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Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, Max has now returned home and the Greek brothers came to stay for Christmas and his parents discovered the delights of uninhibited sex with the Greeks..
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It was quite easy for Max and his parents to fall back into their old routines after the Greeks left, as all three of them felt rather down. Max, of course, felt the worst. He was solaced by the fact that he would be seeing Giorgos again, but six months was a long time and a lot could happen. The fact that his father turned the heating back down to its usual level, meant that wandering round the house naked was now out of the question. Max tried remonstrating with his father, but Anthony's view had always been that it was a waste of money and he wasn't about to change.

The first development was entirely unplanned. Max simply wore Giorgos's ring to school, where it was confiscated as jewellery was not allowed. Max got the ring back at the end of the day and did not wear it again, cursing himself for being so stupid. Because, of course, everyone wanted to know what the ring was. So, feeling harassed and rather fed up, he told them. It was a nine day wonder. Max had been out to his close friends, but now everyone knew and they also knew that he had a boyfriend. Not everyone believed him, especially when he showed them pictures.

But then Max turned 18, and some of the restrictions placed by his parents fell away. Max was not naturally rebellious and had found some of the limitations, such as not putting pictures of him and Giorgos on his Facebook page, quite sensible. His father having emphasised to him that, no matter how complaisant his parents were, whilst he was under 18 he was not supposed to have sex with men and could be prosecuted. Whilst Max didn't believe this would happen, he agreed to be careful.

But on his 18th birthday, he posted a series of photos of himself and Giorgos with the brothers, all perfectly decent, taken in England. But one or two showed him kissing Giorgos. This caused another sensation at school, because Giorgos was older, and very sexy.

Once the fuss had died down, Max found that the pleasure of being able to talk freely about Giorgos far outweighed the hassle of having to deal with the odd idiot who objected to Max being gay. The objections were, in the main, purely verbal and easily dealt with by Max and his supporters. He found that he developed a supporters group of guys, some very burly, who objected to Max being threatened or abused.

Max's life got even happier when Herr Hans phoned his father and confirmed all the details for the summer. Anthony was impressed with Herr Hans, and particularly with the way he seemed to value Max's input to the previous summer, even though Max made light of it. The wage would not be huge, but there was the fact that he was getting his accommodation paid for and his travel there and back. Herr Hans even wrote and sent a letter of engagement, so that it was all done properly.

While Max coasted through January, February and March, looking forward to the summer, and even enjoying school, his parents developed rather different concerns.

Some things had changed, Anthony continued shaving and continued going commando; he and Teresa played with his arse a considerable amount. In fact, the acquisition of dildos and butt plugs simply expanded their horizons. Then in January, Teresa became aware that she'd missed her period. She went to the doctor without telling Anthony, feeling a bit shell-shocked; she was far too old to be pregnant again. She wasn't pregnant; it was something far more serious.

For the next few month's Teresa's condition was the focus of Anthony and Teresa's life. They tried to shelter Max, and succeeded to a certain extent.

But suddenly the exam period was on Max and he felt barely prepared. Exams were just something to be got over, as quickly as possible. It didn't help that his mother was taken into hospital and kept there, so that they could monitor her condition until a final operation.

By the time that Max flew to Greece in the middle of June, he had finished his exams, knew that his mother would be fine and was well on the way to mending. His parents planned to fly out to Greece at the end of Max's stint and join him and the brothers. Anthony gave Max a clear hint that the sexual activities of Christmas had every chance of being repeated.

Part of Max regretted leaving home as his mother was still not quite recovered, but Anthony insisted that he go. The other half of Max looked forward to his three months in Greece with Giorgos and his brothers.

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