Christmath Aftermath

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, Max has now returned home and the Greek brothers have come to stay for Christmas and his parents have also discovered the delights of uninhibited sex with the Greeks.
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Everyone slept late next morning. The Greeks seemed to have decided that they need not keep up formality so much and appeared at breakfast wearing either shorts or light pants and nothing else. They, and Max, were all in a good mood. Afterwards Max had to go and visit some friends and took Giorgos with him.

Shortly afterwards, Teresa found herself with company in the kitchen. Not Kyriakos as expected by Dimitrios, the brothers had decided to swap over. Dimitrios was naked, he hadn't bothered even to put on shorts. After all, his brother was going to be visiting Anthony, so there was no longer any need to hide, was there? And Kyriakos went into the study and found Anthony eminently willing to play.

Giorgos and Max returned rather earlier than expected. Giorgos went off to the kitchen, in all innocence, to find his brother eagerly fucking Teresa. Giorgos had been worried that the brothers usual free-wheeling attitude to sex would cause problems between Max and his parents. But Max seemed to positively welcome the idea and Giorgos felt that Max's parents were very like many of the couples who had come to the villa over the years, ready for an adventure.

It didn't take much encouragement for Giorgos to strip off and join them. Teresa found that the two worked smoothly together, she wondered what it would be like to have sex with all three of them. They encouraged her to go further than she would have expected. She allowed herself to be coaxed towards taking Giorgos's huge cock both from the front and from the rear, finding unexpected delight in being penetrated simultaneously front and back by the two hugely enthusiastic Greeks.

Max went to his room to take his shoes and socks off and changed into some more casual pants, then thinking about it he slipped his t shirt off as well. He wondered where everyone was. He walked towards he father's study and stood in the doorway stunned and fascinated. His father was lying on his back on his desk, naked with his legs in the air giving an equally naked Kyriakos access to his arse. Kyriakos was busy thrusting away. At first the two did not notice them, but when they did Kyriakos simply grinned at him, his father looked more abashed but instead of waving him away invited him in.

By stepping over the threshold, Max crossed a line which he never expected to ever cross. It excited him and scared him, but seeing his father naked and prone, giving himself totally to Kyriakos made his cock hard. Max let his pants drop and stroked his cock.

When everyone had come, in one rather noisy climax, Kyriakos grinned at Max, gave him a hug and a kiss and wandered back to his room for a shower. Max noted that Kyriakos was naked, that he hadn't bothered to even put a pair of shorts on. Max hung back and looked at his father nervously. Neither dressed and Max noted with interest that his father was completely shaved. He had also noted that, even when hard, his father's cock was only average in length, far less than those of the Greek brothers and less, perhaps, than his own.

It was an awkward conversation, but having gone over the line both were aware that it would be difficult to go back. Anthony was worried that Max would be shocked and embarrassed at seeing his parents sexually active, and Max was worried that his father would be embarrassed at having Max see him like that. It took them some time, and lots of awkward fumbling, before each realised that the other was comfortable. There was one thing, however, that Anthony was insistent upon, that this must be like a holiday were rules were relaxed. When the Greeks returned home, then things would change, though both knew that things would never quite go back to normal.

One change happened quite naturally, as they each left to go and get a shower, neither bothered to dress. It was years since Anthony had felt he could wander round the house naked; as he made his way back to the bedroom, he bumped into his wife, herself equally naked. The two of them had a joint hot shower, to relieve aching arses and such like, swapping notes. Anthony talked of discovering the excitement of having sex in front of his son, and how Max had stripped off to reveal himself in all his glory. His wife talked of taking both the Greeks at once and how she would like to take all three at once. Both admitted that the new turn their sex life had taken was unexpected and completely enticing. There was something else, which neither yet admitted, both had fantasised about Max not just looking on but participating. In the games room, Max and the brothers also shared their experiences, but in a rather wilder and more lively fashion which ended with the brothers ganging up on Max and of course all fucking him.

For the afternoon, things were relatively quiet as everyone recovered and recouped, and the presence of visitors helped. When these had departed it was almost time for the evening meal. As they gathered for a drink in the garden room, overlooking the snow covered lawn, the Greeks asked if it was ever warm enough to relax outside without clothes; to them the frozen landscape seemed far from their experience. Anthony laughed and explained that it was perfectly warm in the summer, and that you could take your clothes off but they didn't go completely nude. The Greeks were puzzled as to why not and Anthony tried to explain how the English didn't usually feel comfortable being naked at home, even if they did so on holiday; and besides it was difficult with a small child. Here the Greeks laughed and said that Max wasn't so small any more. Max went red, and all of them were aware that Max had demonstrated that his cock was as big, if not bigger than his father's.

Dimitrios asked whether it was too cold to go out into the snow, what it would be like naked. Anthony said there was no reason why he couldn't, some people did; but that it would be cold. Dimitrios needed no further excuse and slipped off his shirt and trousers, putting his shoes back on and ran outside. He was followed by his brothers, then after a pause by Max and his father.

When Teresa came out from the kitchen, to her amazement the men were all in the garden running around naked, throwing snowballs at each other and obviously very cold. She went to get towels, then they came in, laughing and joking, the Greek brothers ending up in a snowy pile together, laughing that they were huddling together for warmth.

The same manic atmosphere carried over into dinner, fuelled probably by the drinks beforehand. At dinner, Max and his parents alternated in the seating with the Greeks, so that Giorgos was next to Max, Kyriakos next to Teresa and Dimitrios next to Anthony. Giorgos allowed his hand to wander onto Max's knee, gradually becoming more daring and eventually letting it settle on Max's crotch where his cock was rapidly getting hard. Max let his hand settle on Giorgos's cock and they moved their chairs closer so that they could do so easily. Moving his chair gave Max a better view of his mother and Kyriakos. Kyriakos had his hand resting on her lap, and she eventually opened her legs so that Kyriakos's fingers could reach her pussy. It was at this moment that she felt she should have called a halt, and let everyone retire; but instead she let Kyriakos undo the bottom buttons of her dress and reveal her naked cunt to everyone.

Anthony was equally conflicted, feeling that he should call a halt, but equally enjoying the sight of Kyriakos and his wife, and the way Giorgos's had slipped his hand inside Max's trousers. He allowed instinct to overrule sense and unfastened his own trousers, unzipping and pushing them down. Dimitrios grinned at Anthony, and stood up. Anthony pushed his chair back to give Dimitrios access, thus giving the others a clear view of his naked cock. Dimitrios squatted in front of him and was soon busy. Then Dimitrios lifted Anthony's legs, removing his trousers completely and exposing his naked arse and pink hole.

It started with them in pairs, with Dimitrios fucking Anthony, Giorgos fucking Max and Kyriakos fucking Teresa, but then the Greeks started to move round so that each fucked all three. Then things started to become something of a free for all. At one point Anthony had two Greeks giving him attention, fucking his arse and face, then at another point all three were fucking Teresa with Giorgos driving his cock deep into her arse, Kyriakos into her cunt and Dimitrios's cock filling her face. Max and his father watched and then Max moved over towards his father, his father's hole remained exposed and Max was tempted. Tentatively he moved, surprised to find his father didn't push him away, but welcomed him.

Next morning, Max and his parents woke up with the feeling, did that really happen? Max awoke alone, the Greeks must have already risen. He pulled on some pants and went to find breakfast, though he was a bit nervous of meeting his parents. Not just witnessing the sex, but the feeling of his cock entering his father's arse, and the feeling that the pleasure had been mutual. But on entering the kitchen he found just the Greeks. They turned to greet him as he entered, smiles on their faces and not a stitch of clothing on. They had obviously decided that after the previous night that there wasn't any need to worry about being modest.

Max was going to remonstrate, but Giorgos came over and kissed him, at the same time his hands pushed Max's pants down. The waist band caught on his cock, which was getting hard and stuck out. Giorgos laughed and stopped kissing Max to give himself time to remove Max's pants properly. Pants off, Giorgos returned to kissing Max and then picked him up and placed him on the table and started eating his arse.

When Anthony arrived he didn't stand a chance; standing in the doorway watching his son's arse being rimmed on the kitchen table, he was set upon by Kyriakos and Dimitrios, his own pants removed and his arse abused by both of them.

By the time Anthony returned to his wife with her cup of coffee, he had to admit that it was now a losing battle. He'd abandoned his pants, and his wife was surprised to find him walking back in naked, his arse once more sore from use.

He and his wife had just about decided that they ought to put their foot down, and get the Greeks to behave more modestly and reduce the amount of sexual activity, when Dimitrios and Kyriakos appeared in the open door. They were polite and waited to be invited in, but their enthusiasm and high spirits were infectious. They had left Giorgos and Max to some privacy and decided to go and say good morning to Teresa. Their idea of good morning involved a foursome with both Max's parents. For the first time, Anthony found himself in a sandwich between his wife and Kyriakos, Dimitrios completed things by fucking Teresa's arse as well.

Needless to say, they were late for their lunch appointment. The Greeks had been popular in the village and their last few days were littered with invitations to lunch and to drinks. When they returned to the house that evening, well fed and watered, everyone was in high spirits. Teresa had been worried about all the sexual activity, and had thought that they ought to try and calm things down a little. Anthony had not been so certain, but had agreed in principle. But when they stripped of their outer garments, Kyriakos had a big grin on his face, his trousers were unzipped and his cock erect and proud. As if it was the most natural thing in the world Dimitrios dropped his own trousers and stripped off his shirt.

Kyriakos walked over to Teresa and put a hand on her crotch, grinned again and lifted her skirt. She was naked underneath, so he squatted down and applied his face to her cunt. She surrendered, there seemed to be no stopping their enthusiasm. Dimitrios grinned, let out a little whoop and then dropped his own jeans and joined Kyriakos and Teresa.

Max found Giorgos's hand slipping down the back of his trousers, he looked up at Giorgos who bent down and kissed him. Anthony stood there for a bit, watching the two Greek brothers paying attention to his wife. Then as Kyriakos moved from oral to full fucking, Dimitrios quite casually slipped his cock into his brother's arse. The three managed to intertwine and it was difficult to tell where one began and another ended.

Giorgos stood behind Max, nuzzling Max's neck whilst he unfastened Max's trousers and allowed them to slip down to the ground then his cock gradually slipped its way into Max's arse. Max watched as his father massaged his own cock through his trousers and then, reaching a decision, stripped off, revealing his own excitement. He walked over to the trio, approached his wife from the back and nuzzled her neck whilst he fucked her arse; this was something that they had recently re-discovered thanks to the brothers efforts.

Though they explored other combinations, and Max's cock did find its way up his father's arse again, by and large for the rest of the holiday they settled into the two groups. Kyriakos and Dimitrios fucked Anthony and Teresa leaving Max and Giorgos to be together. Partly it was deliberate, partly not.

That evening, when everyone has climaxed they ended up in the kitchen with Kyriakos cooking up a snack. He wore an apron, but nothing else and no-one else was wearing anything. No-one had energy for more fucking, but Giorgos had sat Max on his knee and fondled him. Anthony, sitting between his wife and Dimitrios, slipped his hand between his wife's legs and Dimitrios discreetly played with Anthony's arse. By the time Kyriakos had conjured up a delicious array of small dishes, Dimitrios's had his fingers firmly up Anthony's arse.

The corollary was obvious; Max and Giorgos slept in the master bedroom whilst Max's parents joined Dimitrios and Kyriakos. It felt odd sleeping in his parents' bed, but Max found that it welcomed the chance to be alone with Giorgos. They'd fucked, but they had also talked, cuddled and generally enjoyed each other's company. Next morning, they could not sleep too late as Max had to be up to go out to meet school friends.

Max's parents had had a night, the like of which they had never dreamed of. The two brothers energy levels were immense, and had encouraged Max's parents to similar. When Teresa had returned from the shower, she had found her husband already busy. Dimitrios's cock was deep in his arse, whilst Kyriakos was vigorously face-fucking him. They were both discovering new skills and rediscovering things that they thought they had forgotten.

She had come back to the delights of having a cock deep in her arse, and envied her son at having regular access to Giorgos's monster. Her husband seemed to have an infinite capacity for deep-throating the Greeks and his arse seemed to be in danger of being stretched out of all recognition.

With she return to the bedroom, it was her turn to be set upon and be the recipient of three eager cocks simultaneously and even during the night, there was constant activity. Next morning both she and her husband woke up relatively early and they left Dimitrios and Kyriakos asleep.

They didn't bother to dress, it hardly seemed worth it and they were pretty sure Max and Giorgos would not bother and if Max's parents were truthful, they'd admit that they rather enjoyed seeing their son naked, proudly on display. Teresa talked about her idea that they might take some pictures of all the boys, naked and perhaps even hard. Her husband had grinned at the thought.

When Max and Giorgos arrived in the kitchen, Max went to get coffees and Giorgos greeted both of Max's parents, kissing them. Then squatting down and applying his tongue to Teresa's pussy.

For a time, Max and his father stood watching, their cocks clearly showing their interest in the way Giorgos was paying attention to Teresa, but neither quite daring to make a move. As Giorgos turned Teresa round and prepared to enter her arse, Max decided to cross the rubicon. Anthony was leaning against the breakfast bar, his arse prominent and thrust out, his hand gently stroking his cock, half hidden by his body. Max moved across to his father, squatted down and pressed his face into his father's crack, Max's tongue going deep into Anthony's hole. Anthony was shocked and excited that Max should be so direct. It was inevitable that Max start fucking his father, and he did so vigorously. As Max's cock exploded in his father's arse, so Giorgos's did in Teresa's. Giorgos turned to Max and gave him a big grin, Max responded. What they were doing was outrageous, but if felt great.

Having to spend the morning with boys his own age from the village was a complete let down for Max. He didn't feel ready to talk about Giorgos and besides, what could he tell. He could hardly talk about how the three brothers had cut a swathe through the entire household, fucking all of them into delightful submission.

Teresa had also resolved not to say anything, as she met her female friends from the village. But whereas Max's meeting was with boys with whom he felt no closeness, Teresa was seeing some of her close friends. Inevitably, they noticed that she seemed a bit sore; this was an understatement. The effect of Giorgos huge cock, coming on top of the pounding she'd received the night before, meant that both Teresa's arse and her pussy were feeling sore and stretched to breaking point.

One of the ‘girls' asked her what was wrong, and so she'd grinned and said nothing, and then it had all come out; well not quite all. They got edited highlights, which suggested that she and Anthony had had fun with Dimitrios and Kyriakos, whilst Max had had fun with Giorgos. But it was enough and Teresa was made late but having to discuss everything in great detail.

Back at the house, Dimitrios and Kyriakos had got up to find everything quiet. They found their brother on his own, lingering after breakfast. They had told everyone that they were going for a walk, but found that themselves disinclined to dress and go out into the cold. They would do that later perhaps. Besides, as Dimitrios pointed out with a sparkle in his eye, Anthony was still in the house and would be lonely on his own.

Anthony had got dressed and was sitting in his study, reading the paper. He found himself set upon by three enthusiastic, naked and aroused Greeks. He was stripped and taken to the drawing room, where there was more space, and his arse abused by all three. He did not object. Anthony was discovering a talent for Greeks cock, not only up his arse, but also deep-throating them, he could even manage Giorgos's monster. And the Greeks were keen to see how far they could go, how far he could be stretched.

The climax might have been when Anthony sat on Giorgos's cock, taking it a deep inside him as was possible, but that only gave them other ideas. So with a bit of care and ingenuity, Anthony found himself impaled by both Dimitrios and Kyriakos, taking both cocks in his arse at once, definitely stretching to the limit. And just to make sure, Giorgos thrust his monster deep into Anthony's throat. They were all absorbed in what they were doing and did not hear the door-bell.

Rufus had popped round for a quite word with Anthony. He was Anthony's closest friend in the village, but they had not seen each other much over Christmas because of the inevitable family commitments. Rufus thought it strange that there was no answer; he'd bumped into Teresa earlier and she'd assured him that Anthony would be alone and welcome the visit as the Greeks were going for a walk. Perhaps Anthony had gone too, but just to be certain Rufus decided to walk round the back and see if Anthony was absorbed in his paper in his study. Through the drawing room window Rufus got an amazing site. Anthony and the three Greeks, all naked and enthusiastically fucking; Anthony seemed to be taking all three of them at once, and rather than being reluctant was extremely eager.

Rufus knew that he ought to retire, but instead he placed himself where he was unlikely to be seen and watched, as the group came to an explosive climax, when they all collapsed in laughter. Rufus was impressed at how well hung all the Greeks were, and at how Anthony seemed to be taking them, he certainly had hidden talents. Rufus also noted that Anthony was completely shaved, another interesting fact. Whilst watching he unzipped his trousers and got his own cock out, stroking it to climax as he watched his friend being fucked and imagining himself in that position. Then he slipped away, hoping he would not be noticed.

Any idea that Anthony might have had of being dressed and tidy when his wife and son returned were dashed; they were still naked and Anthony was amazed at quite how far he'd gone. Teresa and Max looked on in amazement as the brothers enthusiastically described how they had double fucked Anthony, and how he'd taken Giorgos's cock.

It couldn't last of course, and they all broke up to get showered, changed and relax tired arses. Max and Giorgos showered together, getting up quite a head of excitement, but Dimitrios and Kyriakos just showered, as did Anthony whilst Teresa listened to his account of the morning. She entirely forgot to mention telling the girls something about their activities, and when Max's Dad came out of the shower he was ready for another round, this time with his wife.

Lunch was much delayed, and after a rest, everyone went for a communal last walk. They met Rufus and his son Warren, and also one or two of Teresa's friends, this time with husbands and family, all eyed the family and their Greek visitors with a little more interest and curiosity, wondering how much truth there was in the stories.

Dinner, the final dinner of the holiday, was a long elaborate affair which Teresa and Kyriakos cooked together. Afterwards, the idea of the picture re-surfaced, everyone was up for it and the brothers stripped off immediately and Max joined them. Initially Anthony took some photos, but Teresa encouraged him to strip off too and she got some good images of the four men naked. Then, of course, the inevitable happened and the guys started to get hard. So there were more pictures, this time of the guys hard.

Inevitably everything degenerated after the first few pictures of the guys hard, and Teresa gave up. The group collapsed into one mad group, with everyone fucking everyone else.

For the last morning, Max's parents drew Dimitrios and Kyriakos off for a walk, or perhaps it was the other way round. All were concerned to give Max and Giorgos some space. Max had taken to wearing the ring which Giorgos had given him and he felt more secure now that he knew that he would be going back to Greece in the summer.

And all too suddenly, it was over, they were saying goodbye to the Greeks at Manchester airport.

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