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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 10:

Another Uneventful Morning

Derick lay resting in one of Dan's arms, while Alex was lying in his other. A sense of peace settled over him, as he looked first at one contented face, then at the one smiling. Those dark limpid eyes seemed to grow larger, beckoning him, drawing him.

The other two boys were gathered on the bed with them. Two were fondling Dan's cock, not fully returned to softness but lying to one side like a sausage. It gave the impression it might spring back to life at any second. They giggled and made obscene comments while they examined it.

“I can't even get my hand around it,” said Scotty, the youngest, in an almost-piping voice.

“You can't get your hand around daddy's either,” retorted Ben, the 11-year-old. “Watch me. I can,” taking it from Scotty.

Dan vaguely felt hands exchanging his cock.

“See!” declared Ben triumphantly.

“His balls are sure big!” commented Scotty, taking one into his hand.

“They hang down a lot too,” Ben said, still obsessed with the length of the prick in his hand.

The hands that touched, caressed, and fondled his nether parts seemed distant compared to Alex's touches.

He had reached one hand to touch Dan's cheek, then moved it slowly toward his mouth. Extending one finger, he traced it seductively across Dan's lips. Back and forth; back and forth, pushing a little more at each passage.

“Suck on it, daddy,” he whispered softly.

Dan's lips parted slightly to allow the digit into his mouth. As he sucked on it, Alex was slowly moving it in and out.

“You like it, don't you, daddy?” He didn't expect an answer, but sensed it.

Dan's eyes were closed. The finger was no longer a finger, but a small hard penis. Alex's words only made that image more real.

“You really like my little cock in your mouth, don't you?” came more enticing words.

Dan's cock jerked and began to lengthen. The finger was sliding in and out more quickly.

“Mph!” he grunted, his sucking growing more intense, more desperate.

Scotty spoke, disbelief in his soprano voice. “Look! It's getting big again!”

“I'm gonna suck it,” declared Ben.

Dan had heard little of the two boys' chatter, but he felt what happened next. A small mouth engulfed his burgeoning cock head. His nipples hardened.

Derick was breathing slowly, rhythmically in slumber, unaware of the sexual explosion about to take place.

Alex, who had been watching Dan's face, was listening to the words exchanged between Scotty and Ben. Looking down at them, he watched as the cock, soft only minutes ago, was expanding. Ben lowered his face toward it, and opened his mouth to engulf the mushroom head.

Alex slowly pulled his finger from the mouth hungrily sucking it.

“Mph! No!” was Dan's agonizing groan.

Moving quickly but carefully, to avoid shaking the bed too much — he wanted Derick to stay asleep — Alex arched his body over Dan's face.

When his eyes opened, Dan saw the dangling penis just above his mouth. Like a fish seeing its meal, he quickly raised his head! Snaring it, his lips closed once again around it to resume sucking. Alex helped him, beginning a slow face fuck.

Scotty felt slightly frustrated, being left to play with Dan's daddy-sized balls while his brothers had all the fun.

“I wanna suck you,” he said, shoving Ben, who rolled onto his side, exposing his own hard on. Scotty dived forward to take the offered penis into his mouth. His hand slid down to jack himself. Slowly at first, then faster, as sensual heat overtook him.

Lost in the magic of Alex's hard twig, Dan's lust was at a boiling point, and the boys, being young, were approaching a similar nexis.

Alex came first, his cock pressing deeply into Dan's mouth to spew his small load there. He grunted, and thrust twice more, before withdrawing his flaccid prick and lying back down onto Dan's arm. His smile was almost beatific; his breathing still labored.

Like dominoes, the others followed. Dan moaned, “I'm cumming!” The residue of semen shot feebly onto Ben's tongue. Dan too was satisfied, his softening prick slipped out, flopping soggily onto his crotch.

Ben was still lying against one of Dan's legs. When he came, his uncontrolled response to ejaculation was reflected up Dan's body. His young load coated Scotty's tongue. The boy tensed spasmodically for a several heart beats, then relaxed with a sigh. He remained where he was, his head resting against the warm thigh.

Little Scotty was last. His small hard on jerked and pulsed, but pumped nothing. Another dry one. His soft cries were like whimpers.


Dan recalled his own early days when he first learned about the forbidden act. How many times had his mother almost caught him. He always managed to appear casual when she came into his room. This time, it was different.

“Daniel!” she said, without anger.

His eyes flew open to see her standing there, with his sheet and pajama bottoms pushed down. He lay half naked, right hand encircling his cock.

Scrambling to recover some dignity, he put both hands over his erection.

She too was embarrassed, standing at the door, a basket of clothes in her arms.

“I… I… I'm sorry,” she said, backing out and closing the door behind her.

In his panic at being discovered in this most private of activities, he was distraught. After a few seconds, a knock sounded at the door.

“Danny,” It was his mother. “May I come in?”

“Minute!” he answered, grabbing his pajama bottoms to pull them over his deflated cock. Feeling more secure with his privates covered, he called out, “OK. You can come in.”

“I'm truly sorry,” she began. “I thought you were still asleep. You usually are at this hour.”

“It's OK, mom. It's just that I was so embarrassed.”

Silence surrounded them. Neither knowing how to proceed. Finally she spoke.

“You're becoming a young man,” she said softly, her eyes shifting to the semi-hard bulge that lay hidden beneath his pajamas.

Surprised at her comment, he could say nothing, so he said nothing, just listened.

“I've noticed stains in your briefs when I do the wash. I know you're, uhm…, ejaculating,” she continued.

He felt his gut tightening. “She had seen them?” was the thought that went through his head. Now he was even more embarrassed, and felt his cheeks flush.

She smiled at his discomfort and stroked his cheek as she often did. “It's OK, honey. You're a boy. You need relief from thinking about all those cute girls and how you'd like to get into their panties!”

“Mom!” he cried out. Those were his private thoughts! How could she know?

His cock was growing hard again, set off by the images of cute girls and especially how he did long to get into their panties.

His mother smiled, letting her eyes move down his body to rest on the expanding bulge. It was very visible beneath the thin pajama material. Slowly, she moved her hand toward it.

Dan held his breath. He wanted to push it away, but didn't; he simply watched.

Her hand went down lower, until it was resting on his very hard prick. She looked back to his face and asked, “When your dad talked with you about sex, did he explain other ways a boy can get relief besides jacking off?”

“N… n… no,” he said, fascinated by his mom's behavior.

“Let me show you,” she said, reaching for the waist band of his pajamas.


Those were the same cries he'd uttered back then. After a moment, Scotty too was calm enough to breathe more slowly. They all lay together on the bed, relaxing again, when the sounds of sobbing broke their reverie. It was coming through the door, from down the hall.

Derick was now awake and looked up at him “What was that?” he asked.

“Nothing. Really,” said Dan, with a small laugh. “It's just your uncle getting his ass fucked.”

The sobbing slowly subsided. After a moment, they were replaced by cries of, “Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Everybody broke into laughter upon hearing the undisguised sounds of horny sex so loudly shared.

“Who's fucking my dad?” asked little Scotty, baffled by missing out on the secret.

“Kenny, the friend I brought with me. Thought he might be a distraction for your dad.” He then went on to explain about Kenny's thick cock. “It was hard to get into me, but felt fantastic when we fucked last night.”

They all lay together, quietly listening to the cries decrease to moans and groans until the inevitable, “I'm cumming!” sounded out.

The grunts that followed, in a faster tempo of flesh slapping against flesh, telegraphed the impending crescendo. Kenny filled Jim's ass, breeding him with geysers of semen.

Dan broke the silence. “Why don't we take a quick shower to clean up, then go swimming? I haven't used your pool yet,” he suggested.

He'd not seen boys react this fast in a long time as they piled off of him to race for the bathroom. It had been a good morning. Dan was thoroughly satisfied, his limp dick a testament to that assessment.

There was insufficient room in that shower for five, so he ambled off down the hall to the master bedroom. Looking in, he saw that the bed was empty. Sounds of splashing water told him where Jim and Kenny were now.

Disregarding the saying that three's a crowd, he went through the open door. Images of two men showed like shadows through the translucent glass of the shower door. One was kneeling to suck the other's cock. Dan waited and watched for the moment to pass. When one shadow rose, he knocked on the door.

“Coming in,” he said, before sliding it open.

“Hey, babe,” said Kenny, leaning toward him for a kiss.

As their mouths met, he tasted Jim's cum on Kenny's lips.

“Mmm… Nice. Someone's just had a little breakfast,” he laughed.

All cocks now deflated, the men washed each other and rinsed off. Jim reached out to grab two towels hanging from the door.

“You guys take these. One of you can get me a fresh one when you're dry. They're under the counter. Third door on the right.”

Kenny and Dan quickly dried themselves off and exited the shower. Ken reached beneath the counter, found a towel and tossed it to him before leaving the bathroom.

“How was your morning?” asked Jim, tugging both corners of the towel stretched across his back, drying it.

Dan quickly outlined meeting Derick, and the suck fest that followed.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Jim, shaking his head in irritation. “I completely forgot about you guys. Once Kenny started giving me…”

Dan held up his hand. “It's OK, Alex handled everything as well as any adult.”

“So the kid gave his first blow job, huh?” grinned Jim. They walked together out of the bathroom. Kenny was waiting, listening to the sounds of giggles coming down the hall.

“How many kids you have?” Kenny asked.

“Three boys,” answered Jim.

“Sounds like more than three,” said Kenny.

“Oh, right. Four, counting their cousin, who was dropped off a couple of hours ago. Come on, I'll introduce you.”

They walked out of the bedroom and turned left, approaching the other bathroom, where the door was standing open. Just as they came up to it, Scotty raced out, nearly colliding with Kenny, and stepping back, confused.

“Hey, young man,” Kenny said. “What's the rush?”

By now, the others had come out to stare at the new guy. All eyes were on his thick, but soft, cock.

“Wow!” said Ben. ”It is thick!”

“Imagine what it would be like when he's hard,” added Alex.

“Huh?” said Kenny, stiffing a laugh. “I'm a friggin' freak show!”

“Boys, behave yourselves,” admonished Jim. “I want you guys to meet Kenny, he's Dan's friend. Say hi.”

“Hello,” each of them said. “Glad to meet you, Kenny.” Eyes still stared in wonder at Kenny's most prized possession.

“Glad to meet you guys too,” Kenny said shaking each hand.

“On to the swimming pool,” Jim cried out, taking two quick steps to race off. The boys followed, shouting and pushing to get ahead.

Kenny just shook his head in wonder at the beautiful young bottoms swaying as they ran. “I can see why you love boys.”

In spite of only recently having his balls drained, Dan felt the tug of desire growing again. He didn't have to look down to see his cock thickening.

They followed the crowd to the open door and stepped through. Dan took a second to close it. No use letting the flying vermin in.

The boys were back in the pool, as they had been when Dan first saw them. Jim had taken a seat; he and Kenny took adjacent chairs to watch them.

They were casually chatting about anything and nothing, the way that men do when they get together.

Dan looked out over the pool, idly watching four boys at play. They seemed so at ease with their sexuality. Scotty was particularly prone to having hard ons, any time, anywhere. He never seemed to notice if he was hard or soft. Erections were second nature and completely natural to him.

Ben was the shy one. He'd stand back, let things get started, then jump in with a lot of energy. Dan recalled the recent blow job Ben had given him. The kid was completely at home with a cock in his mouth.

Alex was the mature one. When Derick wanted to taste a cock for the first time, he took over, an excellent teacher.

“Couldn't have done better myself,” thought Dan.

Derick was the novice in this world of homosexuality. His father wanted him to learn love from another man first. Then they could build a new relationship based not only on affection, but the physical as well. Why had his dad waited until his son was 14? Dan could sense the powerful urges that stirred within the boy. Now that they were released, he'd not be shy about what he wanted.


His own sexual upbringing had been a mix of both parents and boys he knew from school and in the neighborhood. He and his mother had been close. She understood his cravings for cock and encouraged him to seduce one ofthem. He had become quite adept at it.

At home, after school, in an empty house, he had enticed one friend to get naked so they could touch each other. They'd known each other for years. As their friendship had become trust, Dan took advantage of that for his plan. He could see the bulge in his pants, growing as Dan led the conversation. He was very hard, very aroused. Only a tiny push, that's all it would take, to bring Dan's plan to fruition.

“Don't rush,” he'd been told. “Move slowly.”

He knew the fear that most boys had learned. The names the older boys called any they didn't like: “fagot,” “queer,” “fairy.”

This one wanted to do it. Dan had gradually managed to reduce the fear, assuring him that nobody would know.

Desire shone in his eyes. The time was now; he pushed.

“If you suck mine, I'll suck yours,” he had told him.

All that pent-up sexual energy burst. The boy slipped easily to his knees, took Dan's cock into his mouth, and began to suck. In seconds, he had Dan moaning out words of praise. In seconds, Dan felt the edge approaching.

“Stop!” he whispered urgently, trying to dislodge his aching prick from the hungry mouth. “I'm cumming!”

The boy kneeling didn't care about anything but this cock in his mouth, his first. No words could stay him. He was high on the erotic. When Dan's semen burst into his mouth, he didn't stop sucking, but took every drop before standing up and confronting Dan.

He was smiling, licking a few stray drops of cum from his lips.”Your turn, cock sucker!” he said confidently. “Suck me good as I sucked you.”

“I have something better. Something you'll really like.”

“What was this shit?” he wondered. “You ain't gonna suck my dick?” he asked impatiently.

“I'll do even better! Lie down here, on the bed. You're gonna like it. Promise,” Dan assured him.

Almost grudgingly, he got onto the bed, rolled onto his back, and lay down. Dan took the hand cream from the dresser. His friend's eye followed him. At the bed, he pressed the plunger on the dispenser to squeeze out a dollop of white slippery stuff. When he began to rub it on the boy's cock, all concern vanished. He knew what was to come.

“Hurry,” he breathed anxiously. “I heard about this, but didn't think you'd… uhm… do it.”

Dan wiped his hands on a mass of tissues, tossed them onto the floor, and moved onto the bed on, till his feet were on either side of his lover's hips. Then he squatted.

“Help me,” Dan said, his voice thick with lust. “Hold your cock up.”

“Holy shit! Yer doin' it!” the boy cried out.

Dan lowered himself expertly as his first gay lover had taught him. When his pucker touched the head of the raised prick, he smiled. “Hang on, We're going for a ride.”

Lowering himself slowly, the feel of the cock breaking past his sphincter, was always exciting.

The boy, watching his cock disappear up Dan's hole, was spellbound. “I can't believe yer doin' this. I can see my cock going up inside you. Oh, my gawd!” He was shaking from the excitement of fucking another boy, who would be the first of many.

Still moving slowly, allowing the moment to last, the movement of that fleshy rod filling his bottom brought gasps from his lips.

The owner of the cock was giggling and laughing, saying things both insulting and endearing. When his cheeks touched groin, and he was fully impaled, Dan whispered huskily. “Hold my hands.”

Even though he'd never done this before, the boy instantly understood the physics involved. He reached up to take Dan's hands.

“Now the fun begins,” croaked Dan, the boy's cock stirring a deep need inside him. He began to slowly rise and sink on the cock, causing more cries of delight.

Dan wasn't moving fast enough for him, and nature took over. He thrust upward to meet Dan's descending anus, and retreated, pulling his cock nearly out. Their timing was soon perfected; their rising and falling synchronized.

Panting, grunting, moaning, crying out, meaningless mumblings. Nasty words poured from their mouths. With a start and without warning, Dan felt his climax rush upon him.

Gripping hands more tightly, he cried out, “Cumming!” Jets of white, sticky goo shot from his flopping penis, spraying everywhere. But he didn't stop: the fuck was incomplete until…

The boy's eyes flew open, his mouth agape, and he gurgled. Dan settled down onto his groin. The cock fully buried in his gut jerked. Once. Then again. And once more!

“Aaaaah!” he sighed. “Oh, fuck, but that was good!”

“There's a lot more where that came from,” Dan assured him.

“I'm gonna want a lot more,” was the reply. “Now kiss me.”

When it was over and they lay together in each other's arms, he heard for the first time from the lips of a boy, the words, “Dan, I love you.”



“Dan!” He heard his name from far away. “Dan!” it came again, this time accompanied by a hand shaking his shoulder.

“Huh? What!” he asked, pushing the hand away.

“Easy, OK? Just wanted you to know that we're hungry.”

“That's the evidence, what's the verdict, your honor?” he laughed, recovering fully and rising from his chair.

“IHOP!” was the cry that came simultaneously from every throat.

“Then let's go,” he said, starting the dash for the door.