Thai'd Downer 4

My sister was up and dressed when I finally dragged myself downstairs for some supper. Mum was looking particularly good and had on a new Thai sarong type dress. I found it hard to believe but I reckoned she wasn't wearing any bra or, as I later discovered pants.

Dad also startled me as he was only wearing a small pair of silk shorts, and I could easily see the outline of his cock. I had never seen my parents naked.

We sat down and dad asked me how I was enjoying the new school.

"It's great. I have made some really neat new friends and all the teachers seen to be trying to help me", I happily replied, thinking excitedly about what had happened in the preceding 48 hours.

"I'm simply loving it", replied my sister, and she looked at me with a big smile on her face.

"I am so pleased", came my mother. "Your father and I have been most warmly welcomed into the local society. Haven't we dear."

" Yes. I think that this is one of the most exciting foreign communities anywhere. They have shown us a new meaning to social fun and activities. I am so pleased we have all come to live here in Bangkok", added my father.

"Now, what did you two do yesterday. Come on, tell us all about it".

My sister spoke first, after giving me the eye.

"I went out with Gail and her friend. We spent some time over at Randy's place. Didn't you meet his mum and dad?"

"Yes darling, and they are really nice and interesting people", replied mum.

"Then last night we went over to Gail's place and boy is Gail's dad a great guy. I hope you don't mind but I stayed the night. Hope that's ok", my sis continued.

"Yes darling", added mum. "I've met him also and I must say he is charming and really loves his daughter".

"What did you do", asked my father, pointing to me.

"I went over to Harvey's place and then his dad's driver took us to see Randy and his cousin Mervyn". I didn't want to say too much. I know I just cannot tell lies, so I thought as little as possible is the best plan.

"That Randy is a wonderful boy. I hope that you continue with his friendship. He is such a well-presented lad, and very good at all the activities he is involved with. You would do well to follow his lead my boy", announced my father.

"Oh dad, I am so pleased you like Randy. He has already introduced me to many new activities and I feel so happy when I am with him", came my sister.

"Yes dad, I feel the same. He has invited me to come over and stay next weekend, if that is ok", was my announcement.

"I think that is excellent. Why don't you see if you can go over on Friday after school? His parents have invited your mother and I to their place in the country for the weekend, and we will be leaving here after lunch next Friday", continued my father.

"What are you planning for next weekend, Dawn", asked my mum.

"Gail mentioned something about staying at her place, if that is ok", my sister relayed.

"You had better check up on that, dear", came my father. "Her parents told me that they are also going away with the entire family next weekend".

After we left the table my father came up to my room, just as I was getting undressed to have another shower before bed.

"I must say I am proud of you son. I noticed this afternoon that you are starting to grow now and that is the beginning of a new adventure in life for you. If you have any questions just ask me. I grew up too, you know, so I have been through all the thoughts and feelings that you are about to have. Nothing will be new to me boy".

I decided to let him have a full view as I realise he had seen my stiff cock earlier in the day. I dropped my shorts and undies and swung my towel over my shoulder so he got a full view of my half-hard cock and little bum.

"Anything you would like to ask me about now son".

"Not really. Randy explained a few things to me yesterday".

I noticed that dad smiled, and then he patted me nicely on my bare bum as I walked past him. By now my cock was very stiff and I didn't care if he saw it or not. Actually I wanted him to see it.


School seemed different during the week. Each afternoon Dawn went off to Randy's place for another fucking, and would come home stoned. I would lick her wet cunt and reckoned I could taste Randy's cum. My cock was continually stiff and felt good when I rubbed it.

The swimming coach (he also coached most other winter sports too) suggested that I try and get into the school team in my age group, so with encouragement from Harvey and two other boys in my form, I went along to the pool. I only had a pair of surf shorts, so when I came out in them the coach immediately suggested that I put on a pair of speedos he just happened to have in his cupboard. They were a bit small but nicely accentuated my bum and my growing cock filled out the pouch. I stripped straight out of my shorts and with a specific pause, turned so he could see my hardening cock. He rubbed his hands over my bum when I put them on. He commented about what a nice fit they were and what a great body I had. He didn't mention my cock, but I felt he was onto me.

After swimming around for 40 minutes, he called everyone out and we all went into the showers. What surprised me most was the total absence of pubic hair on any of the boys. Some had really large cocks too, and most were cut. Several of the boys sported stiffs, but no one seemed to be concerned. I did note that the coach came through the showers observing everyone. He stopped and looked at me so I showed him, in an innocent fashion that my cock was rock hard and flat against my tummy.

Harvey called me after dinner and asked about the swimming. I told him just about everything. He advised me to do whatever the coach requested, as it would be good for my grades. He rung off but my cock was stiff.

I asked Randy if I could come over on Friday night telling his about our parents going away with his. He told me that is was excellent and indicated that he may fuck me on Friday night instead of waiting till Saturday. I was again excited and concerned, knowing how big his cock was, and whether it would hurt me.

He also asked me about my swimming, and suggested that I should enrol for gymnastics as they trained on Thursday afternoons, and there were some really nice cocks there. So I enrolled in gymnastics.

He was right. Some of our training programmes called for nude work. We were divided up into teams, and I was joined in a team with this senior boy who was 17 and had the most beautiful body and a huge, and I was pleased to see, uncut cock. What also drew my attention was the almost complete lack of pubic hair amongst the younger boys, and even the older guys only had small patches above their cocks and virtually none on their big balls. Also I noted that no one had any armpit hair. That was strange. The coach was nice to me and presented me with a very small jock strap, watching intently as I dropped my shorts and pulled it on over my cock. I also noted that some of the younger boys didn't have jocks and also didn't wear undies. Their small cocks and balls fell out continuously with all our movements.

My father again came to my room late on Thursday evening and sat on my bed. He was a bit late as I had already showered so he missed my cock show. He asked me about going to Randy's on Friday and I said it was not a problem. In fact, I told him Randy was very pleased I had asked.

"That Randy is a fine boy, and I want you to please him and obey all his wishes". Funny thing to say really, I thought but I said I would be glad to do anything he asked.

My father was wearing the silk shorts he had first shown us on Sunday evening and when he stood up to leave it was very obvious that his cock was stiff as it tented out the front of his shorts. I looked and instantly my own cock went stiff, under the sheet. Dad walked out then turned at the doorway giving me full view of his tented shorts.

"Sleep well son. Have pleasant dreams".

Harvey's family driver picked me up as soon as I got home from school. I had time to change into just a pair of shorts, no undies and throw a few other shorts and shirts and my new pale sky blue speedos into a soft bag. Mervyn and Harvey were already lying on the bed naked when I walked in. Mervyn's arse was dripping so I knew Randy had just fucked him. Both looked spaced out, but greeted me warmly, as we all kissed. I was out of my clothes pronto, and then in walked Randy and another boy from his form, Troy. He was naked and his cock hung down so long I couldn't believe it. But the strange thing was that he had no pubes, despite being close to 5' 10" tall. His balls swung real low as well. He was cut with a small pointed head. He smiled at me and came over and hugged me and kissed me with his tongue driving down my throat. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I could feel it rapidly hardening.

Randy went over to Mervyn and finger fucked his dripping arse, and then pushed his fingers into Harvey's opened arse as his legs were now well in the air.

Randy lubed his fingers from the jar on the side table and pushed them into Harvey who groaned a little and wriggled around.

"Better get in some practice before the main event, eh", and he gently pushed his hard cock into the little lubed arse.

Troy now started licking me all over as I lay beside Harvey on the bouncing bed. His fingers found the lube jar and soon he was massaging my tight arse. It felt good and he poked around with one, then a second and finally, with more lube, a third finger. Then he ran the head of his cock up and down my crack and when he found my hole he pushed gently. I didn't feel a thing as his small pointed head penetrated me. However, when he pushed a little harder I got a jab of pain and screamed out. He pulled back and bent and kissed me. More cock entered me, and more pain. I asked him to stop but he just looked at me and kissed me again and pushed even harder. Soon I felt his shaft goes in and the pain eased a bit. He pulled back and another push and more was in me. I felt full but I knew there was at lease another four or five inched to hide inside me. I was starting to glow but I was also concerned about the length of his cock.

Randy now pulled out of Harvey, his little arse staying open.

"Your turn with Harvey now Troy. Mine with our initiate".

Troy slipped easily out of me and I felt relieved but empty. Not for long as Randy fingered more lube into me. Then I felt his cock rub along my crack. I was lying on my back with my legs up. His lube-covered finger went around my soft cock now and my hairless balls and rubbed with feeling.

Troy now invades Harvey and I watched as he rode him like a race winner, pounding the bed and making us all bounce along with them.

A jab of pain as the big cock tried.
"No", I shouted, "No. Please not yet please"

"Ok lets wait till Troy fills up Harvey".

We both turned and watched as Troy pounded Harvey's little arse, almost driving the twelve year old into the bed. And then in one huge thrust he rammed full tilt into the boy and unloaded spurt after spurt of his delicious boy cum. So much in fact that it started to leak out onto the bed, even before his cock was removed.

Mervyn was quick to note the situation and had his tongue lapping up the leaking fluid. When Troy pulled out a gush of cum was dragged out all over Mervyn's cute face. He lapped it all up.

Then they all turned their attention towards me.

"I think you might feel better if I give you something to ease the pain, eh".

Randy had a little white pill in his hand. He opened my mouth a pushed it under my tongue.

"Suck on that and you will really enjoy my cock".

More to cum soon.

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