Thai'd Downer 8

Dawn lay there on the bed. Her only companion now was ten-year old Elton. She had her hand around his little stiff two inches of well-circumcised American boy cock. She traced down to his little balls, tight in his dark skinned scrotum. She fingered around them feeling two little orbs. Then her fingers moved under to run lightly across his little rose bud. She brought her finger out and soon found the bowl of clear lubricant that had been used to assist Jimmy fuck her own arse for the first time. Her finger soon transferred a quantity to the boy and soon, without any resistance from the youngster, her finger was sliding easily into and around inside his rear passage. He didn't utter a sound, just lying there with his mouth open and his eyes closed. Then his tiny fingers found Dawn's dripping pussy lips and started to work inside her and play with the inner walls.

Elton moved around now and soon had his lips placed over the hairless cunt and his tongue slurping merrily against the oozing female sex opening. His tongue was doing a masterly job and soon Dawn started bucking as the tiny tongue penetrated further inside her love channel. With a frozen moment Dawn orgasmed and little Elton lapped up all the delivered pussy juice. At the same time Dawn's two fingers, pushed feverishly into the boy's arse. Dawn took some time to come down from her high, but then her thinking returned to the sweet boy still licking the juices from her cunt. It was a thought that she would soon bring to fruition.

Gail's mum and Elsa enjoyed the night together, the huge black double ended plastic dildo rammed into both their sticky cunts as they sleep facing each other. Jimmy, the young Thai houseboy watched them as they brought each other to body thumping climaxes. His own cock was stiff and dripping a long string of pre-cum. He left the now sleeping pair and moved along the corridor to the room occupied by Dawn and little Elton. He had been fingering the little one's virgin ten-year old arse for weeks, ever since he had been allowed to fuck two of Gail's school friends in the arse. But Jimmy wanted to be the first to break Elton's virginity, and he felt that this was his best chance.

He looked into the room and noted that Dawn's fingers were still inside the tiny slippery arse. Elton was sleeping with his head tucked between Dawn's developing tits. Jimmy silently glided over to the bed and soon had his thin fingers in under the boy. Ever so gently he lifted the boy noting that Dawn's lubed fingers slipped easily from his arse. Moving with furtive silence he carried the boy down the passageway to the far end of the house, to the tiny room he slept in. He lay the boy of his own cum stained sheets, and fingered some stolen lube onto the boy's arse and his long thin seventeen-year old cock. He lifted up the lad's legs and rubbed the head of his cock against the little virgin rosebud. Then he pushed forward only to feel strong resistance. He pushed again and this time the spincter opened and the thin pointed cock entered. He stopped and then pushed again, only this time the boy resisted again. He was just about to push again when he was violently grabbed by several strong hands and hauled into the air and was then thrown against the wall of the room. His head struck the wall and he remembered no more.

Ronnie awoke on Sunday morning alone in the bed. Troy and Joel where not anywhere to be found, so he went back to the bed and was soon asleep.

He felt someone touching him but the fingers were so gentle that he pretended to still be sleeping. The fingers soon rubbed his slick arse and he felt one, then two enter him. He casually moaned and then rolled over on his back and brought his legs up to allow easier access. A hand now glided over his stiff little cock and soon it was rubbing easily up and down, jerking him towards a dry climax. He felt the bed take on a weight and then he felt the tip of a cock push against his arse. He moaned softly. Then lips smothered his mouth and the head of the cock pushed into him. God it was big, Hell it was far too big.

"No," he screamed. "No," and then he opened his eyes to see Joel's father lying naked on top of him.

"No, please you are too big for me. Please don't try again."

The man looked at him with a glazed stare. He reached over to the side table and soon his fingers were pushing open Ronnie's lips and a little white pill was singing under his tongue. Ronnie drifted into a fuzzy state, then as the effects gained strength he started to float. He reached up and kissed Joel's father's coarse lips. He wrapped his arms around the big man, hugging and kissing him. Then he felt the big cock push again, only this time there was no feeling of pain, just a dull feeling of fullness. The magic fucking rhythm commenced and soon he was swaying under the pushing of the man. Then the pace appeared to increase and soon the force of fucking gained and then with an almighty shove he felt the big cock expand and fire off a volley of hard cum spurts. The man slumped onto him almost smothering him. He then rolled over and Ronnie felt that huge man cock slide out of him. He could sense the flow of fluids from his arse. His head was swirling and he found it hard to focus and then he felt the big cock invade him again. No, it was a different cock. He sensed it was even bigger. Hands clamped over his eyes and he felt the big cock push into him. A man was over him and he was fucking him gently but with a spirited rhythm. The fucking speed increased and then with a howl the cock rammed hard into him and again he felt the spurts of man cum deep inside him. Quickly the cock was pulled out, almost too quickly as it hurt. His eyes remained covered with big hands, and then they were free. He saw no one for a moment. Then he saw Joel and Troy, as Troy mounted the bed and fed his fifteen-year old cock into his cum dripping hole. The fuck took only a few minutes, and he really didn't feel very much as his rear channel had been so stretched by the two previous cocks. Troy fired into him, and as soon as he lifted himself off the bed, young Joel mounted him and quickly fired his essence into the arse. Ronnie drifted off. He sensed a funny happy feeling.

The room was upside down when Jimmy awoke. He then realised that he was hanging spread-eagled against a wall. His arse burnt with fire. His balls, his pride and joy as they hung so low, were weighed down with a heavy weight strapped to them. He then felt a searing pain in his cock head. He couldn't see but knew that a pin or needle had been rammed into it.

He was conscious that some men were in the room with him, but he couldn't lift his eyes to see who they were. The weight on his balls was pulled down and the pain in his balls made him cry out. Then he felt liquid being poured into his arse and the burning sensation increased. He screamed again. Then another pain and he heard the weight crash to the ground, and his eyes where flooded with red blood. He felt the pain, but passed out.


Dawn was home asleep naked in her bed, when Joel's driver dropped Ronnie just before six pm on the Sunday evening. In his parents room he saw his mother, stark naked lying on the bed, her fingers across her cunt. He smiled as he moved closer to the bed and felt her firm well developed tits. He wanted to suck them, just as he had when he was a baby, but wasn't game. He did however run his fingers over her cunt and into her pubic bush. Then he heard movement downstairs, so hurried into his own room. His father appeared at his door. He was wearing a different pair of silk boxer shorts, and his father' cock was at least half-hard, and almost poking out the fly slit. He could see part of the knob and had the instant desire to suck it.

"Have a good time son," he inquired.

"Yes dad. Really good time and I learnt many new things". He added.

"How was Joel's dad. Was he nice to you".

"Oh, yes dad. He was very gentle with me". Oh, shit I thought, I shouldn't have said that. Christ, what do I say now?

"Oh yes dad", I repeated. "He was very kind and I like him a lot", I stumbled hoping he wouldn't have heard my first fuck up.

"How did you enjoy his gift".

Gift I thought. Oh shit, yes, his big cock.

"Yes dad. I really enjoyed his gift. He was very generous to me. It filled me with great pleasure".

"Well, son. I am extremely pleased with you and glad that you are learning so much and enjoying your friends".

With that he stood up and his big cock, very stiff was sticking straight out of the fly. I wanted to grab it and lick it and feel it. Then dad just stopped, bent forward so his cock was within an inch of my mouth and looked at me. He pushed ever so slowly forward and my lips were onto his cock. I opened my mouth and the big head, now leaking pre-cum partially entered. I licked and opened my mouth further. The knob moved in and gagged me a bit then my father started to rub his hand up and down the shaft and with a grunt he started to flood my mouth with a small spurt of his cum. I swallowed and swallowed and then he removed it, bent down and kissed me and walked in an unsteady way from my room.

I savoured the taste of my father's cum in my throat and on my lips. It felt so wonderful. I was tasting some of the fluid that was in essence part of me.

It was then that I felt the pain from my fucked arse. I got up, went to the shower and had a shit and then rubbed some of the Doctor's cream onto my poor burning arse.

Do you think it was Ronnie's father who was the second fucker?

More to cum.

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