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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 20:

Tim Meets Jim and Family

Rousing to wakefulness the next morning was difficult. The day had been stressful enough with seeing Carmen again. He found that he was missing her more and more. The fuck with David had been a pleasant enough surprise. Oh sure, it had been a shock to find a cock replacing Fran's very talented fingers massaging him there.

Then he'd slept fitfully, due to David's pawing him several times during the night demanding sex. He was just plain bushed.

His sleep had been all but impossible, with both Fran and David giggling and groping each other and him. An impossible three-way.

He liked them both and was attracted to each, but for different reasons. Fran was lovely, but in an exotic, rather than beautiful, way. Guys simply could not resist following as she walked past, their eyes and imaginations taking her in.

Was it her confident look, her so-what attitude, or the way she moved? “I'm in charge of my life,” she seemed to broadcast, making her even more desirable.

Her nice, oh so nice body! Taller than most women, which she kept in a svelte physical condition. Lovemaking was made for her! She could last until her partner begged for mercy. Which she did allow. Sometimes. What a combination! Exotic-looking face, beautiful shapely body, great ass, mid-size sweet breasts, nice pussy, and sensuous hands.

David was good-looking too, in a very masculine sort of way. Nobody could guess how bisexual he was, like Fran. They were the perfect match, taking on whichever prospect that came along. Tim was sure he was not their only victim.


When Fran woke him once more, it was to tell him that she and David were going to shower. Did he want to join them? Recalling their time only a few hours ago in the shower, he wanted to participate, and though still feeling the results of earlier events, reluctantly pulled himself from the warm, cozy bed. The draw of lust was so strong.

Mid-morning on a Saturday, plus the lack of people coming and going in the hallways was typical. Once again they took a single stall on the men's side. As the shower began cascading lukewarm water upon their cum- and sweat-stained bodies, they lifted their faces to its welcoming cleansing.

Looking at her as she casually turned her luscious naked body, allowing the cleansing spray of clean water to wash each side of her — she seemed so carefree as she did — Tim was taken by her. He recalled that one fatal night alone with her and breakfast the next morning, just the two of them. Both naked, at her insistence. It was just as Dan had told him. Fran was the temptress superior. Her body was her currency, and with it she bought whatever she wanted.

He'd learned the hard way of how differently men and women view their physical assets. He thought he was complementing her on her gorgeous body. “It's so much easier for women to get guys' attention because of a pretty face and body.”

She didn't see it the same way. In fact, Fran had bristled at the idea she was “peddling” her body. She responded against those base accusations by pointing to the guys, the mature and educated men who followed the same path. “Where's the difference between a horny guy and a horny woman?” she asked him.

“Why is it when a woman and a man hook up, the woman gets the heat for the fuck? You, Tim, are every bit as guilty of the same act. How can you separate the two?” she goaded him, then went on, “Then I'll tell you why!”

“You shared your body in the same way I did. The difference is that you came out looking clean, while I was seen as a whore. No! A fuck is not just a fuck.”

“It isn't all about sex. Not for me, anyway. You guys see a ‘hot babe’ and think ‘Get her into bed. A one-night event.’ While I see a hot guy and ask myself, ‘How can I make him/her my next partner, for a possible longer-term connection?’”

Subdued by Fran's response, he dropped it. Thankfully, so did she.

Seeing her standing under the spray, Tim was both lustful and admiring. She was some woman. If he continued to play their game, he'd have her many times. It was almost a sense of sadness knowing that, for all her spirit, she would never belong to any man.

“What's with you, Tim? The cat get your cock?” she giggled, squeezing his flaccid dick.

He grabbed her, pulled her to him, and kissed her passionately. “Nothing that you couldn't fix,” he assured her. Laughing, she stepped back, as she always did. “We shall before this shower is over.”


Sex is a wonderful way to demonstrate the deepest emotional feelings between two people, yet it can also conceal the true interests of one or even both. When caught up in the sensual interaction of a very willing and responsive partner, it could be easy to ignore this duality. Tim sensed that David was looking for a partner, man or woman, who could match his emotional needs and demands. Quite the opposite of Fran.

Kissing David was exciting, knowing that the final act would be worth the foreplay. In doing it, they held each other close. The way that lovers did. After they'd touched nipples and caressed each other's bodies, both were aroused.

When David whispered huskily in his ear, “I need you!” the words spoke not only of sexual desire, but of intimacy and urgency. Sinking his cock into Tim's man pussy was slow, easy, and exciting. David had made sure his cock was soaped up, and Tim's ass as well, before he began.

Fran knelt beside them, watching David 's cock filling Tim's tunnel. At those moments she seemed alive to what was happening. “You like that big cock up your ass, don't you?”

After all had been fucked, sucked, or relieved by hand, mouth, or cock, they returned to Fran and David's room.

They were little inclined to resume sexual activities after what they'd done the previous evening and night, and now this morning. Tim stayed a decent time before announcing, “I'm outa here. Gotta catch up on homework and sleep.” He'd also promised to get together with Jeff. Knowing that Carmen was out of the picture, or probably was, he asked more often for Tim to join him.

Not that he didn't enjoy making love with Jeff: it was all the other obligations outside of the sexual that were taking up way too much of his time. It seemed like nothing else could possibly complicate his life any further — that is, until he checked his phone for messages.


Glancing at the display, he saw the one that read “Jim.” He assumed it was a personal, not a company name. Walking back to his room, Tim returned the call, which was answered on the first ring. The voice sounded young.

“Hi,” he said. “this is Tim Jennings. A guy named Jim called me from this number.”

“Hold on, please. I'll get him for you.” Tim heard little through the muffled mouthpiece. After a short delay, a different voice came on the line. Sounding more mature, it said, “Hello, this is Jim. Are you Tim calling me back?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, I'm glad to meet you, even if it is over the phone.” He paused for a moment, then went on. “Your stepdaddy, Dan, called me and asked if I could arrange for you to meet my sons.”

Thinking of the glowing words Dan used in talking about his relationship with Alex brought images of young naked boys, ripe for the milking.

With such lascivious thoughts, his formerly depleted sexual energies sprang renewed, Tim replied, “When do you want to get together?”

“Would today be too soon? I mean, I don't want to interfere with anything you got going over there.”

“It's OK. I'm used to having my schedule for the day changed. Can you come over now?”

“Sure,” replied Jim. “This morning is good. I'm thinking, I'll pick you up and bring you back to our place, and you can get acquainted with them. That OK?”

“Works for me too,” he acknowledged and gave directions to his dorm.

He was happily contemplating the various possible outcomes of this meeting. All the way from “no connection would be made” to an afternoon of wild sex. His fevered imagination made the second most desirable. He was also prepared for the middle ground, where they'd meet and talk, and then he'd come back to his dorm with promises of future events.

These happy thoughts were on his mind when he stepped out of the elevator and saw what appeared to be several guys standing by the doorway to his room. He quickened his pace to join them.

“Excuse me,” he said as he pushed past them, “this is my room.” The three moved aside, giving him entrance. Two others were standing inside; one who appeared to be in charge was pointing to the bed that used to be Carmen's.

They looked up as he entered. “Hi,” said Tim. “I live here. What's going on?”

The pointing one stepped toward him, hand extended. “Hi, Tim,” he began. “I'm Jacob. The residence people pulled me out of my old room and assigned me to yours. Sorry to barge in like this, but you weren't here.”

“So fast? They didn't waste any time getting another student in, huh?”

“They didn't waste any time getting me out of my old room,” countered Jacob. “With costs of housing high already, letting two single students occupy two rooms was impracticable.”

“Sorry, man. I didn't mean it that way. It's just that, well, me and the girl that slept in that bed were, let's say, close.”

“Oh!” said Jacob, turning to look at it. “What happened, if I can ask?”

“Don't really feel like talking about it just now. Later, maybe,” said Tim, his voice softening.

The ringing of his phone startled him for a second, before he stepped away from Jacob and his friends to flip it open and answer it.

“Hello.” It was Jim. They were right outside the entrance. Was he ready? Could he come down? “Yes, and yes,” Tim told him. “I'm on my way.”

He stepped back to Jacob and said, “My friends just arrived. I've got to go.”

“We'll be done before you come back,” Jacob assured him. Tim turned and walked out the door.

Taking the elevator was always faster than the stairs. Tim was in a rush, so it was the easy choice. From there it was a short distance to the main entrance. Stepping outside, he waved to the driver of the pickup some 20 feet away.

Opening the door, he reached out to take the man's hand and shake it. “Hi,” he said. “I'm Tim. You must be Jim.”

“Right you are, young man,” he said, laughing. He noted that Tim had a strong grip. “These are my sons: Alex, Ben, and Scotty.”

“Hi, guys,” Tim said, nodding at each. “Dan said that you're Alex, 13.”

Alex grinned broadly at being noticed.

“Ben, you're 11, and you, Scotty, you're the youngest. Ten years old. You're a cute bunch of boys. I'm pleased to meet you.”

Each said he was happy to meet Tim as well.

“Can I sit in your lap, Tim?” asked Ben.

Unsure of how to respond to his request, Tim glanced at Jim, who shook his head.

“Ben, it's unsafe, since you'd not have a seat belt on. We're almost home, another ten minutes.”

“OK,” said Ben, although it was obvious from the look on his face that he didn't think it was.

To placate the boy, Tim extended his hand to place it on Ben's knee. “We'll be to your home very quickly.” Ben grabbed his hand and pulled it to cover his crotch, where an erection was already blossoming.

Tim was slightly startled as he felt Ben's erection, larger than he'd expected. Then he laughed and said, “You've got a nice one in there, don't you?”

“Big, isn't it?” Ben bragged, a huge grin spreading over his face.

Tim gently massaged the stiff rod he could feel through the soft material of Ben's shorts. “Mmm… “ hummed Ben, enjoying the way Tim's hand was massaging him. “Your hand feels so good, Tim.”

To Tim's surprise, Ben suddenly pushed his hand away. “I'm gonna get my shorts off, so you have more room.”

“Ben…” began Jim in a warning tone.

“Come on, dad. I been dreaming about this since like forever,” Ben objected, without slowing his stripping. In seconds, he'd pushed his shorts down to his feet and removed them with one kick.

Tim was quite impressed with Ben's desires to connect more closely, and how he'd handled his father's aborted criticism. He was even more impressed with how big Ben's hard on was. He didn't have more than the few seconds to admire it, for Ben grabbed his hand and replaced on his bare crotch.

Mechanically, Tim returned to caressing the warm sack containing two small balls, which, only recently dropped down. His prick felt very nice; it had been years since he'd touched another 11-year-old erection. This was like time travel back to that first day he'd stood naked with his neighbor, feeling each other up.

Looking up at Ben's face, the beatific look showed, without words, how much pleasure he was feeling being fondled so tenderly. He began to thrust his cock into Tim's fist. Tim's fingers closed around Ben's throbbing penis, then matched his thrust with a counter motion. In seconds, Ben's boy lust had risen almost to the point that he'd ejaculate. It was with difficulty that he pushed Tim's hand off. “I'm so close, but want to do this in my bedroom.”

“You're in luck, son. We're home,” said his dad, pulling into the drive. The garage door was already standing open; he drove in, stopped at the point he'd long become accustomed to, and pressed the button closing the door.

“Come on, Tim. I can't wait to get your cock in my mouth.” cried Ben, pushing against Alex, who had opened the door and jumped out. Ben was quick to follow and stood awaiting Tim.

Tim smiled, looking at Ben. He was so cute! Especially, in his hyper-excited mode, almost hopping from foot to foot, his erection bouncing up and down seeming to beckon Tim's eyes. A silent demand for action.

“I'm coming. I'm coming,” exclaimed Tim, trying to find the release button on his seat belt. Jim sat grinning at his desperate efforts, finally taking mercy on him. He reached over to press the button. The belt popped free, giving Tim his freedom.

“There you go, boy. You two enjoy yourselves,” he called out to the empty space where Tim had been sitting. In their haste to satisfy their gay urges, both had dashed off, leaving doors open.

Alex was still standing, laughing at Tim and Ben's rush. “He's been this horny since you told us that Tim was coming over. I wanted to help give him some relief, but he said that Tim would do it for him.”

“Well he sure is one horny little squirrel, isn't he?” Jim agreed, looking at the bulge in Alex's shorts. “Maybe you could use some relief yourself.”

“I was hoping you'd ask, dad,” replied Alex.

“Well, close the doors, please, and let's get inside.” He expected Scotty to join them, but he was not in the garage. “Hey, where's Scotty?” Jim came around the truck, looking from side to side.

“Dad! Come on! You can't really wonder where he went, can you?” laughed Alex. “He ran off with Ben and Tim. I think it's going to be a three-way in their bedroom.”

Jim smiled to himself. “Finally,” he thought, “My sons now have the lovers I wanted for them.”

“Just like you planned, isn't it, dad?” asked Alex, taking his dad's hand and leading him toward the door to the kitchen.

“It is, indeed,” he agreed. Entering the kitchen, they continued on, making a left turn that took them down the hall and to their bedrooms. The door to Ben and Scotty's was closed, and silent.

“That was quick!” commented Jim as they passed.

“No quicker than when we get into your room, daddy,” replied Alex, teasing his father. “'Cause I'm real horny.”

“Didn't you get off with one of your brothers this morning?” asked Jim.

“I thought about it, but decided I wanted to wait. See how things turned out with Tim. Hoping it might be a four-way.”

“You little slut!” declared Jim, coming to his bedroom.

“I'm as slutty as you taught us to be, daddy!” exclaimed Alex, pulling Jim inside where he kicked the door closed. “You like us to be bitches for you, don't you?”

“Oh, baby! You know I do.” he pulled the boy to him, embraced him in a warm hug, and brought their lips together. They kissed long and with much tongue play, promising a very arousing session. A moment later, they were both naked and in bed, their hard cocks pushing against each other's, their warm flesh rubbing in a most erotic fashion. No words were spoken, nor did they need be, for each knew the other's desires, wants, and needs. Jim had taught his son well in the art of gay love.

Moments before, Ben was pulling Tim along in a rush to enter the house and get into his bedroom, with Scotty tagging along. If he'd been rational, Ben would have objected to his younger brother joining them, but he was far past reasoning. All he wanted was to get naked with Tim and taste his cock. His mind was simply buzzing with that need. Nothing else mattered.

Through the kitchen and down the hall to their shared bedroom, they all but ran. Inside Scotty closed the door. They never locked them. Exhibitionists, they preferred being watched, albeit unexpectedly. Now they turned to each other, clothing stripped from their bodies. Cocks raging, they wanted action.. Each wanted as much cock as he could get, regardless of how it was administered.

Tim took charge. “OK, Ben gets to suck my cock, Scotty, you suck Ben's, and I'll suck yours.” There were no questions, no demands as to who sucked whom. They piled onto the bed, moved into position they were long familiar with and set to nursing on their lovers' cocks.

It would be a long night of switching around, each having his fill at sucking cock. The next would be fucking. In the back of Tim's head, the multiplicity of partners was staggering.

What else could possibly happen to distract him?