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This posting begins a new story, “The Jennings Family.” Many of the characters will be recognizable to those who have read our earlier story, “Choosing a Stepfather.” A few years have gone by, however, and Timmy is now a college-bound young man who prefers to be called Tim. As in the case of our previous stories, this story contains bisexuality and sexual acts involving adults and under-age minors, both related and non-related, in accordance with the shared story preferences of the authors. If any of this is objectionable to you, you might like to leave and go to another story.

Again as was the case regarding the earlier stories that this team has produced, the reader should realize that the usual disclaimer applies about how this is purely fictional and none of the actions, persons, and places in the story really exist. Nothing in this story should be read as anything but fictional.

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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 1:

New Beginnings

“Wake up, Tim!” Someone was shaking his shoulder and calling his name. Tim tried to roll onto his back, but something… no… some one was preventing him, keeping him on his side. When he could no longer take its interference with his effort to stay asleep, he opened his eyes, ready to yell.

And looked right into Connie's face.

Instead of lashing out, he gave her a crooked smile and said, “Good morning, mom.” The words came out more like a groan, as he stretched his arms and legs.

“Good morning to you too, sweetheart.” She leaned down to kiss him. Not lightly on the lips, but one expressing more passion. Their tongues touched, but for a moment.

“Ooo! My little boy is feeling frisky today.” Her hand moved down to find his cock, hard beneath the blankets.

Tim closed his eyes, relaxing, expecting something more, but she drew her arm back and stood up.

“Hey!” he objected, reaching out to grab her hand, to return it to its former target.

Connie laughed, and jerked away. “Uh-uh!” she said, waving a finger at him. “I'll take care of that later, young man, or your father will, but now…” she dragged the words out slowly. “This is it. Today we finally get rid of you and your messy ways!” She danced around the room, twirling her short skirt, rising to display the thong panties she was wearing beneath it.


He marveled at his mother's energy. Pregnant as she was, big belly and all, she could still move so gracefully. He shivered as he remembered seeing her naked two days ago, when they'd showered together.

He loved washing her. Entranced by the smooth skin of her body. The way his hands slid over her belly. Feeling the weight of her distended breasts. He could not hold himself back from leaning down to take one nipple into his mouth to suck. He felt his cock stiffen in response.

He had once asked her, “Did all men get hard when they sucked a breast?”

“You did. Dan and your father did too. That's small pool of data, but it's 100%,” she said; then added. “Oh, gawd, honey. You know how horny that makes me.”

“Me too,” he breathed.

He took her from behind, right there and right then, in the shower with the warm water cascading over their heads.


“Today, we take you to college. Yay!” She pirouetted to the door, where she stopped partly out and her head in. “You need to haul ass out of bed. Breakfast is on the table. Get moving! ASAP!” With those final words, she was gone.

“Be there in a minute,” he shouted after her. He heard her laughter receding down the hall.


This was indeed the day. Over the last two years, some of his friends and their parents had visited college after college and gone on line to find the right place for them to continue their education.

Not him. Dan and Connie had it all laid out. “You're going to the same university where your dad and I matriculated,” she informed him the first time he'd raised the subject. “They have a top notch engineering program, and a great law school if you want to go on.”

“Matriculated? Did it hurt?” he giggled at her use of often-unusual words.

She'd put her hands on her hips in mock anger and stuck her tongue out at him. “OK, where we went and from which we graduated. I've told you that story…”

“…'bout a hundred twenty two thousand times,” he finished. Maybe not that many, but she'd told him the story of how she met his dad, how he proposed at the fancy restaurant, and so on. He loved listening to her, the passion with which she relived those old memories. “He was my first love.”

At first he tried to explain it was his life, and he wanted to be the one to make that first major decision.

Dan and Connie explained, “There's far more involved in choosing a school.” They went on to the biggie, “Cost.”

They told him that he was free to choose any, within a limited set of criteria. They volunteered to drive him to his first top choices and to State University, Connie and his dad's mater alma, or something like that.

In the end, though, he agreed that State was the place he wanted to attend. Not just because it was his folks' school, but equally as important were the scholastic offerings and beautiful campus. The town was not huge, nor so small that they'd have to drive to the next large city to, as his friend, Aaron, said, “have some fun.” Wink, wink, wink.

It would be tough leaving home!

He thought back to the years when he was growing up. The day Connie and Dan had married. It was on his twelfth birthday, their gift to him. On that day, he finally had a dad. Technically a step-dad, but a man who was his dad in every way. More than every way! He smiled as he thought about just last night when he and Dan had 69ed until Dan was ready to cum; then they had made love.

He had grown up here! With his mom's parents, Dan's parents, Uncle Mel, and all his school friends; today he'd ride away from them for an entire semester.

“Don't forget Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, honey!” Connie reminded him. You'll be home for them. Unless some cute girl gets her claws into you and insists you meet her family!”

“Mom! You know that Aaron's my boyfriend…” he tried to object.

“Tut, tut, tut,” she cautioned him. “When you 18-year-old men and women with hormones chugging through your veins… Well, you might be surprised at how aggressive some of those women with fantastic figures, faces, and yeah, asses can make your eyes, head and cock spin. You and Aaron may be lovers, but you're way too young to be making life-changing commitments to each other. Share your bodies! Enjoy each other! When year four comes around all too quickly, you'll be a completely different man.”

“But you and dad…,” he began his protest.

“Dad and I waited until we had our undergrad degrees before we married. Dad went on to law school while I worked.” She hugged him, then went on, “But look at the happy relationship you have here, a woman and a man for your enjoyment.”

“Hey, what if Aaron gets married to his girl friend and he and I stay lovers?” he said excitedly.

“That's something for you, Aaron, and this hypothetical girl to work out together,” she said. “Do you think I would ever have tolerated your dad having a boy friend on the side?”

She cringed, knowing what a lie it was, but a white lie to make an important point. She wondered, but only for a second, how Tim would react knowing the truth. Not only did Bob have a gay boy friend, but she herself had a girl friend, a lesbian girl friend! Nor would she tell him how they satisfactorily managed to live together.

“Mom! What a dumb question. No way can I see you allowing Dan to have a boy friend. My dad? No! Definitely not.”

“Honey, those are hot subjects for you and your buddies at the U to talk about after several beers around 2:00 AM. Unrealistic as they are, they do make good fodder for fantasies.”


He shuffled into the kitchen to the table, where Dan and Connie were already sipping their coffee. He was still very pleased that after six years of marriage, Dan and his mom seemed to have found real lasting love.

Walking over to kiss Dan on the lips for several seconds, he enjoyed the taste of a man. “Good morning, dad,” he said once they'd parted.

“Morning, Tim. You all ready to get on board the freedom train? Take you to where you'll live free, out from under the thumbs of your mom and me?”

“To be completely honest: No. And to be completely honest: Yes. It's confusing. All the comfortable memories here. A blank wall there. What if I hate it?” His sour demeanor was laughable.

Dan shrugged noncommittally, “Then you can come home and take that minimum wage job, where you've been working, and plan on being there the rest of your life. You'll retire at 75 on a $2000 a year pension. Won't that be fun?”

At this, they all broke up, laughing and falling into each other's arms. “I know! I'm gonna do just fine, as you've been telling me for years.”

“Seriously, even though I didn't take a degree, I have a business that I've built through grit, hard work, and long hours. With an education, I could have gone farther and faster,” Dan reminded him.

They settled into conversation between bites until the food was gone. Leaning back, Tim said, “Guess I'd better get that shower, and shave.” He pushed his chair back, rose and left the room. A few minutes later they heard the shower start.

In forty-seven minutes, he was standing in the kitchen again, suitcases in hand. “I'm ready,” he said.

“Then it's into the van,” announced Dan, holding the door open for them to enter the garage. Connie hit the switch that opened the door. As it creaked upward, they got in and strapped themselves down. The garage door halted, the world awaited them.

Dan turned the key, starting the engine. Checking the rear view mirror and seeing no impediments, he slowly backed out, down the driveway onto the street. Turning left, he gunned it, and they rode off.

Looking back at the home he was leaving and seeing the garage door settle to its resting place, he felt a tear forming in his eye. Before he could wipe it away, a second one formed, then another.

Neither Dan nor Connie turned, but kept eyes straight ahead. The soft sounds of a boy saying good-bye belonged in Tim's private world.

Dan put his hand on Connie's. His comforting smile told her that everything's gonna be all right.


The hours slid by quickly. With a quick stop to refuel and another to have lunch, they were on the road again. The sun was close to the horizon as they pulled onto campus. Using the map that the university had provided, they found the dorm, a six-story building that looked more like an apartment than campus living quarters.

With the light fading fast, they needed to get Tim and his stuff inside quickly. A few older guys saw them struggling and rushed over.

“Can we help you guys?” one asked.

“Thanks. We're looking for this room.” He handed the taller one a slip of paper.

“You are in luck. This is the building. You will definitely need some assistance. What can we carry?

This was Connie's bailiwick. She took over instantly, directing each of the young men what to carry. With their help, they emptied the van in one trip.

With all Tim's personal belongings and suitcase, they could not all get onto the elevator at once. The taller, Randal, as they learned later, took the lead with Tim and Connie on the first trip. Holt, Jordy, and Dan took the elevator when it returned… A long line was forming as more students arrived and needed to get to their rooms.

When the door opened, Randal looked at the slip, then at the placard with numbers and arrows pointing, and said, “This way.” The elevator door closed behind them. It wasn't far to walk; none of the floors were large.

The door to room number 634 was open. A man, a woman, a boy, and a girl were sitting on a chair or the bed or standing. They were talking quietly.

“Beep! Beep!” intoned Randal. “New student arriving. Beep! Beep!”

He, Tim, and Connie entered, and Connie broke into a grin.

“Walt, Carol,” she cried out, rushing to greet them. “We didn't think you'd be here till tomorrow.”

“Just worked out this way,” Walt started to say, but was interrupted by the arrivals of all the help.

Randal and Tim put their burdens down on the open desk and bed. The second group came in a minute later, completely filling the small room. They too added their loads to the paraphernalia, and stepped back out of the room.

Dan thanked Randal and his friends for their assistance. “Can I give you guys something for your help?” he asked.

“No, thanks. You folks needed help. We were freshmen once too.” Dan and Connie thanked them as they left.

With the helpers gone, the two families were alone, they chatted easily about things in general. It was the traffic, the drive, and other incidental developments.

Dan said, “You know, I'm kinda hungry after that drive, and this place doesn't look like it serves food. Why don't we drive over to that pizza place I saw just off the campus?”

The others agreed, except for Aaron and Tim, who had been carrying on a conversation by themselves.

“Mom, Dad,” said Tim. “Aaron and I'd like to just get something over in the student union. You guys go and eat.”

Aaron agreed.

Disappointed as the families were, they knew their sons needed to be on their own. Promises to write, email, and call regularly were made, and the families left, closing the door behind them. Tim was alone for the first time in his life, not counting scout camps. Tim locked the door, assuring privacy.

He and Aaron looked at each other and began to laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

“Oh, my gawd, Aaron,” said Tim, his arms wide and turning in circles. “I'm going to spend the night with no mom or dad down the hall.”

Aaron hugged Tim, bringing his dance to a halt. “It is great, isn't it?” Tim responded by wrapping his arms around Aaron, bringing their lips together in a warm passionate kiss.

When their mouths separated, they still held each other in a loving embrace. Aaron's soft whisper told Tim, “This is so wonderful. We can fuck all night long and know that no parent is going to stick his or her head in.” They went back to kissing, hands running over each other's bodies.

Aaron's bed was clear, his mother having put clothes away in the dresser, so this was where they moved into their favorite 69 position to consume each other's very hard cocks.

The morning dawned brightly through their window. They had not pulled the blinds closed. The two happy boys didn't care. They simply cuddled each other.

Their new life had begun.