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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 17:

Putting All the Pieces Together

When Tim's phone rang, it startled him from the slumber he was sinking into. “What the f…!” he growled, his heart racing.

Hearing his outburst, Carmen asked, “You OK, baby?”

“Yeah! Damn phone! Woke me from a pleasant dream of you and me on a beach on some deserted island,” he replied, his humor returning. Glancing at the caller ID, he saw it was Dan. “Hello, dad,” he said pleasantly. “What brings this call? I haven't asked for more money, in… ahhh… four weeks and three days.” He laughed.

“Yeah. I'm fine. So's Carmen. How are you guys?” Pause. “Uh huh.” Pause. “Yeah, I guess.” Pause. “Hey! Yes! That would be so great! It's been a long time.” Pause. “So six weeks isn't a long time… Well, you know what I mean. It will be great to see you guys again.” The conversation quickly wound down, and Tim hung up.

He glanced at Carmen, staring at him, her curiosity about to burst.

“Well?” she asked. “What was that all about?”

“What?” replied Tim; then he paused, brow wrinkled. “Oh! You mean the call.”

“You!” she laughed. “Yes, damn it! The call.” She threw a pillow at him. He ducked and began.

Just for Carmen, Tim replayed the entire conversation where he used his own voice and mimicked Dan's. It had her in stitches, laughing so hard she almost rolled off of her bed. Gasping for breath, Carmen said, “Why didn't you just tell me they're coming out in a couple of days?” and wiped tears from her cheeks.

“Lots more fun this way, don't you agree? You cannot deny that you were enjoying my little theatrical drama.” Then he returned to his assignment, while Carmen stared at Tim. She was feeling left out again. He's going off to be with his folks. Again. She thought, “I'm left to sit here in this cell alone.”


“Tim,…” she began, but he cut her off with a terse, “Honey, I'm kinda busy now. Can it wait?”

She wanted to shout, “No!” but held her tongue.

More silence.

No longer could she tolerate this… this… ignoring her. Rising, she walked the few steps toward her lover. Tim was so involved with his assignment. It was as though she didn't exist!

“Oh! Did I forget to mention…” he paused, letting the suspense build. “They want you to join us for a family meal.”

The words took time to penetrate her jealous thoughts, but when they did, she spoke only one word, “Really?”

He stood and turned to face her. “Yes.”

Like a snowball to the back of her head on a chilly winter day, it hit her. “You mean really? Honestly? No shit kind of really?”

“Uh huh. Surprise!”

“Oh, Tim…” she began, then his simple deceit came through. She raised her face, eyes blazing. “You bastard!” She tried to pull back, but he held her close to his chest. “You let me think…” But she didn't finish, because his lips covered her mouth. For a second, she was stunned, eyes still open, staring at his that were closed. Then she simply crumpled against him and kissed back. His hard cock pressed against her growing one, signaling urgency. When he pulled back, it was only to catch his breath and see her smiling face.

“Celebration!” he whispered.

“Fuck me!” she replied tenderly.

Long practice gave them the skill to strip each other quickly and efficiently. In seconds they were naked, both cocks stiff. She sank to her knees to embrace his throbbing dick head in her mouth.

One hand massaged his balls, while the other stroked his cock in a rotating, up and down motion that was bringing him swiftly to ejaculation. He wanted to pull back, but her hungry mouth denied him. With mouth rising and falling on his rock hardness, he came.

Rope after rope of hot, sticky semen drenched her tongue. She held him thus until the last trickle of cum had drained, then stood. Opening her mouth, she showed him the pool of ball juice there. He pulled her close, their mouths met once more, and they kissed deeply, sharing her reward.

“You're still hard,” he observed when their lips parted.

“I know how to take care of that!” she replied with a giggle, holding his hand to pull him toward the bed. It wasn't the first time they'd reversed like this.

She pushed him; he fell backward onto the soft mattress that broke his fall. Grabbing the ever-present bottle of lube from the night stand, she poured a liberal amount onto her fingers and pressed them into his entrance a few times. A second squirt was for her cock, making it slippery for entering him.

Moving between his open thighs, she found his puckered hole, pressed against it, and easily slid in. She paused for a moment when her cock head had just penetrated his muscle.

“Ready or not…” she warned him, then plunged all the way in to bottom out, her balls slapping his cheeks.

“Oh, yes!” he sighed. “Yes! My vixen.”

She pulled back and returned again and again, filling his love tunnel over and over. They continued until Tim cried out, spilling a lesser amount of cum between them. Carmen followed quickly behind, coating his gut with her own ample dose of sperm. Her passions passed, she collapsed atop Tim.

They lay together, panting from their exertions, feeling the sweat from their bodies mingle, as it trickled down their sides.

“Thanks, baby,” Tim whispered, “I needed that.”

“Oh, yes,” she breathed softly back. “So did I.”


Unlike their previous meeting, Dan and Connie had invited him to join them at a Middle Eastern restaurant which held pleasant memories for them.

Tim's diet preferences were eclectic. He ate, with pleasure, whatever was placed in front of him. The “see” food diet.

They were animatedly chatting with a young man standing nearby, when Connie spotted Tim. She waved, inviting the couple to join them. Dan broke off his conversation, and the young man moved away. Then they rose to meet him, with hugs all around. Timing was perfect, as the young man returned with a tray of filled glasses.

“I hope you don't mind that I ordered for you both. This wine is excellent,” Dan said. The young man moved away, and Dan raised his glass in a toast. Everyone clinked theirs to his. “To freedom and truth,” he said cryptically.

Tim was puzzled. “I don't understand,” he said. “Freedom and truth? That's pretty deep.”

Connie patted his hand and said, “It is. For a reason. Dan has something he wants to tell you but…” she paused, “Dinner is served.”

Once again the young man arrived at the table, this time followed by a young woman with Middle Eastern features. Their arms were laden with food.

“Oh my gawd,” breathed Carmen. “I've never seen such a spread. I'm gonna be five pounds heavier after tonight.”

The course of the meal was mostly silence, with interspersed comments about the food and each other's lives in general. When it was done, the remainder was boxed and returned in a bag with the restaurant's logo clearly displayed. Each hand held another glass of wine.

They all felt quite satisfied, perhaps even a little drowsy. A belly full of delicious food, the intoxicating wine, and pleasant company.

Carmen especially so. Never the avid drinker of wines, the few glasses she had drunk gave her tongue a readiness to speak. “You all know about me, that I'm a transsexual,” she began.

They nodded.

She then said, “This is the time for my own truth.” Taking a breath, she told them her story of how she was attracted to wearing her sister's panties, how it expanded, how her family encouraged her, until she decided this was the way she wanted to live. “With a lover and friend such as Tim, I know I made the right decision.” She took Tim's hand in her own and squeezed. He returned hers with his own.

“Thank you for sharing that intimate part of your life,” said Connie. “I guess that makes you one of us, Carmen. With our own idiosyncrasies.”

Once again, glasses were raised, as Dan intoned, “To truth and the end of ignorance.”

Looking directly at Tim, he said, “You know I've loved you as any father could.”

Tim nodded. “Yes, I do. You've been the best dad any man could have been.”

“You also know of my propensity for a young lover.”

This was so unexpected to Carmen. Was Dan admitting that he was a boy lover?

“Yes, I do.” Tim leaned forward to touch Dan's hand and say, “I think I already know what you're going to tell me. I've been anticipating it for months, ever since I moved onto campus.”

“Then it will not surprise you when I tell you I met a boy who I've become attracted to. We've spent some time together. I'm sure he feels the same about me.”

Tim said, “Congratulations, Dan. He's a lucky boy. I'd like to meet him sometime.”

“There's more, as usual, in these situations,” said Dan. He went on to describe how they'd met.

“A lot like how you and I met, isn't it?”

“Very,” replied Dan. “But, I want to assure you that I I'm not attracted to every cute little cock I come across.”

“I understand, and hope for you the best.”

Dan resumed his story about how he'd met Alex, when he went to interview Jim, Alex's father, as a new client. It was all very ordinary, he concluded. “Alex has two brothers, also good looking and constantly horny. You might be interested in them sometime.” The look on Tim's face told him all he needed to know. Che sera, sera.

“You really know how to spice up a meal, dad,” said Tim. “We've all got a lot to consider.”

“Indeed, we do,” agreed Dan.

“Well, thanks for the meal and all. It's been good to see you again,” said Tim, as he and Carmen rose and prepared to leave.

“Meal's not over yet, Tim. Please don't rush off,” said Dan, pointing to the new arrivals.

A beautiful woman and her escort, an equally attractive man, had arrived and were standing at the table. So quietly, Tim had not noticed them until now.

“Tim and Carmen,” said Dan, rising to greet the newcomers. “Meet Susan and Steve.” He indicated each by name, as they moved into the two spaces next to Connie. “This is my stepson, Tim, and his girl friend, Carmen.” Once again, hugs and handshakes.

The young man was there again, bearing not four glasses, but six. Everybody took one and raised it in salute.

Tim was completely taken by Susan, not only by her beauty, but the way she exuded power, in her stance and body language. He felt an instant attraction. Even his cock agreed.

Susan expected such attention. Men had craved her since she was young. She learned early to let them down easily when she didn't return their interests. Some called her cold, others calculating, others exotic, but few called her loving.

“I know that I shouldn't be drinking,” she said. “Not while I'm pregnant. But one glass of wine won't really matter.”

Dan, who had been watching her since she came in, smiled at Susan. “How is the little one doing?”

She placed her hands on her belly and smiled, her face seemed to glow, “Everything's coming along nicely….” she stopped for a second and looked at Dan, “…daddy.”

Both Tim and Carmen turned to stare, first at Susan, then at Dan.

“Dan?” Tim asked querulously. “Daddy?”

Carmen was shaking her head, trying to understand how Dan, being married to Connie, had gotten Susan pregnant.

Dan chuckled and said, “Yep. Susan is going to be a mommy, and I'm the daddy. Twins. We already have names for them: Eric and Erica.”

“If you'll excuse me, Dan, Connie, Susan, but I'm totally confused.”

“About what, dear?” asked Connie.

“You, Dan, all of you.”

“What about us?” Dan said.

“OK, as I have all the pieces, you and Tim began a homosexual relationship when he was… young.” She could barely get the words out: they seemed so foreign. “And Connie, you had an incestuous relationship with your son at the same time?”

Dan, Connie, and Tim were nodding.

“Then Dan tells us that he's found a preteen boy he's going to have, or is already having, sex with.” More nods. “Now you inform us, so casually, that you've impregnated Susan, who will bear your children?”

“That's pretty much it,” confirmed Dan.

“So nothing else? No more surprises?” she asked tentatively. Dan, Susan, and Connie were smiling and nodding.

“No wonder that you're not surprised that Tim's girlfriend has a cock,” she exclaimed. “What a relief.”

Everybody burst into laughter at her sarcastic comment.

Steve looked at Carmen with new eyes, and said, “You're very pretty for someone… with a cock. Wish I'd known you back when I was in college.”

More laughter.

“Find your own, Steve,” said Tim, taking Carmen's hand in his. “This one is mine. And I ain't sharin'.”

Carmen grabbed his arm and pulled herself closer to Tim. “Thank you,” she whispered to him.

“Dan, this is quite an event,” said Tim, then went on to ask, “What is the story behind it? Or is that secret to remain locked away?”

Dan looked at Susan, who gave a slight nod. Connie took his hand in one of hers, and Susan's in the other. “Yes, he should know.”

Over the next few minutes, Dan related the epic tale of how he was seduced by this magnificent woman. Connie and Susan broke in to say that Dan had actually been tricked into giving her the gift she'd so longed for, but no man could ever measure up to.

With those words, their tongues tired, none spoke. Only a few drops of wine remained in his glass, but he raised it, and looked around for another to be raised.

“Well, it's been great seeing you two again,” said Dan, signaling that their meal was finished and secrets were all in the open. Everyone struggled to their feet, legs unwilling to support from being too long crossed.

Dan and Connie kissed Susan and Steve in a very intimate way, lips to lips. Handshakes and hugs for Tim and Carmen. She had to slap Steve's hand from her bottom, to grins all around.

“We'll give you a lift back to your dorm,” Dan offered, but Tim had seen the fleeting look between him and Susan.

“No thanks, dad. Why don't you and mom go to your motel?” Tim said, smiling the way he did when he wanted Dan to know that he agreed.

No one saw the silent, “Thank you,” that Dan mouthed.

Fifteen minutes later, they were back inside Susan's home. The door was barely closed before Susan rushed into Dan's arms and kissed him passionately. “Take me,” she demanded.

Dan effortlessly lifted her in his arms and strode off to Susan's bedroom.

“Good night, lovers,” said Connie, giving her blessing.

“I could use someone to warm my bed,” said Steve. Connie looked at him quizzically. He continued, “I have the feeling that you are a fantastic cock sucker. Right?”

“OK,” she said, putting her arm in his, “So long as you promise to get me off too.”

“Deal!” said Steve agreeably.

In her bedroom, Dan and Susan quickly stripped. In seconds, they were naked. Dan stared at her beautiful body.

“My gawd, but you are gorgeous,” he said softly, in awe of the woman before him.

“So are you, and so is that cock,” she said sternly. Grabbing it, she pulled him toward the bed saying, “I need all of you, especially that big dong!”

They collapsed on the bed, their bodies grinding, tits to chest, cock to pussy, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue.

Dan's mouth devoured hers, tongue probing, Frenching, before he moved down her cheek and neck, then to her luscious breast, where his tongue made collapsing circles there until he found his target: her large, brown, stiff nipple. His hand found the same on her other breast. While he tongued and bit on the one, he squeezed and twisted the other, drawing cries of “more!” and “yes!” He tempered his desires, keeping her on the edge of climax.

Down he moved, running his tongue over her belly, and licking her indentation while her body bucked, pressing his tongue deeper. Her hands caressed his hair, urging him lower, and even lower still, until he found her labia, dripping with passion juice.

Spreading her lips aside, he found his target: her clit, larger than most, was a stiff button crying out for relief.

“God damn! You bastard,” she screamed, her body trembling with heat. “I need you, Dan. Don't torture me any more. Suck my clit. Lick it.”

Lick it he did, but not with the intensity she wanted. He was teasing her, baiting her, drawing out the moment.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” she grunted, pressing her pussy against his slow-lapping tongue.

“Gawd, Dan!” she whimpered. “Please. I beg of you. Fill me. Make me your woman again.” She was on the edge. Right where Dan liked them.

He loved women and making love with them. What is the point of all this? If a man just sticks his penis into a woman, bounces around a few times, and pours his load into her vagina, then pulls out, and goes to sleep, well that man is an idiot.

Better that he should rouse her to her peak, bringing his along with it. Then fuck her as she balances there. How much greater his ejaculation and her climax?

Susan teetered thusly, as Dan slowly slid his aching cock into her depths.

Her eyes were open, staring at his, mouth agape. “Oh, Dan, you fucking bastard. Do it! Don't tease me any more!”

But he did. He fucked her slowly, teaching her to match his pace, until she came in a long, almost animal cry, as he filled her with his cum and his prick.

When it was over, she lay in his arms, his cock still buried in her cunt, and purred. “Oh, Dan! Thank you!”

Did he take advantage of her weakness? Yes, for he was a man who needed a woman. Susan was available. No, for he truly loved her and would care for her. In this simple way, he accomplished both aims. Plus he had a magnificent woman in his arms. He would spend the night with her, and tomorrow morning enjoy one of the best blow jobs ever; for she was very good at this.

He held her close, their bodies still as one, before drifting off to sleep.