Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa, with a set of German guests. However we find them first of all, serving at a party given by the villa's owner, Herr Hans.
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Max was feeling rather vulnerable. He, Giorgos and Dimitrios were all serving drinks at a party being given by Herr Hans and Eva; according to Giorgos since Herr Hans had hooked up with Eva, the number of parties had increased and at the fancier ones the brothers were roped in to serve food and drinks (in the case of Giorgos and Dimitrios) and to supervise the food in the case of Kyriakos. It was something that Max had expected and walking round with a tray of drinks or a bottle was something he didn't mind. What was more unnerving was that he and the two brothers were naked. The guests were all clothed and had been told that they could not touch, though that did not stop one of two from giving Max's arse a quick pat or, if they were more daring, stroking his cock.

All three were finding that being on show in such a way was a trial, partly because they felt a little vulnerable but also because they found it exciting. After a while Max gave up worrying and allowed his erection to develop fully; he liked being seen naked and had decided to enjoy it. He caught sight of Dimitrios who was in a similar state and grinned. Neither of them could see Giorgos, they finally found him at the edge of the crowd, stroking his cock to full hardness to the delight of a crowd (both women and men). But they had to work, and showing off was only one thing amongst many other tasks.

To Max's surprise, Herr Hans and Eva were not were their outfits from their earlier meeting, they were far more discreetly dressed. Max thought this strange, but had no chance to discuss the matter with the brothers. Then Max understood why when he finally saw Herr Hans's nephew Tobias. Tobias was wearing a shirt and trousers as transparent as his uncle's only Tobias had no patches to preserve and element of modesty. The trousers fitted Tobias's form perfectly and you could clearly see his naked arse and his cock and balls. Tobias had very pale blond hair which hung down to his shoulders. His shirt was open all the way down the front, revealing Tobias's smooth tanned chest with a pair of small pert nipples, a treasure trail which led to a mass of blond pubes clearly visible through the material. His cock was of decent length but there were a pair of huge, low hanging balls. An arse almost indecently pert and as nicely tanned as the rest of Tobias's body almost asked to be fucked, though Max guessed that he would not get the chance.

Tobias was also clearly enjoying himself, and liked being on show. When Max had first caught a glimpse of him, his cock had been flaccid and clearly visible down the right leg of his trousers. But by the time Max managed to catch sight of him again, Tobias's cock was almost horizontal, and tenting out his trousers, Tobias seemed unabashed and even adjusted it. He flitted between groups and seemed to flirt with all the women. From then on Max kept catching glimpses of Tobias, kissing one woman, removing another's panties and inevitably, returning from one of these encounters with his trousers open and his cock and balls hanging free. Tobias didn't bother to zip up, he was the boss's nephew and could do anything.

Then eventually, of course, the inevitable happened and Tobias lost his trousers entirely allowing his cock and balls free reign completely.

When Max had a break, he found that there was always someone eager and willing to give him relief, enveloping his cock in their mouths. A wide variety of people seemed keen, and Max even got to fuck the young son of one of Herr Hans' friends. A few of these young men followed Tobias's example and lost their clothing, .

It was after one of these encounters that Max came across Tobias and Eva. Tobias, now completely naked, was eagerly fucking Eva from behind, the two of them hidden away in one of the storage room. Max wondered if Herr Hans knew and what he should do about the knowledge. He came across Giorgos shortly afterwards and managed to tell him, Giorgos counselled caution, they remain discreet would not say anything.

By the time they got back to their room at the villa, all four were feeling too tired to do anything other than collapse. And of course, the next day they had to continue looking after Horst and his family; so all thoughts of Tobias and Eva were pushed to one side.

Max continued enjoying his sessions with Horst, but Kaspar continued to needle everyone even his father, though he kept just on the correct side. All might have been acceptable, after all Max and the brothers could leave it all behind each evening, if it hadn't been for the fact the Kaspar had decided that his honour demanded that he fuck Giorgos as well as Max and Giorgos's two brothers. Giorgos had decided otherwise.


Each evening, Max and Giorgos would go for a walk, sometimes before the joint evening meal and sometimes afterwards. They did not always have sex, but simply enjoyed time together. They tried not to talk about work at the villa; Giorgos was trying to teach Max a bit of Greek and Max in his turn tried to improve Giorgos's English. Giorgos was coming along far better in English than Max was in Greek. And they talked about small, stupid things.

But the world sometimes encroached. Giorgos started admitting that Kaspar's campaign to fuck him was getting difficult and out of hand, he had to decide whether to raise the matter with Herr Hans or whether to give in to Kaspar. Despite Max's support, Giorgos felt that he might have to give in.

Because there was another issue to be raised with Herr Hans; Giorgos had also seen Tobias with Eva, when Herr Hans was not around. And from Herr Hans's comments to Giorgos, he trusted his nephew implicitly. So Giorgos felt that it might have to be mentioned.

One morning Giorgos took Max to meet Herr Hans. Herr Hans was polite, but puzzled about the meeting. Then Giorgos asked Max to describe to Herr Hans what he had seen at the party. Herr Hans listened in silence, then Giorgos added the details of what he had seen. Herr Hans was silent for a while afterwards and then thanked Giorgos and Max for their candour and assured them that they would not suffer for it. He would deal with Tobias personally.

That afternoon, Kaspar returned from a long lunch clearly rather drunk. He insisted on Giorgos giving in, on his 'right' to fuck Giorgos as well as the others. Instead of Giorgos having to give in, Horst exploded. This quickly escalated into a family row, which Max and the brothers had difficulty disentangling themselves.

From Horst remonstrating about Kaspar's behaving both to himself and to the Greek brothers, the row escalated. Soon each member seemed keen to denigrate the others sexual prowess. Ina informed Horst that he'd always been a poor lover, that Kaspar was far better as were the Greeks. She also complained that he'd refused to have any more children, to which he'd retorted that he was pleased he hadn't given how his two had turned out.

Horst informed Ina that he'd never ever derived sexual satisfaction from sex with her and that the first time he'd achieved this had been with Max, much to Max's embarrassment. Horst also informed Kaspar that all the Greeks had treated him admirably and had given him much pleasure, him a fat, middle-aged man. So that Kaspar had no 'rights' over them.

Both Horst and Kaspar told Ina and Karin that they were sluts, keen to fuck any man that came along and pathetically eager to flash their cunts and anyone who was interested. Ina and Karin both took great delight in telling Kaspar that he was a very selfish lover, and berated him for his dominant, self-centred behaviour. That his cock was unimpressive and wasn't a patch on the others that were available.

It went on. When Ina started to complain of Max beating her, Max was relieved that the row finally moved permanently to German, so he and the brothers felt they could leave. Their response was first to laugh and then to get drunk. So they were already rather merry when Horst appeared. He was naked, offered his apologies. He said that the family were going to go away for the night, to try and sort things out and he hoped they would be back tomorrow.

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