Return to Greece

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa.
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The family arrived mid-morning, having taken one of the first ferries over. Max found it odd to be stood naked, lined up with Giorgos and his brothers, being introduced to strangers who looked them up and down and assessed everything on offer.

There were four visitors, a German family, they soon got settled in and showed no inhibitions at stripping off. Horst was in his 40's, he was relatively short, but his chest and belly were covered in a light dusting of brown hair, and his pubes were completely untrimmed. He would have been quite decent looking but he had a substantially belly which his seemed inordinately proud. His son, Kaspar was about 21 and of a similar colouring to his father, but Kaspar obviously spent more time on tending himself. His hair was shoulder length and he had a very neatly trimmed goatee beard. His chest was completely smooth, he had a neatly trimmed treasure trail which led down to a patch of heavily trimmed pubes, revealing his cock and balls completely smooth. Like his father, his cock was only average to small but displayed to best advantage and Max never saw him without a cock ring.

Ina, Horst's wife, was around 40, blond, still with a good figure and quite voluptuous, their daughter Karin was similar to her mother and both women were completely hairless, had all over tans. Both seemed to enjoy having their cunts on show as much as possible, and both liked being fucked. A lot.

As soon as Kyriakos started serving drinks, Karin had taken Giorgos's cock into her mouth and soon both Giorgos and Dimitrios were fucking Karin and Ina. By the end of that first session, the two women had been fucked by all three brothers, plus Kaspar. Horst did nothing but watch and stroke his cock; seemingly to enjoy watching his wife and daughter being fucked by three brothers and by his son. That session seemed to fix things for the next few days. Ina and Karin were fucked regularly and Horst just watched. Max's role was to suck Kaspar off and occasionally provide an arse when both Ina and Karin were engaged with the brothers. Kaspar was firm that Max could do nothing but suck his cock, his arse was out of bounds completely.

By the early evening, the two women had been persuaded to take it up the arse as well. Karin had been eager, Ina less so, but soon they were eagerly taking two men back and front. Even Ina was able to take Giorgos's huge cock. This left Max and Horst watching.

Both women expected Kyriakos to fuck them whilst he was serving breakfast, something he did happily if not eagerly. Later that day, Kasper found Max cleaning up and calmly fucked him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

By the end of the second day, Max and the brothers had all decided that they didn't like Kaspar, he was arrogant and unpleasant. He treated Max and the brothers as barely human, Max was just a hole to be filled and the brothers were simply cocks to service his sister and mother, but his primary interest seem to be in fucking them. And he treated his father appallingly. Horst seemed content to lie back and watch all this happening.

Max started to feel sorry for Horst and the next morning found him alone, sunbathing. Max startled himself by asking Horst if he'd put his suntan cream on and offering to do it. To his surprise, Horst allowed him. Max did his back first, leaving arse and top of legs to the last, then carefully spreading the legs and allowing his fingers to penetrate as deeply as possible into Horst's cracks, without actually inserting a finger into his hole. When Horst turned over his cock was rock hard and he grinned nervously. Max continued his cream applying, taking his time over Horst's belly. Finally there was the cock. Max gently massaged it with one hand whilst exploring Horst's arse with the other, finally inserting a finger. Horst came with a huge grunt, and gave Max a big grin afterwards. Then, to Max's surprise, he took Max's cock into his mouth and gave Max a swiftly efficient blow job, and thanked Max profusely.

But if relations with Horst were thawing, those with Kasper were worsening. As it became apparent that Max and the brothers had a relationship Kasper started to be abusive, calling them fags and such things; nothing bad enough that Giorgos could report them and stop providing service, but a constant needling. And to reinforce this, Kasper started to fuck Dimitrios and Kyriakos. It was a power thing rather than desire, at least that's what they all agreed the evening it all happened for the first time. But there was little they could do, after all they allowed themselves to be fucked by others and their only objection was that they didn't like Kasper.

So, as Kasper enjoyed demonstrating his domination, Max continued helping Horst with his sun tan lotion. Nothing was ever said about sex, but two or three times a day Max would offer to help and then rub Horst all over, finishing by massaging his cock and slipping a finger into Horst's tight arse. As he became more daring it was two fingers, then three and finally Max decided to risk the ultimate step. He lifted Horst's legs up, revealing his tight pink hole and aimed his cock at it. Horst grunted, but did not object, in fact he grinned.

The evenings that Max and the brothers spent alone, became important. Kasper even tried to trespass on these. The first evening that the family were there, he had come down to the brother's accommodation and tried to enlist their help regarding what seemed a trivial issue. The second time he tried it, Giorgos had been very firm, almost violent which annoyed Kasper even more. He left, but not before he had got a very good impression of Max and the brothers, in the middle of enjoying themselves.

Nights were spent together, all four of them. Max enjoyed this, but it meant that he and Giorgos got very little time alone. This was exacerbated by the fact that now Max was working at the villa, he took over much of Dimitrios's job with Dimitrios and Kyriakos taking more of Giorgos's role, leaving Giorgos to spend more time at other of Herr Hans's properties.

After the first time Max had fucked Horst, he had wondered whether he might have gone too far, even though Horst had appeared to enjoy it. Giorgos had reassured him, but Max remained nervous. The next morning he had delayed approaching Horst, but the brothers had impressed on him that he must continue as before. As Max had appeared, a smile appeared on Horst's face and Max knew that there was no question that Max was going to fuck Horst. Max found that he was looking forward to it. The brothers had tried to tell Max that he would soon find that he enjoyed having sex with people who he would not have thought of as immediately attractive, but that there was great satisfaction to be derived from pleasing people. Max hadn't believe them, but was now finding it was true.

The first couple of times he fucked Horst, it was done without an audience but Max was certain that that could not last. In fact Max fucked Horst three times that day, and the only people who came across them were the brothers. First Kyriakos, who simply grinned, then later on Dimitrios, who quite calmly joined in, much to Horst's evident delight.

Of course, when Kaspar discovered that Max was fucking his father, he started making remarks and for the first time Max heard Horst give Kaspar a strong retort, though as it was in German Max had no idea what was being said. Dimitrios was convinced that Kaspar had enjoyed being told off by his father. Max realised that it was another crazy family that was staying at the villa.

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