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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 12:

White Lies Exposed

What was left of the day passed quietly. Everybody was quite ready to just lie back and relax. Dinner time came and went. They moved into the family room, where the boys devolved into an argument over which movie to watch.

“Hey!” Jim announced in a voice sufficiently loud enough to silence the disagreement. “I'm the guy with the remote. I get to choose. So settle down.”

The movie was soon in full-strength adventure. The younger boys were cheering the hero, who was shooting his way out of a bad situation again.

As the movie wore on, Ben and Scotty toppled against Ken. “Ken, could you carry Ben? I'll bring Scotty. Let's put them to bed. It's been a long day.”

Together the men left the room, each bearing a small child in his arms. Alex rose and staggered over to climb into Dan's lap.

Leaning against the man's chest, he felt a nipple stiffen. That small hard knob generated a tension that resulted in his own penis starting to twitch once, then twice, before growing to full length.

Dan's hand, resting idly on Alex's thigh, felt the rise of his boyhood. His breath quickened, which Alex sensed. The final reaction was Dan's own prick, held captive between his thighs, which was struggling to rise.

“Daddy,” whispered Alex, eyes on the flickering screen of the TV movie. “Are you horny?”

“Yes,” replied Dan, his fingers finding the small hard prick and caressing it. “Are you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Want to go to bed?”

“Uh huh!”

Dan reached for the remote, pressed the off button, and the TV died. Placing it back on the small table, he reached one arm beneath Alex's knees, the other supporting his back, and rose from the chair.

“You're so strong, daddy,” he said softly.

Pausing just before they left the room, he flicked the switch, turning out the lamp in the family room. Dim night lights were bright enough for Dan to make his way down the hall to his room.

Inside, he put his foot behind the open door, to push it with his heel. It closed and latched with a click. He stood in blackness, allowing his eyes to adjust. The glow of a full moon shining into the room allowed him to navigate to the bed.

He laid the boy down, and whispered, although it wasn't necessary, “Move over.”

Alex did so, seeing the shadow of the man who loomed over him. Dan moved onto the bed, causing it to shake slightly.

Dan reached out to touch the small beautiful face, which the moonlight enhanced, letting his fingers slide gently over it.

“I love you, baby boy,” he said.

Alex could only see Dan's silhouette with the moon behind him, but he still shivered with desire hearing those words again. He put his arms around that neck and pulled himself toward Dan's head, until their lips met in a soft kiss that grew to passionate.

Hard cocks pressed together. The night was yet young.


The next morning, the house remained quiet, even as the sun rose higher. Sounds of love slowed. Passions spent. Lovers greeted each other, as they trekked with a single mind toward the kitchen.

The coffee maker was soon perking, and the marvelous smell of morning coffee filled the air. Mugs stood next to it.

Soon, bacon was cooking in the microwave, and Jim was mixing batter for pancakes, pancakes, which he poured sizzling onto the griddle, four at a time.

Scotty pulled out the toaster and loaded it with bread. Ben carried jam, honey, sugar, and milk to the table. Alex fetched glasses for milk and orange juice, along with plates, and put them on the counter. Continued cooperative breakfast making was nearly complete. Napkins, knives, and forks came next. Ken found orange juice in the fridge and carried it to the table.

Jim lifted four pancakes from the griddle, placed them on plates, and slid them across the table toward the boys. They each took one, spread, buttered, and poured syrup on them, and took glasses of milk or orange juice to watch cartoons.

The toaster ejected four slices of warm toast, which shot up with a loud, “chunk!” Ken lifted the hot brown slices, placed them on a plate, and carried them to the table.

With the sound of last bit of coffee draining into the carafe, Jim filled cups for the three men and handed one to each.

Back at the table, Ken handed the plate with the last pancake on it to Dan, who glanced at him, eyebrows raised, and hesitated.

“All yours, my man,” he offered graciously.

Without argument, he took the plate, added butter and honey. Cutting a big slice, he pushed it into his mouth. “Great 'cake, Jim!” he said, through a stuffed mouth, which sprayed crumbs everywhere.

“Thanks,” said Jim, without turning. “And don't talk with your mouth full. Didn't your mother teach you anything?”

He'd barely finished one when Jim placed four more on a plate. “Help yourself, gents.” He returned to carry pouring batter onto the griddle.

Breakfast continued until everybody had eaten their fill.


Dan had bid sad good-byes to everybody and promised to get back “just as soon as I can.” Hopping into his car, he backed out of the driveway, and turned to find his way back to Susan's home. He'd already called over an hour ago to let her know when he was leaving Jim's.

It took only 17 minutes, since morning traffic was light. He didn't mind driving where he knew the terrain, but in this city, he was still at odds. That would change as he spent more time here.

Pulling up to the house, into the same spot he'd taken on Friday afternoon when he left his wife with her old girl friend, he thought, “Wow! What a life she and Bob must have lived in those days after their graduations!”

Having met Susan twice already, he was impressed by her outgoing, brassy, even aggressive style. Was this why she wasn't married? Were men put off by her attitude? Maybe it was the opposite. She was unsatisfied with the men she knew, and their lack of aggression to win her. For an instant, he imagined that, if he were free to date her, he could temper the tiger inside her.

Shutting off the engine, he got out of the car, after checking traffic approaching from the rear. At the front door, he rang the bell to let them know he had arrived, then, as instructed, entered and locked the door. The house was silent, not a sound. He paused to take off his shoes and place them by the door, an act he always appreciated.

“Turn left,” she'd told him. “Go to the hall and turn to the right.”

Walking on the very soft, deep carpet, his feet made no sound, as he proceeded toward the end.

“Knock at the door on your left.” He knocked.

“Come in, Dan,” came Susan's sultry, playful voice.

He entered to see both of them, naked, seated at a small round table, playing cards with a naked man whose back was toward him. They placed their cards face down on the table to look at him.

Connie was seated next to her. “Hi, honey,” she said, waving. He returned her wave.

The man shifted his torso and placed an arm over the back of the chair, so they could see each other. He said nothing, but smiled in welcome. “Good looking!” Dan thought.

Susan was seated on the opposite side of the table from him. She gave him that room-lighting smile once again. “Welcome to our little game. Won't you take off your clothes and join us?” Her hand beckoned him to an empty chair.

He didn't know why he was so nervous. He'd been naked many times in many different circumstances. Grinning like a young boy brought before the teacher, who expected the right answer to a question he didn't know, he rapidly disrobed. A rack had been placed nearby for him to hang his clothes neatly, so they would retain an unwrinkled appearance. Not that it mattered: shorts and t-shirt are by their nature fully wrinkled from the moment he put them on.

Now naked as the others, he joined them at the table in the empty chair. The man sitting adjacent to him extended his hand.

“Dan, meet Steve,” said Susan simply.

The two men shook. “I've heard about you from Connie's adventures back when she and Bob were married.”

“Why don't we start the game over? We can talk and get acquainted.” Connie and Steve passed their cards to Susan, who set about shuffling them expertly. Dan smiled as he watched. Was it her beautiful breasts, with large, hard, dark nipples, or her handling of the cards? He shared his attention with both.

“This game is called ‘14,’” Susan told him, then explained the simple rules. “Ready?” she asked rhetorically and dealt out three cards to each of them. After a single round, Steve placed his three cards down face up, all sevens. The others played what sevens they had on his or lay down their own trios. Susan wrote down their scores.

As play continued, Dan asked questions of Steve and Susan. Their stories of meeting each other, the circumstances, and numerous details of what was their personal history were opened to Dan. He was already feeling quite comfortable with Steve. It was easy to see why Bob had fallen in love with him.

As they arranged cards in their final hand in this round of play, Steve said casually, not taking his eyes from his cards, “I saw Timmy, I mean, Tim, at Professor Andrews' home several weeks ago.”

Dan nearly dropped his cards in surprise. “What? How so?”

“Jeff, that is, Doctor Andrews, and I have been friends for a long time.” Then he went on to explain how it happened. Looking at Dan, he said calmly, “It's your play.”

“Oh, yes. Of course,” Dan said, blushing. “Interesting.” He laid his cards down and declared, “I'm out.”

Susan totaled the score. “Not bad for a first timer, Dan. You came in second to your lovely wife.” She placed the pencil beside the tablet, gathered up the cards, and put them into a box.

“Why don't we take a stroll around my house? Let me show you where I live.” She then added, “and love.” Rising, the others rose with her. They moved from room to room, with Susan pointing out her art, and the way she decorated each room personally. As they continued, she moved close to Dan and slipped her fingers into his hand. He tried to resist, but only modestly, for she was quite determined to hold his hand in hers.

“Dan, I am truly thankful that you are such an understanding man. Connie is the sweetest lady I've met. She's so honest and forthright. A real sweetheart. You granted her our mutual wish!

“I want to thank you in a way you in a very special way.” She stopped them to look him right in his eyes and said, “I asked Connie about this, and she approves.”

“Yes?” Dan acknowledged cautiously.

“I want you to make love to me!”

Dan took a short step backward, stared at her, complete incomprehension on his face. “I… you… what? Make love. Me? You?”

His face registered shock, but his cock registered an opposite emotion. It was rising!

Susan, in her very direct way, gripped his cock, pulling him toward her. She grinned voluptuously, and whooped. “I'll take this as a yes.”

Connie came forward, wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek, and said, “Do it, Dan. Share yourself with her, as you have with me. Make love to her with that big cock.”

That very wishful thought he had before entering Susan's home was coming true. He was going to tame the tiger inside her!

No longer shy, he scooped her up in his arms, kissed her fiercely on the mouth, tongue and all. She kissed and tongued him back eagerly.

“Where is it?” he commanded.

“That room, over there,” she replied. “And hurry!”

Dan walked to the bedroom, and stopped. Once again, this was no ordinary bedroom. This was a room made for love. Soft music, candles, incense, low light, all to incite the senses. Here, in this place, on that bed, where love would happen!

He laid her gently on the bed, and knelt beside her. She was so lovely, her beautiful body offered and open to his desires.

He kissed her ardently, as she gave back in equal measure. His tongue left her mouth, then across her cheek, to explore her ear with a light touch. Her fingernails lightly teased suggestively his back and arms.

Connie had taught him well the art of making love with a woman. He used every technique on Susan's body. Her voice gave moans of delight, and even some whispered suggestions.

His tongue traced around her breast in collapsing circles, until her hard nipple was in his mouth.

“Oh, gawd, but your mouth feels so good there.” When he touched her other nipple, she put her hand on his fingers, inviting him to squeeze. When he did, she moaned out,”Yes!”

Reaching her wet pussy, he ran his tongue up and down its length, stopping to nibble tenderly on her stiff clit. She gurgled happily.

Reversing his body, he gave her his precum-dripping cock. She was no stranger to a hard penis. Her warm welcoming mouth licked, sucked, and gave him long deep throats, until he was on the verge of cumming.

He firmly pulled his cock from her protesting mouth, turned his body around to place it against her cunt. She tried to push her hips up to meet it, but he told her sternly, “In a moment, my lady. Be patient!”

A swift slap to her bare cheek caused her to gasp and look at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. Dan was in charge now. She smiled and acquiesced to his demand.

“Dan, I need it. Fuck me!”

“Fuck you? Not today, my lady. Love is what you'll get.”

He slowly pushed his raging penis completely into her wet tunnel, and paused when he was at full depth. Then he reversed until just at her entrance, teasing her.

Enough already, you bastard,” she snarled, her claws scrapped menacingly along his back. “Now fuck me before I draw blood!”

At that instant, at the crescendo of her cry, he thrust back in, hard, and to full depth. She gasped, the intensity of his thrust causing her to arch, heels digging into the sheet. His timing was perfect. Not stopping, he took her, hard and fast, again and again and again, until she came with a growling, almost animal sound. She was sobbing when Dan had finished his own orgasm deep inside. His semen spilled, breeding her.

When their breathing slowed, she gazed into his eyes that reflected the contentment she was feeling and smiled. “God, but you are as good as Connie told me.” Her hand lightly brushed back a sweaty, stray lock of hair.

He rolled them to their sides and he held her tenderly. They had truly made love. When their limbs began to stiffen, they rose, and she led him to her large bathroom, where they bathed each other in scented spray.

Emerging, clean and refreshed, they rejoined Steve and Connie, to share a glass of wine.

“Here he is, all yours again, Connie, dear. He is truly magnificent. You're so lucky.”

He came to her, leaned down to kiss her, then took a seat next to her. A glass of his favorite wine awaited him.

Susan went over to sit next to Steve. He put his arm around her protectively; she leaned her head against his shoulder.

The four discussed impending jobs Dan anticipated, how to set up an office in town, and Tim.

“I think that Professor Andrews, er, Jeff, may have an interest in Tim.”

“Why?” asked Connie.

“History, dear lady. He was Bob's lover. When Bob died, he was heartbroken. I saw him often after you left. Bob was all he could talk about for months. He threw himself into his studies, graduating with a PhD in less time than most, and accepted a job here. Even though we live together, his job is his love.

“Now he might see Tim as a surrogate for Bob. Try to renew that love with a younger man.”

“My gawd,” said Connie. “What if Tim turns him down?”

“You may have other issues to worry about,” said Steve.

“What issues?” asked Dan.

“Jeff will invite Tim to his home and try to seduce him. He knows your history, Connie, and it will probably all come out. Does Tim know about any of this?”

“Holy shit!” she cried. “NO! He is innocent of all that. I never thought he'd need to know!” Her eyes were wide, hands over her mouth. Turning to Dan, she asked in a sad voice, “What are we going to do?”

Steve broke in, “Connie, don't assume anything. Bob must have drilled that into you.”

“Uh huh,” she acknowledged.

“It's likely that only Bob's gay side will come out, and his relationship with me. Your and Susan's relationship would not help him win Tim.”

Connie sat back with a look of complete mock relaxation. “Oh, good,” she said. “Everything's gonna be all right. Except that he'll be pissed at me for not telling him about Bob!”

Dan took her hand in his, “As you recall, so was I! And I got past it.”

She nodded her head, “Uh huh, you did.”

“A therapist would advise you to keep this secret until the child is mature enough to understand,” advised Steve.

“When is that?” asked Dan.

“You know him better than anyone, but in this case it's now.”

Dan pulled Connie to him, hoping his arms around her would be calming.”He loves you, honey. It may be a shock, but… both of you are strong. He may be pissed, but he won't disown you.”

“You promise?” she asked, tears streaming down her face.

“I promise,” he said, kissing her.

They held each other, taking strength from the closeness of their bodies. After a few minutes, Dan looked at Susan and said, “Much as I regret it, we have to leave. Tim is on our list, and we should spend a few hours with him.”

They fetched and put on their clothes. Susan and Steve, still naked, walked them to the door .

“Susan, I… I… I'm not sure how to say this, but what we did was not fucking. I can only love one woman at a time. Connie is the one. You are a special lady in my life. Thank you for your sweetness and caring for Connie.” He turned to Steve and said, “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Moments later, they were in their car and driving down the street. Connie was on her cell phone.

“Hello, Tim baby. How are you?”


“Yes, so are we. Are you free to get together with us?”


“Good, we'd love to meet her. Bring her along. We'll meet you at the coffee shop nearby. Oh, are you hungry? Want to eat? Uh huh, uh huh. OK, we'll meet at that restaurant. What's its name? Oh, yeah. That one. Meet you there in, uhm… 25 minutes. We have to park and walk. OK. See you. Love you. Bye.”

She looked so happy and serene, her heart was at ease.

Traffic had picked up, so they took longer to arrive near the restaurant and had to park farther away. Almost ten minutes late, they walked into a nearly deserted dining area. Tim saw them, rose and waved. Seated next to him was a pretty girl with long hair.

“Mom, dad,” he said, hugging and kissing each of them. “I'd like you to meet Carmen. She's uhm, my… my roommate.”

All were surprised when she glanced at him, irritation on her face, and asked, “Roommate?” She turned to look at Connie. “I'm sorry if I seem, uhm brusque, but we are a lot more than roommates. Aren't we, Tim?” Tim's face was burning.

“OK, Carmen, You're right. Mom, dad, meet my girlfriend.” He looked at her for confirmation. She was beaming.

Both Dan and Connie were very impressed with the way Carmen could get her message across.

That crisis past, they ordered something to eat and chatted easily with Carmen. She was so self-assured, and so easy to talk with.

“Mom, dad, you'll never guess, but Professor Andrews, head of the physics department, invited me to his home to discuss my plans.” His eyes were alight, shining. “Maybe you could help me write…” his voice trailed off when he saw the look of surprise in Connie's face. “What is it?”

Dan turned to Carmen, “This is personal family business. Could I ask for some privacy with Tim?”

She nodded, “Sure, I see some friends I can sit with.” Rising, she walked off, looking over her shoulder to blow him a kiss.

“OK, what's this all about. What's so private?” Tim was looking grim.

Dan sat back to watch and listen.

“Honey,” she said. “I told you a lie. A small white lie.”

“OK.” he said, wondering what this meant.

“When your dad and I were married and lived here while he worked for the law company?”

“You've told me many times.”

She took a deep breath and said, “Your dad took a gay lover named Steve.”

His eyes moved from Connie's to Dan's. “What are you telling me? That you let my dad…”

“I didn't ‘let’ him. He and Steve hooked up while I was home getting things ready for our wedding.”

“He cheated on you, mom?” his voice rising one octave.

“It's not that simple,” she said, unbidden tears filling her eyes.

“How…” he began, starting to rise.

“Tim!” said Dan, rising to meet him.

Tim sat. “Simple! He cheated on you.” His face contorted.

“We worked it out. Married couples do,” she said sadly.

“And you let him!”

“No,” she said. “He died. Your father died in a fireball when the plane crashed.” She put her hands over her face, reliving that day. After a few minutes, the tears stopped and she raised her head. “Can you accept it as it was and get past it? Like I did. Can you do that?”

He took his mother's hands in his. “What's in the past is done. I have you, and that's all that matters.”

Carmen saw that the family issue had ended. It was safe to return to the table. Sitting back down next to him, she took Tim's hands in hers. “Everything OK?”

He nodded, giving her a wan smile.

“I love you, Tim,” she whispered, loud enough so that Connie could hear.

Tomorrow Tim would meet Professor Andrews.