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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 13:

Professor Jeff Andrews

Tim was feeling in good spirits after the ups and downs of the day. He'd been thrilled to see his mom and dad again. They still looked like the perfect couple. Outwardly, they were happily married, building a business. They seemed so very compatible. Yet what lay beneath that façade of normality would likely shock most. Whenever he thought about this dichotomy, he would chuckle. Their secret would forever be safe with him.

He'd always trusted his mom and Dan to be honest and truthful with him. When Connie had tearfully told him of his dad's gay side, it wasn't just knowing that the man he'd idolized was… just… like… him! It collided with his wish of his dad being a straight man married to his mom, like other couples. Connie's tearful plea, “He died! Can you accept it as it was and get past it? Like I did. Can you do that?” Her words snuffed out his smoldering anger. They'd hugged and kissed, and he forgave her white lie.

He was feeling completely relaxed as he lay on his bed in the dorm room. Carmen had gone down the hall. “Back in a bit,” she promised.

Lying there, his mind went back to his own view of Bob. He'd been shocked to learn that his dad was having sex with a man. Something did not fit! What was it? Damn! One small detail was nagging his mind, but he could quite figure out what it meant.

Mom told him, if she was serious, that she'd never allow Dan to have a man as a gay lover. Now it turns out that she had let Bob have one! Didn't fit. What was the piece that made it all come together. What? What?

He recalled the moment when he'd remorsefully told his mom his desires to suck his uncle Mel, and how she'd responded, “Honey, do you understand what you're saying?”

He'd admitted he was confused.

“That's incest. I don't want you having sex with my brother.”

Neither had he, but he did want something, something that Mel had. In retrospect he figured it out: a man's cock.

How could this work? She didn't seem so upset when he admitted wanting to suck a man's cock. She had let Bob have a gay boyfriend, but not Dan.

He wished he could talk with her again, so he could ask more questions. At the same time he had doubts about that too. What other “white lies,” unspoken, was she keeping from him? He would have gone on letting these teasing bits dance in his head. Sooo confusing!

Eyes closed, drifting, he was almost asleep when he felt warm lips on his.

“Hi, honey,” Carmen whispered. “You looked too good to pass up.”

His arms encircled her and pulled her close. “You look good enough to eat!”

“I can make us sandwiches,” she volunteered with a giggle.

“Oh, baby,” he said with a muffled moan, pressing his face into her breasts. “You have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen.”

She held him there, loving him, for loving her. “And they're all yours, my sweet man. I had them made just for your eyes and your mouth.”

“How did you know I like this size?” he asked, cupping one.

She shrugged, “God made me the way I am for the man who would love me.”

She had moved atop him, lying face to face, lightly kissing each other. Her cock was hardening, pressing against his stiff member.

“Tell me again, why did you accept me: a girl with a cock?”

“Because you represent who I am.”

“And who would that be?”

“I'm bisexual. What would be more perfect? Your lovely breasts to attract the straight part of me.” He cupped them, their hard nipples pressing into his palms. His hand moved down from there, over her belly, to find her rigid dick. “And this appeals to my gay side. I can love either a man or a woman. You are both,” he said seriously. “Why did you choose to become a transsexual?”

“My parents wanted a daughter, as dad often told me. But they also assured me that they loved me as much as their son.”

Her face had taken on a distant look, peering into the past, seeing how she was subtly encouraged to try on her mom's panties.

“They were thrilled that I liked wearing girl's stuff, and even promoted that by buying me anything I wanted: panties, bras, hose, high-heel shoes. They encouraged me to let my hair grow out. When we went on trips out of town, I'd wear girl's clothes the whole time. Soon I didn't want to be a boy any more.

“When I turned 18, I went to see my therapist to ask how I could make the change. I showed up at her office as Carmen, not Carl, and she knew I was serious. With her help, along with my parents' support, I did it. Here I am today. Your girlfriend.” She leaned down to kiss him once more.

“I'll say this, for a girl you have great cock sucking skills,” he laughed.

“For your information, Mr. Smarty Pants, I had lots of practice. My best friend and I would sleep over at his place or mine. We got sexual when we were 11. Cock sucking was my favorite, but it wasn't hard for him to convince me I'd like to be fucked.”

“Uhm… I was wondering if you'd like to demonstrate your skill right now? I don't have to be at Prof. Jeff's home for a couple of hours.”

Her face clouded over. She rose and punched him in the arm. “You pig! Is that all you ever think about? Sex? Cock sucking? Fucking my ass?”

“Honey, you know it is! I love you so much. Love should be shared,” he said, holding his hands up to ward off the blows.

“Well, since you've put it so romantically, I suppose a 69 would fit right in.”

“I was actually hoping you'd show me that technique you watched on the internet. You know, the one where…”

“…the woman demonstrated on a live partner how to suck a cock, deep throated him, and took his cum in her mouth. That one?”

“Yeahhhh,” he breathed slowly and sensuously, a satisfied smile wreathing his face.

She took a deep sigh, stood up to strip off her clothes, and prompted him to do the same.”You lie down, I'll lock the door.”

Tim loved watching her move. That small ass was simply beautiful in motion. Turning about, she returned, smiling seductively.

He lay diagonally across the bed. Kneeling, she pressed his thighs apart. “Give me room.”

He watched past his very hard erection, as the woman he loved began to lick at the inside of his thighs. Her tongue! He shivered.

“Oh, baby, baby. That feels sooo good.”

That lapping tongue gradually moved up his thigh to his balls. Her eyes were open and on him, as she caressed him. One ball slid into her mouth, where she erotically ran her tongue around it.

The suction! A thrill ran through his ball! He groaned. His words encouraging her, as though she needed any. She loved sucking his parts. Her mouth was made for this act. Switching to the other, she licked and sucked it as well.

Slowly, inevitably, she moved up his shaft, wetting it thoroughly, so she could stroke it while her mouth laved the rim around his head before taking his entire cock into her mouth. Tim was shivering and moaning through clenched teeth.

“Easy, babe. I'm real close,” he panted.

But she didn't stop. Her mouth was rising and falling on his stiff cock. Faster and faster, lower and lower, until his cock head penetrated her throat. Her mouth pressed against his groin, where she held it there for a few seconds. She felt the first pulse.

“I'm cumming,” he gasped, just as she pulled her mouth back so his semen poured onto her tongue. Now she was excited. Knowing how much Tim loved getting her trademark blow job, made her love him even more.

Gradually, Tim relaxed from the powerful ejaculation. He stroked her hair, watching her finish up. She moved her head back and forth, lightly running her tongue over his cock head, catching the semen that still oozed from his slit.

She opened her mouth to show him how much he'd given her. He couldn't see her tongue beneath that pool of white cum. He smiled; she swallowed.

“Mmm….” he said softly. “You taste so good. I love you.”

She raised her head, grinning, and said huskily, “Oh, you probably say that to every girl who gives you a blow job.”

“Well, now that you mention it…”

He got no further. She slapped him on his bare belly and said, “You…” Clambering from the floor, she laid her full weight on him. They kissed slowly, dragging it out, for him to taste his cum on her tongue.

The two lovers lay together until Tim noted that she was still hard. “My turn,” he said, rotating his body to take her cock into his mouth, where he began to render his own best blow job.


Tim and Carmen had walked together to the home of physics professor Jeff Andrews. “I don't think he wants me to be with you, Tim. Didn't he say he had an important issue you and he needed to discuss.”

“He won't mind. You know him. He's a good guy. Come on in with me.”

She lifted his hand to kiss his knuckles, and said, “Tim, you know that I'd love to be with you, but this is about you, more family business. Your dad asked me to take a hike 'cause you three had a family issue. Looked pretty heated to me. What I'm saying is, I was happy to walk over with you. I'll wait in the café down the street. Call me when you're done.” She released his hand and started off down the sidewalk.

Watching her walk away, he admired the motion her bottom made as she departed. She stopped about 100 feet away, looked back, smiled, then turned and continued on, swaying her butt for him even more.

He turned from watching her body toward Professor Jeff Andrews' home. Very impressive! He was both excited and nervous. It couldn't be his grades, he was a straight A student. With additional effort, he could pull it up to an A+. No, he didn't expect the professor to trouble him over failing to be a super student. Prof's weren't in the habit of dictating or advising student's study-work habits.

At the door, he pressed the button and waited. From deep in the home's interior, he heard the notes sounding. It was big, so he gave the guy a little time to walk from the far end to the front door. His guess was correct; after some 30 seconds, the door swung open. Professor Andrews stood there, a welcoming smile on his face.

“Tim! Do come in,” he said, and stepped back from the doorway to offer his hand. They shook briefly. “So glad you could find time from your busy schedule to join me for a chat.”

“Yes, sir. I'm happy to come by, although I am very curious as to your interest in me.”

They walked side by side, down a short hall. “In here,” said the professor, indicating his study. Walking to his liquor cabinet, he added, “What can I get you to drink? I believe you were having a beer at my gathering. Would you prefer something stronger?”

Tim wondered how a vodka or Scotch might affect him, compared to the impression his choice might give the man.

He paused for a moment and said. “Anything but vodka.”

The professor chuckled. “Wise choice. Vodka goes down so smoothly, it's hard to judge how far gone I am. Brandy it is.” He came back to Tim, handed him a snifter filled with brandy to midway, and said, “Let's sit over here.” He took a seat in a comfortable-looking chair. Tim sat down in the sofa, close to the end table where he could put his brandy.

“Well, how are you getting on at the university?” he asked conversationally.

Tim tried to put on a casual look. “Pretty well. Studies are very intense, but I expected that. My folks live a few hours away. I saw them just yesterday, in fact.”

Silence settled for a moment when the professor said, “At my gathering, you mentioned that your father graduated from our law school.”

“Uhm… yes, that's true. He died when I was very young. I never knew him. Mom married a man, my stepfather, Dan. He's been everything my dad could have been for me. Treats me as his biological son.”

“Then you are quite lucky. When a new male comes into a boy's life, especially as his mother's new husband, there is often a bit of jealousy, stress, and even fear,” responded Professor Andrews.

Tim smiled and said, “Not in my case. I helped mom choose Dan, my stepfather.”

The professor had learned such tight self-control that even when an unexpected issue came into his life, he would barely show a sign. This information definitely was that! A child helping mom choose her next husband. His eyes grew infinitesimally wider, and his eyebrows gave a small upward twitch, but nothing more. This changed the complexion of how he had expected things to progress.

“You… a child, helped your mother choose the guy she was going to marry?” He stuttered briefly.

“Yes, it was very unusual. He and I are very close. No jealousy from me.” Tim was amused that he'd caught the fabled Professor Andrews off guard. “I feel no loss of a dad. Dan is my father; he's the one who raised and loved me.” Pausing, he came back to the previous subject. “You said you knew my father. How did you meet?”

Once Steve had explained the relationship among Tim, Connie, and Bob, the professor had gone into Tim's personal file to fill out some details. An internet search through the professor's specialized search software had disclosed more than the average one.

Now this! Such details did not show up on a search, especially when one doesn't want them to appear. Apparently Dan and Connie were more clever at hiding their tracks than most others.

Added to the mix was Tim's level of maturity. He seemed very well settled in who he was. Quite close to his stepfather and mom, yet there was a “but.” What was it?

“It was purely by chance. I went with my dad to an electronics store to buy some components for a science project. Your dad was working there. With a degree in electrical engineering, he helped me choose the parts. I really liked him the first time I saw him. I knew he could help me.”

The more they talked, the more emotionally charged the air was becoming. Tim was picking up double entendres. The way the professor's eyes seemed to vanish into the past. What did he see that so attracted him to his father?

Tim took another sip of his brandy and edged forward in his seat, not wanting to miss a single innuendo of the relationship between them. For the more the professor spoke, the more it became apparent that advice in science projects was not the only interaction between them.

Tim was growing frustrated. It was apparent to him, he thought, that there was more to his father's interest in helping a young budding scientist than selecting components. Yet the more they talked, the farther from the truth they seemed to go.

Tim looked at Jeff, and Jeff at him. No words were spoken. One wanted to know; the other to explain. With five words, Jeff ripped open the veil of secrecy he'd maintained for years.

“Your father was my lover.”