Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in a villa with his school friend Rolf with Rolf's parents Georg and Eva & Rolf's elder step-brother Adelmar. Max has just been to a party with the Greek brothers' employer, Herr Hans, dressed as a naked slave. Max spent part of the evening enjoyably exploring the hairy arse of a guy called Knut. Things get a bit odd in this episode, but normal service will be resumed eventually.
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Eva didn't appear at breakfast that morning and Max wondered where she was and whether she had stayed at Hans's. Georg took a brief breakfast and disappeared. Adelmar and Rolf, after exclaiming over Max's costume and kidding him about how much sex he must have got, returned to what they liked doing. Having sex. Adelmar had kept in the nose ring and Max had to admit that, though it looked a bit scary, that look suited him. By the time Max left them, they were absorbed in each other, with Adelmar's hand starting to slip in and out of Rolf's ever widening hole.

Max went for a walk that morning, a proper walk outside the bounds of the villa. He wanted to sort out his thoughts.

He was only 17, Giorgos was 29 and they lived in different countries. It was stupid to say anything, but he wanted to. The issues went round and round in his head so much that he lost track of time and missed lunch. Kyriakos was clearing up and took him into the kitchen and gave him something, clucking over him rather like his mother did. As he ate Max asked Kyriakos how he and his brothers came to have sex together; though they were free and open about their sexuality, it wasn't something that they had talked about.

Kyriakos explained that when he was 13, their parents had died and Giorgos had had to give up college and get a job. The only flat they could afford was tiny, so that Giorgos slept on the sofa and the two younger boys shared the bed in the bedroom. Sex between him and Dimitrios had started out simply as being a form of comfort. When Dimitrios had reached his teens, they had both experimented with sex with others, but had continued their own relationship. Then when Kyriakos was around seventeen, Giorgos had caught them. The three brothers had always been close, but Giorgos had been horrified. Then what had started as punishment had degenerated into one of their standard wrestling matches and, ultimately, had ended in the three having sex. Giorgos had moved into the bed the next day, and had never left.

Here Kyriakos stopped his work, but did not look at Max. The problem was, he explained, that he and Dimitrios would always be very close. Whilst the three of them were together for ever, he and Dimitrios always hoped that one day they would find another little brother to join them, so that Giorgos would have someone special of his own. But that Giorgos had looked after his brothers all his life and there was no way he would leave them now.

Max felt touched about what Kyriakos had said and it seemed the message was clear. However, the Gods were not quite on Max's side because Giorgos was away till the day after, doing other work for Hans.

In the afternoon he went down to the beach where Dimitrios was working on some faulty equipment, Dimitrios offered to stop and take Max out but he demurred. He went out in one of the smaller boats, then came back and sat chatting to Dimitrios. Dimitrios said nothing as direct as Kyriakos, but he talked about how Giorgos had looked after them and how he looked up to him; and had been shocked and amazed when Giorgos joined him and Kyriakos. Dimitrios talked about the moment when Giorgos had not only let Dimitrios rim him, but to fuck him as well. Then Dimitrios went red, and said that it was then that he had discovered that Giorgos's arse was not always clean. Here Dimitrios giggled and looked sideways at Max, to check that he was OK. Max smiled and agreed. Dimitrios said that he had found that sometimes, it was possible to appreciate this and Max agreed.

It gave him more food for thought, as he walked back up to the villa. There was no sign of Eva and Adelmar announced that she was staying with friends for a few days. Max wondered whether this was Hans, and exactly what had happened at the party. Adelmar was still wearing his nose ring and cock ring, when Rolf appeared he too had on a cock ring.

He got an idea about what might have happened when Georg appeared. Georg had never been exceptionally hairy, but had always had a decent amount of body hair. Now, everywhere below his neck was completely smooth. His cock and balls were gathered up into a heavy cock ring that forced them forwards. He simply nodded at his sons, and without being told to, got them a drink. Max noticed that Rolf had moved from drinking coke and the odd beer, to drinking spirits like Adelmar.

Adelmar smiled and asked Max what he thought of Georg's new look; he referred to Georg by his given name rather than mein Vater, and Rolf did the same. Max said he thought that it looked rather good, and it did. Both Adelmar and Rolf smiled and said that it suited his new role.

Georg then knelt down and took Adelmar's cock in his mouth. During the whole of the following conversations, when Max, Adelmar and Rolf talked about the party, about going to college about all sorts of things, Georg spent the whole time on his knees servicing Adelmar and Rolf's cocks, balls and arses. There was something creepy but rather sexy about it.

Max watched in awe as Adelmar got up, went his room and returned with a pot of lubricant which he spread on his hand, his arm and then on his father's arse. Whilst Georg continued to service Rolf's cock, Adelmar started to work his fingers and his hand into Georg's hole. Rather than complaining, Georg spread his arse to give Adelmar greater access.

Finally, Adelmar was moving his entire arm in and out. Max was fascinated and appalled. But his cock was hard. Adelmar grinned and offered Max his turn, but Max said no. He spotted Dimitrios lurking in the distance, and retreated to get more conventional relief.

That evening after dinner, Adelmar and Rolf were pleased to be relaxed. Georg had eaten with them but then disappeared.

Adelmar explained how each time his father had come to visit him in Germany they had had sex, Adelmar had been introduced to fisting by his father and had come to enjoy fisting him. Adelmar suggested that their sex games had involved other things, but did not specify. Adelmar had devoted his life to living that way, he had taken part in gay porn videos and fisted people in public. But his father had not liked that, wanting to keep everything quiet. Their argument had been about that, about keeping things in the open. Adelmar had been especially furious that Georg, despite having an open relationship with Eva, had never admitted to her that he liked men and that he had sex with Adelmar. Perhaps Adelmar was simplifying things, Max didn't know and didn't really care.

On the night of the party, Georg had witnessed Eva being fucked twice by Hans, had seen Max being Hans's slave. Eva had told him that she was leaving him for Hans. Rather than being angry, he had been pleased that she was finding someone who cared for her. He had gone up to one of Hans's bathrooms, and finding the right equipment, had shaved himself and disposed of his clothes. Then, naked, he had offered himself to his sons. They had both fucked him publicly.

Max was amazed that all this had happened under his nose. Then he realised that he and Knut had been pretty involved and that Max's nose had been deep in Knut's arse.

Adelmar, Rolf and Georg were going away for a couple of days. Max would be OK as the Greeks would look after him, here Max nodded in agreement. When they return, Adelmar and Rolf would be in charge of Georg's businesses and Adelmar would run them until Rolf was 18. Georg would effectively disappear and become their slave.

This was the first time Adelmar had used the word, but it had been forming itself in Max's brain, of its own volition. Now Adelmar's comment about Georg's shaved state made sense.

Adelmar apologised to Max that he had had to witness all this, and if he was shocked or distressed he would understand and could pay for Max to return home as soon as possible. But Max did not want to return home. If he admitted it, deep in his heart, the idea of Georg as a slave turned him on a little and he was curious. Besides, he wanted to sleep with Giorgos in his own bed.

Rolf had been relatively quiet through all this, then Adelmar whispered something to him in German. Rolf disappeared then reappeared quickly carrying things. The first, Adelmar, explained was some cream that he got from America; Georg was using it to remove hair and in the long term it inhibited hair growth so that eventually he would be naturally hairless, perhaps Max would find it useful. Max thanked him, unsure whether he would use it. The other things were obvious. Porn DVD's. Just something to keep you amused, Adelmar said as he and Rolf disappeared into their room.

Max prowled round a bit first, the house was quiet. Georg and Eva's room was empty and the door open, Georg must clearly be in the room with Adelmar and Rolf.

The DVD's were mainly fisting ones and at first Max was inclined to dismiss them, till he realised that though the names were different, in each one he recognised Adelmar. He put a couple on, speed viewing them and watch Adelmar fist a variety of people including one guy who seemed to be able to take both of Adelmar's fists.

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