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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 3

Dan and Susan meet

Earlier that day, Dan had met with one of his business card contacts to discuss a possible project. It hadn't panned out, so he called the next on his list.

“Hello,” came the voice.

“Is this Jim?” Dan asked.

“Yes. This is Jim. With whom am I speaking?”

“This is Dan. We met at a conference a week ago.” Actually it was one week and a few days, but why quibble?

There was a short silence before he replied. Hearing the sound of children in the background, Dan figured he'd called Jim at home.

“Oh, yes, I recall you now. You're the guy who told me you could fix what my contractor couldn't or wouldn't.”

“Yes, that's me,” Dan replied. “I appear to have caught you at home. Maybe there is a more convenient time we could talk.”

“Not after you've told me you can fix the problems my contractor couldn't.”

“How old are your kids?” Dan asked, changing the subject.

Jim was proud of his boys and willing to show them off at any time. “Why don't you come on over to my place? We can have a beer, chat and you can meet my sons.”

A potential client, with kids and beer! What could be better than this? “When would it be convenient for you?” Dan asked.

“How about now?” was the response.

It wasn't far, and Jim's directions were excellent. The cabbie found his way quite easily, arriving at a beautiful home several miles outside of the city. The path to the front door was laid out in stones of unusual quality. Dan was so taken by them that he almost forgot to ring the bell.

The man who answered the door was tall, with good-looking features, a smile creasing his lips, and eyes that sparkled with good humor.

“Hello,” he said extending his hand. “You're Dan?”

Dan took the hand in a firm handshake, and said, “I am. Good to meet you, Jim.”

“Well, come in and let's get you something cool to drink. My sons are swimming in the back yard.”

Dan entered a well-decorated home with contemporary furniture. Pictures that adorned the walls were eclectic, some contemporary, others of an earlier style. He spotted one that looked like a Picasso copy. There was another which caused him to stop. “Woman Descending a Staircase” done in a modern style.

Jim noticed that his guest was admiring one of his favorite paintings. “Interesting, isn't it?” he volunteered.

“Yeah, I can almost sense the movement she makes in taking step after step on her way down.”

“You have an excellent eye for art,” Jim said, indicating that they should continue.

Stopping in the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator to get a beer. Popping it open, he asked, “Do you want a glass?”

“No, thank you,” replied Dan. “This is fine.”

Jim led the way to the door separating the family room from the pool and patio. Outside, three boys were splashing around until they heard the door slide open. They all stopped to see the new man who walked out with their father.

While two of them went back to horsing around, the oldest paddled over to the side of the pool. From this point he could see Dan better. Wiping the hair and water from his eyes, he examined Dan more closely. There was something about him that made his heart beat a little faster.

Jim and Dan had taken two chairs in the shade, where they could relax and get to know each other better. Their opening verbal gambits were soon replaced by Dan's love: his business. As he talked about what they did, some recent projects, and their policy of personal interest in a client, Jim seemed convinced of Dan's descriptions.

An uproar in the pool distracted Jim's attention to yell at the boys. “Hey, boys! Yes, both of you. Play nice, or it's out.” They returned to trying to dunk each other, but more quietly.

As Jim was dealing with the two sons, Dan noticed the one by the side of the pool. He smiled at the boy, who returned a most enchanting smile of his own.

“Hello,” he said. “I'm Dan.”

“I'm Alex,” came the reply in a soft, almost soprano voice.

That alone attracted Dan's attention, but when he looked into the boy's eyes, he saw an immediate connection. He also felt his cock begin to stiffen! He knew Jim was looking at him, but he didn't care, he just wanted to absorb this child's face.

“He has that effect on men,” said Jim.

“Huh? What?” asked Dan, startled.

“I said, he has that effect on men. He can see things in you, secrets.” Jim placed his hand on Dan's shoulder. “He's got you too, hasn't he?” The hand squeezed. A signal?

Dan felt himself blushing. No use trying to hide the obvious. “Yes, he does.” Lying back in the chaise longue, there was no concealing the bulge in his pants. Somehow it didn't matter.

Alex pulled himself up and out of the pool. Standing for a moment to let the water drain off, he walked over to Dan, leaving wet footprints that marked his path. Standing next to him, Dan felt his lips go dry at the magical effect the boy was having.

“He likes you, Dan,” Jim whispered.

Alex was standing close, very close. The tight Speedo swimsuit did nothing to conceal the erection that stretched the material.

“Hi, Dan. I'm glad we met. Maybe we can be friends, huh?” he heard Alex's voice say, but he wasn't looking at his face. His eyes were locked onto that lovely reflection of what the boy was thinking.

“I'd like that,” replied Dan, looking up and reaching out to touch his face. “Yes, I would.” His heart was pounding so hard, he thought the boy must hear it.

Tension in the air was growing thicker by the second.

“So would I. Very good friends,” Alex said softly, as he lowered his face to connect with Dan's open, hungry lips. When they did, Dan felt an electric spark flowing between them. He pushed his tongue into Alex's unresisting mouth, tasting the boy, feeling the sexual energy he exuded.

As the two kissed, Alex's hand was pushing his Speedos down, leaving him naked. Jim was unzipping Dan's fly to pull out his throbbing penis. He moved from his seat to kneel next to Dan's chair. Making himself comfortable, he opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and began to lap the freely flowing precum.

The unexpected arrival of Jim's attention to his hard, hard cock was swiftly pushing Dan to the edge. Sensing this, Alex pulled back to replace his tongue in Dan's mouth with his five-inch hard, thick, and cut prick.

“Suck me, Dan. Make me cum in your mouth. I want you to have my cum,” Alex was crooning to his newest lover.

The boy didn't take long, with Dan's expert ministrations on his hard on. “I'm cumming, Dan. Take it all!” He thrust his cock into Dan's mouth to ejaculate four jets of semen onto his tongue.

This was too much for Dan, who shot off his own load onto Jim's tongue. It was the most powerful climax he'd had in weeks. The hardness of his nipples reflected the heights to which he'd ascended in taking this boy's semen.

After a moment to let the final dribbles from both cocks cease, both men relaxed, allowing them to savor the semen coating their tongues. Jim moved up to press his mouth against Dan's. Their tongues danced together, sharing both Dan's and Alex's cum in a indescribable mixture. Sharing, each took half of the tangy substance in their mouths and swallowed.

“That was nice, Dan. Thank you,” said Alex with a grin, as he turned to run and dive into the pool, still naked. That beautiful bubble butt! Dan was in love, again.

Jim stood up next to Dan, and looked down. Dan's eyes followed his to the huge bulge in his own shorts. “Want another?” Jim asked encouragingly.

He heard again Connie's prediction, “You'll always need a cock.” How well she knew him.

“Yeah, I do, Jim,” Dan said hesitantly. Taking his eyes away from the growing object behind his pants, he asked, “But aren't you concerned that your wife might walk out and find us like this?”

Jim stopped for a moment, the smile vanished, and he sat back down.

He put his hand on Dan's knee. “My wife,” he began, but paused to take a breath, then went on. “She died of cancer, which devoured her body despite everything the doc's could do.” He was silent; Dan waited for it to end.

“When it was over, I knew I could never love another woman. Even though I loved her deeply and dearly, I'd discovered gay sex as a teen. Tried to push it down and away. Marriage didn't, couldn't stop the changes in my orientation as I went from bi to gay, then boy crazy.” He stretched out his hand to point to his sons. “I love them as much and even more than I could love any woman. We've turned to each other to help our needs. Each boy has learned to take his daddy's cock.”

“Jim, I can't know how you felt or went through, but I can tell you I was devastated when my wife died. Another woman? No. Gay sex came early to me. I just picked up from where I left off.”

His demeanor changed suddenly; the horny man was back. Standing, he opened his fly to pull out a thick and hard six-inch-plus cock. “Open wide.” His cock vanished into Dan's mouth.


Later he took another cab back to their motel, where he'd meet Connie and they'd go sightseeing. She wasn't there, so he watched TV until 2:50, when he called her.

“Hello, dear,” she said, her voice a little shaky.

“Hi, honey. It's almost 3:00. I thought we were meeting at 2:00!” He sounded a little irritated.

“Oh, damn!” she exclaimed. “I've forgotten the time. Can you forgive me?”

Dan was shaking his head. It was so like her to get lost in some chat with a friend. “Of course, honey,” he answered.

She went on, “Meet me in the office building at the corner of Sycamore and Harrison. I want you to meet a fellow entrepreneur.” That seemed to soothe him, and she hung up.

“My gawd, but I'm a mess and I smell of sex,” Connie fretted.

“The shower is in the next room. I'll get things straightened up and your clothes laid out. It will take him about 20 minutes to get here. So go!”

It was the fastest she'd ever cleaned up. By the time Dan was walking through the door, she looked the innocent wife. Connie all but ran to him, grabbed his hand, and led him to Susan.

“Susan, this is my husband, and Tim's stepdad, Dan.” Susan came forward and shook his hand. “Honey, this is my friend, Susan Blair. Everything you see in this room is from her effort. She's a wonder woman.”

Dan looked around, clearly impressed, which he expressed to her. “I have a small business that I'm trying to grow. I just talked with some guys I know I can help. I might need help getting started and expanding here.”

“Maybe I could help you. My company has helped many businesses expand and grow,” Susan said. They were each smiling: she thinking on new business, he with the thought of his business growing. “Why don't we have an early dinner, on me,” she offered. “We can discuss this over wine and a fine meal.”

“Sure,” exclaimed Dan, growing very excited. “Besides, our son, Tim, is attending the university. It would be convenient to see him from time to time.”

“Excellent,” said Susan. She looked at the clock on the wall, which showed almost 4:00. “Give me a moment to call my favorite restaurant and make reservations for 4:30. Is Middle Eastern food OK for you?”

“Yummy!” said Connie, smiling. Dan nodded.

He was feeling guilty. Needing to soothe that, he put his arm around her, pulling her close. With their bodies touching, that knowledge that he'd sucked a cock without her permission began to diminish. It did nothing to make the memory of that boy prick any less exciting. He knew he'd have to tell her. Not now.

“This is really great of you, Susan. I'm already excited thinking of how you might help.”

“Let's go down to the garage. I'll drive,” she said. They followed her out the door, which she locked, then proceeded to the elevator. They stood talking, and laughing there. Susan demonstrated what had made her the successful woman she was. Excellent at making a customer feel at ease with her, they were having the same effect on Dan. By asking the right questions, Susan was drawing information out of him and making him feel very at ease with her.

Connie felt many things. A surge of relief, that Dan did not suspect her of marital wrongdoing. Excitement that Susan still loved her. Thrill that Dan might see his business expand.

She was irritated that she'd come to see Susan as a friend, but allowed herself to be seduced. On the other hand, feeling Susan's naked body against hers again was a powerful catharsis. A shiver went through her, recalling Susan's hard nipples pushing into her soft breasts. Plus she had gotten cleaned and dressed just before Dan arrived. What a relief!

The elevator doors slid smoothly and silently open to admit them. Inside, Susan pushed L for the garage and less than a minute later, they were walking toward her beautiful light blue Lexus.

“Nice car,” observed Dan. “I really like that color.”

Dan and Connie took the back seat, where they held hands. Both of them needed to reconnect as husband and wife. Even as they sat, talking business, sharp memories of recent and secret sexual encounters still burned deep.

Minutes later, they were pulling out onto the street. “It won't be long now,” Susan assured them. “The restaurant is only a few blocks away.”

She was such a steady and profitable customer, that nothing was spared to accommodate her. Upon entering, they were immediately escorted to a table far enough from the kitchen door. Here they'd escape the sounds of waiters moving back and forth from kitchen to dining room.

It also gave an aura of intimacy, that could foster new relationships, business or pleasurable.

A waiter was by their table almost the instant they were seated. “Good afternoon,” he said. “I'm Abdul. I'll be your waiter. Can I bring you a wine to drink?”

Susan looked at him and greeted him by name. “What do you have in your latest shipment of wines?”

“Shiraz and Zinfandel,” he replied.

Connie's face lit up at the mention of her favorite wine. Susan knew that look and said, “We'll have a bottle of Zin and...” The look that passed between the women did not escape Dan. Susan paused to look at Dan. “One of Shiraz?” He nodded.

The waiter gave a slight bow and withdrew.

Even while Dan talked business, he was constantly glancing around, taking in the overall layout and furnishings. He fingered the carpet they were seated on, feeling its thick plush.

“I can see that you appreciate fine carpets,” said Susan. “These are some of the best.”

Running his hand over the carpet again, Dan agreed. “Are the rest of the furnishings of similar quality?”

“I know the owners,” said Susan. “They want each meal to be served in the best surroundings, ensuring an enjoyable meal.” Then she laughed. “You, as my guests, have only to view this as the sort of meal we'd partake together, were you to accept my offer to assist you in establishing a foothold here.”

“I am truly impressed,” admitted Dan, who was no slouch to helping clients decide to hire him. His favorite closing line was, “When can I come by to give you an estimate?”

Back home, he had no lack of clients, who praised his work. He was always there to assist or fix something beyond what most would expect. “You can call, day or night, if there's a problem. Someone will come out to take care of it.” Someone always did. He realized early on that service was becoming a lost art in America. He brought it back, along with the many return customers. He was doing something right.

The wine was, indeed, excellent. They sat quaffing the spirits, while chatting from time to time on recent events, a sporting event, or a social or political situation. Perhaps a trial or something closer to home.

Susan must have alerted their waiter, Abdul, who quietly appeared. Susan, being familiar with Connie's taste and presumably Dan's as well, ordered for all of them. He quietly moved out of their sight to pass on the order to the cooks. In the meantime, their banter rambled on.

The effect of wine on partly empty stomachs was apparent. For, by the time the food arrived, they were famished. Susan explained how to use the bread to scoop food. Rather than have individual settings, all ate from the same bowls, which passed around the table.

When they turned to chat about the local scene, sports and politics, Dan was never content to repeat the sound bites the folks on TV news who considered themselves above the regular folks. Rather, he spoke from intelligent understanding of facts. Susan commented to Connie that Dan seemed to be a very savvy guy. “Hang on to him!” she advised.

“You'll see how savvy when you negotiate with him,” she replied. Even as she spoke those words, she saw the promise of more personal negotiations between Susan and her.