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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 11:

Surprise After Surprise

They had just returned from breakfast, and pulled car and truck onto the driveway. Another car pulled up to the curb. The boys erupted into shrieks, threw three doors of Dan's car open, and scrambled out.

“Whoa! What's this?” Dan wondered.

“Daddy! Daddy!” cried Derick, rushing toward the tall man stepping from the car. The other boys were right behind him, engulfing the man in a tidal wave of children.

“Daddy, huh?” he thought.

Jim exited the truck and strode toward him. Upon meeting, they embraced and exchanged a brief kiss. “Come with me, I want you to meet some friends,” he said, taking his hand to lead him toward Dan and Kenny.

“Dan, Kenny, I'd like you to meet my brother-in-law, RJ. RJ, these are my friends.”

Derick was holding tightly onto RJ's left hand.

He added, “RJ is Derick's daddy.”

RJ took a step away from Jim to take Kenny's hand in a brief shake. “Good to meet you, Kenny.”

Turning toward Dan, he shook it with the suggestive comment, “How very nice to meet you…!” He then added, “Dan.” His tone implied a greater interest than casual.

His hand gripped more firmly than usual and held longer than most. Dan grinned broadly, knowing that RJ was flirting. “I'm certainly glad to meet you too, RJ. Derick is a very, uhm… interesting boy.”

“Well, listen, guys,” said Jim. “Let's get inside. We can talk by the pool.”

The boys had grown bored standing on the lawn, watching the grownups talk. When Jim called for them to go inside, Alex shouted, “Come on, Derick. Let's go into the pool.”

Derick looked up at his dad, who nodded and pulled his hand away. “You go too, son. I'm right behind you.”

The four boys sprinted away. At the door, Alex paused, holding it open for Derick. Dan saw their lips move. They began giggling and rushed inside. The screen door slammed behind them.

Jim was chatting with RJ in their walk toward the door. Dan and Kenny trailed behind, letting them talk more privately.

At the door, Jim stopped to hold it open for the others, then followed them in.

RJ seemed to know his way around. He headed directly for the family room and out to the pool, where the boys once again frolicked naked. The others joined him there.

Jim began to undress, with RJ right behind him. Looking at Dan and Kenny, he said, “Don't be shy!” He was laughing at them, hopping around on one foot trying to get his pants off.

RJ had kicked off his low-cut athletic shoes, and pulled his t-shirt over his head to fold it and place it on a table. He was wearing shorts without briefs. Once free from its confines, his substantial cock swung free. Dan was quite impressed by its size and girth and the nice-size mushroom head that was its crown. He looked boldly at Dan, almost challenging him to look away.

Dan and Kenny matched them in stripping. Stepping out of their shorts, they too were quickly bare. Their semi-hard cocks swung seductively for RJ to admire, before their cocks grew to full length.

“It's beautiful, Dan,” breathed RJ, stepping closer, his fingers wrapping around it. “Beautiful.” He repeated, looking into Dan's eyes, daring him to say, “no.”

Dan felt his desire rising too. He needed a man who would satisfy that tension.

RJ's low-hanging balls were too tempting a target. He cupped them in one hand, squeezing lightly, testing their weight. They were shaved of all hair, making the skin of his sack soft, smooth, and, Dan thought, very sexy.

When he moved his hand upward to take RJ's gorgeous hard on in his hand, he answered the tacit question that hung between them by pulling their heads together. Open mouths met, tongues danced, and their hearts beat faster. Dan's lust meter was in the red zone.

“Let's go over there,” he said to an equally aroused RJ, pointing to a pad on the pool deck. “We can 69 on that.” He didn't release the stiff cock in his hand, but used it like a string on a pull toy to tow him toward the pad lying on the deck.

“I'd prefer to fuck you, Dan, you sexy man.” RJ offered.

“Got a condom?”

RJ shook his head.

“Sorry, bud, but I don't know you. No condom, no fuck,” was the brusque reply, followed by an attractive offer. “But I've got a satisfying mouth you can use.”

They were too horny to argue or discuss the matter, so they chose the easiest option of dropping onto the mat. In seconds, they had arranged themselves into comfortable and mutual face-to-cock positions to tease each other into a highly aroused state.

The ritual began by tongues licking large, precum-covered heads, sweeping the flow into hungry mouths. Though familiar from long practice, it was still a thrill for Dan to hold a new cock, as he lapped juice from the head as he would an ice cream cone.

Mutually happy “ah”s emphasized their delight. From his first blow job to this one, It was like living old memory each time a cock filled his mouth.

“I'm a cock sucker. This is where I belong,” he was thinking, just as he pulled the head fully into his mouth and began to slowly and lasciviously suckle.

Alex and Derick had left the pool to watch Dan and RJ suck each other off. Their whispered comments were too low for either man to hear, even if they wanted to.

Derick was wide-eyed at watching his daddy with a cock in his mouth! Even though he'd already seen plenty of that since arriving at Uncle Jim's home, this was different. Much different. This was his father.

Alex was just getting horny watching them. He tugged on Derick's shoulder. “Let's go to my bedroom.” The look he gave was one of promise and pleasure. Holding hands, they skipped to the door, entered, and closed it behind them.


RJ's moistened fingers had found Dan's pucker and pressed against it, forcing in one digit. Dan wriggled his ass to show he liked it, wishing it were a cock instead. His attention returned to the one in his mouth when he felt it seem to stiffen even more. He was prepared for them as several volleys of hot, sticky, and tangy semen covered his tongue.

“Mph!” they cried in unison, one giving, the other receiving.

This was all it took for Dan to reply in kind. His hard cock spewed cum into RJ's mouth.

After a few minutes of gently lapping the remaining dribbles of juice from spent cocks, they slipped those cocks from between their lips to flop wetly against their owner's thigh. “Wow!” exclaimed Dan. “You sure know how to fill a man's mouth!”

“You're not bad yourself, Danny,” RJ replied. “What an outstanding way to meet a new friend.”

The boys were returning to the pool with loud splashes. “Why don't we join them? Clean up a bit.”

“Let's go,” said RJ, rising to his feet, then extending a hand to help Dan up before rushing into the pool, with Dan following quickly behind.


Several hours had passed since RJ arrived. Derick had disclosed his first blow job and being fucked. RJ was impressed. “Lucky guy,” was his comment.

“Well, I didn't coax him or anything, RJ. He came to me.”

“Oh, Dan. I'm pleased to know he started with such a good-looking man. He said you have a big cock too. He liked that.”

“Now that he's taken those first steps, does this mean you'll be continuing his education?”

The question seemed moot, for Derick was kneeling by RJ's side, idly toying with his dad's soft cock. Both men watched as he took the soft thing in his fist, pulled it upward and lowered his lips over the head. It began to stiffen.

“I don't seem to have much choice, do I?” he said softly. His hand was stroking his son's head. “Like father; like son.”

Dan knew how he was feeling at this moment, for he recalled the first time Timmy had knelt to suck his cock. Intense pride filled him watching his boy lover nursing on it.

RJ's head was thrown back against the chair, his fingers clutching the arm rests. Breathing faster, he encouraged Derick, “Suck me, baby boy. Suck your daddy.”

Derick had moved between RJ's thighs, spread to make room for him. His head was rising and falling on the stiff rod in his mouth.

“Oh, damn!” cried RJ, thrusting into the warm, young mouth. “I'm cumming! Ugh!”

When it was over, Derick licked a drop of semen from his lips and raised his head to look into RJ's eyes. They exchanged most tender expressions. The two just stared at each other, seeing the other in a new light. Lovers.


RJ and his son had left several hours ago. Kenny and Jim were making love in Jim's bedroom. Even with the door closed, Jim's cries were still clear. Kenny had found a most satisfying lover.

The boys had ceased their typical rough-housing in the water, and were climbing out. Ben and Scotty headed into the house in search of food and drink.

Alex approached Dan, who appeared to be sleeping. His eyes were closed, breathing was steady. “Dan,” he whispered.

“Huh! What?” came the answer, his head jerking upright, and turned his head to see the young beauty standing next to him.

“Oh, it's you, Alex. Hello,” he said and yawned; then reached out to put his hand behind Alex's back.

“Lower, Dan. Touch my bottom,” he pleaded.

Down went the hand to find a cheek, warm and soft. Only a light pressure was sufficient to cause Alex to take another step toward him. As he did, the hand moved across the tender flesh to find where it curved downward against the opposite cheek. Alex's hand moved behind him to grip the opposing half of his bubble bottom. He pulled it apart, giving Dan's fingers access to his pink puckered hole. “I'd like your cock in there,” he said with such openness and candor. “I need you to fuck me, daddy two.”

Now that they had spent part of a day together, Dan viewed such an offer coming from the mouth of a young boy as typical. His father had certainly taught him to be bold when hungry. Find and take what he needed for comfort.

In spite of his previous encounter with RJ, he was feeling horny once more. The same urges were raging through his cock.

Alex pressed his stiff boy prick against Dan's thigh, adding to the tumultuous erotic feelings he had for the boy.

He began to rise, pushing off from the chair.

“No,” implored Alex. “Take me here. I'll sit on your lap.”

Dan sank back. “OK, where's the…”

“…Lube? Right here,” said Alex, handing him the plastic bottle.

It was with fingers atremble that Dan took the bottle, lid already removed, and squeezed some onto his fingers. He gave some to Alex, who rubbed it onto the large hard dick he held in his hand, caressing it with such care.

His own fingers found Alex's pucker and pushed in, this time with little resistance. First one finger, then two, and finally, the third plunged fully into his stretched anus. He was ready to be sacrificed on Dan's stake.

With their hands wiped clean, Dan assisted Alex in getting his feet onto the chair, and placing them firmly on both sides of his hips. Holding both cheeks open, he squatted slowly until his boy cunt touched the head of Dan's upright prick. He smiled and sighed. What he had longed for since he met Dan was about to commence.

One small concern still nagged Alex. “Your cock is bigger than dad's,” he'd said.

“It's up to you, baby. If you're scared that it will hurt too much when I stretch you, you can say so. We'll do this later after you're more open.”

“No!” the boy had objected. “I want your dick inside me. I want you to make love to me, Dan. I want you now.”

This act always thrilled Dan. Watching the boy slowly lower his body downward. His crown was just spreading Alex's puckered hole. Both gasped as entry began. Dan, however was enjoying the sight of cock vanishing up a new boy cunt.

Alex's body stiffened; this head was opening him wider than he'd been before. His fingers tightened on Dan's and began to shake.

“Uhg!” he grunted, pushing out, hoping that would help ease entry. It did, but only modestly. Eyes closed, head bowed, he gasped for breath.

Dan watched, concern about the demand his prick was making on Alex's hole. He had a momentary flashback, recalling the first time he'd taken a man's cock up his ass. It was painful, yes, but as his lover had told him, “Love does come with some pain. It's part of life. Take it now or later, but you will get used to it. We all did.”

That's what he whispered to the boy. It gave him an obscene thrill to watch him writhing on his cock. His struggle to accept it made Dan's cock even harder. The cycle of gay fucking. It was a scene he'd watched repeatedly.

And It was breathtaking!

“Ughhhh!” Alex cried out again, his belly tensing young muscles patterned there. But still he did not release his grip on the fingers supporting him. They were giving him the control he needed over his descent.

The sexual tension was thick, along with the agony he was feeling from the cock doing battle with his sphincter. The outcome was assured, Alex knew. They both knew. It was an amazing act to watch.

The first part of entry, just getting past that thick muscle guarding his hole, was slow but sudden. He was in as the pain declined to a burning sensation. He relaxed, opened his eyes, and smiled down at his lover. “That feels so good!”

He held that position momentarily, letting his body become accustomed to the dull throbbing.

“It will get better,” Dan had assured him. “Now that my head is inside.”

“I'm ready to finish,” Alex informed him, preparing to slide down the remaining five-plus inches of thick cock. Now that the hard part was over, he could enjoy.

With practiced ease, Dan knew what to expect and how to gain the most from it.

Revived, Alex allowed himself to continue downward. The moment was so powerfully erotic. Dan had to close his eyes, or he knew he would cum. Still the sensation of a tight boy cunt inching onward was sending waves of deep pleasure through his body. Looking again, he saw the body of his young lover continue sliding down his stake.

In Dan's mind it was beautiful, and natural, and so intensely erotic to see themselves joined that way.

It was more than an acceptance of Dan's manhood into him, or a submission to him. Alex needed the connection. For he was loving the tender and gentle way Dan was touching caressing his bare skin.

Alex's cheeks slowed to a halt onto Dan's groin and settled there. Success! Yes, they both felt an odd sort of pride in their first mating. More was to come.

Alex paused there, savoring the fullness inside him, wanting it to remain. For Dan, Alex's young ass surrounded his cock like a warm glove. He was in no rush to change that until Alex made the first move.

He gripped Dan's hands to help him rise, allowing the thick head to slide out until it just touched his muscle. Stopping there for just a few seconds, he paused, and lowered himself again. They did this several times, before Alex lay down onto Dan's torso, remaining thus for a time until Alex stuttered out, “L… lo… love me, Daddy Two.”

“Hold onto my waist with your legs. Put your arms around my neck and hold on. I'm rolling us over. It's my turn.” A quick flip caused them to change positions with Dan on top and Alex below. He raised himself up, lifting some of his body weight from the smaller body.

Alex was grinning broadly. “Daddy, it doesn't hurt at all!” He wriggled his small butt.

Dan was equally pleased that his young boy friend had taken his cock. All the more that the initial shock was over. Now they could enjoy what he had struggled to attain. The best part was about to start.

Slowly at first, it was exciting, the way that cock felt both going in and retreating. Alex picked up the rhythm pushing to meet the oncoming cock then pulling back.

In. Out. In. Out. The loving continued…

Gradually their pace increased until both were pumping against each other as fast as they could go. Sweaty body sliding against sweaty body.

Alex tightened his ass muscle and grunted an “I'm cumming.” Dan felt a new wetness shoot between them adding the the slickness already on their bellies.

The heat of lust was so intense that Dan knew he could not last much longer. Alex was meeting each thrust and retreat, urging him to move faster, deeper. Quick moans sounding like a repeated confirmation — "mm-hmm, mm-hmm" over and over. He seemed to be nearing the finish line in a race, his goal in sight.

Dan's body was no longer his to control, it thrust and again. The desire to hold off ejaculation was replaced by the desire to give up the load of semen in his balls.

Thrice more, his cock sank into the warm, tight glove of Alex's gut before Dan felt his own cock harden further. His body stiffened, he gasped and pushed hard into the boy beneath him. It felt as though he was pouring a quart of his semen into the depths of the boy, breeding him.

After a time, the tension drained away and his body relaxed. He sighed from a satisfactory mating with this marvelous boy who had given himself. Though each of them wanted that hardness to remain, nature had run its course. Alex's pussy still twitched from the recent delightful abuse. Dan's prick gradually shrank, and without hardness, Alex's muscle triumphed, pushing it out to rest between the boy's cheeks.

The residue within it, joined the cum trickling from his hole.

Alex could feel the wetness oozing from his hole. He reached back to touch it, wondering, “Had it really happened?”

They lay together, Dan adjusting himself to take some of the weight off of the boy who snuggled beneath him, finding solace there.

Gazing down at his lover's face, Dan felt a rush of intense emotion. He sensed that they had crossed some line. Some indefinable barrier had melted away from the heat of their coupling.

Alex felt it too. His eyes hooded, and lips parted, inviting a kiss. Their mouths came together in a tender press of lips.

“You were marvelous!” Dan gushed to the boy in his arms. “A wonderful lover.“

Alex felt the warmth of embarrassment creeping over his bare body. Those words of praise coming from this man he felt so strongly about. “Thank you, Daddy,” he said in a low voice.

Dan moved them to their sides, so he could hold the boy in his arms savoring their new relationship.

The realization came to him like a hammer blow. He was in love! The loss of Tim for regular coupling had left him adrift. He'd considered it normal withdrawal symptoms of the chick leaving the nest. For a second, he wondered if Tim felt the same. When his cock was buried in Aaron's bottom, did he remember the way they had made love?

Laying his head against Dan's chest, Alex was idly sucking on a nipple. Just like Tim used to do! An eerie sense of déjà vu filled him.

Looking at the small mouth sucking there, he thought, “You can never replace my Tim.” Yet he feared it might happen. “No!” he said aloud.

“What, daddy? What is it?”

“It's nothing, baby. Just had a bad thought that crept out.”

“I won't let bad thoughts hurt you, daddy. I love you,” he replied

“I love you?”

The unexpected words caused him to start. His voice failed him for a moment. Then swallowing hard, he said, “I love you too, Alex.”