Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, but Max has now returned home and the Greek brothers are coming to stay for Christmas.
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The moment for Dimitrios, Kyriakos and Giorgos could not arrive too soon for Max. For a month before, his mother started worrying about arrangements for the Greeks' visit. She was clearly exercised at entertaining them and wanted things to be right; everything came under consideration, where they were going to sleep, what to put on the beds, whether they would be warm enough, what they were going to eat, what to do about Christmas presents and whether they would get bored. That fact that Kyriakos was a chef was rather worrying Teresa, who suddenly found herself becoming nervous about her own cooking, something which she had always took a pride in.

The issue of sleeping arrangements was one which exercised Max and both his parents. Despite the size of the house, there was only one real spare bedroom and when large numbers of Max's cousins came to stay, they were put up in dormitory fashion in the huge games room in the basement, which was extremely popular. So there were one or two possibilities, Giorgos could take the spare room and his brothers could sleep on sofa-beds in the library, but this was one of the rooms they used a lot at Christmas so it was difficult. Or Giorgos could sleep with Max and the other brothers share, or … There were so many possibilities. What Max could not imagine suggesting was that the brothers might like to sleep all together. His parents were being broad minded, but incest was not a topic that they had ever discussed, nor could Max ever imagine doing so.

But Anthony had picked up on the fact that Max seemed to have slept with all three brothers and during one of the interminable discussions about arrangements, suggested that the three brothers sleep in the games room and that Max might join them. Max leapt at the solution and his mother seemed happy too.

Finally, the day arrived. Max and both his parents drove to Manchester Airport to meet the boys. And then, suddenly they were there, grinning away looking as sexy as ever. Parents introduced, everyone was kissed, Max noticed that his father even allowed himself to be kissed in greeting. Max suddenly found himself very shy when greeting Giorgos, aware of their audience but Giorgos swept him up in a big hug which carried him away. Max felt his parents noticing, but didn't care. They had been aware for months, of Max's relationship with Giorgos, but seeing them together for the first time was a bit of a shock, particularly as Giorgos was so uninhibited. Things might have got a bit sticky, but the Greek brothers unintentionally defused everything by being so charming.

They were enthusiastic in their being in England, and finding everything a novelty. They were bubbling over with so much energy and as usual competing with each other, but also solicitous of Max's parents and insisting they carry their own luggage.

As they were walking to the car Anthony asked if they had brought warm coats with them and Giorgos responded that they were wearing them. The rather light coats they had brought were rather inadequate for the cold snap that the area was having, and certainly would not cope with the forecast weather. Anthony laughed and without saying anything, simply drove from the airport to the nearest discount warehouse, he'd obviously thought about it. Here they bought the Greeks three cheap and unlovely but very warm coats. Despite objections, Anthony insisted on buying.

The Greeks continued to be enthusiastic when they arrived at the house. Here's Teresa produced tea and cake, and the Greeks produced small gifts for everyone, honey and suchlike for Teresa and Greek brandy for Anthony. Everything was polite and a little bit stilted, all of them being careful with each other; until Teresa asked Max to show the boys to their room.

Then, when they saw that they had their own private area, shared with Max, they broke into huge grins. When Max shut the door, they fell upon him and were soon all four in a naked heap on the floor. In quick succession Max was fucked by three eager cocks, whilst he found his face embedded in three equally eager arses. The resulting melee was far more uninhibited than their sex would be for a while, as all four forgot where they were in their eagerness to get together.

After a long while, Dimitrios and Kyriakos went off for a shower, leaving Giorgos and Max together. Giorgos kissed Max and lost track of time. Till Kyriakos was shouting from the bathroom that it was time for Giorgos to shower, so he and Max went into the shower and wasted more time as cleaning developed into all sorts of other games, ending with Max fucking Giorgos.

Returning to his parents drawing room, his arse aching and his face a-glow, was a strange experience for Max and he couldn't help but worry about whether his parents would notice something. They did, of course, but didn't comment in fact Anthony noted how his son seemed far more himself. What both parents noticed was how all three Greeks created a strong physical presence in the room, themselves all glowing. There was lots of chest hair visible from Giorgos and Kyriakos as all three had shirts which were open down the front and all three wore tight fitting, light cotton trousers which showed off well developed arses and thighs; with no underwear, details could be seen and all had substantial bulges. But this combined with sparkling smiles and perfect manners.

For the next three days, life was a bit disjointed. The Greeks were keen to make a positive contribution, but Max's parents insisted that they were visitors. During the day they went visiting sights, it was nice enough to go walking and exploring and the Greeks enjoyed the English countryside. Then at night, Max and the three would cuddle up together and allow their pent up energy to be released. Since the first evening, all four had been more aware of their surroundings and nervous of making their sexual activities too noticeable to Max's parents.

On the day before Christmas Eve, the weather turned and it wasn't possible to go out exploring. Max ended up playing games on his computer with Dimitrios, whilst Giorgos got talking to Max's Dad about the problems with their swimming pool, and Kyriakos went into the kitchen to find Max's Mum. The result was a day which no-one had quite planned. Kyriakos spent the morning exploring the kitchen with Teresa and announcing that he would like to cook dinner. Giorgos and eventually Dimitrios spent quite some time examining the pool mechanism and advising Anthony. Giorgos wanted to fix it there and then, but it was simply too cold.

Then in the afternoon, Teresa, Kyriakos and Dimitrios went shopping for food and as if it had been organised, Anthony went in to his study to work, closing the door and putting the radio on. Max and Giorgos retired to the huge bathroom that the Greeks were using and prepared to enjoy themselves. For the first time in months, Giorgos shaved Max, and Max got chance to explore Giorgos's arse in a way that had not been possible earlier. They were still there when Kyriakos and Dimitrios arrived back, full of the wonders and oddities of English shops. Kyriakos was too excited about cooking to stop for long, but Dimitrios joined Max and his brother for a bit.

Dinner that evening was a long and lively affair, with plenty of alcohol, as Kyriakos produced an amazing spread which managed evoke Greece even in a wintry North of England.

Next morning, perhaps because everyone was a little hung over, were less frantic with no particular attempts to entertain the boys. Kyriakos went into the kitchen to show Teresa some of the recipes he'd cooked the previous night. Max and Giorgos decided to go for a walk, they invited Dimitrios but he demurred and spent the morning playing on Max's computer.

The walk was a chance for Max and Giorgos to get more comfortable with each other, with the idea that they were planning for the immediate future at least. Giorgos mentioned his idea that Max might join them at the villa and be paid for it. He explained that he had talked to Herr Hans, who was sympathetic and quite happy to pay Max, as this would mean he could free up Kyriakos and Dimitrios to work occasionally at some of Herr Hans's newer villas. It seems that Hans was expanding his operation. Hans would even pay the costs of his flight out.

With the prospect of a summer with Giorgos ahead of him, Max broke down and confessed how much he'd missed Giorgos, missed all of them and Giorgos admitted that he'd missed his little smooth boy and that his brothers had complained that he'd been like a bear with a sore head.

If anyone saw them kissing and embracing, then neither worried. They were happy.

The Christmas Eve meal was a joint enterprise between Kyriakos and Teresa, and judged a great success. Traditionally the family ate fish, but Kyriakos brought new ideas to its cooking and presentation. Then the family all went to midnight mass, a service which puzzled and intrigued the Greeks, but not nearly so much as the Greeks intrigued the local church goers.

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