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Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, Max has now returned home and the Greek brothers have come to stay for Christmas.
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Christmas passed in the usual way. The Greeks had small presents for everyone, with plenty of little jars of honey from their local village and local brandy. They were quite a hit with family members, adding a degree of exotic novelty to the Christmas celebrations.

The day after Boxing Day was a deliberately quiet day. Max and Giorgos were messing about in the bathroom so Dimitrios walked up to Max's room where they also used the bathroom, and took a shower. When he'd finished he walked out, naked, but carrying his towel in front of him. At first he'd been very careful when walking round the house, aware that he shouldn't be naked, but he'd seen interest in the eyes of both Max's parents and rather liked the idea of getting attention. Anthony appeared and stood, surprised at seeing a nearly naked Dimitrios. Dimitrios said hello and rather than covering up, he put his towel on his arm giving Anthony a good view.

Anthony took in Dimitrios's beautifully put together body, his all over tan and the completely relaxed way he appeared naked. All sorts of confused thoughts came over Anthony and he was aware of his cock starting to get hard. For the Greeks' visit, the central heating had been turned up high, so he was just wearing a t-shirt and light cotton pants, with nothing underneath, for knocking around the house. So it soon became obvious how hard he was. He nervously adjusted his cock but that only made things worse. Dimitrios eyed Anthony's bulge and wondered how like his son's cock his was, at any rate it looked rather enticing. Dimitrios's own cock started to get harder, Anthony eyed it nervously, made a brief, polite comment to Dimitrios and fled.

A short while later Kyriakos was in the kitchen with Teresa; he was demonstrating a technique to her and finding that she was not getting the wrist action correct. So he stood behind her and leaned against her, putting his hands on her wrists. She became very aware of Kyriakos's body pressing against hers, he made no attempt to disguise the fact nor to try not to. In fact, his hips pressed against her so that she could feel his cock pressing against her arse. He was obviously not wearing anything under his light trousers and his cock seemed perfectly hard and very substantial. He stopped holding her wrists and abandoned any attempt to pretend to be cooking. Instead he nuzzled her neck. She knew that she should object, but didn't. His hands moved down her sides, lifting up her skirt and pushing down her panties. He whispered that she shouldn't be wearing them, that a woman should keep her glory free and open; instead of just pushing them down he squatted down and pulled them off completely and kicked them away. He then applied his face to her arse and allowed his tongue to explore; she leaned forward allowing him access, oblivious to the fact that they might be seen. As he stood up again, he removed his trousers so that he was naked from the waist down, and swiftly entered her. He was large, larger than her husband and she felt his cock thrust deep into her.

Afterwards she insisted that she could not continue cooking and Kyriakos walked off, carrying his trousers, his cock still half hard and swinging in front of him. Teresa picked up her panties, but did not put them on, and went in search of her husband. He had decided to come and find his wife and was rather startled to pass a half-naked Kyriakos, dick still swinging, walk past him with a smile. Kyriakos's dick was even more impressive than his younger brother's, which got Anthony thinking again.

He found his wife in guilty confessional mood, and it was easy enough to confess his own temptations. They'd not had to struggle with these temptations since Max was born, before then both had been quite active and they'd enjoyed varying and swapping partners. Anthony was shocked to find himself so attracted to the Greek men and shocked to find that the idea of one of them fucking his wife, rather than annoying him, turned him on. But Max was now nearly 18 and had evidently spent the summer in a sexual free for all with, not only the three Greeks, but his school friend Rolf, Rolf's elder brother and his parents. Max's parents thought that, with care, things could be managed. They decided to shower together and as they undressed, Anthony commented on his wife's lack of panties. He had already been experimenting with going commando and was excited when she told him of Kyriakos's comment. Even before they could shower, he was hard and absurdly turned on by following in Kyriakos's wake.

That afternoon, things worked out perfectly, just not as planned.

Max and Giorgos had finished messing about and Max went up to his room to get some clothes. When he returned to the room whether they were sleeping he found all three together, Giorgos looking a bit fierce and his brothers rather glum. Giorgos insisted that they tell Max what had been going on. To say that Max was taken aback by the news that his parents had had encounters with Dimitrios and Kyriakos was an understatement. Max had never thought about his parents as sexual beings, but they were younger than Rolf's and both in good shape. What Giorgos wanted to do was to forbid Dimitrios and Kyriakos to do anything further and keep their dicks well under control. But Max was not so sure, if he and Giorgos could mess about, why not his parents.

After lunch Max and Giorgos had been going to go for a walk, but Dimitrios announced that he was going for a walk and Kyriakos said he wanted to teach Teresa a new technique; so Max and Giorgos retired to their room and continued where they'd left off that morning. If anyone had wandered in they would have found the pair of them naked on one of the mattresses, enjoying each other. The door wasn't locked, but no-one walked in as everyone else was busy somewhere.

Teresa was startled to find Kyriakos appearing in the kitchen wearing only trousers. He grinned at her and stood behind her, grasping her waist. He then squatted down and lifted her skirt, to his delight she was without panties, his face pressed in deep. When Kyriakos stood up he was naked and made short work of her dress, so that when he entered her, she was naked too, despite the public location. It wasn't that Kyriakos was more imaginative than her husband, but perhaps just that fact that the two of them had become more comfortable. Kyriakos was considerate, but also forceful and he overcame her doubts and entered her from both front and back. He did have more stamina than her husband and by the time that they finished, she was ready for a bath to soak away aches.

Anthony was sitting in his study working, well pretending to work. He was surprised when Dimitrios walked in, especially as the young man was entirely naked. Dimitrios grinned at him and shut the door. Anthony was taken aback but Dimitrios's appearance entirely chimed with his recent thoughts. Dimitrios bent down and manoeuvred Anthony's trousers off. He wasn't wearing any underwear and, much like his son, he was entirely shaved. In fact Max had unknowingly given his father the idea; Dimitrios loved what he was seeing.

There was no question of what was going to happen, Dimitrios was firmly in control. Anthony's tongue had spent a considerable time thrust up Dimitrios's arse and Dimitrios's cock had stretched Anthony's arse to almost breaking point. By the time they had finished, Anthony was completely uncaring of the fact that they were fucking in his study with the door open, he was completely lost.

Enjoyment over, Dimitrios wandered back to his room for a shower, remaining as naked as he had been earlier. He found Giorgos and Max still on the bed and joined them. This time it was Dimitrios's arse which got stretched as both Max and Giorgos had a go at him, finally being joined by Kyriakos who seemed still full of energy despite his session with Teresa.

Anthony stayed in the study when Dimitrios left, feeling rather sore and a little shell shocked. He was going to go and get a shower. He pulled his trousers back on but didn't bother with the shirt. Then he decided to go and see Max, he walked down to the games room, the door was open.

In the middle of the floor was Dimitrios, naked as were the other three. Dimitrios had Max fucking him and was taking Giorgos's huge cock in his mouth at the same time. Kyriakos was watching, stroking his cock, he was the only one that saw Anthony, he gave Anthony a huge grin and waved him in. But Anthony shook his head and left.

He wasn't surprised to find Max having sex with the other brothers, they'd already worked that one out. What he hadn't figured was that the three brothers had sex with each other. But on reflection it seemed obvious really.

Anthony returned up to the bathroom he shared with his wife. She was soaking in the bath so he had a long hot shower and shaved himself. Since seeing the pictures of Max shaved completely, he had been intrigued and his wife had encouraged him to so the same. Now he found the business of shaving therapeutic. He and his wife exchanged news, and truth to tell, compared notes. Then he told her about seeing Max and the others, she wasn't completely surprised and was far less bothered about the idea of incest than he was, she pointed out that there wasn't the worry that any would get pregnant. They laughed.

Later on, Max found his father in the study. Max had not seen his father appear in the doorway of the games room, but Kyriakos had told him. Rather hesitantly, Max tried to explain how he understood that Giorgos and his brothers would always have a lot of sex with other, but that that was simply tourism and entertainment. His father was amazed at how calmly Max could talk about it and dismiss the sex as tourism. Max went on, stumbling rather, to explain how his and Giorgos's relationship was different and not just based on sex. That Dimitrios and Kyriakos had a similar relationship and that the four were brothers and shared everything, including sex.

Anthony was amazed at the way Max seemed not only to cope with the idea of incest but to celebrate it. When asked if he wasn't bothered by the idea of brothers having sex with each other Max turned earnestly to his father and said that he thought that it was a lovely way for a family to be closer and that his father should not be put off by what had happened with Adelmar, until he had come along Rolf had had a good relationship with his parents.

That evening, things would have been a little quiet as everyone tried to assimilate what had happened. But Max, his parents and their Greek visitors had been invited to friends in the village. They went along and ended up having a fabulous time as the three Greeks charmed and entertained everyone.

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