Thai'd Downer 5


I had never felt better in my short life. I was floating, and I didn't have a care in the world. I could see Randy beaming down at me and I could hear him ask me how I felt.

I know I mumbled something but I didn't care. This was good and I was on cloud nine, or ten, or eleven. Man it didn't matter one bit.

Randy bent down and kissed me, It felt great. Then Troy kissed me, and that felt better.

Randy lifted my legs up and I felt him rubbing my lubed arse. Then I felt his cock and with one shove that big thick fifteen-year old cock was in me. I had been waiting for the pain but I didn't feel any pain at all. Soon I could feel him riding me and I was again floating, sensing his movements in me but not feeling anything but elation. His pumps into me increased in strength, and they became faster.

He bent forward and kissed me, and then said, "Well, my pretty little one. Enjoying my big cock. Feeling good, eh. Soon I am going to fill your boy cunt with lots and lots of my delicious cum. I think you are the best boy fuck I have ever had. I might just keep you entirely for myself. Then again, there are lots of others who will just love to fuck you".

I didn't care what he said. I was feeling so good.

Then I felt him thrust really hard. I heard a scream of sorts, and then I was nearly rammed into the wall, as I felt his big cock expand further and I sensed great spurts of cum filling me up.

Randy collapsed on top of me and nearly suffocated me as he kissed me and tongued my face. He kept his cock in me for what seemed ages, and then slowly he removed his much softened delight. He rolled over and lay beside me, but my initiation to big cocks wasn't finished yet. Randy leaned over and covered my face with his as I felt another invasion of my dripping, well-fucked arse. This cock seemed to be larger, but I thought that can not be right as Troy was the only one present with a big cock and he had fucked me before Randy. I couldn't see but just lay on the receiving end and didn't want to complain.

The new cock pushed into me, and I felt very full. Then the fucking began and I could feel pubic hair against my hairless skin. I could also smell a different smell, it reminded me of a smell I was trying to place from previous experience. It was nice and sweet. I was feeling so good that it quickly passed from my thinking as the big cock now inside me started to push in harder and faster. Then with a great lunge and a grunt, I felt it expand and a torrent of cum spurts gushed into me. I sensed it running out of my arse, but couldn't see a thing with Randy still smothering my face with kisses and licks.

Then the cock was gone from me. I was almost shitting cum as I could feel it running down from my wide-open hole. I heard a shuffle and then Randy came up for breath and let me view the room again. He looked at me with a wicked grin.

"You really loved that didn't you? Nice to have two big cocks really fuck you. Was mine better than the other one? Look at all that cum flowing out of you. You are a number one slut now boy".

I lay there as Randy and Troy just looked at me. I was slowly coming down from the effects of the little white pill. What I didn't realise was that I had been lying there and being fucked for over four hours. It was much later that I was able to calculate the time. Soon my arse began to burn, and when I started to squirm with it Troy rubbed some soothing cream on and inside it with his long thin fingers.

I sat up feeling better. Randy had gone and only Troy was with me.

"Where are the others", I enquired.

Troy bent down and kissed me and then told me that Mervyn and Harvey had gone off to play at Mervyn's house, and that Randy had been called away after a phone call from his father. He assured me that Randy would return shortly. Then I noted the time, but I didn't exactly grasp the scene properly. I lay back and was soon fast asleep.

It was dark when I awoke and feeling very hungry. Troy took me in to have a shower and he washed me thoroughly, giving me a gentle fuck whilst we played in the shower. He was nice and I felt comfortable with him. I then noticed that I must have been asleep for at least six hours, no, it was more than that, because I realised that it was now Saturday evening.

We dressed only in shorts and soon Troy and I were being driven over to another house. There were several of the older boys from my gymnastics team there, as well as a couple of boys that I had seen at swimming. All were very casually dressed, some without shirts. I noted that the fashion here was very brief satin shorts, and I soon discovered that undies were a decided option, as several cocks and hairless balls came into view as guys sat down.

Everyone greeted me warmly. One guy about 14, from the gym team, whispered to me congratulations. I asked why. He then became embarrassed and said it was nothing, he meant to say that he was pleased I was on the gym squad with him.

All seven of us soon tucked into a wonderful feed, with lots of pies and sausage rolls, and little red sausages everyone referred to as 'little boys'. I soon realised the meaning as they were about the size of a twelve-year old cock! The Pepsi tasted different, but was super cold and much appreciated.

Some of the older boys started smoking those sweet swelling ciggies, but I wasn't in the mood for that shit now. I was feeling happy again about having been fucked by Randy, but now I was beginning to feel tired again. Just as I felt I would fall asleep, Randy entered the room. He hugged most and I was intrigued to note that a few he sort of kissed.

Then he came over to me.

"How are you feeling my little pride and joy?"

"I feel great, but I am a bit tired", I replied.

"Ok everyone. Big announcement. Little Ronnie here has today passed his badge of merit and is now an official member of our exclusive organisation. He performed well, very well in fact, and I feel he will become one of our best team players".

Everyone clapped and cheered and all came over and hugged me. Some even kissed me so I was now sensing that all these guys had been fucked, either by Randy, or someone else.

The 14 year old gave me a big kiss and pushed his crotch into me. I could feel his hard cock, and asked me if I would like to go to another room with him. Again I sensed that this was something very sexual, so holding hands with Matthew, we left the group and headed for a small bedroom just off this main room.

Matt soon had my shorts down and was slurping his lips over my cock. I had great feeling from him but then his fingers found my arse. I was still very sore there, so asked him not to go there. He understood and then stood up and dropped his own shorts. His cock was much bigger than mine. About 6" in length, I felt, thick, big knob and circumcised. What surprised me was that, like me, he had not a single pubic hair. He softly asked me if he could fuck me as a celebratory fuck, but I again asked him to take a rain check on that as my arse was still extremely sore. He understood so we just sat on the bed as I fingered his beautiful cock and hairless balls.

"Can I ask you a few questions, Matt?"

"Sure, fire away".

His answer to the no pubes was that it had been a tradition at the International School for students to have their pubes shaved or removed. He didn't really know why, but he thought it was a great feeling anyway.

Then he explained some of the teachers at the school were gay. He advised that I could expect invitations from selected male teachers for sexual games. If I refused then I was sure to fail my grades, so everyone 'put out' for those teachers. Again this was a tradition, the same as smoking shit at school.

Matt informed me that I didn't have to smoke if I didn't want to, but it was there free for the first year if I wanted to try.

"But what about my fucking? Has Randy fucked all these guys here tonight? Did Randy fuck you when you were twelve?'

"Yep, but I was thirteen. Next Saturday he is initiating another boy in your form, Marvin. He's cute and a bit of a nerd but his cock is big, and we think he cums, even at twelve. You don't cum yet do you?" Matt enquired.

I informed him that I didn't even shoot clear yet. He told me that the guys were initiated as soon as their first pubes appeared, and that was why I had been chosen.

"What about the chicks? Where are they tonight?"

"They all get together every now and then for a fuck party and some of the older foreign community men give their cunts a working".

I wondered whose cock would be in my sister Dawn's sweet cunt at this moment.

I then bent down and took Matt's still rock hard cock into my mouth and sucked him off, swallowing all the spurts of cum he delivered.

We then decided to re-joined the others only to find that most had paired off and had taken off to available bedrooms. Matt and I returned to our room, soon to be joined by Troy and one of Matt's classmates, Joel. His cock was not much bigger than my 4" so I felt a bit better.

I was soon asleep cuddled up with Matt, but my mind was fuddled with many more questions. I was curious about the second fucking I had been given. It certainly wasn't Troy. It had to be an older man.

More to cum.

Who do you think was the man who fucked Ronnie?

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