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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 14:

More disclosures

Tim looked at Jeff, and Jeff at him. No words were spoken. One wanted to know; the other to explain. With five words, Jeff ripped open the veil of secrecy he'd maintained for years.

“Your father was my lover.”

There! It was done. After all these years of keeping his most closely held secret behind a wall, he could finally tell it. Tim was a man; he could understand.

He also felt quite smug. As many times as he had wanted to share this secret, yet he'd been strong. Only at this moment could he speak those words with his lover's son.

He sat back, smiling, awaiting Tim's response. Of course, he would want to know all about their affair.

For a moment there was silence. Then Tim began to laugh.

Surprise, mixed with chagrin at this rebuff to baring his soul, opening his innermost thought with… laughter? Unconsciously he clenched his fists at Tim's rebuff. He knew his face was burning, but he could do little. Still he restrained himself. Let Tim have his moment.

Laughter. Not a gentle sound, but loud, which turned to coughing, followed by tears running down his cheeks.

Jeff stared at Tim. “What?” he asked, confused and upset.

Tim raised his hand, indicating that he needed a moment. Tears gradually diminished, as did the coughing. He'd seen Jeff's reaction, his neck blushing, but not his face.

He used a few tissues from a nearby box to wipe his cheeks, though he continued to breathe in gasps. When he had himself under control, he said, “I am truly sorry, Dr. Andrews. Your words were such a shock to me…” he trailed off, embarrassed.

“I must admit that I'm puzzled,” said Jeff calmly, though inside he was far from it. “Though I do owe you an apology, Tim. It was rather abrupt, I admit.” He paused, watching Tim's reaction, stress draining from his voice and face.

They sat together, neither speaking. Waiting. Tim lifted his snifter, and took another swallow of the brandy to soothe his nerves. Returning it to the end table, he said, “Give me a moment. I can explain.”

Jeff waited patiently. A hundred thoughts ran though his calculating brain. He'd taken precautions, checking Tim out thoroughly, in preparation for his announcement. By telling Tim about his secret relationship with his father, he'd hoped to capture the boy's attention. Instead it was a curve that flew right back and cold-cocked him. There were more unexpected aspects to this family. He was anxious to hear about them.

“This very afternoon, a few hours ago, mom and Dan came to visit me, as they do whenever they come to town,” Tim began. “Mom told me that my dad…,” his voice rose in suppressed anger again. “That he'd… he… he'd had a gay affair with a man.” He looked sharply at Dr. Andrews, and spread his arms wide is a questioning gesture. “She told me that my dad was a queer!”

He was silent for a few seconds, wearing such a sad expression. “Now this! another shock! It's like a picture puzzle that seems to get larger, as pieces get added. So many are missing. She didn't give me his name. You knew my father. Did you know his boyfriend?”

Jeff felt trapped. He could answer Tim's questions, but felt it was more appropriate for Connie to do so. He side-stepped Tim's questions. “I suggest that you continue your conversation with your mom. The simplest way to get answers to your questions is to go to the source.”

“Be careful, though. You may get more than you expected. The puzzle could grow. How important is it that you have an answer to question you just posed?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. “If you know, why won't you tell me?”

“Anything I can tell you about this would intrude into the lives of your mother and stepfather, and even the spirit of your dead father. Your mom is the person most qualified to fill you in on what happened in their young married lives.”

Jeff moved over to sit next to Tim, on the couch. “Life is not simple. In family affairs, it's like dominoes set up in a row, you know. Once you push over the first, nothing can stop them until all of them were lying down.

“Family secrets can be like that too. Behind the first is another, then another. When it's over, the closet is laid bare, and who knows what skeletons you'll find?

“The weight of knowing all of these quietly kept secrets has the power to change a person's life in ways you do not know. Are you prepared for that?”

He placed his hand on Tim's knee, “Every act you do collides with other lives, which impact still more beyond the original question.”

Tim was getting more and more confused. “Stop!” he implored, holding up his hands and bowing his head. “OK, I got it. I'll ask mom next time we talk.”

“Let's change the topic,” suggested Jeff.

Tim was ready to do anything to end the very confusing conversation. “Let's,” he replied.

“Good,” Jeff replied. “I have some pictures I'd like you to see.” He rose from his seat, walked to the wall of books, and pulled out one, larger than the others, and returned with it.

“What's this?” Tim asked, seeing what appeared to be a photo album.

“Memories,” he said, returning to sit next to Tim. “Magical memories, that can never be relived.”

Tim didn't know what to say.

“It was dad's idea, actually, that he take pictures of your dad and me, when we… well, made love.”

Jeff flipped open the album to show a boy and a man. The two were sitting on a bed, completely naked, and smiling. They had to be his dad, Bob, with a smaller Jeff on his lap.

Tim could see the likeness of the man beside him and the boy. Breathtaking to realize this was a much younger copy of him, although it was clearly Jeff, naked, in the arms of a man.

“Pretty, aren't they?” he whispered in Tim's ear.

The sight of his father, naked, was very arousing. He swallowed, unable to speak.

The next one was more explicit. They were standing side-by-side, fully frontally exposed, and very hard.

His father was very good looking! Plus he had a large cock, which was pointing straight out. And thiiiick! Oh, how he wished that he could have been the boy in that picture, instead of Jeff. Looking at the picture, it seemed that boy's eyes were upon him.

“Your dad was a very good lover,” Jeff observed. “He really knew how to use his cock.”

In the slow trip through the album, Tim no longer saw that man as his father. Thanks to Jeff's continuous recitation of every act they did, he was a hot stud who just happened to be his dad.

After all, how many get to see their father with a naked boy whose body was quite well proportioned, including a four-inch hard on?

Somehow it didn't seem at all foreign that Bob, the hot-looking guy in pictures in the photo album, was a boy lover!

He recalled the first time he'd acknowledged his desire, his need for a big cock. First time was seeing his uncle Mel's, then the various men that came to his home, then the fortuitous day when he'd met Dan while visiting Mel.

Dan was a horny boy's dream come true. He was tall, good looking, very masculine, along with other superlative adjectives and, just as in Timmy's fevered fantasies, he had a Big Cock!

It was gorgeous! Long, thick, and cut. The first time they'd gotten naked, his younger self had played with it, like a new toy just out of the box. He'd put his hand against it to judge how long it was. Half of the head extended beyond his finger tips, which made it over six inches. The fingers of his hand could not reach around it!

In his small universe of cock sizes, Dan's was the largest of those other men he'd spent an arousing hour with while the search for a new daddy went on.

His mom had repeatedly told him, each time he asked her about his father, that he was a good man, and with a girlish giggle, a good lover.

In his mind, he imagined that Bob's cock would be as large as Dan's. Now he was seeing photographic evidence of that.

He had easily accepted that men liked him. They desired him sexually, although why was never clear to him.

“Why, Dan?” he'd asked one day as they lay together naked. “Why do you like my small cock? You're so good looking, you could get any other man with something longer than mine. He gripped his short, but very hard, penis in his fist.

“You're right. It is hard to understand. I was older when I found I had a gay side, so I didn't grow up sucking cock. When I did, at first that was all I wanted. I went out looking for men like me to do it with and for.

“I liked seeing guys in swimsuits. Liked looking at the outline of their soft cocks. One day, while I was at the pool where we met, there were very few adult men.

“That was when I began looking more closely at you kids. At first it was older boys, but as I came to the pool over and over again, I would go home and remember the younger ones.”

He took Timmy's small prick from him and began to kiss, to lick it. “There is something almost magical about you, baby. I can't explain it. Your youth. So innocent!

“When we met in the men's room and I saw your cute little prick, I got so excited. That night I jacked off five times imagining us together. I had to have you.

“When you called me, although I didn't think you really would, all I wanted was to take you to bed and suck you off.

“That was the day I fell in love with you. And your small cock!” Dan emphasized this by taking his short cock and balls all together in one mouthful to suck on them.

He'd reconciled years ago, when he and Dan became lovers, to the idea that some men lusted after boys. Looking at the pictures in the album, he had to go through the same questions. His dad was sooo hot looking, like any normal guy, but he had the same urges Dan did.

What would his dad say if he suddenly walked through that door and found him sitting with this man, Jeff, getting aroused over pictures of a man having sex with a boy? The thought made him chuckle.

“What?” asked Jeff.

The question brought him back to this moment. He and this man were seated next to each other, looking at the past. A very arousing past, and all doubts about his dad evaporated. He accepted that as a boy he loved Dan, and Bob could love Jeff as a boy.

His cock was a raging fire. His universe became the powerful horny sensation coursing though him. Turning to face Jeff, they leaned toward each other, stopping only half an inch apart. Jeff's tongue reached out to caress Tim's open mouth. His tongue ran around the inside of his lips, driving desire higher.

The kiss began as a slow, sensual tasting of each other. Tim didn't hold back; he opened his mouth to accept Jeff's tongue and moaned.

They longed to sample each other in the most intimate way two men can. Hands scrambled to unzip each other, while the kiss continued. When hard cocks were exposed, Jeff broke off.

He pushed Tim backward onto the couch, so that he lay on his side. Quickly he reversed himself to lie in a 69 position. Each mouth found a cock.

This was the one he'd been having wet dreams over: Bob's son! His boyfriend's semen come to life.

Jeff was in another time, another place. The cock in his mouth was not Tim's, but his father's. Now his son was part of their lovemaking.

In a haze of fantasy, Tim was carried back in time to suck Jeff's boy cock, even though the one in his mouth was large, hard and drooling precum. It was exactly what he needed, that only a man could satisfy.

Jeff's hunger drove his cock. He thrust it into Tim's mouth with abandon. Lips wrapped around it, held it tightly, while he drove it in and out again and again. One final push and he was shooting warm, sticky semen onto Tim's tongue.

Jeff's mouth was sucking, licking, caressing Tim's own erection with equal desire. He felt himself being drawn toward the inevitable. “I'm cumming,” he gasped to Jeff, about to deliver his reward. There was no relaxation of his oral ministrations. When Tim did come, it was powerful, shooting several jets of hot, sticky semen into Jeff's mouth.

When it was over, Jeff moved up to embrace him and share the taste of their cum.


Later, as he and Carmen walked slowly back to their dorm room, Tim gave her a shortened version of what they'd done. “He knew my dad, years ago, when dad worked in a local electronics store. They took a liking to each other, and dad helped him with some projects.” In addition, he filled in some details to hold her interest. “He had albums of pictures of them and his projects that went to science fair.”

Looking at her watch, she remarked, “You were with him for a long time to talk over so little.”

Tim squeezed her hand and smile. “You're the curious one, all at once.”

As much as she wanted to press him further, she relented. When he was ready to tell her what they really talked about, he would. “Sorry,” she said, grinning. “You know how I am.”

Even though the “J” word was not spoken, she did wonder about Tim's gay side. Being alone with a man as powerful as Dr. Andrews could make a boy take notice of more than his photographs.

Usually, his meeting a man would not even bother her, but when he kissed her hello, she thought she detected the faint taste of cum on his lips.

Back in the privacy of a locked door, and their room, they'd quickly shed their clothes, fallen onto the bed, and begun to make love. When she fastened her lips around his cock and began to suckle, he tried not to compare her technique with Jeff's, who was a better cock sucker. The recent memory still with him still, he moaned appropriately, and told her how good she was, until he was right on the edge.

“Honey, I want to fuck you,” he said, pulling his cock from her mouth.

Obediently she rolled onto her back and spread her legs so Tim could quickly lube them. His concentration was not completely on this task, and he pushed into her rather quickly, instead of his usual slow entry.

“Hey,” she cajoled him. “What's the rush, sailor? Your ship leaving soon?”

They both laughed, but the memory stayed with her long after he'd satisfied both of their urges. They drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


The phone rang in the Jennings's home later that evening.

Checking the ID of the caller, she said, “Hello, Tim!”

“Hi, mom. How was your ride home?”

“Oh, you know, boring as ever. Do you want to talk to Dan?”

“Mom, you've got to help me.”

Connie sensed something in his voice; she sat down. “Anything. You know that.”

“I spent a few hours with Je… I mean, Dr. Andrews. After the shock from the news you gave me about dad, you can imagine how surprised I was when he told me that he and dad had a gay affair too!”

Connie covered her mouth and gasped, eyes wide. “What did he tell you?” she asked cautiously.

He went into some detail, including the photo albums and a couple of video DVDs. “I've seen dad's picture enough to know that the man I saw with Jeff was definitely him.”

He paused to gather his words. “These family surprises, I'd like to know everything you can tell me about them. Dad's gay; he has an adult gay lover and a boy lover. What else is lurking in that closet?” Pausing again, he added, “Give me everything. No holding back.”

“Let me assure you that I had no knowledge of him and Jeff, until I met the boy and it all came out. What they did was Jeff's secret. He rightly was the one to tell you.” Her voice was taking on a tremulous note, which Tim picked up.

“Will it never end?” was the question Tim asked over the telephone line.

“Tim, this is as new to me as to you,” Connie exclaimed in her defense. “Your father only told me about his gay relationship with Steve. Nothing about Jeff.”

“What else?” he asked “Please open the damn door and tell me everything in the family closet of secrets!”