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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 23:


It was still early morning, the sun not yet risen to bring in the new day, when Jacob awoke. Something was different from his usual wakening. His sleep-fogged mind could not make out what it was, yet he could sense, feel, the difference. What began to bring him back to reality were the warm lips kissing his neck, and the arm thrown over him.

Mmm… Annabelle! That's who it was! His wife was back in bed with him. He allowed himself to be carried away by this marvelous feeling he'd been deprived of for weeks. Back in her arms again. He sighed with contentment; his heart bursting with love for his beloved. The press of a warm body against his back, just like she always did when her early morning horniness was too much. He was so happy that she was nearly insatiable.

Yet… something nagged at him. Belle? This body, so warm, so welcome, it couldn't be her! She was gone on sabbatical. Far away. Then what, more precisely, who was this…?

“Good morning, lover,” came the soft words. They were not his wife's, but Tim's.

It came back to him like a tidal wave washing over him. He gasped as he recalled each moment he'd spent in Tim's arms from last night. How good it was to feel truly sexually satisfied. Oh, he would never, could never doubt his love for his wife. She satisfied him too, but in a different way. The way a woman would.

This was different. What had happened last night and into the morning was much more. His very words, “You'll have to teach me. I want to know everything,” voiced desires that had been pushed deeply into his subconscious. Rolling into those arms, he surrendered completely to Tim. “We'll start with the basics,” were the words that began his first lesson.

The warm lips that covered his for a few seconds felt far different from the ugly thoughts he had when he watched two men in a homosexual video. This was different, tender, without rush, lingering, then pulling back.

“Are you OK with this?”

“Shut up and kiss me again!”

The next kiss was a prolonged version of the first. Just their mouths together, before Tim's tongue probed his, and he'd opened in welcome submission: his first french kiss. He sucked on that lingual probe hungrily, wanting to consume it.

Like a thirsty man too long in the desert, it was like a drink of water.

He was still unfulfilled when Tim pulled back, leaving him gasping. Longing for more. The kisses he planted on his cheek, then his neck, in a trail down to his chest, where that mouth found and closed around his large nipple. The sensation of the suckle startled him.

“Oh, gawd, Tim, that feels sooo good!”

Even better was the touch of a hand to the other nipple. At first a gentle stroking, making it rise to stiffness. The fingers closed around it, teasing him, driving him to a frenzy of desire.

“Yes, yes! Oh my gawd, yes!” he was sobbing, his fists clenching and unclenching against his lover's back.

That glorious mouth left his nipple to declare, “I think you're ready.” They brought back his own father's words, “You weren't ready.” He understood now. Back then, he wasn't; here and now, he was.

“I am,” he confirmed.

The light had been left on, allowing him to witness what he was about to do. Tim rose onto his knees and moved next to Jacob's head. He turned to accept Tim's offered cock. It was leaking wetness that he longed to taste.

“Stick out your tongue. Just lick my head, taste my precum.”

Tim's commanding tone gave him impetus to do as he asked. Extending his tongue, he lapped at the very tip. There was little flavor to what he was tasting. All he knew was he wanted it. He wanted to take the mushroom head into his mouth!

“Go ahead, take my head. I know you want it.”

Like a greedy man, he opened his mouth wider, so Tim could push it in. His lips closing around it, he looked up into the face smiling down at him. The feel of a hand lightly brushing his cheek in encouragement, he shut his eyes and began to suckle.

He didn't know how long he'd held that big thing in his mouth. He didn't care, for he had found a sense of peace in surrendering to this act. The words startled him from his reverie. “I'm cumming. Take it all. Don't swallow.”

He'd barely had time to comprehend, before a gush of sticky thickness covered his tongue. His hand reached up to cup the balls that were feeding him. A second jet of semen added its thickness to his tongue. The desire to swallow was powerful, but he obeyed Tim's words. The third added little more. The fourth, a mere trickle.

Squeezing those balls lightly, he hoped to get even more of Tim's essence.

“Easy, please. Don't suck. I'm too sensitive. Just hold me in your mouth.”

Eyes opened to look into the warm gaze returned. He watched the hand descend once more to caress his cheek.

“You were fantastic!” Tim declared.

It was difficult to smile around a thick cock while holding Tim's cum, but he managed a little.

“My seed was your first reward. This is your second.”

Pulling his cock from Jacob's mouth, he lay down, pulled Jacob into his arms, and placed their lips together. He understood, opened his mouth to accept the tongue that pushed in. They shared what he'd been given, dividing it, then each swallowing, lips pulling away.

With Jacob still in his arms, Tim said, “You were fantastic. Where did you learn to suck like that?”

“It was my first time.”

“Your first! Amazing. You took me so easily, as though it was old habit.”

Jacob put a hand on Tim's bare chest, feeling a hard nipple press against his palm. “I… I don't know how to explain,” he began hesitantly. “It just seemed so natural to do that. I was just following my instincts.”

Tim was impressed by how a novice like Jacob could understand how two men could satisfy each other. He, on the other hand, had grown up with other boys, touching, teasing, sucking. “There is much more to learn.”

Jacob looked up smiling. “I hope so. Somehow I think I've wanted to suck a cock for a long time, it seems.”

“One good blow job deserves another,” said Tim, reaching down to find Jacob's throbbing hardness. “And what a beauty you have! Not sure I can get it all down my throat, but gonna try.”

He threw off their blankets and rotated his body so that his head rested on Jacob's trim belly. It was large! Not so huge as he'd imagined it, but large. A solid almost seven inches of cut meat. “Here we go,” he sang leaning forward to kiss the tip.

Jacob, unused to anybody but him touching his cock, gasped and jerked. “Mmm…” he crooned, stroking the head of his cock sucker. “Oh, yes! Go, baby!” Then he lay back, determined to enjoy his first ever. He knew that many would follow, but this was special, his introduction into man love.

An image of Belle flashed before him, but she wasn't frowning. Her beatific smile expressed all he hoped she would. For this was something she and he would have to talk about.

Tim's tongue lapped around the rim of his head. The intense pleasure made him groan and gasp. Down the shaft to his balls, which he laved splendidly, then around each, tracing a figure eight between them. Retracing his path, he was back at the head. Licking, sucking, even a small nibble thrown in, he made love to it. He slowly stroked the long dick, using his spit for lube,

“Shit, man. I'm gonna cum,” Jacob moaned.

“Cum, then, my sweet. Fill my mouth with your jizz.”

The strength of his ejaculation was startling, unlike any since the first time he'd masturbated in his bed one night. His ass came off of the bed, thrusting his cock more deeply into Tim's mouth. Having anticipated such a response, he had his hand around the pulsing shaft. He wanted to taste the first load from Jacob's balls. As the second, and third jets added more layers of hot, sticky semen onto his tongue, he felt a deep sense of bonding with this man. It was the same feeling he'd had when he and Dan shared in that magical moment of their first mutual fellatio delight.

“Mmm…” Tim sighed, his lips still firmly gripping Jacob's gorgeous erection. With the head in his mouth, and one hand wrapped around the shaft, a full two inches remained outside of his grip! An amazing length. Looking ahead, he wondered if he could easily take that up his ass. Obviously Belle had no difficulty fitting him in.

Gradually Jacob's penis fell slack and slipped from between Tim's lips. He let the flaccid shaft fall and moved back to where Jacob lay, his head still in the clouds of climatic bliss. He was smiling, almost giggling, in recollection of how hard he'd shot. His eyes flew open when Tim's movement roused him.

“Wow! That was some blow job!” he enthused. Further comments were muffled, as Tim's mouth covered Jacob's. Their tongues danced once more, tasting the unique flavor of a man's semen. Dividing it thus, each swallowed his share.

Tim came away from Jacob's face slowly, their eyes staring into each other's. “I wasn't sure about that, how you might react,” Tim admitted. “Some guys find it unpleasant.”

“I liked it. It does have an odd tang, but certainly not unpleasant. It might not be the taste, but the idea of swallowing cum, that puts them off. Don't men differ in the way they respond to kissing you? Or using your tongue?”

Tim laughed. “My, my, aren't you the analytical one? Yes, it could be any one of those. You've never sucked a guy off, nor had him cum in your mouth. I'm surprised you did.”

The two young men lay together, their fingers intertwined. Jacob began to speak, “I grew up in a home where my dad gave the impression of being against gays. Not malicious, but reminding me that he and mom had raised me and my brothers not to ‘do that sort of thing.’ I was so anti-gay that when I faced having to go naked with my P. E. class, I was in a panic. I mean a real panic. The idea that I'd be bared in front of my friends was only part of it. Some deep fear that went beyond being naked. I'm sure it was seeing them naked. Completely irrational, I know now.”

“And…?” asked Tim.

He laughed, and continued, “Dad had this idea that if we got naked together for awhile, my phobia would, if not go away, at least be ameliorated.”

“Which did it do?”

“The night before, I had this dream in which I was in a giant shower, with hundreds of boys, all naked, standing under the cascading water. What was odd about it, was that all of them were sexless.”

Tim burst out laughing. “Sexless? You mean like no cocks, no balls?”

“And no asses, no nipples,” he added. “Every body part that might create a sexual interest had been wiped away.”

“OK, no nipples. Easy to mask them, but what did their crotches look like?”

Jacob was laughing himself at the image of 11-year-old boys without cocks. “I can not recall. I only remembered the dream. I guess I should say that I couldn't see their stuff, maybe a fuzziness blocking my view.”

“Did that make a difference?”

“Well, kinda. When the bell rang for us to shower, I wasn't embarrassed to strip. Nor was I uncomfortable to look around, just like I think most of the others were. Those who seemed the most tight about looking were so obvious. Kept their eyes down. No chance of seeing a cock and becoming queer on the spot.

“I went in, bravely baring my body for any to see, and I felt proud of looking so good naked. And I actually enjoyed the sight of all those swinging cocks, but didn't get hard. A few boys were getting medium hard. You know: dick not just hanging, getting a little thickness. Nobody yelling, ‘Hey, Bobby's got a hard on. Must be a queer.’ So all went well for the moment.”

“What does that mean?” asked Tim.

“That night in my bed, I started thinking back over the episode, I recalled certain boys and how good they looked. When I remembered their cocks, I began getting hard. Panic again. I was afraid that if I began jacking off to visions of beautiful cocks, I'd surely get hard the next time we showered.”

“Did you? Jack off, I mean, and get hard the next day?”

“You don't understand the effect of my dad's constant harping against ‘queers,’ as he called them. I was totally brainwashed.” He turned to look into Tim's lovely eyes. “Now look at me, kisser of men, cock sucker in training, and sharing, then swallowing, our cum.”

“Did you hear that, dad?” he said, louder. “Your berating us mercilessly did no good. I'm a queer!”

“Hey, easy, buddy. We got neighbors, you know,” Tim said, cautioning him all the while, laughing.

“Yeah, I know. I know,” sighed Jacob, as he turned his head to kiss, softly at first, then growing into one of passion.

They both stopped talking, their tongues tired, to contemplate the emotional gap that they'd crossed. Jacob lay still, completely in wonder of his easy acceptance of what he'd done. Those videos of men kissing, fucking, and sharing cum, were a turn off. Even in this moment of peaceful acceptance of his gay side, he found them boring. Having tasted the intoxicating wine of gay sex, he knew he was prepared to take the next steps.

“When can you teach me another lesson?” he asked abruptly.

Taken aback by Jacob's interest, he paused before answering. “What's the rush? Let's go easy. Neither of us will vanish soon.”

Jacob snuggled into his arms. “I hope not. Now that you've introduced me to my gay side, I want to have it all.”

“I know, baby. I know.” Tim pulled him close, enjoying the feel of naked flesh against his. And a naked cock. One that seemed to be growing thicker and longer. When Jacob raised his head to kiss him once more, he knew what was coming.

The kiss was soft, and warm. Lips lightly touching, no tongue. After a moment, he pulled back. “Tim, honey, would you mind if I sucked on you?”

“Never would I mind,” he whispered softly. “I'd like for you to do that.”

Jacob curled around so that his head rested on Tim's belly. It was already hardening as he positioned himself to take it in his fist. “I'm not going to do anything special, you'll have to teach me more techniques. I just have this hunger, if that's what it is, to suck you.”

“I completely understand. Go ahead. Take your time and enjoy yourself.”

He moved his face closer and opened his mouth to take the head into his open mouth. Closing his lips around it, he began to softly suckle. A great sense of peace settled over him with each suck, release. This was no time to contemplate anything. Let everything go. He heard Tim's sigh of pleasure, just as he felt the mutual sense of sharing.

He thought once again of Belle, how he and she both gained enjoyment of slow love making. His long firmness sliding into and out of her love tunnel. No rush, just two lovers making each other happy. Was this the analogy of male love? Men had no vagina, but a mouth would do, as would anal sex. He had no sense of how long he'd lain, head on that belly, when he felt Tim's cock seemed to thicken. Instantly he knew: Tim was cumming. The physical signs were sufficient to prepare himself for the lighter squirts of semen. Not as copious as only an hour ago, but it made him proud of his cock sucking skills that he could bring a man to completion.

Tim was writhing beneath him as the essence drained into his mouth again. There would be no sharing. This one, which he had brought forth, was his alone. He held that cock until it had drained, then softened, and slipped from between his lips. Holding the smaller load in his mouth, he let it roll over his tongue, savoring his second blow job and the reward that came with it. Holding it for awhile, he swallowed. Its sticky cloying aftertaste made him want water, but the sense of being Tim's lover held him from moving back into those arms.

He must have fallen asleep in that position, for when he awoke, Tim's renewed hardness was staring him in the face. It was an offer he could not refuse, so he pulled it within range and renewed nursing on it. Tim's sigh indicated wakefulness. Hands stroked his head, and a voice thick with sleep said, “You are turning into a real cum pig, my dear. Why don't we take a break and go shower?”

“But I don't wanna,” came Jacob's petulant cry. “I like cock. I've lost 19 years of deprivation. Now I have to make up all those lost penises.”

Tim was laughing at the whiny complaining voice, though he certainly understood. “Enough, my enthusiastic fellator. Let us hasten to the shower to cleanse each other.” He quickly moved to disengage the sucking mouth, though the hand still clutched his cock tightly.

“All right! I know when I'm licked. Here I come to join you in the shower. We're sharing, aren't we?”

“Wouldn't have it any other way,” answered Tim.

They rose, laughing and joking at their lovemaking, wondering how this could have happened. Pondering all the ways it could not have happened.

“We were meant to be, Timmy,” said Jacob, taking his hand and kissing the back of it. They took towels, wrapped them around their waists, and tucked them in to keep them from slipping off. One thought he did not share with Tim was the nagging knowledge that he would have to come out to Belle. He could only pray that she would accept him and Tim as lovers.