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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 6:

New-Found Love

Tim had just opened the door to step in as Aaron shouted, “Damn it to hell!”

A pencil hit the wall and bounced off spinning toward him. Reacting quickly, Tim swung his backpack, impacting the pencil and knocking it to the floor.

“Hey, buddy! What's with you and this outburst?” he asked, slightly irritated at having to dodge flying pencils.

“Fuckin' physics assignment!” moaned Aaron. “It has me stymied!” he said, his voice tense with frustration.

“Want me to take a look?” asked Tim.

“Anything to get me going.”

Tim pulled a chair over to sit next to Aaron at his desk and leaned over the book. His lips moved as he carefully read each word, then paused while he thought. A smile spread over his face. Pointing at one calculation, he said, “Right here. Try integrating first. That should work.”

“Shit!” groaned Aaron, slapping his forehead, his lips compressed. “I shoulda seen that. Thanks!”

Looking at Tim, he reached over to touch his cheek, and his face softened. “I'm sure glad you're here. It's only been a few weeks and I'm feeling stressed. What's it gonna be like in two months?”

Tim brought his mouth close to Aaron's and whispered, “You need a break!”

“Maybe you're right,” whispered Aaron, wrapping his arms around Tim's neck holding him close. Their lips met softly at first.

“Mmm…!” he sighed contentedly; the kiss was becoming more passionate. It ended when Tim lost his balance and began to topple out of the chair.

“Oops!” giggled Aaron. “I didn't realize I was having such an effect on my boy friend.” He pulled Tim back upright. “So much for Newton! Let's do the rest of the calculations for sex on the best platform for physical demonstrations!” Giggling, they rose together. It was their way of withdrawing from the rigors of homework.

A trajectory toward the bed was not found in any textbook formula. Staggering, they were pulling off their shirts, and tossing them helter skelter. Hopping first on one foot, then the other, they extracted themselves from their tight jeans. In the few seconds it took them to reach the bed, only their briefs remained to impede their biological yearnings.

Tim knelt before Aaron to change that. The growing bulge beneath the thin cotton material seemed almost hypnotic, the way it held his gaze. He lowered his lips to kiss the outline of what he knew lay just beyond, impeded by a thin layer of fabric.

The slightly sweaty smell of Aaron's body was like a lure, tugging at his libido. He put his fingers in the waistband. Looking up at Aaron, who was smiling down at him, hands resting on his head. When he pulled the offending material down, the large, thick cock sprang out.

“You're not going to disappoint me, are you?” Aaron whispered.

Tim's eyes flew open as if waking from a dream. Those words! The very words Carmen had asked him. “No! No!” he suddenly sobbed.

“What is it, Tim? What's going on?” said Aaron, kneeling down beside him. “Are you all right?”

Tim fell into Aaron's arms, crying softly. Their arms around each other, they held on tight until Tim relaxed again. He raised his face to look into Aaron's concerned gaze. “I'm fine,” he said, pushing himself upright. The moment had passed.

“Can we talk?” asked Aaron, taking Tim's hand, leading him to their bed.

Tim was feeling so guilty, so guilty. He'd been seeing Carmen at odd moments. She was beginning to ask why they couldn't meet in his room, he kept putting her off.

“Surely you can tell your roommate to stay away for an hour or two then!” she pouted. “And when he comes in, I can meet him.” she complained.

“Yeah. Sure. Right!” he thought. “Exactly what he didn't need was for them to meet in his dorm room.”

He didn't know how long he could keep this charade up.

They sat on the bed in silence, neither wanting to begin. Aaron took the lead. “What was that all about?” he asked.

“I… I don't…,” began Tim, unsure of how to answer. “I don't know.” He knew that unless he came up with some answer that made sense, Aaron would demand answers. Their friendship would end.

What took him completely by surprise was what Aaron told him.


“Is it that boy you've been seeing after class, Gloria?” asked one of the two girls in her room.

Gloria covered her face for an instant, then shouted, “Yes!” The look on her face was one of both triumph and confidence. “Yes! He told me he was going to tell his roommate that he met me, that we're in love, and he wants to move into my room.”

Her two friends squealed simultaneously. “Oh, Gloria. I'm so happy for you,” said one. They both embraced their friend.

The other seemed less exuberant in her friend's finding a man, and wondered aloud, ”Gloria. You know I love you like my sister, but …”

“But…?” echoed Gloria, frowning.

“He's a freshman,” she said, as though that had any bearing. “So are you!” She was looking at Gloria with such a sad expression. “You still have three years, eight months, and two weeks until you graduate. How can you know this will last?”

“Honey,” said Gloria, coming to sit beside her and putting an arm around her. “You sound just like my mother. I don't need no mothering about this. It's real.”

“As I recall, you told me about your boy friends in high school,” the other reminded her.

Gloria's face fell as she muttered something.

The other girl joined the questioning. “What? I didn't hear that.” Nobody was laughing now.

Gloria stood suddenly and very emphatically said, “I don't want to talk about high school!” She moved away from them, with her arms crossed over her very ample breasts.

Of course, Gloria wouldn't want to look back at the numerous times she fell in love for a few months with the thought that “this is the one!” Ever fickle, she soon began finding fault with her latest guy. Those things that had been cute, became irritations, then barriers to her affections. Soon she was crying herself to sleep at night, angry at her former lover for failing to see her needs, her wants. She was abandoned again.

“Remember James, your last true love?” persisted the one.

“I told you, I don't want to talk about high school,” Gloria said through clenched teeth.

“My mamma told me…,” began other.

“I don't care what your mamma told you, my mamma said this is my time. College is when I learn to fly on my own,” Gloria said smugly.

“Gloria…,” offered one, her hand outstretched toward her friend. “We've been friends since our sophomore year in Hamilton High.”

“We have, but that don't give you the right to tell me how to run my love life!” Gloria said, stamping her foot.

“When is all this going to happen? When is he moving in here? I see your roommate is already gone.” The empty bed gave evidence of that.

“Just as soon as he can get the balls to tell his queer roommate he's leaving. There are some details to work out.”

“What?” asked one, looking at her in surprise. “Queer?”

“That's what he told me about him. His name is… is… Oh, I forget,” Gloria wrinkled her head in thought for a moment, then smiled. “I remember, It's Tim. Tim Jenkins.”

One of the girls said, “Tim Jenkins? I know an engineering student named Tim Jennings, not Jenkins.”

“Oh, shit," Gloria replied with a wave of her hand. “Jenkins, Jennings! What the fuck's the difference anyway?”

The other asked, “Are you serious?”

“About what?” Gloria glowered at her.

“You said he's ‘queer.’ How do you know?”

“Of course, I seen him!” Gloria retorted.

“Seen him? What's that supposed to mean?”

“Honey,” she said, a wicked sneer on her lips. “You can tell. Just by lookin' at him, at any of them.”

The girl's brow was wrinkled in confusion. “The Tim I know can't possibly be queer. He's got a girl friend!”

Gloria's mouth fell open and she sputtered. “But… I mean… I saw… A girl friend?”

“Yes, Carmen…, can't recall her last name. You know who I mean?”

Gloria's eye brows rose and the smile vanished. “That Carmen?” She sank back onto the bed. “Holy fuckin'…” She paused, but only for a few seconds, then asked again, “Carmen? Tall sexy bitch in physics?”

“Uh huh!” her friends responded in glee, “That Carmen.”


Dan and Connie were home after a long day at the office. Coming back to town after a week or a few days was always stressful. While Dan knew Craig could handle the regular stuff, he was not quite confident to trust him in heading up the office a longer time.

After six years of marriage, she watched Dan come home frustrated by the way things were going as his business grew. He'd often come home with complaints about the way Sid or Craig were managing things. On this particular day, he arrived home later than usual, having spent a few hours straightening out some screw ups.

This was the moment she was waiting for. “Hi, honey,” she said, giving him a kiss. How was your day?” She didn't need to ask; his haggard look told her.

His mumbled reply told her even more. Grumpy and tired.

She pulled him to the couch in the family room. Two glasses of their latest bottle of wine sat waiting for them on the end tables. One for him and one for her.

She lifted the remote, aimed, and clicked a button. Soft music by Dan's favorite singer filled the room.

Now seated back home, with his wife, a glass of wine, and favorite music, Dan felt himself relaxing.

Connie said nothing, letting him calm down from the multitude of petty irritations that raged in his mind.

“I am so glad to be home!” he said, taking her hand in his. “I'm so glad you're my wife to come home to.”

“I'm so glad I am your wife and your partner,” she agreed, emphasizing the word. They sat for several minutes in quiet contemplation when she asked him, “Are you up for a serious discussion?”

Immediately he was alert. “What? Is it Tim?” he asked.

“No, honey. It's you,” she said with a smile.

“Me? What about me?”

After some preliminary beating around the issue, Connie said, “You are overworked and need someone to fill in for you at the office. The guys you've hired and trained are clearly competent to do the day-to-day operation. But when you're away, things begin to deteriorate, don't they?”

Dan had to admit something needed to be done.

“Hire me!” she said.

“What?” groused Dan, setting down his half glass of wine. “Sid, Craig, and I have been getting by just as things are.”

“Oh, Dan, don't give me that!” she said, taking offense at his implication.

“That's exactly what I mean,” she said. “You are just getting by, just as things are.” She went on, “The Jennings Corporation is no longer a small time organization. If you're ever hoping to open a satellite operation in another town, you've got to see the complexities in doing that.

“You can't be in both places, but as your vice president of the local branch, I can handle day-to-day matters here, at home, while you're out chasing business elsewhere. Craig can take care of the field, and Sid the local office. What do you say?”

At first he said nothing, then a smile began to slowly inch across his face. Finally he said, “You're right, as usual. Welcome to the Jennings Company, Mrs. Vice President.” he said, taking her in his arms.

The question now was: how would Craig and Sid take it after years in their positions? Connie had plans for them too.


Tim and Aaron sat together on their bed, faces wet with tears of confessions.

“I'm so sorry we had to end up like this,” sobbed Aaron. “I didn't think… I mean I always thought that you and me… I mean…” he could go no further.

Aaron had explained to Tim as easily as he could about Gloria.

“She must be one helluva girl,” said Tim, hugging Aaron.

They slept in separate beds that night.


Gloria was alone in her room thinking about Carmen. If she'd learned nothing from her mother's five marriages and many dalliances, it was this, “don't bring in anything that might screw up your chances.” She wouldn't mention Carmen to Aaron. No telling how he might react. Just let that doggie lie quiet. Instead she pondered how she could use this intelligence about this Carmen, to fuck Carmen's chances for success.

Two nights later, Aaron had his cock deeply embedded in Gloria's cunt, pounding her relentlessly. His new life was good.

That's what Tim and Carmen thought too as they lay together in a 69, with him atop. She was sucking his hard cock deeply, as his lips closed around hers. Her muffled cries of joy when his balls gave up their load into her mouth, coating her tongue, was too much for him. Sucking harder as she tried to fuck his face, he was soon rewarded by several jets of semen into his mouth.

When they'd calmed themselves after cleaning the final drops of cum from each other's pricks, Tim turned about to press his lips against hers. They exchanged their cum back and forth, then swallowed.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered. “I do love to suck you off.”

She purred, lying in his arms, her small breasts pressing against his chest. “Me too!”

Young love! Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it amazing how quickly young cocks can grow achingly hard again?

They made passionate love in his bed that night.