Thai'd Downer

I awoke to the sound of water and splashing, with happy shouts coming through the open window. Most of the guys were in the large swimming pool, swimming around and playing with each other. They were all naked, so Matt and I, after sucking each other's cocks, joined them. We simply went to the window and Matt just dived out into the pool. I followed and was soon being goosed by the others, eager to feel my cock or arse.

We all played around for a while, and then we dried off and went into another room off the pool area for some tropical fruit, juice and nice fresh bread buns. I was happier now as the full effects of the pill had disappeared. Some of the guys sported hard cocks, with their partners giving them a sort of rub. I noticed that several of the older guy's cocks were coated in clear liquid and were all shiny. One guy let me lick this off and I was surprised at the nice taste of it. Much nicer than cunt slime.

After playing cards and a few other games, we had some more fruit and juice for lunch, and then following a swim and more cock sucking, this time with Joel, we all dressed and piled into two cars and were driven to our various homes.

My arse was still very tender and sore and when I moved sometimes I got these sharp pains. I told Troy this so he directed the driver to another house inside a high walled compound. Inside was what looked very much like a doctor's surgery, which it was.

Doctor Maxwell, an Australian about 45, came out to meet us. He was very, very handsome, which was easy to see as he was only wearing a pair of very small speedo. Funnily, the first thing I really noticed about him was the huge bulge in the front and the gap that allowed me to see his hairless balls. What was it with these guys about hairless balls? I removed my shorts and lay on an examination table. Doctor lifted up my legs and gently examined my arse, finger probing ever so carefully.

"Well kiddo, you are suffering aren't you. But you will get used to it with lots of practice. I'll give you this cream, but also I want you to wear this butt plug all the time now. It will stretch your arse so fucking will be easier on you in future. I hope you will come back and see me when you feel better as I would like to have my big cock in you".

He handed me a butt plug and a tube of cream.

"If this doesn't work just get the driver to bring you here tomorrow".

"Now Troy. Feel like paying the service call for little Ronnie here".

Troy had already stripped and we adjourned to the room next door where a large double bed was made up with clean white sheets. Troy threw himself onto the bed, rolled onto his tummy and opened his legs. I gasped as the Doctor removed his now tented speedo. His cock was bigger than anything I had ever seen. It had to be 8" long and thick. The knob was much bigger than the tube, and like most of the cocks I had seen, was circumcised. He obviously trimmed his pubes and his balls were totally free of hair, as was his arse.

"Come on Ronnie. Troy needs to be lubed to take my lovely monster. Bet you can't wait to feel it in your little arse. Troy had me first when he was only thirteen didn't you Troy. Loved it ever since".

I put my fingers in a jar of clear lube and finger fucked Troy. I also put some on my own very stiff cock and that felt so good. Even my arse was feeling better now, but the thought of having Doctor Maxwell's huge cock up in me terrified me. That is until I saw Troy's arse open up and watched wide eyed as the head easily pushed in past his spincter. Soon all that cock had disappeared inside Troy, and a rhythmic fucking commenced. Troy moaned and moaned and then suddenly his body went into spasms and his cock started shooting volleys of cum out to one side. I quickly jumped on the bed and started to suck it off the sheets and then the tip of his pulsating cock. A few minutes later the doctor thrust hard up into him and then shuddered as he pumped multiple spurts into his receptive arse.

The Doctor's fingers had found my arse and he was finger fucking me but I felt so much better. He then indicated I should roll over and his mouth plunged onto my stiff cock. His tongue was magic on me and for the second time I could remember I had a wonderful dry orgasm.

"Won't be long before we are all having a wonderful drink from your fountain Ronnie".

It was suppertime before I got home, but I was only about five minutes ahead of mum and dad. They were in a very good mood, and dad suggested that I shower before coming down for something to eat. As I was removing my shorts, and the new butt plug, dad appeared at my bedroom door. I froze, as I wasn't about to try and explain the butt plug. Fortuitously he turned away giving me just enough time to pull it out and stuff it under my pillow. Funny, I wasn't the least bit concerned that I had a very stiff cock, as the butt plug did that to me. I picked up my towel, threw it over my shoulder and walked pass dad to the bathroom. He followed me in and so I didn't bother to close the shower screen, allowing my father to watch me soap my body including my stiff cock and my arse and then wash cloth it all off. I was still very stiff as I stepped out and he handed me my towel. I knew he was looking at my cock, but didn't care. I was enjoying it really.

Mum and dad asked me about my weekend, and I relayed how I was welcomed into the group team and that Randy was instrumental in getting me membership. Dad was very pleased, saying Randy was a fine boy, with the right attitude. I then told them about going to Joel's place playing cards and swimming, but I had a complete blank about telling them of the visit to Doctor Maxwell.

I was very tired after all the action and so I said good night and went up to bed. Dad followed me up. He was wearing those lovely silk boxer pants the Thai's like. He sat on my bed and then surprised me by running his hand gently over my chest, paying attention to my little nipples. Then he bent forward and kissed me on the forehead. As he did so his cock pushed out the fly opening in his shorts and I shuddered as it was almost as big as Doctor Maxwell's. Without realising his cock was in my full view dad got up from my bed, almost slapping his cock onto my face. He stood in front of me letting me get a full look and then walked to the door, turned to show me his cock again, and turned off the light.

"Pleasant dreams my boy". I thought about my dad's cock all night and I think I was stiff all night as the butt plug stretched me for Doctor Maxwell's monster.

All the guys were eager to hear how my arse was at school, so I showed them the butt plug. Most had been through the same procedure after their first major fucking. Several grabbed my stiff cock, but all were very kind to me.

Swimming training was ok. I was concerned about hiding the butt plug, but that proved to be ok. Coach was great and slapped my bum several times. Matt told me to be nice to him and that his cock wasn't as big as Randy's, so that was a relief. I struggled a bit with lessons as my mind was continuously harking back to the weekend and my fucking. Thursday's gym class was great and the gym instructor had us do several programmes nude. By then my arse was feeling very good and I noted that I felt better every time I had a shit. The cream from Doctor Maxwell worked wonders. However, my cock never lost its stiffness for the entire week, even at gym, but nobody in my team made any comment.

My sister Dawn had had a fuck filled weekend. Eventually she told me that Gail's dad had fucked her, but I wasn't to tell a soul. She described his big cock for me, with emphasis on the fact that he was circumcised and had a big knob which stretched her cunt, but made her feel so good. She also watched later as Gail let her father fuck her. It made her horny for our dad, so I told her about how big his cock was, and she almost had multiple orgasms. Her cunt got really wet, so I licked her out. She asked me about Doctor Maxwell. I was staggered that she knew, but then told me that Randy had said I had visited him because my arse was so sore after he fucked me. She wanted to see my butt plug and then showed me hers. I had previously relayed to her about my initiation fuck and about the white pill, and she told me that she also had taken the pill prior to her cunt opening with Randy. She loved those pills. A lesbian Doctor had given her her plug. Doctor Elsa Rockman had licked her out and made her feel really good. She had been to see her twice during the week as she had enjoyed the way she cunt licked her. Dawn also informed me that Doctor Maxwell was only interested in boys and that he would eventually fuck me, so be prepared. I told her that I was eagerly waiting the day when I could feel his big cock in me. We both discussed how happy mum and dad were, but also we felt it strange that neither ever seemed to be home.

In a funny way mum must have sensed this as she informed us all on Wednesday evening at supper that she was really enjoying the social lifestyle here, and was pleased that the others had made her so welcome. We both agreed saying that the kids at school were so friendly and so encouraging and bringing us into their circles.

Randy only fucked Dawn once during the week. He had de-flowered another thirteen year-old chick, so his cock was firmly embedded in her new cunt each afternoon. Again for the weekend mum and dad were off to one of our friend's parents places. Randy would be away with his family also, so I was to spend the weekend with Troy and Joel.

Do you think this is getting too incestuous? Do you think Ronnie will be accepting Doctor Maxwell's cock in another week?

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