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Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf, Rolf's parents Georg and Eve and Rolf's elder brother Adelmar. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, but Max has now returned home. This new episode is shorter, clearing up loose ends before Christmas.
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When Max heard his father mention Adelmar's name in connection with his business affairs, it was something of a shock. As far as his father was concerned, Adelmar had simply taken over his father's business interests after Georg had taken a step back from the business when Eva had left him.

Max was torn. Should he say anything? To say something meant revealing all. The narrative hardly made sense as it was, but to edit it would be difficult. So one Saturday morning, when his father was reading the newspaper in his study, Max went in. He said that his father needed to know something about Adelmar. Max gulped, then admitted to his father that what he had to say was embarrassing and that he'd rather his Dad not ask questions until the end. Anthony wondered what was coming as Max, starting out the window and not looking at his father, recited his tale.

Anthony was amazed and furious. Furious that Georg and Eva should play games with his son and amazed that Max had come out of it as unscathed as he seemed to have. He wondered what sort of men the Greeks were; from Max's narrative they seemed to have behaved very professionally in a very odd situation and had been very supportive of Max. He longed to meet them.

Anthony had a few questions, then he hugged his son and said that as far as he was concerned, most of what Max had told him did not have to leave this room but that he admired Max's courage for telling him. The information was however useful and Max was pleased to note that his father casually mentioned, a few weeks later, that his firm would no longer be doing business with Adelmar.


At first the exchange of emails with Giorgos was restrained and rather coy. This was partly because Giorgos lacked the confidence to write in English and Max lacked the confidence to say exactly what he felt. Max couldn't find the words so instead he sent Giorgos a picture, of himself nude, taken in his bedroom. Giorgos responded with delight, so Max followed it with another this time a little more daring, with his cock getting hard. Giorgos sent a picture of himself, it wasn't very good one but there he was smiling, naked, a little embarrassed and almost hard. They continued the exchange and the pictures got better, and they both got more daring, until both were sending pictures with them fully hard.

Then Dimitrios and Kyriakos started sending pictures too, so that Max found he was really looking forward to their emails. Finally he started losing something of his inhibitions and he started describing to Giorgos what he'd like to do. It was after receiving a similar email from Giorgos that Max's final inhibition disappeared and he wrote back to Giorgos saying how much he missed him and how much Giorgos meant to him. Giorgos's reply was almost incoherent, but extremely deeply felt; clearly neither Dimitrios nor Kyriakos had seen it nor helped him correct his English. Neither said much more on the subject, but it was there underneath all the other exchanges. And it helped keep Max sane until they came to visit at Christmas.

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