Return to Greece

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos, and the Greek brothers came to stay for Christmas and his parents discovered the delights of uninhibited sex with the Greeks. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa.
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Max was met at Athens airport by Giorgos and his brothers. All were in high spirits because Max was returning with them. They didn't stop in Athens, the brothers promised that at the end of his stay they would stay in Athens properly, but they travelled directly to the villa, arriving rather late. As it was dark when the ferry arrived, by the time they were driving along in the jeep the brothers were shedding clothes. When they arrived at the villa, all were naked and hard. The result was a free for all, with Max being able to be completely uninhibited with the brothers for the first time in ages. As it was Max's first night, he spent most of the time with his face pressed against one or another of the brothers arses, whilst all three took it in turns to fuck him.

It was a long night, and they all woke up late. They had 48 hours before the next guests arrived and very little to do. So after a late breakfast, they went for a sail. A yacht with four naked sailors in it attracted very little attention, as they kept away from busy areas and they had a magical day; stopping for lunch which Kyriakos cooked on a deserted beach. In the afternoon they saw more boats and did get some rather ribald comments, but rather than putting the brothers off, it only seemed to encourage them to show off more. One group of four Americans, sailing with a Greek crew, seemed more than interested. Two women were sunbathing topless, but the men had big baggy shorts on which gave nothing away. They were curious about four guys sailing naked, and there was some definite interest, but also a hint of embarrassment, which meant that the two guys got a bit over the top. It was unclear whether anything serious was being offered, were the guys going to watch whilst Giorgos and his brothers fucked the two women? Then one of the women unfastened her bikini bottom, it was just a tiny scrap and barely covered anything, but it was a definite gesture and there was her shaven cunt on display, the other woman quickly followed suit. Kyriakos grinned and shouted over to the two guys that it was now their turn, at which they looked rather alarmed.

The talk got rather bawdy, and it did seem as if the women were in charge. Max wondered about the guys, were they content to simply watch each other fuck the women or did they do more; probably not, judging by their air of embarrassment. One of the guys had tentatively started to push his shorts down, he had dark blond hair which the sun had bleached and a slim, smooth chest. Max was just beginning to imagine what lay under the shorts, noticing a substantial treasure trail, when Giorgos made a comment about enjoying all four of them. The blond came to a dead stop. But the other guy, a big, stocky bloke with a chest full of dark hair, started to grin. He pushed his shorts down to reveal a rather small dick, already half erect, surrounded by a mass of dark hair. He took a step towards them and turned, showing off his full rounded arse with its incredibly hairy crack.

By now the Greek brothers were all getting hard, and the two women were putting on quite a display. It didn't take much for them to moor properly, then Max and the Greeks jumped over onto the other boat. Kyriakos and Dimitrios made for the two women, Max made for the dark guy, who walked towards him as soon as Max arrived on the boat. The blond guy eyed everyone nervously, especially when Giorgos walked towards him and whispered something in his ear. The blond guy stiffened and went red whilst Giorgos ran his hand down the guys front before burying it in the shorts. Max didn't see much else because his face was buried in the dark guy's crack.

It took some time before Max could get the guy comfortable with more than a tongue, but eventually he slipped his finger into the tight hole. By this time they had been joined by the two Greek crew members, both grinning nervously, but clearly eager. They took their places with the two women, one of whom was soon being fucked vigorously front and back. Dimitrios had moved over to the blond guy, who was now taking Giorgos's cock all the way up his arse, and had his mouth full of Dimitrios's cock and balls.

Max slipped two fingers into the dark guy's arse and then decided he was ready and replaced fingers by Max's own eager cock. The result got a complaining grunt from the guy, but he didn't seem to object further and soon Max had his cock deep into him.

The result rather degenerated into a free for all, with Max losing count of who fucked whom. But both the guys on the boat seemed to get a good working over of their arses. By the time that Max and the brother's decided to it was time to leave, the six off the other boat were still busy. But they arranged to meet up the next day at the nearby port where the boat was mooring at night.

They returned to the villa all sweaty, covered in salt and cum, so a shower was in order. Dimitrios and Kyriakos went to use the one in their quarters, but Giorgos led Max to the big luxury bathroom in the villa. There, he suggested that he trim Max's hair, which had become rather long . Max sat on a stool and watched in the mirror as Giorgos got out some trimmers. Giorgos's first run with the trimmers gave Max something of a shock, Giorgos removed virtually all of his hair, leaving a track of stubble. Before Max could object, Giorgos continued. Soon all of Max's hair was on the floor and his head was covered in a neat number one. Giorgos's next suggestion was even more of a shock, he wanted to shave the stubble off and leave Max with a completely smooth shaved head. Max agreed.

Max would never have dreamed of something so extreme, but when he saw it he was delighted with his new look. Now, his eyebrows were the only hair on his body. Giorgos's response was obvious, his cock was rock solid and inevitably he fucked Max before they showered. But during the shower he returned the compliment and slammed his cock deep into Giorgos's arse.

By the time Giorgos and Max returned to their quarters, Kyriakos had started cooking. He was wearing just an apron to protect himself, which left his naked arse projecting rather provocatively. Both the other brothers exclaimed over Max's new look, and pronounced it a success.

A protracted meal was followed by games and messing about, Dimitrios lost though still Max had yet to understand the rules of the games. Still, he enjoyed it as all three of them took it in turns to fuck Dimitrios.

Next day they had to be up early, to start preparing the villa but they managed to leave on the boat late morning. As they were picking up the others from the port, they had to wear something. Giorgos produced matching swim trunks which clung outrageously, leaving nothing to the imagination. Giorgos grinned as he adjusted his cock in an obscene manner as possible.

When they got to they found remarkable change come over the visitors. The two women were sunbathing, wearing just g strings and the blond guy was sunbathing next to them, also wearing just a thong which outlined his cock clearly. Downstairs the dark guy was naked, kneeling in front of the Greek captain, with the captain's cock deep in his mouth.

The visitors, complete with their Greek crew, joined Max and the brothers on their boat. Once out of sight of land, clothes came off completely and a couple of other changes had taken place. The blond guy was now shaved completely smooth and the dark one, who it turned out was his brother, had trimmed his pubes and shaved his cock and balls. It turned out that the brothers had spent the entire previous evening having sex with the two women and the crew. The brothers had got so accustomed to it that they not only were being fucked by the Greek crew, but had spent the night together.

The remainder of the day turned into one of the Greek brothers games, the aim this time was clear; everyone was to fuck every other person. The brothers from the other boat and the two women entered with a will. The two women spent most of the time taking two cocks, one front and one back. One of the women had had little experience with anal sex but was soon a keen convert. They both also seemed to enjoy watching their boyfriends get their arses ruined by the same guys fucking them.

The Greek crew from the other boat took a bit longer to settle into the game. Keen enough to strip off, Max noted that like Giorgos and his brothers, the Greek captain and his mate were not wearing underwear. Neither had particularly impressive cocks, but both had a positive forest of dark hair around their pubes and arses; the captain was hairy all over like Giorgos, but the mate was smoother apart from his pubes. And neither was very keen to have their arses touched, though both were happy enough to fuck any of the guys.

Max regarded the Greek captain's arse as a bit of a challenge, and whilst he was engaged in tonguing one of the women, Max squatted down and applied his face to the hairy crack. Dark, sweaty, hairier even than Giorgos's and none too clean, Max was in heaven. A finger slipped up the tight hole elicited a grunting response of complaint, but Max persisted allowing himself to explore the delights. A second finger caused far more than a grunt of complaint and it ended with Giorgos coming over and remonstrating with the guy in Greek. With great reluctance, the Captain submitted to being fucked. Max had never taken a virgin arse before and the Captain clearly found it uncomfortable, but once Max's cock was fully inside the tight, virgin hole, a change came over the Captain and he relaxed. When Max withdrew the Captain had a broad grin on his face.

The first hurdle over, it seemed that neither the Captain nor his mate could get enough arse play, and the resulting free for all saw everyone getting hammered. At one point the both the captain and his mate were in sandwiches, with the women and a variety of other men, the men from the boat included.

Eventually, everyone had come, more than once, and people were a mess of sweat and cum. The Captain and mate disappeared and the others all jumped into the sea. Once clean and dry they relaxed with a drink, though Max guessed that more sex was going to happen. The Greek brothers and Max were all amused at the way the guys on the boat were so taken with their new discovery of sex, in all its polymorphous perversity, particularly incest. They were very interested to discover that the Giorgos and his brothers were in fact real brothers and that they had a long term, on-going relationship. Even more interesting was the fact that Max and the brothers routinely slept together, this caused a spark of interest in the two guys and their wives. Max suspected that some experiments were going to happen.

At this point people were starting to get hard again, when the Captain and mate reappeared. It became apparent what they'd been doing. Both had big grins on their faces and the mate had been shaved smooth. It was all the more noticeable because of his tan lines, so that his cock and balls and arse were now white. His shaved state caused quite a stir and the young man enjoyed the attention; considering his arse had not been fucked before that day, he was certainly making up for it.

When that round of fucking finally came to an end, all holes were well and truly abused. There was talk of the women getting strap ons, so that they could fuck the men. The talk also returned to shaving. The mate, was pleased with his new look. The blond guy joked what his brother would look like shaved, but the darker brother just laughed and said that he had too much hair to be bothered to shave. Dimitrios and Kyriakos joked about shaving and Max wondered what Dimitrios would look like hairless. Giorgos simply laughed and said that he too had too much.

All too soon it was time to return. Giorgos told the group about places to go where it was easy to be naked, and then they dressed ready for their return to port. Though for the four Americans, putting on their thongs was hardly dressing, then one of the women grinned and rooted around in the bag that she'd brought. There she had a couple of spare thongs for men, these she gave to the Captain and the mate. They were reluctant at first, but slipped off their shorts and pulled the thongs on. The mate's fitted snuggly and left nothing to the imagination, the Captain's could in no way contain his pubes and black hair emerged rather provocatively from the top. Grinning, they left the boat to return to their own.

On their way back to the villa, Max learned that the brothers had said that they would pass their names to Herr Hans, as he was often looking for other Greeks who were willing to go the whole way in entertaining.

Once back at the villa they did not have much time, as Herr Hans was sending a car to collect them. As it was Max's first time as a staff member, Herr Hans and Eva were taking the four of them out to dinner at a club they belonged to, a great honour according to Giorgos as the brothers had only been there twice before.

So Dimitrios and Kyriakos showered in their quarters, with Max and Giorgos showering at the villa but they could only have the briefest of dalliance. When they returned to their quarters to get dressed, Dimitrios and Kyriakos were already dry. But Dimitrios had had time to make a change, he had trimmed his pubes so that now his balls and the base of his cock were shaved and there was just a patch of hair above. It was clear that both Kyriakos and he liked the look. Both were grinning and both were hard. Giorgos agreed that it looked good and Max did as well, but privately Max wondered what it would look like if Dimitrios went the whole way. There was not time for that now. They pulled on their decent clothes, but each was bulging enormously when the car arrived. The young man driving didn't react, as if it was common place to drive four men with very visible erections.

The club was expensive and discreet, with glorious views of the bay. Max and the brothers were shown to a table on the terrace, well away from anyone else. By the time Herr Hans and Eva arrived, all four of them had calmed down and the bulges in their trousers subsided, though not before the waiter had stared at them with interest. But when Herr and Eva appeared, they needn't have worried. Eva was wearing a white dress of such fine muslin that it was transparent, making it clear that she was naked underneath. Perhaps more remarkably, Herr Hans's shirt and trousers were made of similar material with no lining, just a small patch at his crotch to disguise his cock, so that it was clear that he too was naked underneath with his arse showing up clearly, and his cock barely hidden as he walked. The two might as well have been naked.

Herr Hans seemed pleased at the looks of amazement on the brothers faces when they saw quite how explicitly on show Hans and Eva were. The waiter who showed them to their seats was clearly finding it difficult not to stare, but the couple seemed to relish the attention. When they had sat down, Herr Hans explained that his nephew had come to stay with them and had brought with him a similar suit which the young man wore with a flesh coloured thong. Hans had suggested to his nephew, Tobias, that he abandon the thong so that everything was on show. Tobias had been rather shocked and surprised at his uncle's suggestion and had finally retorted that he would do so providing Hans wore something similar.

Hans had been unable to resist the challenge and had arranged to have a pair of matching outfits made, for him and Tobias, both of the most transparent material possible. Hans had thought his nephew would balk at actually wearing it, but had turned out to be surprisingly game. Slim, and not very hairy, Tobias already shaved completely and his smooth body looked stunning with its barely there covering. Both nephew and uncle caused a sensation at the party they attended that evening and Tobias found himself much in demand. By the end of the evening he had fucked a great many of the women at the party. Tobias spent much of the remainder of his visit either wearing the suit or completely naked and proved very popular.

After Tobias left, Herr Hans decided to keep wearing his suit and Eva started being equally as daring. Both found it liberating and rather liked the shock element when people realised that they could see everything.

Max thought that he'd rather like an outfit like it, but could not see when he could wear it. In Greece he seemed to wear no clothes at all and at home it would be impossibility.

Despite Herr Hans and Eva's outrageous get-up, the dinner was in fact rather sedate. Max enjoyed it, but couldn't wait to get back to the villa for their final night alone, before the first guests arrived and his life as a paid servant started.

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