Thai'd Downer 7


My arse was feeling so good on the Friday afternoon and Randy came up to me and fingered my arse through my school pants.

"Sorry I haven't been back for a visit to that sweet hole of yours, Ronnie. But you can have a good time with troy and Joel this weekend. Might be a little surprise for you," he added.

At this school all the members of the group, which was seemingly controlled by Randy, knew whatever any other member was doing. At first I was a little concerned but then I got used to it as it meant that I could have a degree of freedom in what I was doing.

Our driver drove me over to Joel's big house having previously delivered Dawn to Gail's place. Dawn was eager to feel Gail's dad's big cock in her shaved cunt and Gail had told her that they could have a big surprise, too.

Joel's parents had fled somewhere for the weekend and he didn't care at all. When I arrived he and Troy were already naked playing cards. A very old Thai man was the only other person in the house, and he was to provide us with food and anything else that was necessary for our weekend. Troy immediately asked me how my arse felt and when I said it felt good he pushed his hand under me and fingered my crack.

"Time to exercise your arse Ronnie", and with that we all went up to Joel's bedroom.

"Ok. You lube him up Joel. Lube my cock too, and get your own slippery as well as a double fuck will really be a good start for our weekend".

I lay there and let them lube my arse and also my cock, putting lots under my foreskin. Troy positioned his nice cock at my arse and pushed gently into me. It felt ok, until he drew back and pushed again. The searing pain struck me hard and I yelled. He pulled out immediately and bent and kissed me.

Then Joel put his smaller cock against my hole and soon he was smoothly riding me. Troy had his cock against Joel's now lubed arse and soon he was pushing us both as he fucked, harder than Joel had in me earlier. Then I felt Joel's cock grow and he thrust even harder into me and started filling me with his cum. That sent Troy off and he rammed into Joel, who rammed again into me and unloaded his juice. We all lay joined together for many minutes and then Troy slipped out and then Joel out of me. Joel immediately placed his lips on my hole and started to suck his own cum out of me. Troy then took his place and I must admit that I felt really good, and I knew my arse was learning to accept cock without worry.

We had another swim and a shower after and Joel again fucked me but without cumming. We all flopped on Joel's bed and were soon asleep.

Dawn was surprised to note that Gail wasn't home when she arrived, just Gail's mum and Dr Elsa Rockman, the lesbian lady who had sucked her cunt and given her the but plug. Both were wearing very loose sarongs and it was obvious that neither had on any underwear. A drink was placed in her hand and soon Dawn felt really warm and fuzzy and knew she was in for a good time. Gail's mum left the room and Elsa started rubbing her hand on Dawn's dry cunt. Within minutes Dawn was naked and her cunt was dripping wet and accepting Elsa's practiced fingers. Elsa put Dawn's hand into her soppy cunt and soon both were rolling around on the floor, with Elsa' lips trying to find her cunt. Just as they touched Gail's mum joined them. What a stunning women she was. About late thirties, but with firm pointed tits, large nipples and a shaved cunt. Dawn was eager to lick her as she could see the fluids running out. Gail's mum pushed her cunt into Dawn's face and the trio was soon a writhing mass of pleasure. Elsa finger fucked Dawn so wonderfully that she soon was bucking with an intense orgasm and her juice flowed in large doses. Gail's mum then lay back and Dawn watched as Elsa lick out not only her wet cunt but also her arse.

The houseboy soon appeared with more drinks and some food and they all enjoyed a respite from the intense sexual play. Dawn noticed that the Thai youth had a large cut cock and that his balls were very low as a leather strap was forcing them to hang at least 6" below his cock head.

The drink again made her heated but now they suggested bed. Dawn was shown to a separate room, but was soon asleep.

She remembered dreaming of big cocks and licking cunts but didn't sense anything until she awoke early the next morning. She felt someone beside her and when she opened her eyes there was Gail's dad, his big cock stiff and seeking her cunt. She rolled onto her back and immediately Trenton had pushed his pre-cum lubed cock into her now very wet thirteen-year-old cunt. He rode her gently at first, as he did on that first fuck last weekend, but then he increased his pace and pumped spurt after spurt of man cum into her.

He kissed her and silently left his large cock semi-hard as it swayed in front of him.

Gail's mum, Clare arrived afterwards with some juice and then proceeded to lick out all her husband's cum from Dawn's warm pussy.

Later that day after visiting some shops and a nice American owned restaurant, where Dawn was introduced to the owner and his wife, they were back in what she now knew was the family playroom. More drinks and again Dawn felt very warm and open. Then the houseboy returned but this time totally naked and sporting a very hard thin cock. With his cock stiff and pointing up his smooth tummy the strapped balls looked even more interesting, hanging really low.

Clare and Elsa started feeling Dawn up and this time they paid particular attention to her arse, which had been stretching all week with the butt plug Elsa had given her. When Dawn was told to lick out Clare's yummy hairless cunt, Elsa positioned her arse up in the air and with her fingers gently, at first, lubed her arse. Dawn knew what would happen next but she couldn't care at all. She lifted her head just as the house boy positioned his cock against her lubed rear hole and soon she felt him push in. there was a spike of pain but then she felt him push more inside her. He started to fuck her arse with nice regular strokes and then she felt something enter her cunt. She could see as Clare had her head firmly planted into her cunt, but then she knew it was a cock in her cunt. But not an ordinary cock. This was very large and it was not skin but plastic. Elsa had inserted a large black dildo into her and was smashing it savagely into her cunt as the houseboy ploughed her arse. The feelings in her body escalated until she suddenly bucked as the most tremendous orgasm hit. She poured out floods of juice and at the same time her mouth was assailed with more juice as Clare watching all the hot action, orgasmed as well.

The boy pulled out his cock dripping cum and it was immediately engulfed by Elsa's hot lips. Then Dawn felt lips on her own very wet cunt and she rolled over to find a very young boy, about nine or ten furiously licking out her cunt. The boy was white and his little cock was standing straight up from his hairless crotch. He was circumcised and had the sweetest face and lovely curly hair falling in little ringlets.

"Let me introduce you to my youngest son Elton", announced Clare. "He simply loves cunt juice, don't you dear", she added patting him gently on his little bubble bum. She then bent forward and sucked his little stiff cock into her mouth.

"Great cunt you've got Dawn. Terrific juice. Love it and I loved watching Jimmy fuck your arse. Next thing is he will want to fuck mine, eh, mum", the little charmer advised.

"Yes darling. He probably will soon, but I am sure that your little cherry will be taken by an American, not some Thai boy slut".

Dawn was disparately trying to take all this in. A Thai boy had fuck her in the arse, had her cunt invaded by a huge black plastic fake cock, and had been drinking a great flow of cunt juice, all at once. And then to have a ten-year old boy lick her cunt juices was just over the moon.

Jimmy left the room having never uttered a sound, his long cock now swinging in front of his this brown body.

Little Elton snuggled up to Dawn and started sucking her little part formed tits, rubbing his 2" long stiff cock into her still wet cunt.

"I think he wants to fuck you Dawn. How nice. Wait a few years and his cock will be a monster and you will beg for it, just like you do for his father".


On Saturday morning the boys all went over to watch a senior baseball game at the school grounds. When the game finished Joel directed them all into the change rooms and the three sat and watched as the guys, all over 20 stripped and showered, at times grabbing each other on the cock or arse, but without too much action. When all were dressed a handsome man about 30 came over to them. Joel introduced Ronnie to Jed, who was an American University graduate who worked in his father's company. The four of them piled into Jed's new Mustang and drove over to his apartment. He soon stripped down to boxer shorts and Ronnie saw that he had a little tent out front. Joel then stripped and quickly pulled down Jed's boxers revealing a nice thin long cut cock. His pubes were the first that Ronnie had seen that appeared to be untouched, but his balls were very tight under his cock. Troy now took Joel's place sucking the now stiff cock as Joel lubed up his arse. Then Troy motioned Ronnie over to take his place as he then lubed his arse, as Joel finger lubed Ronnie as he sucked.

Joel lay face down on the small bed, lifting his arse as Jed placed himself over the fourteen-year olds open arse. Soon his cock had found the point it sort and was pushing easily into the boy. Jed started to fuck and then Troy positioned himself at Jed's humping arse and after a few misses, found the waiting hole. Ronnie watched as the threesome rhythmically fucked. Then Jed called him over to join them and told him to put his cock in his mouth and those warm lips played magic with Ronnie's nice cock. Suddenly Troy started to fuck faster and soon cried out as he filled up the baseball player's tight arse with boy cream. The Joel bucked and spurted his juice well out from the side of his body and then within seconds Jed was filling Joel's fourteen-year old channel.

It was drinks all round after and then those sweet smelling cigarettes, but again Ronnie declined, and no one was upset.

Jed now moved over and started to suck on Ronnie's tits and continued licking all over his body and then down to his very stiff little uncut cock. Again those warm lips surrounded it and the tongue worked inside his long foreskin sending shivers through his entire body. Then he felt Jed's fingers at his arse and soon two were inside him playing against the walls and making him feel very good. Then Jed picked him up and lay him on the bed on his back and lifted his legs. He knew he was about to get fucked by a man and it excited him. He felt the tip of the cock touch his arse ring and then ever so gently his spincter parted and the head was in him. Soon the entire length was filling him up and then the fucking commenced and he felt so beautiful with this man's cock stretching his tunnel. It wasn't too long before the gentle fuck movements increased in force and then with a muffle cry Jed threw back his body and he pushed hard up into the little lad and started pumping his white juice into him.

Jed pulled out and immediately Joel was sucking his arse, lapping up all Jed's man cum.

Ronnie felt great. His arse wasn't sore and he was full of real man's cum. Was that the excitement that Randy had told him to expect?

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