A Date, then back home

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, but Max is coming to the end of his stay and must return home.
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Dimitrios had to go to Athens for a couple of days to register at the University, so Kyriakos was going with him. For the one evening that they would be away, Adelmar and Rolf would go and eat with friends, so there would be no need for an evening meal at the villa. Giorgos asked Max if he would join him for dinner in the nearby town. The way he asked Max, in a rather formal manner looking a bit embarrassed, made Max wonder and before he could stop himself he blurted out, is this a date? Giorgos went bright red but nodded. Max stretched up and kissed him, saying yes immediately.

Afterwards Max reflected that his relationship with Giorgos seemed to be back to front, starting with wild sex and finishing with a date. But he dressed very carefully, digging out a good shirt that he'd barely needed to wear. Dimitrios, who looked after the house inside and out, proved a dab hand with an iron, and when Max met Giorgos at the villa door, both looked smart and dashing. Giorgos's hair was still damp and hung attractively round his head, his white shirt was open enough to reveal a great degree of chest hair.

Max was nervous, but he sensed that Giorgos was too. They drove down to the port and stopped at a small bar for a drink. Here they sat nervously together and Max decided that if he didn't say it now, he would lose courage and spoil the evening by worrying. But if he said it, he might spoil the evening too. What the hell. So, Max coughed and then launched into his speech, saying that the time in the villa had been the most wonderful period of his life, that he'd loved being with the brothers. When Giorgos made to speak, Max stopped him and continued, saying how his relationship with Giorgos had meant a lot to him, more than he could express. How he realised that Giorgos was 12 years older, but that he did not understand how he was going to manage when he returned alone to England.

They couldn't kiss, but Giorgos clearly wanted to and pressed Max's hands under the table. He said that he'd been worried that Max didn't feel as he did and that his little smooth boy would disappear at the end of the summer and he would never see him again. The rest of the evening passed in a whirl, it was like a first date in many ways, they talked about themselves and what they felt. The one area they did not talk about, was the future.

When they returned to the villa, by common agreement, they went to the brothers' quarters. As Max was undressing, Giorgos stripped off then led Max outside and there under the stars they fucked for what might be the last time. For both of them it wasn't just a fuck, it was a lot more; quite what, neither would have been able to say, but something very special.

Afterwards they sat in the dark, smelling of cum, drinking glasses of local brandy. He explained that he and his brothers had been nervous of involving Max in their games too early, frightened that they would scare Max off. Max half wished they had done something earlier but realised that he might indeed have been scared off. Giorgos reassured him that next year they would do a lot more.

Giorgos had started talking about next year as if it was certain that it was going to happen. Max wasn't sure, but he kept quiet and simply allowed himself to fall asleep in Giorgos's arms.

The next day they lazed about and did very little, just appreciating their last moments alone.

When Dimitrios and Kyriakos had finally arrived it was time for Max to go for his meal with Hans and Eva. This invitation had been entirely unexpected, and Max was a bit nervous. But he needn't have been. Hans and Eva were entirely friendly, Georg's name wasn't mentioned. They ate casually on the terrace and afterwards Hans thanks Max, saying that Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios all spoke highly of him.

The boys insisted on travelling with him to the airport, then suddenly he was on the plane in a last minute rush of kisses. Giorgos thrust a package into his hand and they were gone.


It was only when he was, finally, back in his own room at home late on Saturday evening that Max burst into tears. He honestly didn't know how he was going to cope and there wasn't anyone he could really tell.

But Max stuck to his decision about being honest, to a certain extent, with his parents. He divided his photos up and the ones which showed sex, or erections, were carefully put in a passworded folder. The rest were the ones he brought down on his lap-top for his Mum and Dad to see on the Sunday evening. Beforehand he'd warned them that Georg and Eva were nudists and that everyone had been nude. Max's parents were a little taken aback at first, particularly when it came to seeing pictures of Georg and Eva wandering about naked. They were even more surprised to see Max so casually naked, and completely shaved; neither parent mentioned this however.

As casually as possible Max mentioned that he had had a fling with a guy whilst there; he said it was a local guy but left it at that. From the number of times that the Greek brothers appeared in the photographs, Max's parents assumed that it was one of them and presumed the youngest brother.

After Max had gone to bed, his parents had a long discussion about what had gone on at the villa. It was clear that rather more than just nudity had happened and they were quite surprised at how open Georg and Eva had been. There was also the issue of Eva going off and Georg disappearing with his two sons. That Max was not saying everything was clear, but his parents filled in a lot with guesswork and imagination. Max's parents reflected that they had both got up to worse things at Max's age and were grateful he had returned in one piece. They both assumed that Max would get over his summer adventure.

The return to school reduced the holiday to just another story and it was a month before he heard from the Greeks. Then Dimitrios and Kyriakos returned to Athens and started emailing Max. The emails were stupid, bits of bad English mixed with images and video links. But Dimitrios insisted he always correct what they sent. So at the end of each of his emails, reporting the very little that Max felt was happening in his life, Max would retype the boys letter removing errors; a process which required careful though and recourse, on a few occasions, to his mother.

She was slightly worried about Max, that he was depressed though Anthony simply put it down to Max's age. One morning, when tidying Max's room, she found a package in his bottom draw. It still had its wrapping paper carefully preserved with a note ‘From Giorgos with love'. There was a small box and inside a ring with a Greek text engraved on it. It was a lovely thing and seemed to be hall-marked. So, her curiosity piqued, she did some research.

One of the women at the library where she worked was good at languages and soon found out that the text read I will remember, the markings took more time but the internet was a wonderful thing. The ring was high quality gold, recently made by a craftsman in Athens, on whose website were a variety of similar custom made rings. It was expensive and valuable. Max had never worn it but patently treasured it; it was in his draw with his other treasures.

They discussed it, but came to the conclusion that unless Max confided in them, there was little they could do. An affair with a Greek, 12 years older (Giorgos it seems was the older of the three brothers) wasn't something that Max's parents could heal.

Then one gloomy Sunday when Max was simply kicking around the house, he broke down. He'd tried to talk to his mates, but found no one in whom he felt he could confide, no-one he dared reveal his secret. He considered various options and then, as his mum baked, he sat down and the flood gates opened.

He still edited what was said, but his mother got the gist. As she related things to her husband later, they perceived that Max had had flings with all three brothers but Giorgos had come out on top. Quite how this had happened, neither was sure, and once he'd talked Max clammed up again. He was embarrassed that he'd revealed so much.

His mother felt that Max should simply learn to get over it, but her husband saw no reason why they should not help, so the idea that the three should stay over Christmas was born.

By this time Giorgos was contributing to the joint emails as he spent part of his time in Athens. They were overjoyed at the idea of visiting England and seeing Max again.

Giorgos had his own email and had got a new phone on which not only could send and receive emails, but which got a decent signal at the villa. Max dared to send him a mail admitting how much he'd missed him and how much he looked forward to seeing him at Christmas. Almost by return, a long and very badly spelt mail came from Giorgos, almost echoing Max's.

Max started to think how he might afford to travel out to see the boys next year, to see Giorgos next year. Saving and part time jobs became a priority.

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