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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 7:

Back in the City

Dan sat down in the chair before the computer, and set his cup of hot coffee on a coaster next to the keyboard. He pushed the “start” button, then lifted his cup and leaned back, waiting for the system to boot up. Blowing on the steaming brown liquid in the cup, his mind went over the list he always carried in his head.

It was never completed, just subtracted from or added to. The highly-important customer-related issues of potential, new, and ongoing projects. Next were the plethora of lesser, albeit necessary, ones of office management. Plus the number of calls for information or finding time to talk with folks who had more complex questions.

When the screen showed the desktop, his first stop was emails. Signing in, he was faced with at least 30. After a quick check over them, he deleted eight right off as ads. Another seven bit the dust as irrelevant.

“Why won't people use the “subject” for actually putting a subject?” he fumed. “Huh, dummies!” Taking a gulp of his coffee, which had cooled significantly, seemed to help, as the warmth of it slid down his gullet. The next several received a standard reply, telling the sender where she or he might get the information they needed.

“The internet could help more than I can,” he reasoned.

The next email stopped him cold. The sender was “daddisboi13” and the subject was, “hi, daddy2!!!!”

He opened it, hands shaking slightly, a message along with an attachment. It read,

Hi, daddy #2,

I sure am missing you. So is dad. When can you com again.

I'm real horny.

Alex, and Ben, and Scotty

ps – dad says hi”

When he opened the attachment, he was looking at three naked boys and their father, all with long cocks and big smiles on their faces. Staring at them, he felt his cock growing. He shivered, reading the words once more.

The emails from Alex had grown steadily more explicit, as had the attachments. The first he'd received showed Alex in tight shorts, a boner evident, and wearing an equally tight t-shirt.

In the next, his shirt was gone, and he held an erotic pose, pursing his lips in a kiss. Then came the Speedo swim suit. Following that one he was naked, bending at the waist showing his lovely pink pucker.

The question of what to do about these sweet boys was answered when Connie walked into the room. At the sound of her voice, he pressed the key that shrank the image and returned him to the email box. He did want to appear to be doing something business-related. Swiveling in his chair, he turned to greet her.

“Honey,” she began, then stopped as she saw that he was digging into the company's problems. “Is this a good time?” she asked.

“Good as any,” he replied cheerfully. He hadn't noticed Connie's quick glance at his crotch, the bulge still showing. Smiling, she knew he'd gotten another email from that boy.

“Well,” Connie went on, “I got an email from Susan. She's wondering when we're making another trip to see Tim.” The term “to see Tim,” was code for “going to the city.”

“Tell you what,” he answered. “Why don't we leave Friday afternoon? You can spend Friday and Saturday with Susan, while I do some more calls, then stay the night with Alex. We'll spend a few hours' time with Tim on Sunday afternoon, then return home later that afternoon. I'll make reservations, so we don't have to spend those hours on the road.”

Connie ran to him, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. “Thank you so much,” she said when their lips parted.

They had both come out about their activities on the previous visit. Connie was so glad Dan was understanding. But why should he not be? After all, she'd given him permission to pursue his love of boys. That was a mystery to her. One she'd never understand.

On the other hand, the only younger woman she'd ever had thoughts about was years ago, in high school. Today's Susan was a lovely woman: her slim body and taut flesh spoke of exercise and living right. Connie looked down at her bulging belly to admire it. Soon, a new son for their family.


The week had flown by with so much to do at the company office. New customers were trickling in, plenty of business for them. She had recommended that the growing backlog of clients needed more handlers. Dan agreed to putting an ad in the local newspaper.

It read, “Growing company seeks enthusiastic self-starters, with the following requirements.” A list of educational and practical experience came next.

After Connie had read it over and approved it, she faxed it to the newspaper. Since today was Friday, it would appear tomorrow. Some eager applicants might leave messages then but… They'd take care of them on Monday afternoon, when the phone would be ringing with even more responses to the ad.

At three o'clock, he was in the office, clearing up last minute details with Sid and Craig. That done, he said, “Call me if anything serious comes up, otherwise you know what to do. Good-bye, guys.”

“Have a good trip,” said Sid, before returning to the paperwork on his desk.

Dan trusted Craig to take care of things, so was not torn by concern that he'd be “abandoning” his beloved company. He and Connie went out the door waving final good-byes.

The trip to the airport was surprisingly easy, with traffic lighter than usual. Amazingly, they found a parking place close to the main terminal, and even the line to check their luggage was short!

“Wow!” said Connie, “This is the easiest time I've ever had in getting through,” as they walked down the corridor to go to security.

“Maybe it's a precursor,” remarked Dan, “Our trip will be lucky.”

Trudging onward to their gate, they stopped to buy cups of coffee to sip while they waited for their flight to arrive.


The flight was, happily, quite dull. They sat together in first class. Connie was especially happy to be in a seat that was spacious and very comfortable, with plenty of room to stretch her legs, which ached a lot as she grew heavier. When the steward came around offering champagne, she was as tickled as any 12-year-old, giggling with each sip.

Dan put his hand on her arm. “Hon,” he said. “You know what the doctor said. Drinking can be hazardous to our son in there.” He patted her stomach.

“Worrier!” she chided him, raising her glass. “I'm only having this one.”

Dan too was having only one, which he sipped slowly, savoring the freedom of being away from the chains of the responsibilities of his company, if only for a few days.

On the way to the airport, he'd had butterflies about this. There was some comfort in knowing it was a weekend, when few problems came up, nothing ever very serious. Craig would handle any of those. But now, here, at 30,000 feet, he felt the harness of management slide from his shoulders. He could stop pulling, struggling, and dragging it along like a boulder!

Closing his eyes, he was already imagining sucking young cock and ploughing young bottoms. Jim had assured him that he could do anything with his sons. Not only were they hungry little queers, but Alex, especially, was curious for more sensual adventures.

“He's going to make some lucky men very happy one day,” Jim had told him, grinning broadly.

From the moment he'd closed his lips around that stiff young prick, he sensed a certain feeling. Call it closeness. The beginning of a bond with the boy.

Such thoughts had the dual effect of making his cock grow and his heart beat a little faster. Leaning his head back against the pillow behind it, Dan closed his eyes and sighed happily.

“You OK, baby?” said Connie, slurring a bit from her unaccustomed recent imbibing of her just one glass of champagne.

He took her hand, squeezed it, realizing what a treasure he had in his woman, his wife. “Never better, babe,” he said, turning his head to look at her lovely face. “Just planning for the weekend.”

Connie giggled and whispered daringly, “Thinking about all the cock you'll be sucking?”

“Connie!” said Dan, softly but sternly, “Not here. Not in public.”

“Oh, baby, don't worry! I'd never tell anybody how much you love it.”

Dan was about to object, but more sternly, when a steward just happened to stop next to their seats. He held another bottle. “May I offer…” he began, when Dan objected.

“We've had plenty, thanks…,” he said, smiling at the man and glancing at the name on his shirt, “…Ken.”

The man smiled back, their eyes locking for a moment. “Yes, sir,” he said, withdrawing the proffered bottle. “I understand. But… if anything else comes up, I'm always ready. To serve you, whatever it might be.”

Connie looked first at Ken offering the bottle, then at Dan refusing it. The way the steward talked seemed odd. “Overly obsequious…” she was about to think, when everything fit. He was making a pass. At Dan. She decided this was worth pursuing when Dan picked her up on Sunday.

The next time Ken came by, he was carrying a bag of peanuts. Dan had his hand out. “May I have several?”

“Of course, sir,” was the response. He extended his hand to place three bags in Dan's. Opening one, he noticed a small, folded piece of paper in his hand as well. Realizing what it was, he glanced back at Ken's smiling face.

“Thank you, Ken,” he said, before the man moved on.

While Connie was distracted with the in-flight magazine, Dan surreptitiously unfolded the note. “If you want anything. I'm free tonight after 8:00,” signed, “Ken,” followed by his phone number. “Anything” was underlined. Twice.

Smiling to himself, Dan was struggling with the thought, “Should I?” His cock voted a strong “yes,” although this was so gay! He already had the promise of not one, but three boys to suck and fuck. Why should Kenny be so attractive?


He was a good-looking guy, trim and fit, plus the eternal cock curiosity. How many times, before he married Connie, had his eyes casually glanced over at the guy pissing next to him? How many times had the guy quit pissing, then let his semi-erect cock dangle? Wasn't he past that?

Well… actually… he wasn't.

His mind made up, he'd call Ken as soon as he dropped Connie off with her old girlfriend.

Just thinking about Connie's potentially hot reunion with Susan made his heart pound. Just visualizing his naked and pregnant wife, kissing Susan, made his cock thicken with lust.

He shivered in anticipation of stripping Ken down.


The landing was one of the smoothest Dan had experienced. Unlike some of the passengers, who felt helpless and exposed when they were sitting in anything that moved higher than their ceiling, he was calm, at ease. One young man, who was a novice to the effect updrafts had on a huge plane, was holding the arm rests of his seat very tightly

“How can you be so calm?” he asked Dan, in a nervous voice.

“I've done all I can. Now it's up to God.”

The man's face visibly smoothed and he smiled. “You're right,” he said, releasing his grip. “Thanks.”

When passengers were warned to remain seated as they moved toward the gate, he stayed and sat until they arrived at the gate.

“Just sit until I get our carry-ons out,” he directed Connie. She waited patiently until he said, “Go,” then moved into the aisle, blocking those behind.

Pregnant ladies über alles.

The line came to a halt until Dan pushed in and they could continue toward the open hatch.

Once they were in the concourse, Dan walked slowly, keeping pace with Connie. A big belly slowed her down, but it was OK with Dan. Soon he'd be the father of the small being that was the result of his own semen.

At the escalator, Connie breathed a sigh. “It's such a struggle sometimes,” she said apologetically.

“Honey,” said Dan putting his arm around her protectively. “Ain't nobody gonna hassle you. Most should understand.”

“Thank you,” she said, with a warm smile.

Once again Dan's imagination saw her naked and in bed with Susan. Their bare bodies pressing against each other. He felt his cock twitch, wishing he could watch them.

They found their luggage; somehow it came down first! Pulling the single bag, with enough clothing for a weekend, they walked slowly to the car rental. It was well-staffed, anticipating a Friday crowd.

After picking up the key to their car, Dan had Connie sit on a bench next to the door. “You wait here while I get the car and I'll pick you up. No need for you to struggle for God knows how far.”

“You're so thoughtful,” she said, gratefully taking a seat.

“Back in a bit. Mind the suitcase.” Then he was out the door. Connie was left to sit and watch the flow of people going out and coming in. Being so occupied, she barely noticed that Dan was standing next to her.

“OK, let's go. I've got a car with lots of space for two next to me,” he said with a grin.

She took his offered hand to help her stand. With the suitcase handle in his other, he walked to the door, which hissed open. Connie saw their car, a lovely teal in color, and said, “Nice one!”

With Dan holding the door open for her, she slid in, happy to have a soft seat again. She pulled the belt down to strap herself in. Closing the door, Dan pulled the bag to the rear of the car, heaved it into the trunk, and slammed the lid. Checking oncoming traffic to let the stream pass, he moved quickly to get into the driver's seat. When the door closed, he pressed the “lock” button securing them, started the car, and pulled deftly into a space in the traffic flow.


With Connie directing him through the maze of streets, they were soon at Susan's home. Parking on the street, he made sure the car was far enough from the curb that Connie had no difficulty exiting. So long as she had his hand in hers, she felt secure in walking, first on grass to the sidewalk, then the concrete path up to Susan's home.

The outside light was glowing brightly, illuminating the porch. Dan pressed the doorbell and heard the answering bells from inside. A few seconds later, the door swung open and Susan greeted them. She was beautifully coiffed and made up, as though expecting her date. The anomaly was that she was wearing a dressing gown she might wear to bed. It was almost translucent and flowing, which accented her breasts and other curves.

Connie stepped inside, to be greeted by a warm embrace and a kiss on her lips, which she returned with equal fervor. If Dan were upset or bothered, he gave no indication. In fact, he was quite turned on watching what he'd only imagined. Their kiss ended slowly, but only partly. Susan pulled back only far enough to run her tongue sensuously over Connie's lips.

Susan released her arms around Connie and stepped over to Dan. The loosely knotted belt at her waist slipped, allowing her gown to open a few inches exposing her cleavage. She made no effort to cover herself.

He was expecting a sisterly kiss on his cheek, but she surprised him. She put both arms around his neck, pressing herself against him. Her hand behind his head, she pulled his face toward hers. Their mouths pressed together, hers open, tongue lashing at his lips. He opened his to allow her in.

The woman was a tigress, dominating him, taking over his mind with her physical presence. What man could resist the press of those breasts, with their needle-like points, against his chest? Her mouth and tongue worked their ancient female magic. Even though he tried to resist, he felt his arms moving around her to bring her even closer. He kissed back! Oh, did he kiss!

Then she ended it, as abruptly as she had begun. Stepping back, releasing him from her hold, she smiled up at him and patted his cheek. Leaning closely, her whispered words said, “I know you'd like to stay and watch me seduce your wife, but…” She paused, then went on, “Maybe next time. This is girls only.” And returned to Connie's side.

Dan was shaken, but quickly recovered. He'd almost forgotten what the taste of another woman was like. Susan brought back old memories of his former wife. His eyes shifted from Susan to Connie and smiled. He took two steps to her and kissed her firmly on the lips. His quick glance toward Susan was not missed. It claimed Connie as his own.

“Bye, honey. I'll call you.” Then he was gone. Out the door and walking toward the car. Inside, he started it, and pulled away from the curb, but only drove a few blocks, parked, and pulled out his cell phone. Opening the slip of paper that Kenny had given him, he dialed the number. It rang two times.

“Hello, Dan,” came the sultry voice.

He grinned and spoke. After a few moments of chat, he had scribbled driving instructions to Kenny's apartment. Not being as familiar with the streets, especially in the dark, his driving was cautious. Nevertheless, he was soon there, pulling into a parking place not far from the door. Inside, he pressed the button on Kenny's number. The lock in the door buzzed, allowing him entrance. Up one flight and down the hall to Kenny's apartment. The door was standing ajar. It swung inward at a push.

Stepping inside, he closed and locked the door. To the right was the kitchen and dining area. Another step forward, then a third.

A soft voice said, “In here.”

Looking to his left, down the hall, he saw low light spilling from a door at the end. His heart was pounding. Why the secrecy? A dark apartment with only a single light inside, a dim one at that. Proceeding in that direction, he was immediately at the doorway.

It was a bedroom. On the bed and stretched out was Kenny, lying on his side. He was naked, his large cock, half hard, hung down from his crotch. His head was supported on one hand. The other was lying atop his body, and in his hand was a riding crop, which he idly raised and lowered, lightly tapping his thigh.

“Hello, Dan. So nice of you to come by,” he said, an indecipherable smile creasing his lips, “Why don't you make yourself comfortable? Please. Take off your clothes.”

With shaking fingers, Dan began to unbutton his shirt.