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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 8:

Memories and New Friends

Dan's mind was in turmoil. He was excited by seeing Kenny naked, semi-erect, so hot. Yet that riding crop he was holding! What was that about?

His shirt, undone, dropped to the floor. Bare beneath it, nipples hard, he looked at Kenny.

“Tap, tap,” went the crop against his thigh.

“Nice body. So far,” Kenny said softly, “Show me what else you got.”

Dan was feeling a bit unsure. He'd not been with any guy who was into BDSM or dom/sub. Were those Kenny's idea for a good time?

He fumbled at his belt, trying to unbuckle it. “You're not nervous, are you, Danny boy?” Kenny laughed at his clumsy efforts. “Why don't you undo your zipper first?”

Embarrassed, Dan realized that he was nervous. But why? He'd been to plenty of orgies, so how could this one man get him so on edge?

Kenny's prick grew even longer. Dan couldn't take his eyes away from it. So hard! It no longer hung down, but pointed dangerously at him. He swallowed, staring at that thick, cut log with its enormous purple head.

“You like my little wienie?” Kenny whispered coyly.

Dan nodded.

“It likes you too. See? It points right at you.”

The zipper came down effortlessly, and he finished unbuckling. Now he could pop the button, allowing his pants to slide down to the floor where he stepped out of them. His own not-insubstantial cock was throbbing, bulging within his briefs. An image that caught Kenny's attention. His erection, so hard it was beginning to hurt, needed relief.

“Mmm…, baby,” he said admiringly, “You an' me… we gonna have a good time tonight. A very good time.” He licked his lips to emphasize his intentions.

Two could play this enticement game, a most enjoyable one. Dan hooked his thumbs into the sides of the waist band and began to push down. Not quickly, as he longed to, but slowly. Inch by inch, continuously exposing more bare skin.

“Nice show, baby. You just keep on doin' it.”

The waist band was hung up against his erection. He needed relief. His briefs refused to go forward in front while his butt was exposed behind. Until… he gave one more push, and his own weapon swung free from its sheath. Swaying back and forth, it came to its resting position, several degrees up from the horizontal. Released, his briefs dropped to the floor. Dan helped their descent by shaking his legs several times. They lay there as he stepped out of them and walked toward Kenny. Down came his riding crop to steady the cock swaying before him.

“Beautiful,” he breathed softly. “I'm gonna like licking that.”

The crop moved over Dan's cock, every touch elicited a gasp. Each seemed to make his cock harder. He groaned again.

Kenny smiled, knowing the effect and promise the crop had on many men. Dan was no different. He seemed hypnotized, watching its movements. The way it grazed his balls, then moved up along the underside of his raging erection. A light tap on the head made him squirm and begin breathing more heavily.

He raised the crop, preparing to strike the stiff prick, and looked up into Dan's eyes for permission.

Dan felt as though he were on the precipice of an endless chasm extending far below. He almost wanted to jump, feel the blow across his cock, and surrender to Kenny's cruel manipulations.

“No,” he said, and stepped back.

The crop dropped, unneeded, replaced by Kenny's outstretched hand. Fingers closed around the shaft, to caress, squeeze, test its firmness.

“Oh, Dan baby. You got such a nice one!” enthused Kenny. “I love how hard it is. Bet you'd like to feel some lips 'round that tool, wouldn't you?” His eyes moved from Dan's cock to his face, waiting for an answer.

Smiling, Dan replied, saying simply, “Uh huh.” Then he questioned, “Whose?”

He allowed Kenny's hand to pull his prick within licking distance of his extraordinary long tongue, extended to touch and taste his cock head. One lap around the corona sent shivers through Dan.

“Oh, gawd!” he sighed. “So good!”

A second, then a third, and they were bringing Dan closer to an orgasm even before he'd been sucked. That tongue! What a marvel. He fantasized for a second or two in what other ways it could please a man.

Before he could find out, Kenny stopped and said, “Why should I have all the fun, lover? Join me on the bed and let's get sucking!”

He moved back, giving Dan space to lie beside him, albeit in reverse. They moved their thighs into position, so heads could rest there.

Kenny's mouth slid over Dan's cock so lasciviously that it elicited a spasmodic jerk. Without thinking, he drew in a deep breath. “Oh, what an evening it was going to be!”

Now Kenny's cock, so stiff, swung enticingly just out of range of Dan's hungry mouth. He had to reach over, take it in his hand, and pull it toward his mouth.

He admired the size of the precum-leaking cock head before his tongue lapped it off the very tip of the head. Instantly, more drooled out. A drop hung there, ready to fall, when his tongue caught that one as well.

Enough of the screwing around! He wanted everything that massive head had to offer in his mouth. That's where it went. Closing his lips behind it, he lowered his face more deeply so as to take in more cock.

The feel of it pushing past the back of his mouth, into his throat, was so very erotic. He simply stopped moving, letting that huge thing have its way with him. The thrill of being face fucked was indescribable!

Kenny moaned his appreciation, and began to move his own mouth up and down the length of Dan's thickness. Savoring the steady flow of precum was making him dizzy with desire.

He could tell by Dan's moans that a climax wasn't far now. The mouth around Kenny's own cock was taking him rapidly to the edge.

The desire to have a sweet mouth masturbate a cock brings two opposing wishes. One is for the feeling to go on and on. The other is to ejaculate into a warm mouth. This was the dilemma every cock sucker faced.

When Dan slowed his suckle, Kenny gasped, “Don't stop. Please.” Encouraged, he not only didn't stop but increased the pace of his oral pumping. Kenny's attempt to push his cock more fully into the warm, wet nest of Dan's mouth was impeded by a fist closed around it. The head was just behind Dan's lips when he came.

He anticipated a groan, as most men do, but this was an all out assault on his face. Kenny screamed, thrusting his cock hard. His back arched, nearly throwing Dan's mouth off.

He first shot of cum hit the back of Dan's mouth so hard he almost gagged. A second coated his tongue with ample juice. The third, less copiously, made a second coat, while the fourth was the merest of trickle.

It was a satisfying and substantial load for him to swirl his tongue around, to savor Kenny's tangy ball juice. He stopped sucking, just licked at the sensitive head still in his mouth. Dan knew he would never get over the unique flavor of a man's sperm.

Then it was Dan's turn to share, and share he did. Pressing deeply into Kenny's throat, where he shot off jet after jet of hot, sticky cum. It was such a delicious feeling to cum in a man's mouth. Pussy is nice, but nothing can take the place of an experienced man's mouth. Or possibly his ass.

The two men, sated for the moment, did not swallow. Dan turned about to lie in Kenny's arms when their lips met, mouths open. Tongues touched and caromed off of each other. That long tongue was like a snake the way it writhed around Dan's mouth, where he sucked on it satisfyingly, sharing cum.

How long they kissed, their tongues making love, neither one knew nor cared. The sweet sensation of one man sharing his essence with another, overcame all else. When, by mutual agreement, they stopped, their mouths were not far apart.

Each expressed his appreciation of the other's cock sucking skills. Each promised a repeat of same. Their soft conversation was punctuated by the giggles and laughter of small boys, who might have just shared their first blow job.

“I gotta say, you do know your way around a cock,” said Kenny. “Great job.”

Dan kissed him lightly on the lips and told him of the heights he had ascended. Connie, as good as she was, could not compare with this man's mouth and tongue.

Lying together in each other's arms, sharing erotic thoughts and adventures, Dan felt Kenny's cock beginning to stir once more. His own was growing as well.

“Dan, I want to fuck you!” whispered Kenny.

The thought of having that massive piece fill his ass, gave Dan a thrill unlike others before.

“I'd love to have you take my ass,” he replied, untangling himself from Kenny's arms.

“Face to face is how I like it. So I can watch your expression.”

“And I can see yours,” Dan replied, rolling onto his back.

Kenny reached for the bottle of lube and a condom on the nightstand. “Safety first,” he commented, handing the condom to Dan.

He ripped open the package, extracted the thin sheath, and rolled it over Kenny's renewed erection. The torn wrapper went onto the floor. For a moment, he wanted to suck once more, but that would happen later. Kenny squeezed a dollop of lube onto Dan's hand, which he smeared around that very stiff cock.

Kenny put some lube on his fingers, and slid them into Dan's puckered hole. He groaned aloud at the first penetration of his anus in weeks.

“That ought to do it,” said Kenny, more to himself than to Dan. Returning the bottle to the nightstand, he shifted between the legs held high and wide and found his target. Placing the head of his cock against it, he pressed slowly forward. Dan was smiling, enjoying what he knew was the beginning of a satisfying ride.

Previous cocks had not been as thick as Kenny's, so when his ass began to protest the added stretching, he groaned. Not from pleasure, but from pressure.

“You can take it, Dan,” Kenny whispered encouragingly. “Just push back.”

Another tight pussy!

Dan fell into the pattern he'd learned at his deflowering. Breathe, think horny thoughts, push.

“Hold on, baby. We're almost there,” Kenny lied, knowing much more cock head lay outside than in. His heart was pounding from the thrill of conquest. Dan's was tight, but he'd mastered tighter ones.

Dan lay panting and groaning. He felt each tiny millimeter of Kenny's cock advancing, making its way into his ass. Just as he thought he could take no more, the head slipped in.

Fiery pain declined rapidly, replaced by a burning sensation. Dan's body relaxed like a balloon with air let out of it.

“You OK now?” Kenny asked solicitously. The first step was taken. The next would be more exciting for both, and easier for Dan.

“God, yes!” sighed Dan, knowing the head was inside. “You have one hell of a cock. For a moment, I thought you were gonna split me in two!”

The two men kissed again, sharing this moment of intense sensual interaction. Dan put his legs around Kenny. “Go,” he said, “I'm ready for the ride you promised.”

With those words of encouragement, Kenny pushed harder, but without haste, driving his spear more deeply into Dan's tunnel. The large cock filling him more satisfyingly than any other before.

“Oh, my gawd!” Dan sang softly, head back and eyes closed. allowing himself to revel in the slow inward movement. His toes curled! When those substantial balls touched his ass cheeks, he knew that he was fully impaled upon Kenny's stake.

“You're so tight!” Kenny enthused. “Like a velvet glove wrapped tightly around my cock.” He held steady for a moment to let Dan get used to the hard rod filling him so completely.

“Pulling back,” said Kenny. His action elicited a gasp. Dan held onto Kenny's shoulders at the instant of withdrawal, then relaxed again. “Your cock is so big! Moving it out… the emptiness it leaves behind is unbearable. Yet I know, intellectually, that you'll fill me again. At the same time, I don't want you to leave! Does that sound dumb, stupid, contradictory?”

“Yes,” answered Kenny. “I have a solution.”

“What is it?” asked Dan?

“There's lots more where that came from,” Kenny warned him. “I'm gonna start out slow, then speed up bit by bit, till I'm really banging your ass.” Looking at the face, he added, “Trust me, Dan. I will be gentle with you. Fucking a guy like you is an honor for me.”

“Then what are are you waiting for?” Dan cried out.

The first thrust, filling him, was overwhelming. Dan had been here before, beneath his lover, taking a cock up his ass. This was different. Was it the size? Possibly. Or his promise of gentleness? Maybe. Or the weeks since he'd had a good fuck? That was more likely.

As Kenny's thrusts increased gradually, Dan found himself making noises he didn’t know even existed. He was taken to a new universe where his mind was being blown and remolded.

“Ughhh!” Kenny grunted each time his cock filled Dan, who was pushing back to meet each hard slap to his cheeks. He felt his body being pushed up toward the headboard an inch at a time.

“I… ughhh… love… ughhh… the… ughhh… feel… ughhh… of… ughhh… your… ughhh… ass…ughhh… baby,” Kenny grunted, punctuating each word with a deep penetration.

Dan was riding this wave of pleasure, being taken higher and higher, approaching the edge. Struggling to stay there for a moment longer, the battle was lost, as he toppled into it.

“I'm cumming! Cumming!” he cried out, feeling his balls release their load between the two sweating bodies. “Arrrggghhh!” His hands clenched and unclenched the sheet, as jets of semen poured out, making his body more slippery.

Suddenly Kenny gasped, held his breath, and pushed into Dan with such force that he was driven several more inches up the bed. “Cumminnnggg!” was his guttural acknowledgment. Even as he felt his last shot of semen vanish into Dan's hole, he wanted to put in more and more. But it was hopeless, as always.

It was over!

Kenny collapsed atop Dan, panting, even as their breathing came in similar gasps. Sweat ran down their bodies. After a moment, Kenny propped himself on his elbows, lessening the weight on his lover.

“That was really something,” he said, looking into Dan's eyes. “You are a fantastic lover.”

“Oh, baby! You are fantastic,” Dan replied. “That is possibly the best fuck I've since my first.”

He was feeling particularly warm toward the man above him. The look coming back told him that Kenny was feeling the same. He struggled to find the right words. “What I mean is, well, the way you made me feel was more than I was a random hole. You made me feel special.”

“Oh, Dan. How nice!” acknowledged Kenny, “We hardly know each other, yet you let me know I was special too.”

Their attention was drawn to Kenny's cock, which was losing its battle to remain inside Dan. It popped out to rest between his cheeks.

“Ah! Now I have a treat for you,” said Kenny, rolling out from between Dan's thighs. He pulled off the condom, wrapped it in a tissue for later disposal. Moving on his knees toward Dan's head, his cum-covered cock was welcomed by an open mouth. Lips closed and Dan sucked, licking every drop of semen from it. His hand caressed the two balls hanging down, hoping to gain more elixir from them.

Now with both men drained and tired from their exercise, Kenny reached down to pull a blanket over them. Lying in each other's arms, they drifted off to sleep.