were out at another party having a fucking great time. He told me that I would soon be introduced to the boys' Saturday night parties, but there were a lot of things I had to understand before that occurred.

As I sucked his exciting cock he fingered my arse, first dry and then with globs of that wonderful slippery lubricant. I opened up to his prodding and it felt nice to have his fingers inside me. Mervyn was lying on his tummy and Harvey was fucking him gently. Randy suddenly jumped up, his stiff cock slapping me hard in the face. He pushed Harvey aside and planted his cock in Mervyn's crack. The boy instinctively raise his bum and in a few seconds I watched fascinated as the big cock slid easily into his back tunnel. Randy rode him with great gusto and this time Mervyn was whimpering and moaning with pleasure. Then Randy rapidly pulled out and Harvey, who had been in this scenario before was laying on his back next on the bed and he lifted his legs up exposing his waiting hole. Randy plunged in, only this time Harvey made a grunt and then a little stifled scream as the big cock plunged into him. My cock was as stiff as I could remember and Mervyn slid across the bouncing bed and soon had his warm lips sending lightening bolts of pleasure throughout my young body. Suddenly Harvey started to bounce more and then with another muffled scream thrust his body hard up against the invading Randy. He pulsed and thrust and then quickly subsided. Randy was delighted, and pulled his glistening cock from Harvey's opened hole to show both their tummies coated in clear semen. Harvey had just experienced his first orgasm whilst being fucked. Mervyn was quickly over to lick up the clear fluid so I followed. Wow, it tasted great. Slippery but nice. Randy scooped some up with his fingers and placed then to Harvey's lips and he tasted his own flow.

"It's taken me almost 6 months to see that. Great boy Harvey, now you can move on to greater activities. Here's your medal to remember this by", and Randy pushed his coated cock into Harvey's opening lips. Soon he was drinking copious shots of boy cum.

"Let's all share", and he swung his firing cock towards Mervyn and myself so we could taste some of his juice. It was more bitter than Harvey's was and thicker and cloudy, but I enjoyed the taste and the protein qualities it contained.

Harvey kissed us all then and we fell asleep in a cuddling mass. When I awoke the sun was rising and again I panicked about what my father would say for staying away all night.

"Don't worry little one. He will not even know your not home". His kisses calmed me.

"Where is Dawn", I asked still in a slight amount of panic.

"I would think that she is very fucking happy at this moment".

I lay back in Randy's embrace until he directed my head down to his cock that was semi hard. I sucked it to full hardness but then he pulled my lips from it and rolled over to again penetrate Mervyn.

"Mervyn loves my cock. He has for over a year, I tell you. Such a loving and compliant cousin. The bed pulsed with the pounding fucking rhythm as Mervyn still on his tummy enjoyed the intrusion.

"Better not waste this flow either", and Randy pulled out and started to shoot cum all over my face and chest. I instinctively open my mouth to catch a few spurts, and then started to scoop up more from my chest.

"Don't be so greedy. You have to learn to share".

I lay back and the others all licked every single cell of that boy juice from my body, and the roving tongues felt so good.

Harvey's driver took me home around 10am. Our house was very quiet. I crept around and found my father asleep, naked, in my parents' room. I thought it was mum beside him, so I felt ok. Then I visited my sister's room but she had not been there at all, as it was showing no evidence of her usual morning mess. Shit, I thought. Where is she?

I heard movement in the yard and looked out sis's bedroom window to see mum exiting from our car. Shit, who was in dad's bed with him? Oh Christ. This is serious. I didn't know what to do next.

Luck assisted me as when I quietly slipped down the stairs to our lounge room, I found my mother slumped on the biggest chair with her feet up and out like a light. What I couldn't grasp though was that her dress had risen up and I could see her cunt, the first time I had seen that since I was born. She had no pants on. It made my cock stiffen immediately, so I ran quietly up to my room, had a long shower and fell, wrapped only in my towel asleep on my bed. I didn't wake until almost 4pm, and I noted that my towel had been removed and I was lying naked with my cock stiff and waving in the cooling afternoon breeze.

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