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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 16:

Just This Once

Tim and Carmen had just finished lunch when he looked at the clock.

“Oh, damn!” he exclaimed, pushing back from the table. “I'm gonna be late.”

“What?” Carmen asked, worry lines wrinkling her pretty brow.

“It's nothing, honey. Really. I promised Marty and Jess that I'd join them for a study session. They are having trouble with the concepts. Sorry 'bout the late announcement.”

She smiled, relief replacing concern. “OK, though I wish you'd let me know sooner.”

He had risen, and gone to his desk, where he opened his backpack, stuffed in a couple of books, zipped it up, and tossed over his shoulders. Then he came to her, pulled her close, and kissed her long and softly. Passion would wait a few hours.

“How long?” she asked.

“Mmm…,” he pondered, looking off into infinity.”An hour. Hour and a half.” He wiggled his hand back and forth to indicate “more or less.”

“OK, good luck with them,” she said, holding onto his hand, unwilling to let it go, for then he'd be out the door and gone. He was, without the usual backward kiss over his shoulder.

Carmen noticed little things like this. He'd usually take his time leaving, lingering, touching her. This time, it seemed he couldn't wait to leave.

She had complained to her girl friends about his behavior. They all poo-poo'd her concern.

“Carmen, honey, you are really overdoing this!” one said. “How long you two been shackin' up?”

She wrinkled her brow in thought. “Uhm…, maybe two months?” she guessed.

“Listen, honey, if he's still coming back to you and fucking you every night, count yourself one of the few lucky ones. Can't tell you how many of my friends have had their romances flicker out by now. So shut up and enjoy him.”

Even with their pronouncements of fidelity, she wondered. “Marty and Jess, huh?” she asked herself. Try as she might, the small nagging worry that lurked just below the surface of her daily life popped its ugly little head up. Again!

She picked up her phone, dialed a number, and automatically counted the rings. To her relief it was answered.

“Hi, Carmen,” came Jess's voice. “What's going on?”

“Hi, Jess. Nothing really. We haven't talked in awhile. Tim's gone off to a meeting, so I thought this might be a good time to chat.”

“Sorry,” she replied. “Tim's coming over to help me and Marty. Your Tim is brilliant! It all seems to come to him so easily. He should be here any second, so I have to go. We'll talk later, OK?”

“Umh, sure. OK. Sorry I bothered you,” Carmen said. She was almost ready to ask her to have Tim call her when she got there. It would make her sound so weak! Calling around, checking up on her boyfriend. How pathetic. She hung up and sat down. Why was she feeling so alone all at once? She had her own homework; that econ class was getting harder by the day.

She stood up and yelled, “Fuck you!” It wasn't toward anyone in particular. It was… shit… she hated to say or even think it, but, damn it. She was jealous! But of what? She had no clue.

What would Tim do, if he were here? He'd say, “Honey, why don't you get that econ assignment out of the way?” Instead she went to their closet, and pulled out a bottle of wine. She knew Tim would be pissed, but… it was all his fault, wasn't it? If he hadn't run off to help those friends, he'd be here.

She sat down to brood and poured her first glass.


Tim was feeling both guilty and excited. He knew Carmen was jealous, but he couldn't help what he was doing. It was just this once, after all.

He had taken a direct route to the student dorm where Marty and Jess lived, but it was a lie. He wasn't meeting them at all. For this, he was feeling a ton of guilt. He loved Carmen, with all his heart. Her jealousy was getting to him. Asking where he was going, when he'd be back. Constantly. This was the first time in his life he'd been subjected to such questioning, even for the smallest, most trivial matter.

Just before the dorms, he took a left turn, walked a bit, then another left down an alley between two houses. He'd arrived at Jeff's door. But he couldn't even come through the front, for gawd sake. This was like some medieval servant at the master's back door. It seemed silly, but Jeff was giving him a way to avoid being seen entering his home. Too many eyes already watched him unbidden. Too many lips told tales.

He rang the bell; the door was instantly opened. Jeff was standing inside, wearing a light-weight dressing gown, with a large tent interrupting the otherwise smooth flow of the fabric. He certainly was horny! As was Tim. Already his cock was making an outline in his pants.

Tim entered quickly; the door closed behind him. “This way,” said Jeff without preamble. He followed Jeff down a hall, which led to the bedroom. He'd soon know this path very well. Inside, Jeff turned to him and said, “Take off your clothes, but do it slowly, without any urgency.”

The commanding note in Jeff's voice made him want to do exactly as he asked. Jeff had taken a seat on the bed, lying back so that his dressing gown had slid apart. He watched Tim strip for him, stroking his hard cock slowly, his lust showing in the very hard cock he displayed.

It was erotic for Tim as well. His cock was hard; achingly so. Being on display for a man to enjoy watching him take off his clothes was more arousing than he'd ever thought. His skin prickled; nipples hardened. He was breathing heavily when he stood naked before Jeff. Jeff too was naked. He lay on the bed, robe thrown aside, exposing his own hardness to Tim.

He moved off of the bed, feet touched the floor, and stood. Tim was about to say something when he raised one finger and pursed his lips, indicating silence. Tim shut his mouth and stood muted. Jeff moved around him, looking him over, like a prize animal in some show. Tim was soooo horny. He wanted something, and that something was Jeff's erection, which swayed as he moved…

The second time around, Jeff stopped behind him and ran his fingers lightly down his back to his cheeks. Tim groaned at the way that touch made him feel. When Jeff's arms moved around his warm, bare body, Jeff's hard, erect prick neatly pressed into the crevice between those cheeks. One hand went down, the other up. Both continued with their feathered caress, causing Tim to shiver, gasping at the electric sensation.

Down and down went the left until it found a pair of balls nested in a sack, then lightly cupping them. The right moved upward to take one hardened nipple and press it between two fingers. Squeeze, release, squeeze, release: the hands synchronized for pleasure. Tim was dizzy with desire!

He felt Jeff's lips kissing his shoulder. That tongue lasciviously traced a path up the side of his neck to his ear and ran around inside it! Tim felt his legs tremble; his heartbeat raced.

“You taste so good, Timmy.” Another lick, then another followed.

“Oh, Jeff. Oh, Jeff,” was all that came out of Tim's mouth, his body immobile, just as Jeff wanted him.

Those hands! They moved around his body to touch every part, then to move to yet another. Tim's skin seemed to burn from where they stopped. He was being transported to a different universe that revolved around his nipples and the licking at his neck.

“Mmm…! Good boy. You like that, don't you?” Jeff asked, his warm breath moving over Tim's shoulder. It smelled of sex. Horny queer sex between two men.

Tim had no choice but to nod a “Yes,” for he did. A lot!

Jeff squeezed again. Not a sound, this time, other than a soft, “Ahhh.”

Tim was leaning back against Jeff's chest. This was so new, so exciting. He'd never been teased like this. Again Jeff squeezed. This time, no sound. Tim had become accustomed to his ministrations

He slid his hands back down over Tim's belly to find his stiff cock and hanging sack holding two nice marble-sized balls. His hands caressed the shaved sack, feeling those nuts inside.

His other hand encircled the hard cock extending upward at a 45-degree angle. The boy was so very hard. Wouldn't take much to set him on fire.

Jeff moved around Tim, dragging his hard prick against Tim's thigh. His hands lightly touching Tim's body: nipples, chest, belly, down to that raging cock, that was all but crying out for release.

“Just be patient, my boy,” Jeff whispered.

Now he was in front of Tim. Taking him into his arms, they kissed, savoring the warm flesh. Lips parted, mouth open for that tongue.

Jeff didn't need to tell Tim what he expected. A light touch on the shoulder; Tim sank to his knees.

Jeff had pulled back his foreskin, exposing the sensitive glans. He slid his cock across Tim's lips, the wetness of semen making a streak there.

“Just the tip, Tim. Kiss it. Make love to it.”

Extending his tongue, Tim lapped the warm precum oozing from Jeff's pee slit. His tongue ran over and over it, taking each drop. He longed to take more, but held back.

Jeff gasped and clutched Tim's head. “Oh my gawd, Timmy!” he croaked out. “Sooo good. Unbelievably good!” He was near to panting from the sensations of Tim's rough tongue rasping over the unaccustomed sensitivity of his uncovered flesh. Almost more than he could tolerate, but he did. As Tim's tongue and lips lapped, sucked, and kissed his tip, the shock of newness declined.

“Oh, baby. Oh Tim,” he whimpered. One hand caressed Tim's head, running fingers through his hair, while the other held back his foreskin.

He leaned down a little to whisper, “A little more. Take my head into your mouth. Suck on it.”

Tim obediently opened his mouth wider to admit the large, purple mushroom head. Its flavor was like many other cocks he'd taken before, but his one was different somehow. There was something vaguely familiar. While his mouth sucked, cheeks drawing in and out, his tongue worked the notch beneath the pee hole. Jeff groaned in glorious sensual agony.

His foreskin now rested behind the engorged head, just behind the rim, Jeff no longer had to hold it back to restrain it.

“The shaft now, Timmy. Lick my shaft up and down. Taste it.”

He held the shaft so that Tim could run his tongue up and down the underside. Each movement caused Jeff to groan. “Oh, baby, you're such a good cock sucker. Just as good as your daddy ever was.”

Tim opened his eyes to gaze up at the smiling, satisfied face looking down at him. He could sense the desire, the lust, the longing, and the affection in this act of complete submission. “Take my cock, baby. Take it all. It's yours!” The urgent tone made him quickly take Jeff completely into his mouth, all the way in, right up to the entrance to his throat. He relaxed it, subduing any gag reflex. Jeff held his head, steadying it while his cock thrust deeply into his mouth and throat.

Jeff's body stiffened, the cock head seemed to grow. Holding Tim's mouth against his balls with cock in his throat, he came. Three gouts of semen coated his throat, with a smaller final one that followed. Words of gratitude for a wonderful blow job rang in his ears. He let the softening cock slip from between his lips and opened his mouth to display the cum pooled inside it.

Jeff raised him up for their lips to meet in a warm kiss. Their tongues wove together and danced, sharing the semen.

When Jeff pulled them apart, he whispered, “You poor thing. You're still hard. Let me take care of it for you!” He pulled Tim to the bed, lay back with thighs spread wide. “Tame me, Timmy! Fuck me hard.” Tim was so excruciatingly hard, lust so strong, he couldn't last long. Dizzy with desire for release, he pushed into Jeff's hungry cunt, and pumped a few times. When Jeff cried out, Tim was not far behind. He shot a heavy load from his balls into Jeff's gut. Both relieved, both exhausted, Tim collapsed onto Jeff, who held him there.

As his breathing returned to normal, Tim felt his softening cock sliding from Jeff's hole. It was the feeling of a fantastic fuck. Both laughed, releasing the tension.

Tim lay in Jeff's arms, still lost in the magic of that incredible blow job he'd given Jeff and how good it felt to make love to Jeff.

“That was wonderful, Tim!” whispered Jeff softly. “I had fantasized how you and I would get it on. Now I'm satisfied.”

They continued in the warm, hazy afterglow, until Tim happened to see the large clock on the night stand. Almost an hour and a half had passed in what seemed the blink of an eye!

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “I am so screwed.” The words were barely out of his mouth when his cell phone rang. It was Carmen. He grabbed, and answered, an excuse already forming in his mind.

“Hi, honey. Sorry, but we just ran over. I'm just at the door. Be home in a few minutes.”

“It's OK. I know you were busy. Could you let me speak to Jess for a minute?”

“Shit! She's on to me,” thought Tim, but he recovered to say,. “Jess isn't here. She just went to the john. I'll let you talk to Marty.” Jeff had been watching and listening, so he was prepared when Tim handed him the phone. Jeff modified his voice to sound more like a student's.

“Hello, Carmen. What's up?” It was amazing how much Jeff managed that trick…

“I was just wondering, if you could ask her to call me later?”

“Sure, no problem. Here's Tim.” He raised his eyebrows questioningly. Tim's grin told him that he'd pulled it off perfectly.

“Hi,” said Tim. “I'm at the door now, leaving. Bye, Marty,” he said just before he hung up. Without a good-bye to Jeff, he raced out in full gallop. He arrived at the dorm faster than he'd ever done before. His mind was going over everything Carmen might throw at him. He paused at the door to catch his breath, counted to ten, and turned the knob. When he entered their room, he was still panting. It was empty; Carmen wasn't there.

“What the fuck?” he thought. “Where is she?” All the rush for nothing. He tossed his backpack on the bed and flopped down at the table. That's when he saw the dirty glass and wine bottle. It was empty, and he knew what she'd done. Impossible for her body to burn up a three fourths of a liter of 12% wine in the time he'd been gone. For a second, he wondered, “Has she done something rash in her stupor?”

The door opened and Carmen, barely covered with the towel she was holding, stepped into the room. “Hi,” she said brightly, her voice not even slurring. “I'm glad to see you're home.” Walking to the bed, she dropped the towel, and fell backward, the mattress cushioning her fall. She was out!

Tim laughed in relief. He walked over to her, put her legs onto the bed, and draped the towel over her. The room wasn't chilly, but who knows how long she'd sleep.

Since Carmen was OK, and he'd worked up a sweat rushing back, Tim decided to take a quick shower too. Stripping off his clothes, he took a towel from their closet, wrapped it around himself, and went out the door.

The dorm was co-ed, so it was not uncommon to see girls returning from their shower. Some were conservative, covered in a long robe. While others… Well… they tended to the less dressy mode. It didn't surprise him to see a nearly naked nubile girl walking casually down the hall, with a tiny towel just barely large enough to cover the distance between nipples and pussy. He'd return her smile and fight the temptation to look back over his shoulder to see how much of her lovely ass was covered. Probably not much. Such a sight always caused a certain level of arousal, though Tim had his towel wrapped tightly, so tenting was not possible. He hoped.

Entering the men's shower, he was not alone. The other was in the middle stall. As Tim walked by, he noticed the shower curtain was not fully closed and paused to peek in. Always liked seeing other cocks for comparison. Cameron, that was his name, was facing to the left, giving Tim a full profile view of the largest cock he'd ever seen, almost seven inches long. He must have stood, staring longer than he realized. “Hi, want to come in and help me with this thing?” Cameron's voice quietly invited him in.

“I… uhm… I didn't mean…” Tim began, still staring at that shaft, which Cameron's hand was now rubbing, soapy bubble over the entire length.

The curtain popped open and Cameron was looking at him. “Come on in, man. I could use some help here.” Letting his gaze drop lower, he took in Tim's own erect penis. “Looks like you could use some too.”

“What the hell,” Tim muttered, stepping in. The curtain closed behind him.

“I'm Tim,” he said, extending his hand. “You're Cameron, right?”

“Yeah, right. I know you. That purdy little hussy, Carmen, is your girlfriend.”

Tim grinned. What guy doesn't mind other guys telling him his girlfriend is pretty? “Thanks,” he said.

“Well, I don't have no girlfriend. Don't need one. When I can't get a girl to bed, boys are good enough for me. Guess you walk both sides of the street, huh?”

“Yup!” Tim replied, reaching for Cameron's cock.

“Then you know that these are good for more than pissing and jacking, don't you?”

“Uh huh,” whispered Tim, knowing where this was going.

“You wanna suck mine first?”

“Uh huh,” said Tim, dropping to his knees and beginning to suck.

“Oh, shit, man, you have one magic mouth!” Cameron leaned back against the shower wall to steady himself. He was panting so hard, he couldn't warn Tim. Not that it mattered. Tim was a master cock sucker. He could sense when the cock he was nursing was ready to give him what he wanted. Cameron's balls were the equal of his penis, liberally coating Tim's tongue with his man juice. “Wow, man, that was so hot.”

“Thanks,” said Tim, rising. “Your turn.”

Cameron sank to his knees to admire Tim's erection. “Beautiful, man,” he breathed before beginning to lick and suckle. He was every bit as talented in fellatio as the best Tim had met. This could call for a replay. After Tim had shot off into Cameron's cum-huungry mouth, the two did what they'd originally come in to do: wash up. Tim didn't bother changing shower stalls; too late for that, anyway. They parted, promising to meet again.