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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 21:

Hard Decisions

After the three had sucked each other off, Ben rushed into Tim's arms, wanting to be held. He'd fantasized about Tim in his mind since meeting Dan, a hunk of a man. Seeing Alex claim him so easily had ignited a jealous anger, which had simmered for weeks. Now that Tim was here, he was staking his claim. Tim was his lover.

Their dad had told them that one day they'd each meet a man who would love them. Dan's appearance was unexpected. Only by dint of his dad's association was Ben able to meet, then entice him into his arms and bed.

When Dan mentioned that he had a son who also liked boys, the implication was clear. At least in Ben's mind it was. Alex gets Dan; he gets Tim.

But here was the conundrum: Scotty moved into Tim's other arm. Apparently it was not so obvious to him that Ben was claiming Tim. He too seemed intent on capturing Tim's affections.

Ben's initial response was to rebuke his brother. Yet it seemed so unfair, in a way that only brothers brought close through physical and emotional interaction could understand. The three were best buddies. So he did nothing. At least, for the moment.

When no others were around, the brothers played together. Of course, being home nudists had created some interesting situations. Like the time Alex brought a friend home from school and failed to let Jim know.

They arrived home just as Jim and another man were coming in from the pool, naked except for the towels draped over their shoulders. Startled expressions were exchanged, none so startled as Alex's friend's.

“Holy shi…” he began upon seeing two good-looking men standing naked at the patio door in their birthday suits. “I mean… I… I…” Then he just shut up.

Jim and his friend quickly whipped their towels around them and greeted the newcomer.

Alex similarly remained cool as he introduced his friend to his dad and dad's friend.

“Nice to meet you, Chuck. It's too bad my son didn't let me know we were having guests. I hope you aren't shocked.”

Whatever Jim was expecting, it wasn't this. Chuck shook his head and said, “Hell, no!” he began — then blushed before continuing. “I mean, I'm sorry. That is, well, do you guys always run around naked at home? Like this?” He was grinning ferociously.

Did Jim see Chuck's eyes take a long look at the bulge beneath his towel? He'd always hoped that some of Alex's friends would have an interest in nudity. Their young nubile bodies fascinated him.

“Well, good, then,” said Jim, as the men left the room. “We're going to my study.” As he walked away, he caught a snatch of the conversation beginning.

Chuck was caught up in this discovery. “Do your dad and his friends go swimming naked together?”

He could only imagine Alex's response. Probably he'd explain about home nudity and that lots of families did it.

Yet the three liked being naked together. It made sex easier and more convenient, not having to remove clothing before kneeling and sucking a hard cock off. Scotty, their youngest, was rarely considered a bother. He was accepted into play with their friends. He knew too that when Alex or Ben wanted to be alone with a friend, he'd find something else to do.

Now, it seemed, Scotty was trying to push into what Ben considered his territory. Tim was ignorant of the implied promises, so Ben could not ask for his help in resolving this. What to do? How to tell Scotty he had to find someone of his own, that Tim was his lover?

He was torn between their fraternal bonds and doing what would surely break his little brother's heart. In his anguish and frustration, a tear rolled out of the corner of his eye, down onto Tim's bicep, then another, and another. Tim could not fail to notice. Looking at the boy beside him, he was puzzled to see him trying to hold back his tears.

“Ben? What is it? Are you all right?”

Hearing that Ben might not be all right, Scotty went to his aid. “I'm here,” he said, cuddling his brother, “It's OK.”

That was all it took for Ben to make his decision. The affection Scotty always showed when he thought Alex or Ben was hurt. “No,” he said to Scotty. “I'm OK. I'm just happy that we have Tim to share.”

Seeing these two sweet naked boys lying in each other's arms was almost enough to make Tim want to cry, but he didn't. He also understood the connection that Ben was making. They'd share Tim. Scotty would not be alone.

“There's a heckuva idea,” thought Tim. “I'm being divvied up like some puppy,” and managed to stifle a laugh.

Ben and Scotty pulled apart after kissing, and Ben said, “Let's go swim for awhile. You haven't tried our pool yet. Come on!” He and Scotty bounded from the bed to dash out the door and down the hall. Tim trotted along behind them. He heard the patio door pushed open and the entry of two young bodies making cannon-ball splashes in the pool.

Meandering down the hall, Tim looked over the decorating Jim and his son had done. Mostly stylish western art, with contemporary furniture. Tastefully done. Not the sort of haphazard way he lived. Carmen had helped put a softening, and more orderly, touch on their minuscule living space.

Rounding the corner to the patio, he stopped to watch the boys in play. Laughing and shrieking, they splashed and pushed at each other. After a moment of observation, Ben signaled him to come in. He slid the door open, went out, and closed it behind him. With a rush, he bounded toward the boys, who saw him coming like a mad bull. They scrambled apart, as he landed where they had been with a huge crash of exploding water.

Gasping for air, having survived the deluge, they both laughed. “Bet my cannon ball was better than yours!” he exclaimed to laughing faces.

All was healed. Peace was once again upon the land.


Tim, Scotty, and Ben were in the kitchen, hauling food out of the refrigerator for lunch. “Dad made this really great lentil soup with chicken,” said Ben, lifting out a large pot.

“I want some ham and cheese,” said Scotty, bringing out bread, cheese, cold cuts, and mayo.

Tim was lifting bread slices from the toaster, when a naked Alex and Jim walked through the door.

“Come and get it, dad. And Alex,” said Scotty. “We're having soup, sandwiches, and milk. Want some?”

“Do I?” asked Alex rhetorically, stepping over to help himself.

Bowls, plates, and glasses were arranged on the counter, for everybody to choose his own fare. Within minutes, each had created his own version of a sandwich, and some had taken a bowl of hot, steaming soup, and a glass of water, milk, or orange juice. Gathered at the table, they chewed slowly, savoring the contents of their sandwiches and the flavorful soup.

Once finished, they leaned back in their chairs to view what remained of lunch. Little more than crumbs on their plates, and dirty glasses.

Tim rose and took Ben's hand. “I think we are going to spend some time alone, if nobody objects,” he said. Scotty smiled at Ben and nodded his agreement. They left the room together, holding hands.

Entering the bedroom, Tim closed the door and took Ben into his arms. “I've wanted to get you alone since we got here,” he said, before pressing their lips together. For one so young, Ben was an accomplished kisser, just as Tim had been at his age. Neither was unfamiliar with the lessons they'd learned about gay love from their very adequate teachers of the skill.

His hands roamed down over the smooth skin of Ben's back to his lovely bubble bottom. Caressing those twin globes of posterior flesh, he felt a thrill run through his body. He could not resist telling his young lover how good he felt. “You have a beautiful body, one made for hot sex.”

Ben pulled back to stare into Tim's eyes. “You really mean that, don't you?” he asked. “You're not just saying it, are you? To make me feel good?”

“Hell, no, I'm not. Your skin is so smooth, like running my fingers over a silk scarf. Your bottom is just delicious!” He allowed his hands to flow over the curved flesh, which concealed the object of his desire.

Ben looked at him, confused. “You mean you want to eat my butt?”

Tim chuckled. “No, little one. Delicious means very fine. It means I want to kiss, and lick your cheeks, that they are like good enough to eat.”

“You gonna bite them?” he asked playfully, giggling.

“I might, if you don't behave,” countered Tim.

With that, the two melted together to kiss once more and press their hard cocks together. “I'm going to suck you off, baby. In a different way,” said Tim.

Ben laid his head on the pillow, and tried to relax. A new way? What could that mean?

Tim moved down between Ben's thighs and spread them apart. His little cock was ragingly hard. Moving between his thighs, Tim began to lick the soft flesh inside the right one. Ben shivered in response and sighed, “Oooo…, Timm…,”

First licking and lapping the right side, then without lifting his tongue, moving back across the divide, over the perineum, and to the other side. More sighs.

He looked up into Ben's closed eyes and panting, open mouth.

He took one ball into his mouth, sucking and licking, while Ben moaned and writhed in pleasure. Finished with one, he was licking and sucking on it until Ben softly cried out, “No more.”

Tim went to the old methods, the ones he'd learned long ago. Holding Ben's shaft straight up, he extended his tongue to taste his very stiff prick. Once up the shaft to the tip. Run his tongue around the rim, teasing him. Tim did this again, though more slowly and erotically. Ben's cock was so hard, and stiff, he could no longer tolerate the torture. When he gasped out again, “No more,” Tim took Ben's small cock into his mouth to suck and ride up and down the shaft. It was thus that Ben cried out, “I'm cumming!” He shot several ropes of semen into Tim's cum-hungry mouth before collapsing.

They lay together for a time, catching their breaths. It had been good. Both Tim and Ben were satisfied that their first love-making session had concluded well. After resting, they went into the shower, rather than add their sweat-and cum-stained mix to the pool. Not only was this convenient, as it was just a few steps from where they'd sucked each other to completion, it was private. They played, washing each other in a most intimate way. Stepping from the tub, they left their wet towels on the floor.

Rejoining the rest of the family by the pool, Tim and Jim watched the boys at play until they wore themselves out and moved to lie on a cushion on a chair in the shade to relax.

Soon they were asleep. This gave Tim and Jim an opportunity to talk about how things went with him, Ben, and Scotty. He relayed what he knew of the situation to Jim, who smiled and nodded. Briefly he explained what he thought each of the boys believed in meeting Dan and him.

After an hour, Tim said, “I should get back to campus. I've got a lot of study to do before Monday. It's been truly memorable, this visit,” he said.

The boys were stirring, close to wakefulness. Tim had delayed his departure so that they could ride back together. He didn't want this first time together to end in him vanishing while they slept.

Piling into the truck, Alex sat in front with his dad, while Tim was in between Ben and Scotty. When he got out at his dorm, it was a sad occasion. “I'll be back,” he promised them, then stood watching as the truck vanished around a corner and was gone.

Turning, he entered his dorm, and walked quickly to the elevator. He knew he should run up the stairs for some exercise, but a feeling of lethargy had enveloped him. So he chose the easy way.

The hall was deserted, as he exited the elevator, and eerily quiet, even for a Saturday. Tim imagined those students who remained to be studying, or catching upon their sleep from a raucous Friday.

He entered his room, expecting to find his new roommate lying out on his bed asleep or watching TV. Neither, as it turned out. He was gone, but left a note telling his most probable arrival time.

“Very nice,” thought Tim. “Probably a good habit to get into.”

The door opened. Jacob, his new roommate, walked in.

“Oh, hi, Tim. Didn't expect you home for a few more hours, judging by the way you shot out of here earlier.”

“Well, here I am, unexpectedly.”

“So you are,” replied Jacob.

“Grab us a beer, and sit down. Let's get to know each other.”

With limited room, they each sat on their beds. As Jacob turned to sit, Tim caught a glimpse of a gold ring on his finger.

“Are you married?” he asked.

“Yes, I am, to a lovely woman named Annabelle. I call her Belle. It means pretty.”

“Then why…” Tim began.

“…Do I live alone, in a dorm room?” finished Jacob.

“Belle is working toward a PhD, so she's at another university, where she's involved in some serious work in her field with her mentor, Dr. Savens.”

“How do you get together, you know, for ‘stuff’?”

“You mean like sex, and other personal matters? Not often enough,” Jacob replied, a faraway look in his eyes. “Mainly, I satisfy myself by jacking off. Relieves the day-to-day frustrations.

“Not like you, who has his choice of some of the lovely flesh walking around you every day. Some of those coeds are just gorgeous. As for us, we've chosen to remain faithful to each other. You're a pretty good looking guy. You can't have problems finding a partner.”

Tim smiled and said, “Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. I assume this means you won't need our room all the time?”

“What do you mean?” he began; then said, “Oh! Never mind. I got the picture. No, just tell me when you will. I'll make other arrangements for an hour.”

They smiled at each other and nodded. “Solution quick and easy.”

“Well,” exclaimed Jacob. “I'm going to the Student Union. Getting together with friends. Back late, so don't wait up.”

“See ya then,” said Tim. Jacob stood up and walked to the door. “Bye.”


It was still late afternoon, with the sun just on the cusp of the horizon. In ten minutes, it would sink below, and darkness would lie upon the land. Jacob was on his way back to his room.

He could see the window of his and Tim's room, and noticed that no lights glowed. Tim had probably gone out as well. Although he didn't really know him, yet he was fully aware that Tim was a good-looking guy. Something about him… Something… It was as though he was being drawn to him.

“No! Stop that!” he warned himself, recalling the conversation he and his dad had when he was in sixth grade.

It had been the traditional dad-son talk about sex. He and his dad knew how to talk with each other, and they were close enough that the topic of sex was easy. When he subject turned to gay sex, his dad was very explicit.

“Too many boys think a little exploration is OK.” His eyes took on a tough look. “But don't. We've raised you right. Just don't give into that queer stuff.”

“Sure, dad,” Jacob said. But it was too late. Curious, he'd gone onto the internet and found gay sites. None of what they did excited him. He felt his dad's fears were groundless.

Shaking his head to clear such thoughts away, he entered the dorm building, walked to the elevator, and pushed the button for his floor.

He was feeling a little tired. Maybe a relaxing shower, then hitting the books a little before going to bed. Yeah! That's it.

He was alone on the elevator as it slowed to a stop at his floor. Stepping out into corridor, he saw a few students meandering about here and there.

At his room, he inserted his key into the lock, turned it, and opened his door quietly. It swung open soundlessly.

He had thought Tim would be out, since the main light in the room was off. Yet there was something… a noise that told him Tim was there.

He closed the door and listened. A soft “uh, uh, uh,” seemed to come from Tim's bed. He moved cautiously to see what was going on. One step, a second, a third. Now he could cautiously peer around to see. When he did, his eyes grew wide, his mouth dropped open. Tim was there all right — with another man, who was on top of him.

Light from outside was still sufficient for him to see them. Both were naked. Tim was on the bottom, his legs pulled far back, resting against the shoulders of the one on top. The second one had his cock buried completely in Tim's ass!

He'd seen this before when, in spite of his father's prohibitions, he worked around the parental controls and watched gay sites. Seeing one man fuck another was already old stuff to him. Now he was seeing the same thing played out, not by actors, but two men. Not in some studio, but right here in a student dorm room. Real life, not pictures.

He knew instantly that he should not be here. “Leave now!” The words were those of his father. He almost did, but curiosity was too much. He stayed and watched.

“Oh, gawd, but you fuck me so well, darling,” Tim cried out.

“And you've got the kind of ass that I love to fuck, baby. You're so tight. So hot. I love you!” came the rasping reply.

At that moment Jacob realized he wasn't watching them fuck, but the most intimate act two men could perform with each other. His father had not told him the whole truth about gay men. They could make love. With this new insight he stayed, wanting to watch this beautiful act to its conclusion.

“Harder, honey,” cried Tim, his hands gripping and ungripping the sheet beneath him.

“Oh, yeah. I want to fuck you harder. Fill you with my hard cock. I want to breed you with my sperm.”

Jacob was nearly breathless, hearing both the sweet and the crude language. His cock was hard! Harder than it had ever been. Just the sight of that big, thick cock pushed in and pulled out. Their increasing, almost frantic pace was pushing him to the edge. He quietly unzipped and pulled out his aching cock. Although he knew in seconds that he would cum, he wanted to hold off until Tim's lover spewed his semen into that tight bottom.

“Ahhh…” Tim cried out, “Cumming.” Jacob was on the edge, ready to shoot. But not yet, he told himself. Wait for the other.

When the top uttered a guttural sound and pushed his cock deeply into Tim's gut, Jacob knew this was the moment. His cock jerked and shot stream after stream of his own load into his open hand.

The two lovers uttered soft sighs of relief. The cock of the guy on top slipped soft and limp from Tim's love tunnel. A stream of cum trickled out to flow between his ass cheeks.

Jacob was in a bind. Holding a soft still-dripping penis in one hand and the other coated with cum. His decision was quick: he licked the warm, sticky mess from his hand. He'd never tasted his own cum and was surprised that it was… well, pleasant. He knew he'd repeat this again.

Now somewhat clean, he maneuvered his soft dick back into his pants and quietly moved to the door and into the hall. Fortunately it was completely silent, his exit would be unnoticed. Leaning against the wall to catch his breath, his mind went back to what he'd just witnessed: gay love-making.

Pushing off of the wall, he headed down the corridor to the men's shower room. He wanted to wash off the stickiness on his hand.

He shuddered, wondering where would this lead, and smiled to himself. His education was only beginning.