How the mighty are fallen

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa, with a set of German guests. This episode we see them coping with the aftermath of a party given by villa's owner, Herr Hans.
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Next morning they sorted out the villa as usual; Kyriakos had a business lunch to cook for Herr Hans and Giorgos had business at the other villas so it was mainly Max and Dimitrios. They didn't really talk about the row the previous night, it was something that the young men wanted to forget and privately Max hoped that Horst and his family would not return.

When Giorgos returned, late in the afternoon, he'd had word from Horst that they would be staying away for a week, but would definitely return for the last few days of their stay. This was good news, but in a way rather annoying because it meant that Max and Dimitrios would not be able to use the time to prepare the villa for the next visitors. Still it did give them extra time and Giorgos suggested that Max accompany him when he visited the other villas, Max agreed.

Kyriakos returned, saying that both Tobias and Eva had entirely disappeared. There had been no evidence of them at Herr Hans's villa at any time when Kyriakos was preparing the lunch. Usually both of them managed to wander into the kitchens at some point. The brothers were not surprised and assumed that both had returned to Germany.

They closed the villa up, and had a lively evening in their own quarters. Max managed to lose the ‘game'; even now he still could not follow the brothers' rules, if there were any, but simply surrendered to the crazy larkiness of it. So all three of them fucked him, and he found himself lying there as the three grinning Greeks stood and pissed over him. He made to go and get a shower, but they restrained him and then three eager tongues licked the remnants of piss off him.

By the time they all piled into the shower, Max's arse was well and truly sore. It was whilst they were washing that Max noted that Dimitrios seemed to have started to trim his pubes even more, Max thought the look suited him.

Kyriakos's meal for them was a delight, as he'd brought stuff home from Herr Hans's lunch.

Afterwards they were too tired for more games, but simply lay there listening to the radio and talking; Max resting his head on Giorgos's chest, and Dimitrios similarly with Kyriakos. Max mentioned about Dimitrios's pubes and he said that Kyriakos had suggested he trim a bit more, in fact the two of them had discussed whether Dimitrios should shave completely like Max. Dimitrios confessed that he rather liked the idea, and Kyriakos admitted that he did too.

But no-one had the energy to say or do anything, it was time to sleep.

Next morning Max and Dimitrios were taking advantage of the absence of the Germans to give the pool a good cleaning; a tedious by highly necessary job. Giorgos was down mending one of the boats and Kyriakos seemed to have taken it into his head to empty everything from the kitchen. Dimitrios returned to the theme of whether he should shave, had admitted that the idea appealed to him but he had not thought that Kyriakos would like it. Quite the contrary, Kyriakos was enthusiastic; Dimitrios admitted that their relationship was changing. Dimitrios no long fucked Kyriakos very much, all he wanted to do was have Kyriakos fuck him. He wanted Kyriakos to look after him the way Giorgos did Max. He wanted to say more, but there was a disturbance at the villa with voices shouting their names.

They got to the terrace to find Giorgos and Kyriakos already there. Dimitrios and Max were naked, but the other two were wearing shorts. Also on the terrace were Herr Hans, one of his security guards, and Tobias. Tobias looked radically different to the last time they had seen him.

He was naked. His hair had been cut off, reduced to just a blond stubble, and he was clean shaven. His pubes were gone too, leaving him completely smooth. His cock and balls were squeezed into a heavy cock ring, causing his cock to project forward outrageously, his tits had been pierced and his pert nipples were now dominated by heavy rings.

Herr Hans announced that he had brought Tobias to the villa for a few days, for training. Max and the Greeks looked puzzled, and Giorgos shifted uncomfortably. Tobias was simply stood, head hung with no sign of the vitality which had previously enlivened him. Herr Hans looked at him and Tobias started to speak, without looking up. He said that he now regretted his behaviour and that it had been wrong to have sex with Eva, and that he wanted to make it up to Herr Hans and be useful to him.

Quite what this ‘being useful' was, and how their ‘training' fitted in soon became apparent. At the weekend Herr Hans had some business connections coming for a meeting. Normally he would lay on some young rent boys, but this time it was Tobias who was going to entertain them. Instead of participating in the meeting and learning the business as he should, his role would be as sex toy and to that end Tobias needed to get his arse into training. For the next three days, Herr Hans wanted Giorgos and the boys to fuck Tobias repeatedly.

There was more. All of Tobias's designer suits and shirts had been destroyed; this was the first time that Tobias showed any real emotion. And from now on he would be naked. After the business visit, Tobias would be going to have his fore-skin removed entirely.

Max could tell that the brothers were shocked, but would obey. Herr Hans had wanted Giorgos to start, but Giorgos insisted that it be a smaller cock that break Tobias's virgin hole. Max wondered why Tobias had not simply gone, and avoided his uncle's vicious revenge.

It was decided that Max go first. Tobias meekly submitted whilst Max moistened his arse and slipped a finger in. It was tight, tighter than ever Max had experience before. Perhaps Tobias would have cried out, but his mouth was entirely engaged with Dimitrios's cock. Max had never fucked an arse like it, and probably never would again; a fit, young virgin arse. He was followed by Dimitrios, then Kyriakos and then Giorgos.

All the while, Herr Hans sat on the terrace and worked, apparently oblivious, and the security guard stood at a discreet distance, facing the bay and not looking. Max wondered what other scenes like this he had seen; it was an entirely new side to Herr Hans.

By the time Giorgos had finished, Tobias's arse was entirely ruined and ready for anything. In fact, they gave it a second round. Being fucked eight times was enough for anyone and Tobias staggered off to have a shower, followed by the security guard.

Herr Hans got up to go, explaining that Tobias and the guard, Luan, would be staying and sleeping in the main bedroom. The boys were not to worry about looking after them, Luan would see to everything. Giorgos suggested that it might be more comfortable if Luan used one of the other rooms rather than sleeping in Tobias's room but Herr Hans was dismissive. Luan had slept on Tobias's floor every night that Tobias had stayed in Herr Hans's villa, and would continue to do so here. The boys were to ensure that they continued to fuck Tobias.

They had lunch in their quarters, afterwards trying to pretend it was a normal day. Except that they would take it in turns to fuck Tobias. Tobias and Luan had reappeared after a long gap for lunch. Max was curious about their relationship. Luan barely took his eyes off Tobias, except when Tobias was having sex, when Luan would place himself as far away as possible. Also, Luan kept himself fully dressed, including a jacket. Dimitrios had speculated that he had a gun under the jacket, and they all found him a little intimidating. He was a big guy, tall and broad, with short tight dark blond curly hair. Max could only speculate at what was under the ill-fitting suit.

By the end of the afternoon, it was Kyriakos who started being decisive. He informed Luan that after Tobias had had another shower and relaxed, there would be drinks on the terrace for everyone. He, Kyriakos, would be preparing food which he would leave for Tobias and Luan, but they were expected to both join the brothers for drinks. Also, Luan would be expected to relax a bit and not wear his suit.

At the mere mention of Kyriakos's cooking, both Tobias and Luan's eyes lit up. Throughout the whole of Kyriakos's speech, it was Luan who kept his eyes firmly on Tobias. Luan seemed almost relieved when Tobias responded positively.

So they had early evening drinks on the terrace, as usual but not as usual. There was no sex, there had been plenty of that earlier on. Tobias seemed to have recovered a little of his bounce, and joked about Luan having to put cream on his arse. This revealed an intimate nature to their relationship which seemed surprising.

Luan wasn't naked, but he was wearing a pair of tight fitting black lycra shorts, Max had seen Herr Hans's other security guards wearing them. As expected Luan had a huge barrel chest, covered in thick curly hair, with huge, prominent nipples. The shorts seemed to do him no justice though, as they very effectively hid whatever cock and balls he was hiding underneath, though a hint of crackage gave testimony to the delights his firm arse might offer.

When Max and the brothers were back at their quarters they talked of Luan some more. All three brothers asserted that Luan was devoted to Tobias, and shadowed him everywhere and always slept in their room. Max wondered whether their relationship was sexual but Giorgos said no, he was pretty sure not. And anyway, Giorgos wasn't certain whether Luan realised that he was in love with Tobias. Giorgos's brothers disputed whether Luan's feelings stretched that far, but of course no one could settle the argument; which was just the sort of argument that the brothers like.

None of them had any idea why Tobias put up with his father's treatment, it was unfathomable. So the brothers cooked up a plan.

Next morning, by the time Max and Giorgos had wandered over to the villa, Kyriakos and Dimitrios had already fucked Tobias. At the two brothers urging, Luan had changed back into his black shorts, though he still did not watch when Tobias was being fucked.

When Giorgos announced that they were going out on one of the boats, Luan had assumed that he would be accompanying Tobias but Giorgos said no, that there was no room the boat could only hold the three brothers plus Tobias. Luan accepted this, probably because it was coming from Giorgos. They didn't bother to dress, all three would be sailing naked. Once they had gone Max made his move.

He'd decided not to be subtle, he'd noticed the way Luan looked at all of them, discreetly trying not to stare. So as they stood talking, with Max suggesting that with Tobias away Luan could relax and use the pool, Max rested his hand on Luan's arse then moved it up and slipped a finger under Luan's trunks, gently massaging Luan's crack. Luan stiffened, but did not move away and did not tell Max to stop.

So Max continued talking inanely, whilst he massaged Luan's crack. Then he slipped his hand down into Luan's trunks, to his surprised Luan was wearing a jock strap under the trunks, Luan certainly didn't want to let anyone see his cock easily. Max continued to explore, allowing his fingers to find Luan's hole and press. Luan remained stiffly to attention, but did not object. There was some resistance to Max's finger as he inserted it into Luan's hole, and Luan grunted, but said nothing else.

Max leaned into Luan and whispered to him, saying he would like to fuck him. Would Luan let him do that? Luan barely moved, but he nodded and said yes, hoarsely, his breathing laboured

So Max squatted down and removed Luan's trunks and jock-strap; his lower belly was as hairy as his chest, leading to a mass of pubes out of which emerged as small, but rock hard cock. Max wondered whether Luan's insistence on wearing two layers arose from an embarrassment that his cock did not match the rest of his body's stature. But his arse was firm, his crack enticing and amazingly hairy. After engulfing cock and balls, Max soon transferred his attentions to Luan's crack and hole, but it wasn't long before he was inserting his cock into Luan's tight arse. Luan encouraged him to fuck hard and harder.

They were a sweaty sticky mess by the time they had finished and Max persuaded Luan to jump into the pool. But afterwards, he insisted on getting covered again, pulling on his jock-strap and black trunks. When Tobias returned with the brothers, it was as if the fuck had never happened.

Max told the brothers all about it when they were alone. They had persuaded Tobias to open up a little. He seemed to be sticking around partly out of a mistaken loyalty to Eva, but mainly because without his uncle's support he would be destitute; Tobias's story if his life back at home had not made pleasant listening.

Afterwards Max and Giorgos went for a walk, they stayed in the villa ground so that they did not have to dress. Coming back via the villa itself they spied someone outside the villa, peering in. When they got closer it was Luan, spying on Tobias who could be seen through the window lying on a couch and watching TV.

Giorgos pulled him away from the house, and then demanded what he was doing. At first Luan simply blustered, saying that he had just been checking on Tobias. But when Giorgos said that he would report Luan to Herr Hans and get him replace, Luan's bluster became replaced by desperation. Max had never seen anyone quite so close to tears, so unashamedly anxious to do whatever Giorgos said.

First Giorgos had Luan undress, and Giorgos took control of Luan's clothes. Even under his trousers Luan was wearing two layers of underwear, and despite the upset, or because of it, his cock was still half hard. Giorgos announced that for the rest of their stay, Luan had to remain naked. Then Luan was dragged off to the brothers' quarters, still anxiously protesting and increasingly desperate.

If Kyriakos and Dimitrios were not completely surprised to find their brother and Max appearing with Luan, it had more to do with their being in the middle of fucking than with any prior expectation. Luan quickly grasped what was going to happen, and for the next hour his arse was steadily stretched as first Max and then each of the brother's fucked him until finally he was taking Giorgos's monster all the way. Luan hardly objected, in fact he seemed enthusiastic and finished sitting on Giorgos's cock, red of face but clearly excited.

Afterwards, rather than banishing him, the brothers allowed him to shower and to join them all in a drink. Luan was pathetically grateful to them, and talked. His single topic of conversation was Tobias, and whilst he never once used the word love or implied it, it was clear that the bloke was well and truly in love with Tobias and would do anything for him.

It turned out that he had even offered his body in place of Tobias's to Herr Hans but had his request turned down. By the end of the evening, Max was sorry for the bloke. It was clear that he was besotted with Tobias, who was straight and seemed completely oblivious to Luan's devotion.

When Luan walked back to his quarters with Tobias, naked and without his clothes, he seemed a sad figure.

Quite what Luan told Tobias had happened, they did not find out. But next morning both Tobias and Luan were naked. Luan's cock was nearly hard. Max was beginning to understand the need for Luan's extra layer of underwear, when he was around Tobias his cock was nearly always hard.

That morning, both Tobias and Luan got fucked, side by side. All were so absorbed that, when Herr Hans arrived to collect Tobias, both Tobias and Luan were still naked. Luan hurried to get some clothes, apologising to Herr Hans. But Herr Hans seemed amused, and told Luan not to bother. From now on whilst Tobias was naked, Luan would be, that is if Luan wanted to stay with Tobias.

It was clear from Herr Hans's rather amused tone that he had realised Luan's obsession and was happy to take advantage of it. So the poor security guard was reduced to traveling back naked with Tobias, in front of his erstwhile colleagues.

When they had all gone, the brothers and Max tried to relax for a bit. The Germans were due back, and there was much to do.

But Giorgio had a surprise for Max, Dimitrios and Kyriakos would be taking care of the Germans; Herr Hans had decided that there would be not extras just the basic care that they would receive in one of the other villas. And Max and Giorgos would be taking a few days holiday, in one of Herr Hans's other villas.

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