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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 22:

Life Changing Directions

Jacob left his dorm building rattled and confused by what he had witnessed, and began to walk. One foot ahead of the other: he had no goal, nor did he care where he was going. He wanted answers, but where could he find them out here in the gathering darkness, with only the rising full moon to listen? How he wished he had someone he could talk with. Belle was not only his wife, but his confidante and best friend. What might she say?

“Why did you stay?” could be her first question. He had no answer, no reason, to stay and watch these two men make love. Why had watching them fascinate him so?

Years ago, curiosity about sexual matters had driven him to the internet to watch pairs of men “go at it” like some rutting animals. It was only a performance; they were paid to do that! To give the impression that what they were doing was some sort of intimacy. Overall, porn was boring and dull.

Hetero sex scenes were far more interesting and exciting. Watching a man drive his hard cock repeatedly into a woman's pussy, made him nearly crazy with desire; he'd often jack off to them. He was fascinated by the different sizes and shapes of hard cocks. It was only a curiosity, a passing interest. He never contemplated that he might take the woman's place! Never!


Dad and he had talked about sex as long as he could remember. It was natural, not at all embarrassing. Some of his friends from school had complained. Talking with their fathers about sex was more like he was preaching to him.

The day he'd come home from school, and ran to his dad. “Our P.E. coach told us today that on Monday we are going to have to dress down after P.E. and shower together. I don't like it!”

“Oh, Jacob! I know how that can bother a boy like you. You've never even been naked in front of anybody but me.”

“I don't want any of my friends seeing my ass and my body. I'd be completely naked in front of all my friends! I just don't wanna!”

“Come here and sit down with me, so we can talk about what your big worry is.” He walked over and sat in the middle of the couch; his dad on the left side.

“Every boy has an interest in his body. Once I figured out that boy in the mirror was me, I could see myself as my friends did. I did the stuff most kids do in front of mirrors: strut, show off my muscular body, and even jack off watching my cum shoot.

“Once I knew what my body looked like as another might see me, I became curious about other bodies. I was curious about the differences between me and my dad, my brother. I'd seen them naked, since our home didn't make a big deal about walking nude: in the bathroom after a shower, and in our bedrooms. No sisters, so only mom saw us.

“Everything they had was just a bigger version of me, so I understood that all guys are pretty much alike.

“When our coach in sixth grade told us we were going to dress down and shower all together, I was already used to seeing and being seen naked. This time it would be with my friends.”

“Didn't you care at all?” Jacob asked, screwing up his face to emphasize how it was affecting him.

“How do you feel when you have to stand up in class or go to the front of the room to read something you wrote?”

“Don't like it.”

“It was like that for me too when it came to standing up with everybody looking at me. So, yes, I was a little worried. Let me tell you that when you and all your friends, your entire class, take off their clothes before going into the shower, every one of them is going to be soooo hung up on what others might say about them. Think of what's going through the mind of a boy who's overweight. Who might make fun of him, poor kid.”

“But I am nervous,” Jacob replied. “And you're not me. You don't know how some of the shit heads in my class can tease kids who are different in some way.”

His dad chuckled and said, “Yes, I do. I surely can. The main thing about teasing is that when I didn't respond to their stupid jokes, they stopped.”

“But…” Jacob began to argue.

“Enough. Here's what we are going to do to get you ready for Monday.”


“Your mom and sister are going to be gone for a few more hours, so you and I, We, are going to go naked.”

“Dad? Naked? Here? Together?” Jacob began to whine. “I don't wanna be naked, even if it is with you.”

“Jacob, please do this for awhile, Just ten minutes. Do it with me. OK?”

Jacob heaved a big sigh and said, “OK, I'm going to my room to take off my clothes.”

“Fine, you do that. I'm gonna strip down right here. You get back quickly, 'cause the time doesn't begin till you are here naked with me. Got it?”

Seeing he couldn't stall, Jacob said, “OK, I'll do it here with you.”

“Great. Let's do it like this. I'll take off my shoes, then you take off yours. I'll take off one item and you take off the same. OK?”

In seconds, both were barefoot. His dad's t-shirt went next, so did Jacob's. Pants followed. Now they were bare but for their briefs. His dad chuckled again. “On Monday, wear plain white, not Spiderman pants.”

Jacob looked down at what he was wearing and laughed, “You think a lot of kids will wear their hero briefs?”

“OK, together. Thumbs in the sides, and on the count of three, push them off. Ready?




In a tenth of a second, Jacob had slid his briefs off and stepped out of them. Slowly he raised his eyes to look at his dad. As his eyes swept past his dad's soft cock, he felt his face reddening.

His father was a good-looking guy, well-taken care of, his belly was mostly flat, chest and pec's looked good. Nice legs, and his… cock… was big! Looking quickly down at his own, he noticed it was not completely soft.

“Your cock, like mine, is partly erect because we are both excited about seeing each other naked,” said his dad. “Go ahead and look at mine.”

They only stood a few feet apart. With his dad's approval, Jacob stared.

“Mine is not much bigger than yours. Yours is only a little smaller.”

“Why? Shouldn't mine be much smaller than yours?”

“My dad's cock was small, only five inches hard, My cock got his genes. Your mom's dad has a big one, you got his cock genes. Yours will be maybe six and a half inches. Even seven.” Jacob's chest filled with pride that his would be bigger than his dad's.

“You have a lot of hair on your body. I don't have so much,” said Jacob.

“Touch my body hair, if you want.”

Jacob hesitated. Touch his father's body? He couldn't do that. But… as he stared at his dad's body, his curiosity grew and he stepped forward. Raising his hand tentatively, he touched with one finger, the hair on his dad's chest. Then two fingers, then his entire hand.

“It's rough, not smooth like a dog's.”

“Dog hair protects him, keeps him warm. We have clothes to do that.”

Jacob grew braver, brave enough to move his hand down onto the belly hair. Not as thick, but just as rough. As much as he wanted to go lower, he couldn't do it. Too close to his dad's growing cock. It was huge, so thick.

“Go ahead,” he heard his dad urging him. “Feel my pubic hair.”

He looked questioningly at his dad's face. “Go ahead,” he repeated.

His heart beating like a hammer pounding, and taking a breath, he moved his hands down onto the bush surrounding his dad's cock. “It's rough, like the rest of your body hair,” he reported. As he ventured lower to just around the sack, he longed to explore further.

“Jacob… It's OK if you want to touch it.”

Jacob hesitated, then reached out. It was like a magnet, and his hands were drawn to its growing length. His fingers closed around its slender girth. He looked up at his dad and smiled.

“Do you like feeling it like this?”

“Uh huh! It's so exciting to touch your… cock… like this.”

“I'm glad you like it. Maybe we could begin doing it more, huh?”

“Uh huh! I'd really like that.”

“I like what you're doing, but in a second I'm going to cum. Better stop.”

Reluctantly, Jacob let go of his dad's hard cock, which seemed to be even larger.

“It's my turn,” his dad said and moved his hands quickly to touch him. When those fingers found his small nipples, and lightly brushed them, he jerked slightly.

“Did I hurt you?”


“Did you like it?”


His hands lingered, touching and stroking his nipples into hard pink balls, causing his breathing to increase. His cock twitched into fullness. Moving lower, they caressed his belly. “Nice chest, nipples, and belly. You're in good shape!” Fingers of one hand cupped his balls, while those of the other encircled his cock and slowly stroked it. Jacob purred.

“Turn around.”

Jacob turned. Looking back over his shoulders, he watched his dad. Each hand cupped one cheek and squeezed lightly. “Beautiful. Just beautiful,” his dad breathed softly. Jacob felt his cock twitch again; his belly tightening. Reflexively, he pushed back into his father's hands, which slipped between his cheeks, finding his pink pucker.

“Ooo…” cooed Jacob, as they roamed around his boy hole.

“You are a very good looking boy, Jacob. Be proud of your body. Others will envy you.” Then he pulled his hands away from that delicious looking bubble bottom.

Jacob felt very happy with that assessment. “Thanks, Dad, yours is good too. No wonder mom loves you.”

“There's more to love than having a well-kept body.” They were facing each other again.

His dad reached down to touch his cock head. “You touch yourself here?”

Jacob had to admit that he did. “And it feels pretty good too,” he'd replied.

“When I was your age, I found that if I stroked my hard cock long enough, it made my belly tingle, then stroking longer, I'd have a great feeling in my thighs and balls. The more I did it, the more I wanted to jack off.” He looked at Jacob and asked, “Do you?”

Dad's finger had not moved from his cock. A second had joined the first.

“Are you cumming yet?”

“A little,” he said.

“It means you are almost a man. It means you can make babies. That stuff is called sperm, and when you put it into a girl or a lady, a baby might start growing in her womb.

“Look, Jacob, every guy who ever lived gets horny a lot. Girls do too. The difference is that they have to protect themselves from getting pregnant.”

“Huh? What do you mean ‘protect themselves’?” he'd asked, completely confused. Dad had cleared that mystery up very quickly. “When you do start fucking girls, you be very sure you have your own protection, a condom, to wear. If you don't have one, come see me.”

Jacob sat wide-eyed at what his dad was telling him. Sex talk had never been like this before.

“You gotta know that there are ways to get relief without actually sticking your cock into her pussy. Both of you want to, but you also know that there is the chance she might get pregnant. And you forgot to bring a condom.”

“What other ways?” Jacob asked, excited to learn as much as he could from his dad.

“Well, it's like this. You want to make love with her, and she says, ‘No.’ But you're so hard you can't stand it.”

He felt himself grinning. “Yeah, OK. Then what?”

“You tell her how much you love her, and need her, and you need her a lot right now.”

“Uh huh!” He was excited, listening to his dad speak so openly and frankly.

“You convince her to suck you off.”

Jacob stared at his father. “What? Suck my cock?”

“Sure, a woman will do things for her man.”

This was way beyond Jacob's limited sexual experiences. “Do things? Like what?”

All women. Even your mom.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“I'm talking about women sucking men's cocks. Giving men the relief they need.”

“You're confusing me. Too much to understand.”

“This is just between you and me, OK?”

“Yeah, sure. Our secret.”

“Your mom sucked my cock the first time I asked her. And every time after.”

He couldn't resist. “Does she, uhm… you know…?” He left the sentence unfinished.

“Sure she does, almost every night. We have a great sex life, because we understand who's in charge of our lives. I am. She knows that and accepts that she must please me.”

There was a new idea: women pleasing men by sucking their cocks.

“You know how good it feels when you cum, right?”

Jacob nodded. It did feel good. Very good!

“You see, a lot of folks don't get it. Sex is about making both you and your partner feel good. Doesn't that make sense?”

That message stuck. “Making you and your partner feel good, that's what sex is about.”

He was certainly feeling good. And he knew why. As he looked down, his dad was gently stroking his cock shaft. He was on his knees, at eye level with him. “You like that?” He was smiling.

Jacob's stomach began to tingle and he was trembling. “Yes, daddy. I like it.”

His dad was looking at Jacob's small hard cock. He opened his mouth and leaned toward it. Jacob panicked. “No, daddy. No. You told me that's what queers do, and I'm not a queer.” He tried to step back, but the man Jacob thought of as his dad had changed. He wanted to… ugh! No.

Without warning, his dad pulled his hand back as though from a red-hot object. He looked up at Jacob, confused. “What am I doing?”

Jacob choked out, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

But it wasn't his daddy. The man who had been kneeling before him. His mouth so close to his cock head. That man was not his dad, but someone else. Someone who was going to… He shivered at the memory.

His dad shook his head, and stood. To Jacob, it was like seeing his father change from a man he didn't know into this familiar person.

Jacob couldn't even frame the thought of what that man, not his father, was about to do! It wasn't the man he loved so much, who had warned him repeatedly against homo… ugh!

“Jacob!” His father was back to being the man, he knew. “I'm sorry. It was a mistake. I didn't mean…” he began. I can explain.

Jacob did not let him finish, but ran from the room as fast as he could.


Ignoring his father's call, he dashed into his room and slammed the door, before diving onto his bed. He curled up into a ball, knees against his chest, and began to sob.

A knock sounded at the door. “Jacob. I'm coming in.” He didn't answer.

The door opened and his dad came in. “Jacob, are you OK?”

He didn't look up. “Yes. I'm fine. Now go away!”

“Can I sit down with you?” Jacob didn't answer, so he sat.

His weight settled on the bed.

Dad put his hand on his naked back. “I'm sorry. I guess you weren't ready. I rushed you. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.” His hands kept making concentric circles on his back.

After that, things got hazy, and his memories of that afternoon became vague. The next morning, when he woke up, he had only an itch of something that was right on the edge of remembering, but just out of reach. Perhaps it is true that the brain can protect us from ourselves by sealing dangerous memories until they are needed.


All this came rushing back to him: his dad's fumbled seduction, the memories of his dad's illicit behavior with his brother. He staggered there in the middle of the sidewalk and remembered! It was all very clear. It meant that gay men could find love too. There was no other way to interpret what he'd said, that “Sex is about making both you and your partner feel good.”

He'd watched a large cock sinking into Tim's anus, and seen a cock sink into a woman's cunt. Ignoring the physical appearance of cunt vs ass hole, wasn't it both psychologically and physically close enough to be considered the same? Tim had agreed with all his lover's demands for his cock filling him.

It was in this frame of mine that he returned to his room, the one he shared with a queer.

When he entered, Tim was not there. This didn't bother him, as his former roommate would come and go at odd hours and might not return until well after midnight. Probably what led to him having to leave the university; having too much fun and not enough studying. He stripped off all but his briefs, and lay down on his bed, planning to read for awhile before going to sleep.

The door opened just at that moment, and Tim, wrapped in a towel, stepped in. “Hi, Jacob,” he said, casually pulling his towel from around his waist and tossing it over the end of his bed.

While Carmen had shared quarters with him, Tim and she were very casual about nudity, and habit trumped any thought of covering up. As he'd told her, he grew up in a home where clothing was optional. He'd seen his mom and Dan naked many times. So it was simply natural to get naked in his university dorm room.

Jacob looked up from his book to greet Tim. “Good eve…,” he was saying, when he realized that Tim was completely naked.

Hearing only that part of Jacob's greeting, Tim turned to say something. His comment was stopped when he saw the open-mouth look on that face.

“Holy shit, Jacob. I'm sorry,” he said, looking for something to pull on. “It's just that Carmen and I used to be naked a lot here in the evening.” While he usually jacked off in the shower, he'd been in a hurry to get back to the room so he could study. He'd given up a couple of hours for loving, and was behind. He didn't realize that his cock was getting hard.

“I… No… It's OK. I don't mind,” Jacob responded. “Please don't feel you have to…” Again he stumbled and stopped. He was staring at Tim's semi-erect cock in utter confusion. He felt his face flush. Once again, he had the choice to turn away or look. With his heart pounding a mile a minute, he chose to look.

Tim too was confused. He wanted to make their room as comfortable as possible for both of them, yet Jacob's objection caused him to pause in his search for covering.

Silence. Neither moving nor speaking.

“Are you sure?” Tim asked with a slight quaver in his voice. “You don't mind? It's an old habit from when my girl friend was here.”

“No. Really. I don't. I'm not used to seeing people all naked and standing around.” His blush was receding, but the sudden shock of seeing Tim's great body and semi-hard erection was enough to inspire his own cock to go to half mast. Feeling it push against the fabric of his briefs, he had the urge to reach down and adjust it. The bulge was making it so obvious, but he felt no shame. Rather he was proud to be so open about his newly-accepted wants.

Tim did not miss the signs; his own exposed cock began to rise. Now it was his turn to be embarrassed. “I really should put something on,” he said in a halfway apology. Yet the look on Jacob's face had changed. No longer one of shock and surprise, but one of interest. Maybe even… lust?

“No, really. I don't mind. I…” he stopped talking; his cock expanded to full length. Friction between it and his briefs held it there. The atmosphere in the room had changed perceptibly. He was so horny that he didn't care if Tim saw him adjust his erection. Due to its length, the head protruded above his waist band.

Now it was Tim's turn to stare. “Oh, my gawd!” he whispered at the length of Jacob's hard on. Well over six inches, the equally impressive mushroom head made Tim's breath catch in his throat. He ignored his own thick hard on, now standing upward like the prow of a ship.

“Take them off,” Tim croaked, his voice cracking from the desire he felt. “Your pants. Take them off.” Jacob hurried to comply. It was what he had wanted to do; now Tim's commanding voice made him want to be completely naked and exposed.

He reached down to tug his briefs from over his groin, down his thighs, and onto his calves. A quick kick caused them to fly off.

The atmosphere had taken on a surreal feeling, making it even easier for Jacob to surrender. When Tim stepped closer, he was only a foot away, cock within easy reach. Jacob could not take his eyes off of it, he wanted it so badly. What should he do or say?

“Have you been with a man?” Tim asked calmly.

“No,” Jacob replied. “You'll have to teach me, Tim. I want to learn everything.”

“We'll start with the basics,” he whispered, sliding onto the bed. Without hesitation, Jacob rolled into his arms to begin his first lesson.

He was ready to learn new meanings of love.