Time Passes

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf and Rolf's elder brother Adelmar. Max is coming to the end of his stay.
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Max enjoyed the next couple of weeks because he relaxed and stopped worrying. He didn't think about any time beyond the end of the holiday. He allowed himself to enjoy his relationship with Giorgos without bothering over much about how it might develop. All three brothers clearly enjoyed having him around and Max could quite happily have spent every night with them. Their games continued to be outrageous and fun, but pissing was as far as they went.

When Giorgos was away, Max would stay with Dimitrios and Kyriakos. The atmosphere would then be subtly changed, as if Giorgos's absence was the signal for crazier games and even more pissing. But it was the nights when Giorgos stayed with Max in the villa he really enjoyed. Nothing much happened, but it was all special in a way. Giorgos often had some sort of little gift for Max, something silly or something to eat. He would always insist on showering with Max and shaving him.

And there was always Giorgos's arse, it was always there for deep exploration. If Giorgos was working around the villa and he saw Max, then Max would suddenly find Giorgos pressing his crack deep into his face. Max came to realise that all three brothers kept their arses dirty just for him. They never really discussed it, but most times he pressed is face into one of those aromatic crevices, it would be newly dirty, ready for Max to clean.

Giorgos never allowed himself to be fucked in public, where the Germans might see him, he seemed to think that this was a status issue. But in private, in Max's room and in the brothers own quarters, his arse was Max's to fuck whenever he wanted. Just him and Max in Max's bed was magical, but almost better in some ways was being in the middle of a sandwich, between Giorgos and one of his brothers, fucking one and being fucked by the other.

Giorgos always made sure that Max was well sun-screen, he enjoyed spreading it on Max's smooth skin and the public display of affection which this entailed. Whilst he participated in sex with Adelmar and Rolf if required, he clearly demonstrated that it was Max who had his affection. In fact, the affection of all three brothers.

Dimitrios took Max out on the boat as often as his work schedule allowed him. They now usually sailed naked and both enjoyed the element of showing off that this brought out. Sometimes they were lucky and found another boat with like-minded people, happy to fuck.

Max still enjoyed his jaunts with Kyriakos, and each time they would stop on the way back to the villa and enjoy a private session. This always involved piss games which were childish in the extreme but fun, in that Max knew they were always a prelude to sex and sucking Kyriakos's piss soaked cock was a treat. Kyriakos had another secret. Max came across him one day in the kitchen, furiously masturbating, the cum finally spurting into the food he was preparing for Adelmar and Rolf. Kyriakos had simply grinned and invited Max to do the same.

The Greek's attitude to Adelmar and Rolf was professional and correct, they still provided every service including sexual ones. But Adelmar and Rolf's sexual interests seemed to go well beyond what the Greeks felt they should provide and Max had to admit that Adelmar and Rolf were pretty self-absorbed, content to stay together for hours. Max flitted between the two groups, but spent most of his time with the Greeks. Adelmar and Rolf had made it clear that he was welcome to join in their sexual games, but though Max was intrigued he did not feel inclined to experiment with fisting. Yet.

The brothers remained fascinated by the Germans. Their piercings both attracted and repelled them, especially when Max told them that this was only the start. Rolf had explained that when he got back to Germany with Adelmar he planned to have more piercings.

It wasn't all sex, with Max and the brothers. They were eager to get every detail of his life in England and talked to some extent about their life together. When Max was alone with Giorgos, he was more open and quite frank about their money troubles when growing up, and how they had struggled to get Kyriakos through training school and that he and Kyriakos were determined that Dimitrios would be able to have the best education possible. Sometimes this got a bit heavy, but Max appreciated that Giorgos felt able to talk to him.

Then suddenly, the end of the holiday was approaching. Max had felt guilty about all the small gifts that Giorgos and the brothers had showered on him. He had taken the opportunity of his weekly phone call to his parents, to ask them to send a package over. His mother had been a bit surprised, especially when she learned that the present was for the Greeks rather than the Germans, but she had gone away and done as requested. She had done it brilliantly, even finding one or two DVD's which were not currently available. Max had determined that the brothers had a DVD player in the flat in Athens, so one morning when they were all taking a break in their quarters, Max walked over and presented them with a box containing DVDs of all their favourite English TV programmes plus a few others that he or his mother had thought they might enjoy. The brothers' response was overwhelming, they seemed profoundly touched at Max's gift and each kissed him deeply.

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