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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 15:

A Shocking Phone Call

“What else?” he asked. “Please open the damn door and tell me everything in the family closet of secrets!”

“Please,” she said, trying to control her voice. She didn't want to cry, not again. This was all happening too fast.

After a moment, she was ready to go on.

“Tim,” she began. “You are in no position to demand information that never affected you. I'm sorry to lay it out like this, baby. But you can not just barge into my life and tell me what you want to know.”

He hadn't expected such a strong response from Connie.

“What happened before you were aware of what we adults were doing, around you, is none of your business. I willingly told you about your dad. Don't expect anything further.

“Let me reiterate what you know so far. Your dad has a gay side, which led him to get involved with a man and a boy. Do you deserve more just because you're a breathing member of our family? The answer is ‘no.’”

“However, you're an adult. I… you… we've always respected each other. I don't want to spoil that. So I am going to clear up all your questions, here and now. If other stuff comes along afterward, it's yours to deal with. OK?”

“OK, mom,” he acknowledged.

“I'm going to introduce you to the name of a dear friend, Susan Blair. Do you remember her, at all?”

The name, Susan… Susan… Susan something tickled his memory, but he had to admit to ignorance.

“I went to work after graduation at a small company run by a woman named Susan Blair. I can't explain how or why, since I was happily married to your dad, but I had an affair with her.” She stopped talking, empty of all emotion.

“Holy shit!” Tim said. Then more softly, “Holy shit!”

He was silent for a moment, absorbing the full impact of his mother's words.

“You, mom, and what's her name…” he began.

“Susan. It's Susan.”

“OK. Yeah. Susan,” he concluded, heaving a deep sigh.

“I'm sorry, honey,” she said. “I didn't mean to deceive you.”

“Oh, mom!” he said softly. “I'm not angry. Maybe disappointed. Hoping someone in the family was straight!”

They both began to laugh, the tension being broken.

“Whew, Thanks for telling me. I know it must have been difficult. I'm glad that's over,” he started to say, until a thought burst into his head. “Uhm, it is over, isn't it, mom? I mean you and Susan don't see each other any more, since you don't live here. Right?” he held his breath, waiting for this shoe to drop.

She was silent for a few seconds. “No, it's not over. I spent the night with her when we were in town.”

“I don't really know what to say. You're having an affair with a woman. Does Dan know about it?

“Of course, he does. We have no secrets from each other.”

“You're amazing, you two,” he admitted. “You are, really, you know?”

She was silent during his accolades.

“Since you know about Susan, let me fill you in further by adding Steve to the mix.” She laughed at this impossible conglomeration of men and women.

“Your dad discovered my affair with Susan and brought us together in the same house.”

“Let me get this right. You and dad shared a home with Susan and Steve, where you slept with each other?”

“I'm afraid it's so,” confirmed Connie, gaining her confidence.

“It's a straight boy's wet dream!” Tim said with a laugh. “But Jeff wasn't part of it?”

“It was a young married couple's wet dream to have two partners any time.”

“Mom,” Tim giggled. “I never would have seen you as someone who would, pardon my language, but suck cock and suck clit on the same day.”

Connie was feeling very relaxed and giggled. “Yes, that pretty much sums up what we did.”

“Then I came into the mix,” Tim said.

“Trust me, honey. Pregnancy didn't slow us down at all.”

“A man or a woman? Did it matter?”

“No. Not even.”

“We swapped partners.”

Tim felt befuddled. “How did you decide who was with whom at any given moment?”

“It was sorta decided for us. If I happened to fancy Susan, she and I went off together. If Steve and me, we'd take the responsibility.”

After 20 minutes of details, Tim was satisfied, more or less. He was so horny.

“Thanks, mom,” he said. “I feel that I know what's happening better and why. You and dad had a special life. Looks like I'll be part of it from now on. I love you. Say ‘hi’ to Dan for me. Goodnight.” He hung up.

Connie leaned back, feeling both drained and exuberant at the same time. “I'm glad that's finally over!” she was thinking yet after a moment, she realized it wasn't over. There was much more to come.


The phone in the Jennings home rang once, twice, thrice, before Connie answered. “Oh, hi! What a surprise to…” was as far as she got before she stopped talking to hear the news. “You what?” Long pause, listening. “Oh my gawd, wait until I tell Dan!” Another long pause, her brow furrowing. “Do you want us to come back this weekend?” It had been almost five weeks since their last visit. “No? OK, honey. You keep us up to date. Bye.”

She found Dan who, as usual, was fussing over Jennings Company bills and letters. “You need a break,” she said, sitting on the arm of the chair and putting her arm around him. “Can I interrupt?”

“Can it wait a moment?” he asked distractedly. Lifting a paper, he compared numbers there with those on the screen for a moment, then pressed a key. Leaning back in his chair, he looked at Connie and said, “My ears are yours, m' lady. What's the news?”

She didn't answer for a moment; a mystical smile wreathed her lips. Was it for effect, or a time to gather her thoughts?

“It's Tim, isn't it? What is it this time? Financing his latest brainstorm? Money?” he asked, looking peeved. His final words were lost in mumbling.

She put her finger on his lips to silence him. “Shhh. Just sit back. Listen.”

Her expression was beginning to nag him. “What?” he asked exasperatedly.

Connie was ready now, and began with a grin. It became obvious that her news was not trivial. Standing before him, she held up three fingers.

“What are the three things we'd least expected?” she asked. Her guessing game had begun.

“Well, I know that Carmen's not pregnant,” he responded with a grin. Her sharp expression warned him of storm clouds. “OK, OK!” he said, putting his hands up.

“It's not Tim flunking out, is it?” He looked at her askance. She shook her head.

The second finger came up. “Problems with Jeff?” Again her pretty head gave a negative shake.

The third came up. “Will you stop foolin' around, woman. I want to know…”

“You're going to be a daddy,” she said, throwing herself into his arms.

“OK. OK! I know I'm going to be a daddy. What's the joke…” his voice lost its way. His eyes widened, he stood, causing Connie to drop off of his lap, and let out a whoop. “It's Susan, isn't it?”

She was clapping her hands, jumping up and down like a child at Christmas hearing she'd gotten that pony.

“She's pregnant! She just called with the news.”

The two held each other and reveled in their mutual joy. They both loved Susan, she as both a sister and a lover. Dan loved her for many reasons, but now for this. She was going to bear him a child!

Connie stepped away from him, and clasped her hands together, ready to spring the best news. “There's more, honey.”

“Yes?” he said.

“It's twins. She won't know for sure their sex, but healthy twin babies,” she cried out with a squeal. “Twins!”

The two were beyond thrilled. “You get the wine; I'll get the glasses.”

“Champagne seems the appropriate brew,” he said, then added, “The bottle we set aside for a special event.” He popped the cork in a spray of bubbles, and poured it into two glasses Connie held in her hands. Putting the bottle aside, they tapped glasses lightly, and raised them.

“To Susan…,” she began.

“And our babies,” he finished.

“Hey,” he interjected. “In the midst of all this merriment, how is Susan?”

“You ninny! She's ecstatic. Motherhood has been her dream. For so long her business was her lover. Now that it's on its feet, her dream can become a reality.”


They had just finished their second glass. Feeling rather mellow, Dan observed, “In the limited time we've been celebrating, I've started wondering.”

“Yes, my love?” answered Connie, twirling her glass by the stem, indicating empty.

“We've been honest and open, more than the average married couple, I think. So I know I can trust you to help me with this thought that's begun to emerge.”

She snuggled into his neck and agreed. “If I can, I will.”

“It's come to me that there are a number of coincidences, happening at the same time.”

“Whatever do you mean, my dear, sweet husband? What coincidences?”

“I'm no mathematician, but I can tell you that the probability of Susan's desire to start a family and our visit seem, well, extraordinarily well timed.”

Connie leaned back from him and gaped, open mouthed, at his accusation. “Dan,” she said slapping him lightly on his arm. “Be plain. What are you saying?”

He turned toward her and said, “In the simplest way I can put it, you two conspired to have me in bed with Susan at her most fertile time!”

Connie put her hand over her mouth and giggled. “You are so smart! We thought we'd have to do this several times. Then you would be suspicious.”

“Baby,” he said putting his wineglass down and pulling her close. “I'd have taken her to bed in a minute if you'd just invited me.”

“Yeah,” she answered with a laugh. “It was more fun planning it.”

“Uhm, honey,” he asked. “You know how I feel about affairs. I don't go into them casually. I'm assuming Susan has some feeling for me too?”

Connie's eyes were sparkling. “She does. She lusted after you since the first day she saw you, and told me, ‘I want him for the father of my kids.’”

“What about Steve? They looked buddy-buddy when we left them.”

“Oh, poo! Steve is gay!” she said. “She knows you would love her and her children.”

“I know it's a pointless question, but…”

“I have no fear of losing you, Dan. I love you both. Be a good dad to your kids. It's OK if you love Susan too.”

They drank down the last dregs of wine in their glasses. “Let's take a shower and go to bed,” said Dan. “I feel another celebration coming on.”

It was Connie who took his hand and made for the shower.


Tim hung up his phone just as it beeped. “Oops, better get it recharging.” Rummaging about, he found the charger, hooked it to his phone, and plugged the other end into the receptacle on his desk. Leaning back, hands behind his head, he went over everything Connie had told him and marveled at the stamina they must have had!

“My gawd. Dad had a boyfriend and a kid lover, plus mom, and now this Susan! Yikes!” He threw back his head and laughed at the sheer incredulity of it all. They made his younger friends and even him look like slackers in the fucking department.

As he pondered the conversation with Connie, the door opened and Carmen entered. She dropped her backpack on her bed. He looked up at her, smiled, and crooked his finger toward her. “Come to daddy, my sex kitten.” She rushed over the last few paces to leap into his lap, nearly knocking him and the chair over, and threw her arms around him, kissing him firmly on the mouth.

“Mmm…,” he sighed. “Mmm!”

Their kiss ended, he looked at her pretty face, and said,”My, but aren't you the horny one tonight.”

“Me? Horny? What about that big ol' thang hidin' in yer pants,” she declared in her phony southern accent.

“Take it out and show me what you can do with it,” Tim challenged her.

She stared at him momentarily, smiled, and slid off of his lap. “I got a better idea,” she answered, unzipping her minuscule skirt, allowing it to slide to the floor. A moment later, her t-shirt lay with it. “You can join me any time.” She reached behind herself, unhooked her bra, and leaned forward to allow it to fall from her shoulders. Her breasts were Tim's to feast his eyes — or mouth — upon.

That did it! Tim was on his feet to answer her by unhooking his belt, unzipping, then popping the button. His pants added to the pile on the floor. A moment later, his t-shirt was there too.

“D… damn, but you look good like that!” he stuttered, getting caught up in the sight of her body. Her answer was to wrap her arms around him. Their crotches ground against each other.

“Let's take this to the bed,” he whispered in her ear, as he put his arm under her and lifted.

“You brute! Put me down right this instant,” Carmen giggled, while kicking and flailing.

“Never!” Tim growled. “I'm going to ravish you. Make you mine!”

It was their game, their prelude to lovemaking. Reaching the bed, he tossed her there carelessly. “Get ready to take my cock, bitch!” he roared, following her.

In the intervening struggle, they somehow lost the last items of cover. Now naked, cocks at full mast, their shrieks of passion only increased. Giggling, Carmen had somehow gained an advantage and was atop Tim.

No matter how Tim twisted and bucked, she remained seated on his chest. Grinning, she leaned forward to press her cock against his lips. “Suck me!” she demanded. Tim resisted, but not with any real effort. When he opened his mouth to object, Carmen pressed in her erection. His lips closed around it; he sucked.

“Oh, baby! Such a good boy!” she sighed. “You are such a good cock-sucking faggot. I love you!”

He satisfied both of them for a few moments, until he sensed her guard was down. Without warning, he twisted about, so that their positions were reversed. Slapping and scratching, she tried to dislodge him, but he was heavier and stronger. A moment later, Tim was between her legs, which she obediently spread. Panting, not from their struggle but from lust, she reached down, found his erection, and positioned it at her entrance.

“Oh, Gawd, Timmy, honey… Oh, gawd. Fuck me,” she moaned.

“Like I've never fucked you before,” he assured her.

Ungently, he thrust into her hole, filling it completely, his balls banging against her cheeks. She tilted her head back, and stifled a scream, as fingernails dug into his back! The next thrust was easier, then easier, until they were mutually joined in the rhythm of love, punctuated by a steady slapping of flesh against flesh and the sounds of, “Mph… mph… mph…”

Were lovemaking measured on the Richter scale, buildings would have toppled, bridges collapsed, and dams burst.

“Aaaaaa…” she cried out, as her climax overwhelmed her. Head back, eyes closed tightly, her balls surrendered their contents, shooting jets of semen between them, substantially lowering the coefficient of friction between their rubbing bodies.

Tim's followed within seconds. He rammed his hard, oh-so-hard, almost painfully hard, erection into her cunt, held there and shot his load there. “Ngh!” he gurgled. “Nghhhh…” again and again until spent, collapsed upon her. Sweat from their heated bodies mingled and ran down their sides.

Love replaced lust in their eyes. They gazed at each other for uncounted seconds. Carmen held her lover tightly against her, unmindful of his added mass. “Oh, damn! Tim! You are such a wonderful lover.”

“You, too, honey,” he said softly. “You're the best.”

Moving up to kiss her, his flaccid prick slipped from her hole, allowing his cum to ooze out and run down between her cheeks, and tickled her. She began to laugh.

Passion… began with a bang and ended with a giggle.