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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 24

I'm Coming Out

“You're going to do what?” Tim asked incredulously, standing with his arms outstretched. “Tell her? Come out to your wife?”

“It's the thing I gotta do,” Jacob said quietly. “And sit down, you look silly like that.” He just managed to hold down a laugh.

“I don't get it. You tell her, and you have less than a fifty-fifty chance that your marriage will survive.”

“Belle and our marriage are much stronger than you think, Tim. You don't know her. The two most important things about this situation are, one, I cheated on her. I had sex with another person. Two, I'm not gay. I love my wife. Three, I know things about her that most women don't have.”

“When is she due back?”

“Two more weeks! Just two more.”

“Then you have two weeks to think about whether you want to commit suicide or…” Tim didn't get to finish his thought.

“Stop! Stop it, Tim!” Jacob said, in a tone that meant business. He stood and stepped toward Tim, his eyes narrowed, and a strange look appeared on his face. Anger? Frustration?

He took the final two steps toward Tim, reached out, put one hand behind his head, and brought their mouths together. Tim's eyes got wide, and he tried to speak but couldn't; he stopped fighting, and kissed back.

“Damn!” said Jacob, pulling back a few centimeters from Tim's surprised face. “You are one heckuva fine kisser.”

“Wha…” began Tim.

Jacob put his fingers over the open mouth and said quietly, “OK, I'll tell you what, if you'll just shut up.”

The seconds ticked by, with neither one speaking.

“Good!” exclaimed Jacob. “Now that you've decided to stop arguing…”

“Correction. We were debating,” countered Tim.

“Get us two beers, sit down, and I'll explain.”

Tim went to the mini-fridge, opened the door, and pulled out two cold ones. “Sure glad we put these in the fridge right away, otherwise we'd be drinking warm beer,” he commented, bringing them to the table, and sitting down. “One for you,” he said, pushing the bottle toward Jacob. “And one for me.” Lifting the bottle, he twisted the top off and pitched it toward the trash basket in the corner.

“Clink, clunk,” it flew, hitting the wall, bouncing off, striking the rim of the basket before falling in. “Tim scores,” he said, “Two points for me.”

“You idiot!” teased Jacob, twisting the top off of his bottle, tossing as though from a free-throw line, and sinking it without touching wall nor rim. “Two points for the basket, with one additional point for artistry!”

They laughed; Tim conceded the point.

“Belle,” began Jacob, “is a very special person. She's smart, savvy, forgiving, and understands me.” Tim remained silent, much as he wanted to speak. “We've had our differences, as many couples do, but we've always worked them out. Early on we vowed, not only in front of God and our friends, but in private, to keep our marriage safe and sound. If we stumble along the way, we'll find a solution.

“One important factor that we both share is sex, a lot of it. Our evenings nearly always lead to great sex in bed. My gawd, but she is insatiable; fortunately, so am I. When she told me she was going to be away on sabbatical, we both knew that being without sex for more than a week would be difficult. We knew that we had to find a way to safely defuse the desire for fucking when apart, and we did.

“While we were dating, she refused my pleas, demands, then threats, for making love. Only a commitment of permanency could change that, she told me. Mutual manual masturbation was unsatisfying. Especially for her, as her sexual history is more varied than mine.”

Jacob's eyes were looking into the past, and a happy smile flickered across his face before going on.

“Her brother started her sucking him when he was 16, and she was 10. ‘You're a natural at this,’ he told her. She loved helping her brother by doing something so simple and easy for her. Those words of encouragement made her even happier to perform fellatio for him.

“It ended as a regular event for them when he went off to the university two years later; she was 12. It was a skill worth honing when she started dating at 15. As some gays have a sense of the orientation of other men, gaydar, she had a sense of which boys were serious when they declared their love for her. She wouldn't fuck, but she put them off with great blow jobs. One boy wanted to give her some pleasure as well, and she relented to let him give her cunnilingus. It came with the warning of ‘no finger usage.’

“As such things go, with boys bragging about how far they had gotten, the rumor spread. When one of her trusted girl friends asked, ‘Is it true; did he get into your panties?’ she blew him off. Poor, stupid bastard! He could have gotten a taste of her and a blow job too. She was far more cautious of her next serious lover.

“It was she who suggested that oral was the solution, if the desire or need became so great that it led to the bedroom. It was a perfect solution to satisfy both our sensual needs and our promises. Oral only, using just our mouths, no use of hands, nor cocks, etc.”

For Tim, the idea that Jacob could eat all the pussy he wanted sounded like a dream come true. The reciprocal, that he was allowed to get blow jobs without marital repercussions, was truly breathtaking.

“In our phone conversations, she's confessed to me that she gets very horny; I've done the same. Recognizing that a similar lust can lead to a marriage deal breaker, we agreed that the same rule she used on me and her previous lovers, could apply while we're apart.

“Belle sucks cock better than any woman I've dated, and I've dated plenty. Should she find herself in such a dilemma, kissing is OK; oral is OK; 69 too. BUT… Her partner cannot touch her breasts, nor anything south of her waist. Once she's gotten him off, he's usually so breathless from what she just did, his jets are cooled.”

Tim laughed, visualizing himself in such a situation. How he would feel, how he had felt after his lover sucked him off. He imagined he'd be pretty breathless too.

“I knew you were going to laugh,” Jacob said, joining in.

“That is so weird! She gives him a high-voltage blow job, while he satisfies her clit? And everything is just… uhm… OK? Weird.”

“Yep, It works for us.”

Tim looked at Jacob and observed. “With those parameters, you got a problem, buddy. We touched, and touched, and touched some more. I had my cock up against your bare ass, even.”

“I don't need to go into great detail, just as she won't. We each accept the other's admission and forgive. However, I will have to tell her what we did was gay.”

“You think she'll buy the distinction?” asked Tim.

“I don't think it will matter. She's very open-minded about life, sex, and all,” replied Jacob. “Look, you and I have kissed, and sucked each other off. The touching part is up for grabs, if you excuse the expression. You and I are same-sex partners but bisexual, at least I'm pretty sure I am. You and I are not going to run off together. Looking at it from that perspective, she will probably not make a fuss.”

“This is all going to happen in two weeks then?” asked Tim.

“Yes. What she's been doing for sexual relief will play a big part of our discussion. Going back to making love like any couple will soften her heart for my confession. Maybe she'll be curious what it's like for us to make love.

“I can only hope. But in the meantime, can we go to bed? I really want to suck your cock.”

“I make a motion that we shut up and go to bed. Is there a second?” declared Tim.

“Hey! Stop that. I'm horny and want cock!”

“The motion passes by acclamation. Take me to bed.”

Both were horny, not only from Jacob's description of his and Belle's solution to maintaining their marriage, but because they were young guys, with hormones running on high. Tonight, they undressed each other at Jacob's request: “I like to take it slow. Belle always insisted on it.”

Tim, feeling romantic, also found the slow mutual strip particularly arousing. This was one aspect of sex that he particularly enjoyed. With a man, stripping off the impeding clothes was a given, and quickly done. Dating a woman, on the other hand, meant taking a long time to prime her, encourage her.

It was Dan who taught him, as any good dad would, to go slow. “Son, you're going to date a few girls. They aren't like us guys, who'd just prefer to drop our pants and fuck. Our sex drive is like microwave sex. Women's are more like pressure cookers. They take time to heat up, but once on high, they deliver a very tasty main dish.” Odd as it sounded, Tim was delighted by the parallel. He found he was far more satisfied with sex when he knew his partner. The better he knew him or her, the better it was for both of them. If he wanted a quickie, he knew a couple of guys who were into slam-bam sex.

When their clothes were finally discarded, they held hands going to bed. Both were very aroused.

Jacob's cock fascinated Tim. “How long is this thing anyway?” he asked, holding it, marveling at how much was left exposed with his fist around it.

Jacob laughed. “You and Belle are the only two who have asked that question. She said it was much longer than most guys'.

“The first time we had oral sex, she couldn't get it all into her mouth and throat, so I wondered out loud if there would be a problem on our wedding night. She laughed and assured me it would be none. Just had to take it easy, no hard pounding.”

“I do have one question, if you don't mind,” Tim said.

Jacob shrugged. “Sure. Go ahead.”

“You're new to this, yet you're so enthusiastic and downright good at it. It's like you've been doing it all your life. Most guys are either a bit reluctant or sloppy, poor cock suckers initially. You have a way of sucking me that is very satisfying. How is it that such a novice can be so good? It's puzzling.”

“I too wondered. So here's what I have come up with,” replied Jacob.

“It's intoxicating, giving a blow job. No, I can't explain it, either. There's just nothing like it. After that first one, I knew I wanted more. Now I've started to love giving them to you. You're so verbal about it. Makes me proud, yes proud that I have the skills to please you in this unique way.

“See, I'm in charge, no matter what it looks like. A flick of my tongue, a tease, the speed! One little variation, and I can make you explode. Your whole world is in my hands, and my mouth.

“When you do cum, it's such a fantastic reward. It was me! I did that! I made you cum! There is something about that level of power and dominance over you that just does it for me. I can't help but smile.”

“Holy shit,” said Tim, smiling. “That explains a lot. Why some will and others won't. Why some are good, others so-so. I get the same excitement when I suck you off. My preference is to suck rather than be sucked. But I won't turn down a blow job when it's offered.”

“I like the way you deep throat me,” said Jacob. “When I feel my balls against your chin, It gives me a special thrill. The way you tense your throat around it is a very hot treat.”

“That's another thing. You don't have a problem with deep throating me, which is a very nice surprise,” replied Tim.

“It feels so natural. Like I was born to do this,” Jacob said. “How did you learn the technique?”

“I was with this one boy who wanted me to take his cock all the way down, but I kept gagging and told him I couldn't do it.

“‘Just as I push my dick into the back of your mouth, just as I'm about to go into your throat, swallow,’ is what he told me.

“Yours was a test for me. Not sure I could get it all in. The trick is to keep my throat aligned with my mouth so it's a straight shot. You get to do the fucking.” He looked hungrily at the beautiful rod in his hand. “Enough philosophizing.”

“Suck me, Tim. You know you want it.”

He began to lap at the drooling precum, his tongue dipping into the pee slit. The soft sighs of his partner drove him on. Hands, on both sides of his head, guided him to take even more. He needed little more encouragement; the words and feel of hands pushed his lust even higher.

He was soon lost in the spell of this marvelous flesh in his mouth. The feel and taste of it; velvety; the smell of sweat, they mingled into a sensual combination that brought back erotic memories of cocks gone by. Licking at the rim, at that sensitive point just below the pee slit, was pushing Jacob into a moaning frenzy.

Hands gripped his head tighter, as he began to thrust slowly and deeply into Tim's mouth and further yet, slipping into the tightness of his throat. He held it there for a moment, savoring the way Tim swallowed, squeezing his throat muscles once, twice, thrice. Unbelievable waves of pleasure emanated from them.

Then pulling back until his cock head lay upon Tim's tongue, where it was caressed again before Jacob sent it back down to receive the treatment once more.

Gradually Jacob increased the pace of thrusts and pauses, until Tim lightly tapped his balls, an indication of too much, too fast. Much as he wanted to go faster, he stayed his needs, so that both of them could share this unique intimacy. All too soon, his balls signaled they were about to give up their nectar. Jacob pulled out a little, to give Tim his reward on his tongue.

“I'm cumming, baby,” he croaked out, just before the first volley of semen shot onto the waiting lingual probe. Jacob gasped at the strength of each succeeding jet, until the final one had drained into Tim's mouth. His flaccid penis slipped from the warm comfort of that delightful mouth.

They moved together to join their lips into a passionate French kiss. Tongues danced, sharing the tangy semen, then swallowed. Separated, their eyes met, and Jacob whispered, “You are so good! I'll never get enough of you.”

“Me too, baby. Me too. You really are a marvelous man, Jacob. Belle is lucky to have one so worthy of her.”

“I don't feel as though I am cheating on her because I'm doing this out of necessity. This very moment I could be fucking some babe in her bed, but that would truly be sharing my body, which is cheating. This way, all that happens is sharing some cum.

“That should tell you that you are far more hetero than gay. You cherish your woman.”

“I do, Tim, honestly I do. I love her fiercely and completely,” Jacob said, then looking him in eyes, “I do have some feelings for you too. Is that wrong?”

“No. These past hours… What we've done; how you've responded to my touches. I see you in a new way. You aren't afraid of intimacy with a man, with me.”

“For me, this has been all new and very exciting. I could live like this, as a bisexual, if Belle sees my point of view.”

“I'd like our arrangement to continue too.”

Then Jacob slipped into Tim's arms. They cuddled together, naked body to naked body. Each lost in his own thoughts.

“Hey,” says Tim, breaking their reverie. “Tell me about that first shower with all the boys.”

Jacob grinned, “Sure. It was most interesting. Not as scary as I worried it would be.”

“The bell rang for us to clean up, the bunch of us streamed into the shower room. I was midway, not wanting to be first nor last. Wanting to see how things were turning out there. When I came through the door, most of the boys were naked, two or three still slowly undressing. I stripped down and walked in, joining the others. I'm sure that I was not the only one checking out the other guys. But not just their cocks, balls, and asses. The whole body was my interest. My eyes were drawn to two of them, my best friends. I'd never seen them naked before.”

“What was your reaction. Hot? So-so?”

“Yes! Hot! Very!” Jacob's eyes were looking into a scene from long ago, smiling. Tim looked down to see a growing cock.

“Were you as horny, when you saw them the first time, as you are now?”

“Not quite. I could not afford to get hard in the showers. It was seeing them with no clothing to conceal any part of them. Although I did get good looks at their dicks. Here's the surprise. I was amazed that they were all, like, three inches soft.

“One of them glanced over at me, waved, then his mouth dropped open and his eyes got big. I waved back, then shrugged, like ‘What is it?’ He pointed down, which made me look down. I realized instantly what it was…”

“Your cock,” finished Tim. “Bet that was a shocker, huh?”

“An understatement, I'd been living with my ‘snake’ since forever, so naturally I assumed…” Jacob began.

“That snake was normal,” Tim finished.

“Hey, you wanna tell this story?” Jacob laughed. “You seem well ahead of me.”

“OK. OK. You tell it. I'll just shut up.”

“I froze for a few seconds, though it seemed longer, then made my escape from the shower room. Only one other boy was out and, unfortunately, his locker was next to mine. I had a towel wrapped around me and played it very normally. Walked to my locker, and when he turned to look at some sound from the other side of the room, I dropped my towel and pulled open my locker to get my shorts on. He turned back while I was still naked, and saw my ‘snake.’

“‘Whoa! That is one beautiful dick!’ he said and just stared. ‘If you took pictures of that, you could sell them, so other guys could show their girl friends what a big one they have.’ He finished dressing and walked away laughing. I knew, by tomorrow, the whole f'n school would know about my physical deformity. I was so pissed.”

“May I offer a guess?” asked Tim.

“Sure, you seem to know the story as well as I do,” grumped Jacob.

“Lover, you have something every guy wants! But in your sheltered world, your dad had beaten into you that looking at penises, even out of curiosity, was ‘queer, faggot, fairy,’ so you had no clue. The word got out OK, and you became some sort of hero, if that's the proper analogy. Every boy wants to see your big one. Shower times must have been very, very popular, with Jacob the main attraction?” He finished without laughing.

“Sorta. Nobody stared, but I got so many sidelong glances, it was nearly embarrassing. It didn't end there. I found notes in my locker. I could tell by the handwriting if it was a girl or a boy who left it. About half were from girls, asking something like, ‘Is it true you have a nine-inch cock?’ Those from the boys were less flattering: ‘Are you from another planet?’ A couple were very admiring: ‘I'd sure like to suck that thing.’ None were signed, of course, except a few had initials, like that's any help.

“My two friends were also very curious about maximum size. One finally came out and asked if he could see it. I began to think of my specialty as a joke, but agreed to give a personal demo for them at my house when we could be alone. The deal was that both of them had to drop drawers too and we'd all get hard. This is where things got real weird.

“We were in my room, door locked, and house empty. On my signal, we all undid our pants and let them fall. Mine was in its usual soft state, but both of theirs were hard already. Seeing their hard ons, mine rose too. We all looked at each other, knowing that we all had an interest in cocks. Just thinking about seeing mine made theirs hard, they told me. Mine got hard seeing theirs. Unlike being naked in public, like the showers, this was private and seemed more intimate.

“So we all stood around looking at cocks, until one suggested we get completely naked and just hang out that way. Once all clothes were off, our dicks gradually subsided. End of story.”

Tim asked, “You mean no touching? No nothing? Just looking?”

“I'm shocked! Shocked that you'd ask that of an innocent lad, who believes that even looking at a beautiful dick is evil,” Jacob mocked. “Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I had an image that my dad would suddenly walk through the door, even though it was securely locked, and scream at me, ‘queer, fagot, fairy!’ Gawd, no. I couldn't, don't you see?

“Over the next few weeks, the looks, the notes stopped, with the exceptions of a couple of guys whose handwriting I began to recognize, promising me a great blow job if they could only hold my cock. And that was it.”

“So you never did enjoy their willing mouths. You poor bastard. What a loss both for you and them,” said Tim. Jacob didn't answer. The relaxed countenance told him that Jacob was no longer with him. Probably in dreamland with Belle.

Tim pulled Jacob close to him, with no resistance. It was in his arms that they drifted off to sleep.