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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 26:

A New Chapter Is Written

“I got it,” he repeated. “It's you! You and me! Us!”

“So you are a lot smarter than you appear to be!” said Jacob, with a satisfied laugh. “We talked about this too. At first it seemed insurmountable, then the simple solution just jumped out at us. You're clean. You and I are already lovers. Belle could do no better than have the same one as me. Makes things so much easier.”

They both moved from Jacob's bed to sit one on either side of him.

Looking directly into his eyes, Belle declared, “I've never had another cock in my pussy. My honey tells me you have a very thick one. I'm so looking forward to testing that.” Her hand moved to cover his bulge, already fully grown, and gave it a squeeze through his pants. “Yup!” She said softly, “Touch test verifies that.”

Tim shivered with the realization of what was happening. A beautiful woman was going to be his lover; her good-looking husband already was.

Jacob reached to him and turned his head so they they could kiss, firmly and deeply, further arousing him.

Belle watched wide-eyed at seeing her husband kiss another man. She felt slightly dizzy; her nipples were stiffening. What they were doing defied every one of her parents' prohibitions about sex ed. Men weren't supposed to kiss men! It was Wrong! All wrong! She recalled those few times she and mom had mom-daughter talks about sex.

For her mom, sex was unfamiliar territory. She got nervous, but in her favor, she did manage to take the step, to at least try to do her motherly duty in explaining. As they talked, Belle would ask questions, sometimes very probing, about sexual arousal, masturbation, touching her nipples, all off limits from that small world her mother had grown up in. She would blush, smile, and steer the conversation in a different direction. She had explained in little detail the way proper sex was done, but made the prohibitions very clear.

“It's between a man and a woman. Girls don't do it with girls, and men don't do it with men. It's wrong.”

Those words returned, echoing in her head. For one mad instant, she wanted to push them apart, scream at Jacob how wrong this was. But she didn't. Instead she was transfixed at seeing the way he went into Tim's arms and gave himself to his lover.

Lover? Again she heard her mother's words, “…men don't do it with men. It's wrong.”

Torn, she shivered. What should she do? Lost in confusion, another memory, an old one that had been pushed deeply into her forgetfulness, returned. One night… that one night… it came rushing back to her.


It had been so unexpected.

Her best friend, Frieda, was spending this Friday night. After 10 PM, the house was quiet, and parents retired to their own bedroom. The girls were giggling, gossiping about their boyfriends. How excited they'd get after a hot necking session. How the boys touched them. How far they'd let them go before putting a hand over theirs and saying, “No.” Reliving memories of those dates, when they were still virgins.

Frieda's face was flushed, as she described last Friday, telling the intimate details of arousal. “I was so hot, I wanted him to fuck me,” declared Frieda. “I was right on the edge, almost ready to surrender to his constant demands.” Pausing, she asked Belle, “Don't you ever?”

Belle was caught up in her friend's story, feeling those same urgent demands from her body. But she didn't answer, couldn't admit that she had been close to spreading her legs for her boyfriend. Instead she had blushed at being pressed on such a private matter.

Frieda giggled knowingly. “You did, didn't you. Admit it. You'll get as horny as I do when he begs.”

She bowed her head, unwilling to let her friend see the want in her eyes.

Her friend leaned more closely, and whispered in a most seductive voice, “Well, Belle? Don't you? Wouldn't you like to feel his cock in your cunt, fucking you hard while he tells you how pretty you are and that he loves you? Don't you?”

Her breath was slow, nipples hard! Without touching down there, she knew she was wet and getting wetter.

A hand reached out to raise her face. Looking into those eyes, what she saw there made her excited. “Yes!” she whispered, “I do wish he would.”

Frieda's lips were soft on hers. Hands that caressed her breasts were gentle. They had crossed a line Belle had only fantasized about. Yet something inside, her mom's voice, told her to stop. One part of her wanted to let Frieda continue, to make her feel good. Raising her own hands, she placed them over Frieda's, pressing against them. She knew that all she had to do was relent, encourage Frieda a little more, and it would happen.

How many times had she lain in bed, remembering how she and her latest boyfriend had made out, his hand on her breast, or touching her very wet panties, all of it. One part wanted to let him continue, but she couldn't. She knew as surely as the sun would rise, she'd go all the way. So she said “no.”

Now she said the same words to her friend. “No, Frieda. I can't. I'm sorry. Much as I want to, I can't.” Her hands fell away.

Being the good friend that she was, Frieda said, taking her hands away, “I'm sorry, Belle. Can we still be friends?”

“Of course, hon, BFF.”

She did allow Frieda one last kiss before they turned out the light, rolled over, and went to sleep.

They awoke to tapping on the door. Her mom looked in, saw the nightgowns on the floor, and misunderstood.

“Belle, Frieda, Time to get up, dears.”

She retreated, closing the door behind her. Standing alone, recalling what she'd seen, or rather what she hadn't seen. Misreading evidence was what moms did. If they waited until… until… their daughters took that fatal step. Leaning against the wall, and heaving a vast sigh, she shuddered at what had probably gone on in that bed last night.

“Why?” she wondered. “Why would my daughter do such a disgusting thing, with her friend!?”

She'd been raised differently, the good daughter for her parents. They loved her, took care of her, fed her, sheltered her. She owed them her loyalty. Her husband had been the only man to see her naked, to take her to bed, and through tender words, enticed her to allow him to… she nearly choked on that… word… fuck her! There! It was out! Their marriage bed, her mother explained, was her place as his wife to give in to his animal desires. She'd never gotten past those old prohibitions her mom had pounded into her. She made a mental note to talk with Belle again about certain things girls should never do. It never happened, and was soon forgotten.


Here and now, Frieda's words comforted her. “I don't care what my folks say, whether it's me and my boyfriend or with you. Belle, sex is natural, normal.” She had never heard anyone call lesbian sex natural, normal even. She clung to them for at this moment, they gave reason for what she was watching. They told her it was OK to enjoy the unfolding scene before her.

“You boys aren't going to get very far with all those clothes,” she said, moving to unzip Tim's fly, then unbuckle his belt. He raised his butt so she could pull off his pants and lay them aside, neatly folded.

“Ooo… Timmy, so hard, so thick. I'm gonna like this,” she cooed, seeing his hardness.

Jacob had risen to quickly strip, while Tim still sat and pulled his shirt off, then tossed it aside. Now naked, they returned to continue their kiss.

The light sound of rustling, of more clothing being removed, caught his attention. Opening one eye briefly, he saw Belle's bra come off. The sight of her lovely white breasts, the size he appreciated most. She smiled as she saw him admiring her body. A puckered air kiss and his thoughts returned to Jacob.

A few more items, for she had dressed lightly, anticipating what was happening now. Belle, soon completely naked, took a seat on Jacob's bed to watch these two men sharing their deepest intimate feelings for each other. Frieda's words seemed so true, “…It's natural, normal.” Then the thought came into her head, could two men love each other?

Jacob's hand was teasing Tim's nipple with alternating light touches and hard squeezes. The kiss ended.

Jacob continued, this time kissing down Tim's body, licking, and nibbling the treasure light trail to his cock. Belle watched as her husband lifted Tim's beautiful cock and began to lick it. She understood he was showing her his newly-discovered desires. He wanted her to know. She silently thanked him for letting her be here, to experience vicariously the hot sex between these two men.

Even in the dim light, she could see Tim's cock head was slick with precum. Jacob's tongue reached out to lap it off, then to move his mouth down, enveloping the large mushroom head, and begin to suckle.

Belle was horny, more horny than she'd ever been. She wanted relief. Alone, watching the best porn action she'd ever seen from a front row seat, choices were limited. She took her nipple in one hand and squeezed. The jolt of pain aroused her even more. Wet pussy lips provided the perfect lubrication. Fingers found her clit, then began to tease and stroke it.

Tim moaned as a warm mouth descended to devour his aching prick. And what magic it performed! A tongue licked his shaft, while the lips surrounding it kept up a steady suck, release, suck, release. Down and down further, until his cock was fully buried past the mouth and into the throat. No mind guided his hands to caress the head providing such pleasure. Jacob was making small moaning sounds, those of a man enjoying the extreme pleasure of a cock in his mouth. So was Tim, writhing on the bed, his hands on Jacob's head, encouraging him.

“Oh, my gawd, baby. You're so good. Suck me. Suck my cock. Mmmm…” Words spoken, repeated, and repeated again.

Belle wondered how he could do that. Watching Jacob's mouth rise and fall, taking Tim's big cock deeply into his mouth and throat. It looked so easy, the way Jacob was doing it. The ultimate in blow job techniques. He did it far more easily and readily than she could. Maybe it was true. Men are better cock suckers than women.

One thing she did understand. Tim and Jacob were mutually pleasuring each other. Jacob actually enjoyed having Tim's cock in his mouth, and vice versa.

Each time Jacob took Tim's cock into his throat, he swallowed. Throat muscles contracted, squeezing the hardened rod, causing his body to jerk. He gasped with enjoyment. “You are such a good cock sucker, Jacob. Oh, yes. Do it again.” And so he did. Over and over.

You are such a good cock sucker, Jacob.” Belle sighed at hearing those words of praise; she felt pure delight in knowing this. Her husband, a good cock sucker. Mmm… Her fingers were moving more quickly now, too fast. With a conscious effort, she slowed her ministrations. It was too soon to cum. She would wait until her husband cried out, his climax overwhelming him. Then… then she would finish too.

“No more!” Tim cried out. “Stop! Please. Any more and I'll cum in your mouth. That's not where I want you to put it.”

This was so unreal. Her mind was spinning, almost a delirium. So dirty, so nasty, so delicious! Cock in a man's ass hole. Yet, she wanted to watch Tim skewer Jacob like a man does a woman! Gawd, what a thought! It sent hot sparks through her body. What a filthy, unnatural act! Yet she yearned to watch him take it.

Jacob's face was flushed with heat, desire. Looking up at Tim from his position a scant inch from Tim's cock, he saw the same urges reflected in those eyes. “I want you, Tim. Take me. Fuck me.” he groaned.

“Yes, baby. I want you too.” He reached for the tube of lube he kept at his night stand. “Onto your back and let me prepare you for…”

“No need for that. Belle helped me, making me ready for you, my gay lover.”

Though he'd never done this before, it seemed completely normal for him to roll onto his back, and open his thighs. He gripped them, pulling them back further to give Tim as much room as he needed. Tim was on his knees, shuffling toward him, Hard, thick cock swaying like a sword which would plunge into his gut. His shallow breath was coming quickly from the weight of lust in his belly.

“My gawd, but you are beautiful, honey. I can't wait for you to fill me.”

Pausing, his thighs against Jacob's, he looked down at this man awaiting his first male mating. “You too, lover. Your body looks so good with your virgin's cunt offered to me. I promise to be gentle.”

“I don't care how you skewer me with that thing,” he declared, smiling. It seemed so surreal, seeing Tim move up to him, and pause. The object he so desired, no, needed. Yes, this fire in his gut was no longer just a wish. He needed to be fucked.

Though Tim had done this many times, familiarity did not make it less exciting. Each lover was to be plucked, played, like a fine instrument. He had learned well at home with his mother and stepfather. At first, with girls and boys; now with women and men, he was well tutored in the art of love. Taking each of his partners where they would dance for a moment, before their climax overcame them, and they plunged back to earth.

He recalled his stepfather's words, “Your first responsibility when you do this is to your partner. Her or his pleasure must always come first. From this, you will gain your own satisfaction.”

It was true. Both his mother and stepfather were firm in this edict. Their teaching had affected him deeply, making their philosophy his own. He intended no less with Jacob. Then he looked over at Belle, nearly in a trance, her fingers rubbing her clit.

“Will you guide me?” he said, speaking to her.

“Huh? What?” she asked, surprised that he was speaking to her. Without a word, she moved from her seat and came to them. Kneeling next to the bed, she looked at Tim's magnificent manhood for a few seconds, breathless, and took his slippery cock in her fingers, aiming it.

Feeling Belle's fingers holding his cock, he moved forward, bringing it right up to Jacob's hole.

Belle whispered, “Now!” and pulled her hand away.

The first touch made Jacob jerk spasmodically.

“Relax, baby. I won't hurt you.”

“I'm OK, Tim. It's just so new. The feeling of you, touching me.”

Moving forward, his cock pressed harder against Jacob's pussy, and shuddered once more. His hands gripped Jacob's shoulders, then began to advance into his pucker, pushing harder.

Jacob moaned, yet did not tell him to stop. Harder still, he felt his cock going deeper. Only moans, grunts came from the man beneath him. Soon enough, he would scream and weep. Or not. They were all different. Some more tolerant of the stretching of their sphincter muscle ring. Jacob was one of the latter. They both felt the head slip past, with an indiscernible pop. Jason released a long-held lungful of air.

Still kneeling at their side, Belle watched Tim's cock slide into Jacob. As though it belonged there!

“Ohhh…” he sighed. “You're inside me, aren't you?”

“Yes, I am. I'll stop for a moment, so you get can get used to my…”

Jacob laughed giddily. “Never mind that, push on in. I want to feel your cock all the way inside me.” It was so very gay, and he relished it.

Such enthusiasm deserved to be answered. He pressed in, but slowly. With each inch advance, he felt Jacob's happy cries.

“Oh shit, Tim, this is so good. I'll never get used to how good it is.”

Tim, pleased, thought to himself, “I'll give you as much as you can take.”

After a slow advance, Tim bottomed out, his cock fully buried in Jacob's ass. It had gone remarkably well.

Belle, eyes wide, watched until it was hidden from her sight, buried deeply inside her husband, hearing their words, not of animal sex, but of affection.

She blushed as they exchanged such intimate, loving words. “I shouldn't be here, listening to them,” she thought, but was held captive by this moment's intense exchange and the sight of Tim filling Jacob. She was unable to move away.

Jacob closed his arms around Tim's neck, and his legs around Tim's thighs. “Just leave it there for a moment, honey. I want to savor this.”

Tim looked down at his lover. Their bodies joined in this most intimate way, he felt a deep sense of affection for this man. He was about to say them, those words lovers say to each other, but couldn't. Belle sat only a few feet away. “Later,” he thought.

Turning his attention back to Jacob, he began to withdraw, to Jacob's disappointment.

She watched it pull out. Her nipples tightened, breathing became shallow.

“No, please. I need you in there!” he cried out.

“I'll be back, baby,” Tim promised.

He paused just before the head slipped out, then pushed back in, to Jacob's delight. Tim was in his element. At this point, man or woman, they wanted cock. He would grant their wish, but now it was Jacob's turn. He began the dance that would take them both to heaven and maybe a bit beyond. Picking up the pace with a steady thrust, withdraw, Jacob was crying out in mumbled words, garbled sentences. But Tim knew what he meant.

The intensity of their love making, and seeing it up close…! She needed space, so she moved back to the bed. From a few feet away, Belle stared. So this was what it was like for one man to make love with another. “Just like penetrating me,” she thought. She was poised with the best view of her husband losing his virginity. Watching Jacob being fucked in the ass excited her. Sitting here, almost experiencing the excitement of penetration in this way. Her mind was whirling with horny thoughts, many of her old ideas about sex were being pushed aside. New thoughts, kinky, nasty thoughts, were taking their place. One that came upon her suddenly and made her shake with crazy desire was… No, she would never allow Tim nor Jacob to do that to her. And yet, the image remained for another second.

Sounds of grunting brought her attention back to their love making. As hard as Tim pushed in, Jacob was pushing back thrust for thrust.

“Oh, gawd, honey, you feel so good.” His hard grunts reflected the passion he was feeling. His eyes opened to see Tim looking at him. “Mmm…,” he sighed. “So good, so good.” His heart was pounding, breath coming in gasps, reveling in the this new, exciting feeling that flowed through his body. It happened suddenly and hard. He felt his cock stiffen and jerk. The sheer arousal of losing his virginity had caused him to cum. It jerked again, shooting the contents of his balls between them, like lube, making movement easier.

“I came,” he moaned out. Without touching his prick, he realized; and with that, a glow warmed his body, making him smile.

Tim's thrusts were coming faster and harder. The only sounds were grunts of effort; each slap of balls against bottom spurred his efforts on.

Jacob's hands gripped and ungripped the sheet.

With a final push, Tim's cock went deeply into Jacob's gut. He seemed frozen in this effort to go deeper. Back arched, he moaned. “Oh gawd. Oh gawd. Oh gawd…!

Jets of semen pulsed onto the walls of Jacob's gut: one, two, three, then nothing more. Another lover successfully initiated into the ultimate of gay sex, with the blessing and even a little help from Belle.

Tim collapsed upon Jacob, who was still glowing from his own ejaculation. Their sweat mingled, ran together. Yes, Tim's body was heavy, but not enough to want to push him away. This was the perfect ending to this special moment, the first time. It would never be the same again. But it would be repeated many times.

“You were so good, honey,” Tim whispered.

“Oh, yes!” Jacob put his arms around Tim and kissed him. It lasted for a long time, until Tim's softening cock slid out. A sense of emptiness, of loss, filled him, leaving him sad. The very opposite of what their love making had brought him.

“You're out of me, gone,” he pouted. “I miss you already.”

Tim rolled off Jacob, pulling him into his arms. They lay together, still lost in the immensity of what they had done.

“That was beautiful,” Belle announced. “I never thought two men could be so loving.”

“Thanks, honey,” Jacob said to her. “It was extraordinary.”

“I am a bit surprised, though,” she added.

“About what?” the men asked in unison.

“That you didn't say it.”

“It? What it?”

“Tim, Jacob, what you were doing was not just getting off. You were making love with a man you each obviously care about. It's appropriate that you declare your love for each other.”

Tim smiled. “I wanted to, but with you sitting there, well, I thought you might be upset hearing me say that to him.”

“If you feel it, then say it,” she demanded. “Tell him you love him. You too, Jacob.”

They looked at each other, smiled, and said at the same time, “I love you,” then laughed.

“That did feel good. Saying the words.”

“I have a confession to make,” said Jacob. “I've wanted to say them even before this. But it felt like I would betray Belle if I did.”

Silence settled among them.

“Sorry to break this wonderful moment,” said Tim, “But I gotta pee.”

“Me too,” said Jacob.

“And me,” added Belle.

They untangled arms and legs, grabbed towels to cover themselves, and went down the hall to relieve the pressure. Belle returned to the room, while Tim and Jacob showered, washing and kissing each other. The words, “I love you,” were uttered again and again.

Back in the room, they found, to their dismay, that Belle was dressed to leave.

She put her hands, one on each shoulder, and said. “You two need time alone.” Turning to Jacob, she said, “I'll expect you when you get home. Enjoy yourselves, my sweet loves.” Then she was gone.

They dropped their towels and moved into an embrace, hard cocks between them. “You know,” said Jacob, softly using his hand to brush Tim's stray hair aside. “I think turnabout's definitely fair play.”

“I completely agree,” Tim replied, taking Jacob's hand as he led him to their bed. He lay down on his back and looked up expectantly. Jacob moved close enough for Tim to take his hard cock and suck it for a moment.

“That's not what we're here for,” he said, even though he was enjoying those lips around his erection. Tim reluctantly let go of the cock he adored.

Jacob picked up the lube from where it had fallen, and squirted some onto his fingers. “Spread your cheeks for me,” he said. It took only a moment for ass and cock to be made ready.

“Here I come,” he warned Tim.