Thai'd Downer 9

Jean, Ronnie and Dawn's mum, was happy. Until they had come to Thailand her sex life had been little better than non-existent. Brian, her husband of 16 years was slowing down in his sexual appetite for her. They had first engaged in sex only a matter of weeks before they were married, and she had initially found Brian's very large cock hurt when he pushed into her then virgin cunt.

She had grown up in a house of great moral feeling. Her parents were strict Baptist churchgoers and she did not feel the need to open her body to lust and boys' sexual desires. She was 20 when that big cock took her virginity and she had remained faithful to it till they arrived in Bangkok.

It was that first social gathering that opened her eyes. The other foreign workers wives all flirted openly with other men, including some of the singles, and on that first evening she had seen many a hand travel under garments to titillating places.

On the second evening they all gathered she had been introduced to many of the parents of the children who were going to the International School, where Dawn and Ronnie had enjoyed their first day. They all seemed very nice and the women quickly embraced her into their circle.

On that second night she had enjoyed a new drink sensation and it made her feel very happy. She also enjoyed sniffing up the sweet cigarette aroma that pervaded the room. She also noted that a few of the wives disappeared and then came back after a few minutes and that each of these disappearances coincided with some of the men also leaving the room. When she noted them back again they were in a terrific mood. Soon she sensed what was going on, but it wasn't until she realised that several of the women wore neither bras nor panties, that her brain was able to compute the scene.

On the third gathering she was asked about how Dawn was feeling and was she enjoying the school. She hadn't really asked Dawn, but she knew that she had to be happy because she hadn't complained. Mrs Jackson, Randy's mother was pleased to advise Jean that Randy was very taken with Dawn, and had been able to introduce her to many people and enjoyable things. This pleased Jean. When she eventually met Randy his body and presence overwhelmed her. She even felt her cunt twitch, with the thought of how big his boy cock might be, as the bulge in his school trousers was very large for a fifteen-year old boy.

That evening Mr Jackson asked her to go with him to look at something. He offered her a cigarette and a new drink and she was immediately very happy. Even when his hand went under her skirt and rubbed her cunt she didn't mind. It excited her. Then he ushered her into a room with a nice bed in it and soon his lips were washing her cunt, her panties lost forever. Then he removed her nice dress, ever so carefully and soon she found her tits being lavished by his tongue which only moments before had made her cunt feel so wonderful. Brian had never licked her cunt. Then when Mr Jackson stood up and removed his shirt and pants and she saw his magnificent cock, rock hard and dripping a long string of clear pre-cum, she just melted and pushed up against him allowing easy access for that big pole. Brian hadn't fucked her for over three weeks and she immediately found the feeling of a big cock sliding against the walls of her cunt sending her into a feeling of intense orgasm. She bucked and bounced and then she felt that big cock expand and pump spurt after spurt of hot cum into her. She didn't give a shit. It was the first time her cunt had ever felt another cock and she loved it.

Brian hadn't noticed that Jean wasn't with the rest of the gathering. He was already in another room, working his cunt-starved cock into Randy's voluptuous mother. He nibbled at her large firm tits and quickly brought the nipples to hardness. What he liked best was that the cunt he was fingering had no pubic hair on it. The feeling was tremendous and then when his big cock penetrated and he started to fuck he too quickly climaxed and tried to pull out only to find the legs clamping him into. He gushed into her with thrust after thrust.

When he returned to the gathering he had left his jockeys behind and couldn't care about trying to find them. On the way home he moved his hand onto Jean's pussy and found it very wet. When he sniffed his finger he noted a trace of semen smell. He licked it and rammed his hand down again. Jean opened her legs to allow him access. She then opened his zipper and without restricting jocks, pulled out his cunt smelling cock. She bent down and swallowed the still slimy head and sucked with relish. By the time the driver had them to home, they were both naked and Brian was stiff and ready. They quickly and silently climbed the rear stairs so as not to disturb the children, and were soon in bed having the best fuck in their entire married life. They fucked again later in the early morning hours. Brian rose for a piss visit to the bathroom and on the way noted that little Ronnie was lying naked on his bed. His tiny hairless cock was growing and at that moment was a very rigid four inches. He then peered into his daughter Dawn's room and noted that she too was lying on her bed, face down and naked. He lusted for her beautiful arse, but went back to Jean, his cock rock hard again for another enjoyable fuck. He told Jean about the children and she got up following the third fuck, her cunt dripping with cum and did her inspection. She was proud of her twelve-year old son's growing cock, and made a secret wish to handle it soon.

Ronnie soon was introduced to a new boy at school. He was in his class and already Harvey and Mervyn were showing him around. Randy also joined in the group and Ronnie immediately knew that the newcomer would be Randy's next conquest. His thoughts developed an image of how big his cock was, whether it had hairs or not, what about his balls and most important of all, was he circumcised or still had his foreskin like Ronnie. When they all were waiting for their drivers after school, Ronnie noted that the others had already left, and he felt angry that they had not included him in the obvious de-flowering of the new chum. He was so sexed up and annoyed that he told the driver to take him to Dr. Maxwell's Surgery. Dawn had gone off with Gail again, and Ronnie knew she was hoping to be fucked by Gail's dad. She had told him in great detail about her fucking and how she loved his big cut cock. Ronnie hadn't told her about Randy's dad fucking him and the pill as he hadn't really had time, and thoughts of that incident made his little cock rock hard.

The Doctor's receptionist was an older woman, who looked him up and down, with her gaze lingering on his crotch, so he pushed his bulge out further for her to notice, he hoped, that his cock was stiff. As he was waiting a young boy about ten years old came in and immediately was ushered in though one of the many doors leading from the room. Soon the Doctor emerged and a dark haired American boy Ronnie recognised from the senior grade at his school came out. His face was flushed and he walked with a peculiar swagger. Ronnie's mind quickly told him that the boy had just been fucked, and that made Ronnie's already stiff cock pump more.

The Doctor said hello and "great to see you. Won't be a minute", and was gone through the door the younger boy had used.

About 10 minutes later and by now his cock had subsided a little in hardness, the boy came out with the Doctor.

"Ronnie, this is Elton. He is Gail's younger brother. You should become friends. I think you will find a common interest."

Elton came over and shook hands with Ronnie and as he did so his index finger moved inside the palms and rubbed around. It felt strange but interesting, and he wondered what significance was with it. Elton then bent forward and almost kissed Ronnie, but instead his hand dropped and covertly it touched Ronnie's cock. He then backed away and turning said good afternoon to the Doctor and the receptionist and walked out the door.

Ronnie followed the Doctor into the same room and the Doctor told Ronnie to strip, which he did with intense speed. He lay on the examination table, his cock stiff resting along his hairless tummy. Then the door opened again and in came the receptionist. She came over looked at the spread naked boy, aimed a camera at him and flashed a photo. She then ran her hand over his stiff cock and departed. The Doctor commenced his examination, rubbing his undeveloped tits, than down his tummy to his cock and balls. He fingered them gently and then lifted his legs and ran his finger over the now well fucked arse rosebud. Then he rubbed some lube onto and into the boy pussy and felt his fingers open up the hole.

"Have you been wearing the butt plug all the time," he asked.

"Every night and most days at school. I forgot it last Thursday and I felt funny without it," Ronnie replied.

"Well it seems to be doing the job. Now how many fucks have you had since your visit here".

Ronnie started to add up but he lost count, so started again and this time he listed them out loud to the Doctor. He told of the weekday fucks with Troy and Joel and then he announced about Randy's dad's big cock opening him, mentioning the pill, and then about the second cock that was much bigger and that he had enjoyed.

The Doctor didn't seem surprised at all, but when Ronnie looked he had his monster cock out and it was getting stiffer and was dripping a long string of pre-cum. He turned and soon his trousers were off and his shirt and this handsome big man was standing erect beside him.

"Did you enjoy that big cock", he asked.

"Well, yes but I couldn't have taken it without that pill".

"Oh, yes you can. It just takes a little time for your arse muscles to adjust to opening. I think you are ready, even now. How would you like to try my big cock", and with that he pushed his cock into the boys face and let him lick off the dripping stream of pre-cum.

Then he moved around and pulled the boy down the table so his arse was almost hanging over the end. He raised his legs and ran the slippery head of his big cock up along the tiny arse crack depositing a string of pre-cum. He then applied a glob of lube to the opening little arse and some more to his cock head and then lent forward.

Ronnie felt the head against his hole and he relaxed and pushed down so that within a second the head was breaching his opening. He relaxed some more and he felt his muscles spread and the head went in even further. Then he pulled back just a fraction and then pushed gently again and this time more entered. There was a funny feeling of no pain and then he felt more of that big cock inside him. Soon more and he felt very full. Suddenly his body started to twitch and he felt really hot and jumpy and then he could feel the pubic hairs against his bum. He had all that huge cock inside him. The Doctor looked down at him, his eyes all glazed over and Ronnie felt weird. Then the fucking began and he was being ridden with long smooth gentle strokes. Then they increased and soon he could again feel his body getting hot and then with an almighty push, he felt the head expand and shot after shot of Doctor cum jetting into him. The Doctor bent down and kissed him, not very passionately he felt, just sort of automatically.

Slowly the big deflating cock was dragged out. He felt the large quantity of cum dribbling out of his arse as the cock left and the air seemed to drive all the way up inside his open tunnel.

"You should get to know Elton. He is a very nice boy and very, very sexy. Also I will introduce you to Austin, the boy that was here earlier. He craves for my cock now and loves being fucked here just like you now do. He comes here twice a week to be fucked."

When I got home mum was again lying naked on her bed. I peeked in and noticed that she had some fingers inside her cunt, which was very wet. Nobody else was home so I showered, took an enema to my sore arse and put on a tiny pair of silk shorts. I remembered as I walked down the stairs the butt plug, so I went back to my room and pushed it into my now well fucked little boy arse.

Dawn arrived home shortly after but was completely wasted and just went and showered and flopped onto her bed naked. I licked her cunt and tasted cum. I wondered whose cum I was enjoying.

I ate dinner alone and went up to bed.

More to cum.

Who was the mystery fucker?

Will there be a repeat of sucking his dad's nice cock?

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