Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf with Rolf's parents Georg and Eva. Max discovers new games with the brothers, whilst Rolf returns with his elder brother Adelmar.
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At first, the evening with the Greek brothers was the same as previous ones, and just as enjoyable. Even more so, because Max felt more comfortable with himself, more relaxed. He had arrived semi-hard and stayed liked that. One thing delighted him, all three boys had filthy arses which needed cleaning and were keen for him to do so, he spend a long time with his face pressed into each, tongue thrusting deeply.

Then, after a wonderful meal and a rest, they started wrestling. All four were in a head, laughing and messing about, when Max felt something warm. Someone was pissing. Dimitrios caught his eye and grinned. Then Max felt some more warm, and someone else was pissing. He could see Kyriakos's cock spurting piss. He wasn't shocked, it felt just like one of their other games, and so he let loose. Giorgos's face had been in his crotch, Giorgos didn't move away but allowed Max to drench him as if he was having a shower. That their sex afterwards smelt and tasted of piss was simply another turn on to Max.

Afterwards, covered in cum and piss, they grinned at Max and asked him how he liked their new game. He grinned back and said that he'd liked it a lot. Kyriakos ruffled Max's piss soaked hair, as Dimitrios looked at Giorgos and nodded, as if to say I told you so. They had to get a shower after that.

The four nights when the Germans were away stretched to five, and during this time Max alternated between sleeping with the Greeks and Giorgos sleeping with him; when Adelmar and Rolf came back, it seemed natural to carry on and indeed Giorgos was keen to do so. So that every two or three days Giorgos would sleep with Max and the rest of the time, Max slept in a heap with the three Greeks. He wasn't sure which he preferred, it was lovely having Giorgos all to himself, but also Max enjoyed being with all three and feeling himself buried amongst them.

Rather than disliking this arrangement, Adelmar and Rolf welcomed it and a few days after their return they moved into what had been Georg and Eva's room, leaving their room for Max. It was a bit bigger, with a far bigger bed. More room for Giorgos and Max to play.

The nights that he spent with the Greeks, their wrestling after dinner would now always finish with a pissing match. Sometimes it was that they played childish games trying to wet each other, sometimes they wrestled and allowed the piss to flow everywhere. And sometimes they sat outside on the brown grass and pissed over each other. Max was amazed at how Dimitrios would turn his face up and allow the piss to go everywhere, drinking in each drop. Dimitrios would even kneel down and allow the others to piss into his mouth. Max had seen Kyriakos do this a couple of times, but it was Dimitrios who was keen. Giorgos would laugh when Max suggested he do it and say that games were for children.

Part of Max had wondered whether Adelmar and Rolf would re-appear at all, whether Giorgos would simply get a message telling him that they were returning to Germany and to pack up all of their stuff. But not at all, one morning they simply reappeared, in the same car that Adelmar had driven the first day he had arrived. Dimitrios had been working on the drive and saw the car in a distance, had come running to tell Max and Kyriakos. By the time they had gathered outside the villa, Giorgos was there too.

Adelmar and Rolf when they got out of the car looked radiant, whatever had happened had obviously suited both of them. Both were wearing only jeans and t-shirt, Adelmar's were so tight that you could see all his muscles and with cock and balls clearly outlined. Rolf's jeans, on the other hand, were loose, they sat low on his hips revealing a great deal of his arse crack and were so ripped that his cock and balls were visible as he walked. Georg was wearing only a pair of shorts, ones so battered that they made the ones Giorgos wore look fresh. They were too small for him, so that the rear outlined his arse and at the front his cock was clearly visible in outline and seemed perpetually to be on the point of escaping.

Adelmar stretched, asked Kyriakos if there was any coffee, casually dropped his jeans and removed his t-shirt. He grinned and said that it felt great to be naked again. Adelmar was wearing all his piercings, he seemed to have stopped being discreet about his nose ring. He was also, still wearing a cock ring which emphasised his genitals somewhat. Rolf had gone in to the villa, he returned naked and that was when Max realised that there had been other changes.

Rolf now had nose ring just like his brother's, and Rolf had his nipples pierced with discreet barbells and a PA through the head of his cock. He was wearing quite a substantial cock-ring that pushed out his cock and balls. Rolf's ears had also been pierced, not with a stud but with large circular metal rings which stretched his ears. Just below his lower lip there was a spike sticking out which wobbled as he talked and finally, he had another piercing through his tongue. This latter he deliberately showed to Max by sticking out his tongue and wiggling it. Rolf grinned at Max's surprise and commented that his piercings looked cool; Max said he agreed. But privately was a little shocked at Rolf's transformation.

Georg was a subdued and subservient as he was on his departure. He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and on getting out of the car immediately went to his bedroom. Adelmar told them that Georg would be spending the rest of the holiday with friends of Adelmar's and would not return to the villa. About an hour after their arrival another car arrived and took Georg away. That was the last Max ever saw of him.

Adelmar and Rolf spent the rest of the day relaxing on the terrace, though relaxing seemed to involve rather a lot of physical action and Adelmar's arm spent quite a lot of time in and around Rolf's arse. Max finally wandered off to the beach.

There he found Dimitrios pretending to work, with Kyriakos and Giorgos not even pretending to. The brothers were puzzled, but defused it with humour. Dimitrios even joked that Georg had appeared just so that they would not think that Adelmar and Rolf had killed him. But Giorgos said that he had checked with Herr Hans, and nothing illegal had been done. Herr Hans had had a long talk with Georg. It was their duty to simply look after the guests in the villa.

So, with some reluctance and a degree of laxity, that is what happened.

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